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“Baby, are you sure this is the place?” Eve squealed a bit too loudly, her voice both high-pitched and thick from the third Cosmopolitan. “This looks so, I don’t know; fancy-shmancy for a full on mix-it-up ladyboy bar. I know, I know, this is South Beach and everything here is la-de-da, but still, I thought it’d be more of a dive.” She leaned deep into the fold of Dallas’ arm, her steps a little unsteady.

“No. I’m sure this is it; Twisted. I remember the name because I figured that’s how we’d have to be to ever get here,” joked Dallas, his voice somewhat tight from anticipation and restrained desire.

He and Eve were on another one of their wild adventures which always made him a little jumpy. He wouldn’t trade these trips were her for anything though. They had fun together. Each journey was filled with discovery for him; he had no idea he had such a thirst for sexual exploration. Just being with her was the tonic which kept him hard for days and when they were apart, his mind was sated with erotic memories of their time together.

Giggling, Eve stated, “Well OK then, Dallas; if you say so. I wonder what it’s gonna be like in there.”

“Don’t worry baby. I’ll take care of you. Just stay tucked in right here with me.” With that, Dallas completely encircled Eve’s shoulders with his arms and squeezed her close into him. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. She smelled like “more”, she tasted like “not enough” and she looked like “always”. With her, he felt like all his missing parts had been found which, in turn, ignited his passion which was why he kept coming back time after time.

Eve nestled into him as they made their way to the front door. “Welcome to Twisted,” a gigantic black guy boomed out to them. “It’s a hot night in there tonight! I hope you two are up for some fun!”

As they strode by him, Dallas nodded and Eve blew him a kiss saying, “That’s my middle name, handsome. Just how much? is the question. Think I can handle it?”

Dallas looked down at Eve again and shook his head. “You’re such a flirt! Don’t mess that guy all up.”

“I’m just yanking his chain, baby. You know that. Just having some fun, that’s all. Let’s do this thing!”

Again Dallas paused and looked at Eve. She was pretty wound up tonight and he had a slight doubt about whether or not this was such a good idea. “Eve, listen, are you OK? Are you sure you’re into this tonight? We can hold off and go back to the hotel; just you and me. I’d be fine with that.”

Now it was Eve’s turn to stop and look at Dallas. “Thanks,” she murmured, “for always thinking about me, Dallas. I’m good though, really. Just a little nervous, so I’m overdoing to compensate. Give me a second to rein myself in, alright?” Eve took a few deep breaths and exhaled fully. She then took Dallas’ face in her two hands and drew him to her lips. She kissed him slowly and softly until she felt calm and centered again. She slid her tongue from his mouth and stared into his eyes and nodded.

Feeling good and right, they entered the club, their curiosity piqued and their desire stoked. The pulsing beat of the loud music engulfed them immediately. The air felt warm and wet, laden with the scent of sweat and sex, and the place was packed. There was a horseshoe shaped stage in the center of the room with continuous banquette seating around the outside of it. There were dozens of poles hanging from the ceiling over the stage which looked like large pieces of twisted licorice.

As Dallas and Eve approached the center of the room they noticed hordes of scantily clad to buck naked Tgirls draped everywhere on the raised platform. Eve’s attention was rapt instantly upon an exquisite creature who was totally nude and leaning up against a pole, her huge breasts adorned with nipple clamps. The chain which ran from clip to clip was long enough to hang to her crotch. Resting in the cradle of the looped chain was her very hard, very thick, very suckable, very real 8″ cock.

Eve watched her slowly stroke her dick, her lovely slender painted fingers gripping firm. She was teasing not only herself but every person in the room watching her. She was absolutely beautiful. With every outward pull, the chain tugged on her big tits making her face wince in pain.

“She’s extraordinary, isn’t she?” a voice whispered into Eve’s ear. Captivated, Eve just nodded her agreement and continued to stare at the display on stage. “She’d like the looks of you. You’re a knock out.” Eve slowly pulled her eyes from the erotic vision before her and turned to look at the person speaking to her. “Hi, I’m Monica. Your first time here?”

“Yes,” murmured Eve, completely smitten by the image before her.

“Let me get you and that unbelievably hot guy you’re with a drink and I’ll fill you in on the scene here. What would you like, ahhh…?”


“Yes, Eve,” whispered Monica, her voice low and raspy. “The first woman; aren’t you the lucky girl?”

Smiling, Eve reached out for Dallas next to her. “This fulya escort is Dallas.”

“Well, hey there beautiful,” Monica purred in a tone dripping with honeyed sweetness. “You look good enough to eat, you’re so pretty. I’m here to welcome you to Twisted and get you any little thing your heart desires. What’ll that be for you?”

“Gin and Tonic. Preferably Bombay- regular, not Sapphire, please,” Dallas stated, always crystal clear about his drink preference.

“Well, OK then. Coming right up,” giggled Monica, aware of her double pun and hoping Dallas and Eve had gotten it too. “And for you, Eve?”

“Champagne, please,” Eve mumbled somewhat distractedly as she once again was riveted on the show on stage.

“Her name is Nina,” Monica said in a hushed tone in Eve’s ear.

She then sashayed off to get their drinks. Eve stared at Nina whose rock hard cock was now being licked by another gorgeous shemale on her knees. As the girl started to swallow Nina’s cock, the chain between the nipple clamps stretched tighter, pulling her nipples even farther out. They were red and swollen from the pressure, the tips slightly raw and shiny.

Dallas watched Eve watching Nina and got hard instantly. He’d thought she would like this place; he was glad to see that she seemed enraptured and aroused. “Want to grab a seat closer?” he asked, sliding his hand underneath her elbow to guide her toward the stage.

“Sure. Let’s go over there,” answered Eve, pointing to the open space available on the bench right in front of Nina and her playmate.

“Looks like a good spot to me,” chuckled Dallas, looking around him at the roomful of incredibly sexy Tgirls with huge tits and huge cocks; a roomful of what really was the best of all worlds. Tits, cock and ass pussy; what more could a guy or girl want? These ladyboys had it all and by the number of people packed into this place, Dallas was confident he wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

They made their way to the seats and slid in. The stage had more than a dozen dancers and performers traipsing about. One couple was taking turns sucking each other’s enormous tits. Another pair looked like they were just getting ready to fuck; the one girl had the other one on her back, her stockinged legs up on her shoulders with her moist asshole spread wide for the hard-on that bobbed just outside her back door.

Dallas moved his head quickly from scene to scene and also took in the crowd that watched the stage. The two guys seated to their left were blowing each other’s cocks. Another couple, a man and a woman, were going at it too. The guy had the woman bent over, her elbows on the stage, while he fucked her ass from behind. As Dallas watched, he noticed one of the waitress’s come up behind the man and start to rub her crotch up against the guy’s bare ass. The waitress then lifted her mini skirt and dropped a wad of spit in her hand to lube her hard cock. The guy turned around just as she started to slowly slide her wet dick up his ass.

“Holy shit!” moaned Dallas as he unzipped his pants, working quickly to pull out his aching cock.

Eve heard his exclamation and looked in the direction of his gaze and gasped. “Oh my God, baby. Look at that. Ahhh, look how slick her cock is sliding in and out of his wet pussy.” As Eve watched she too began to fondle herself; she couldn’t help it. She pulled her beautiful, full breasts from the top of her bustier and pinched her nipples. The rings she’s put in earlier cast a steely glint in the dimmed light that caught Nina’s eye on stage.

Eve was not aware of Nina’s sudden interest in her as she continued to focus on the threesome fucking each other up against the platform. Dallas, whose eyes were roaming constantly, caught Nina’s movement however. He glanced her way and saw that she had both hands on the head of the girl who was blowing her. Nina pulled her cock from her playmate’s mouth and slowly glided across the stage toward Eve and him.

Dallas, slightly nervous and very curious, stared at Nina as she approached. She was perfection personified. Her legs were long, very muscular and looked ravishing in the black lace stockings she wore. Her feet were shod with 4″ stiletto heels that assured her stance at just under 6′ tall. Her tits, though clearly store-bought, were magnificent. They hung low and swung as she walked, moving in almost slow motion. And her cock was first prize; long, hard and smooth and was rooted in a huge sack of balls that swung low too. Mentally Dallas gave her an 8.5, but wanted to see her pussy before casting his final score.

Almost as if by magic, Nina stopped at the edge of the stage and crouched down in front of Eve who was still unaware of her presence. Nina spread her legs wide and pumped her cock as she leaned forward, her other hand outstretched on the floor in front of her. Eve, startled by the motion beside her, swung her head around and jerked back in surprise to see Nina’s cock thrust before bebek escort her at face level. Eve, licking her lips and never looking up, affixed her gaze upon the hard, glistening pole and watched, mesmerized.

“Lift your balls and show me your cunt,” Dallas said in an unusually hard and insistent voice.

“Sure, handsome,” Nina whispered. She lifted her slender hand from the floor and cradled her sack, lifting it upward. “Come look a little closer, baby,” she murmured.

Dallas scooted forward on the bench, his hard cock shining with pre-cum, and looked up between Nina’s legs. There he saw her sweet, wet pussy, a rose in bloom with petal after petal open and exposed. It was absolutely beautiful and looked well used and wanting for more. Dallas groaned and smiled as he stared at her.

“Why don’t you two come up here and join me?” inquired Nina, her husky voice slightly louder than before.

“What?” Dallas asked in disbelief. “That can’t be allowed, can it?”

“Anything goes here, beautiful,” Monica chimed in, finally arriving with their drinks. “Sorry it took me so long; big, hot, horny crowd tonight! I had to give some guy a blow job just to get him off my back!” She giggled as she handed the drinks around, then smiled broadly at Nina as she handed her a snifter of Cognac. “Just for you, baby.”

Nina reached for the drink and wrapped her hand around Monica’s wrist, pulling her toward the stage. Monica leaned in and opened her mouth to Nina’s outstretched tongue which slid deep down her throat. Nina pleaded, in between plunges, “You come up here too, honey. I’m really hungry tonight.”

“Mmm,” groaned Monica as she swallowed Nina’s tongue. “Sure sweetheart, whatever you want. I thought you’d home in on these two; I saw them the minute they walked through the front door.”

Eve looked over at Dallas, an inquisitive look on her face. “What…”

“Shhh,” he said. “Don’t think right now. Give Nina your champagne and I’ll help you up.”

Eve did as she was told and found herself on the stage within seconds. She remained seated with her back to the crowd, facing the other performers then closed her eyes. Dallas was next to her in no time, helping Monica up too. Nina walked around the clustered group pulling on her nipple clamps and stroking her magnificent cock. The three newcomers stayed seated, heads uplifted, watching her strut her stuff for them.

Dallas was enthralled, his amazement clearly visible on his face. Up close she was even more exquisite; he now gave her a 9.5, he thought, as he pulled on his cock matching her stroke for stroke. She smiled down at him, then rolled her wet, thick tongue around her full lips and nodded for him to stand. He glanced at Eve who blew him a kiss and motioned for him to rise. He got on his hands and knees, then knees only and was just about to stand when he was stopped short by Nina’s fat cock swaying in front of his face.

“How about a little taste?” Nina purred. “You’re very pretty, you know that? I’d like to dress you up, and then fuck your asshole raw.” Dallas was panting hard, listening to her words, watching her hard dick glisten under the stage lights. “Go ahead, beautiful. They’re all watching.”

He closed his eyes, opened his mouth and waited. He pumped harder on his dick in anticipation of sucking her hardness. Instead of giving him what he so urgently wanted, she teased and tormented him, lightly brushing her swollen, warm head, slick with pre-cum, against his lips. With eyes still closed, Dallas began to slowly swing his head from side to side, snapping out, in an effort to grab hold of her cock. “Use your hand to take what you want,” Nina commanded.

Dallas’ hand shot up instantly and encircled the stiff rod before him. He held it steady then wrapped his hot, wet mouth around it. He couldn’t believe how warm her dick was against his tongue. He could feel how hard and taut the skin was and how intensely the blood pulsed through it. He gagged a little as he attempted to pull it down his throat, its length a challenge for him. Eve watched him, fascinated, then leaned in. “Share?” she whispered.

Nodding, Dallas pulled back a bit, offering her some room on the 8″ pole. Eve moaned as her tongue flicked feverishly around Nina’s cock, her nipples rock hard from excitement as her spit slipped alongside Dallas’. Monica watched the pair blowing Nina then moved in to suck her big, beautiful tits. She hungrily latched on to a nipple and bit down, causing Nina to moan loudly; loud enough to be heard by a large group of people sitting next to the stage.

“Oh man, look at them,” some guy called out. “Watch that guy try to deep-throat her long, hot cock!” Lots of people were watching the performance now, and words of encouragement and excitement were audible. Eve and Dallas increased the tempo of their sucking, trading turns swallowing Nina’s dick. She had a hand on each of their heads, ramming her full length down their open mouths.

“Something florya escort tells me you two have done this before,” she hissed as she pumped faster. Both Dallas and Eve flashed back to the night with Carlos in New Orleans. “You’re good at it; very fucking good. So good, I could blow my load right now, deep down your throats and all over your faces. I’ll hold off for a little while though because I want a taste of his ass pussy first.”

Dallas looked up at her then, an expression of near terror on his face. He was sure there was no way he was going to be able to take her 8″ up his ass. Although, he had noticed, as long as she was, her cock was not too thick. He might be able to take it in, just not all the way.

“You’re wondering how you’re going to get my meat up your cunt, aren’t you?” Nina teased. “Lie down and I’ll show you.” With that she slowly pulled her cock from their mouths and started to stroke herself again. Monica released her grip on Nina’s tits and backed up. “I’ll bet you,” Nina said to Eve, “look hot as shit with a strap-on. Monica, bring me my favorite and help her with it, won’t you?”

Monica scurried off, eager to do her bidding, while Dallas and Eve remained somewhat mesmerized by Nina’s commanding presence. They were aware, yet only slightly so, of the crowd of people watching them. For some reason, Nina held their full and undivided attention. Eve quickly glanced down at Dallas’ cock and saw that the head was slippery and drenched with pre-cum. “May I?” she asked Nina.

“Please do,” answered Nina. “I’d love to watch. Take your clothes off first though; everything, that is, except your bustier. I like seeing your beautiful breasts spilling out over the top of it like that.”

Eve stripped amidst the distant calls and cries of the crowd; she leaned down to suck Dallas’ cock, her full ass and smooth wet pussy spread wide toward the audience.

“Oh man! Break me off a piece of that!” a guy yelled as he approached the stage, unzipping his pants, frantically trying to free his hard cock. He was just about to hoist himself up when Nina held her hand in the air and shook her head vigorously. “Shit!” he bellowed loudly, defeated but pumping fast on his dick. Another woman bent over and spread her ass for him just as he started to spew his wad. Long, creamy ropes lassoed in the air above her white skin, searing it red hot upon landing. Voices moaned and groaned their approval as a few more guys had their pants down, hard cocks out and got in line. A small crowd gathered to watch the woman take the line of men up her ass; the sexual appetites were starting to run dangerously high.

Eve continued to swallow Dallas’ cock, the taste both familiar and delectable. She breathed hard as she took him completely down, Nina nodding her head with approval as she watched from above. “You’re good at that too,” she murmured. “I’ll bet you’d be good at fucking my juicy cunt with the strap-on Monica has for you. Put it on; I want to see how sexy you look with it.” Eve kissed the tip of Dallas’ cock and lifted her head. Monica stood before her wielding a very big cock dangling from an extremely hot looking harness.

“You won’t be disappointed to see her in that,” Dallas said with assurance. “She’ll wear it well.”

Eve stood then and stepped into the harness Monica held open to her. She turned, facing the crowd, as Monica tightened the buckles. The harness was made of black lace and fitted her perfectly. The stainless ring in the leather triangle in the front held the huge cock and the lace stretched around her broad hips and across her ass. She turned full circle for all to see then smiled down at Dallas.

“You look fuckin’ hot, baby!” screamed a male voice from the audience. “Come on down here and let me drain that hose of yours.”

“She’s mine,” shouted Nina as she reached forward and placed her hand around the girth of Eve’s new dick. “All mine.” Looking at Eve she stated, “I don’t think anyone has worn this quite as well as you, my dear. You’re stunning; you really should have a real one of your own like mine, you look so good with one.”

Eve smiled, a bit embarrassed by the compliment and so much attention. She hoped she looked attractive to Nina though because she was extremely turned on by her. Her pussy was drenched, her clit stiff and her nipples ached. She began to stroke her cock as she stared at Dallas on the floor in front of Nina.

“Monica, strip him for me,” Nina ordered with just a slight hint of urgency to her voice.

Again, Monica responded immediately, eager to please Nina. She straddled Dallas and pulled his shirt over his head. She groaned when she saw his lovely tits; the nipples were a dark brown shade, completely smooth and perfectly erect. Nina leaned in for a closer look when she heard Monica’s reaction and smiled, knowingly.

“They’re always like that,” murmured Eve. “Always hard and totally suckable.”

“Let me watch you suck them then, Monica,” suggested Nina. Delighted, Monica bent down and ran her long, wet tongue over Dallas’ left breast. Moaning, he arched his back, trying to lift his tits up closer to her mouth. “You’re such a slut,” chided Nina as she watched Dallas. “Squeeze them together for her so she can get both of them in her mouth at once.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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