Unadulterated Lust Pt. 02

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As I walk out of the air conditioned office it’s Friday late afternoon and the sun beats down nice and warm on my face. Taking a deep breath of the fresh warm air, my phone beeps and vibrates in my pocket, reaching into my pocket and I pull out my phone. I don’t recognise the number as I read it. Flicking my thumb over the screen I open the text.

“What are you up too tonight? fancy coming out for a drink?”

Thinking it must be Paul with a new phone number, I reply

“Well it is Friday and do Bear’s shit in the woods? And what’s with the new number again, Paul?”

I put the phone back in my pocket and head for my car, just as I open the door my phone starts to ring in my pocket. Sitting in the driver’s seat I look at the phone and it’s the same number as the text. I turn on the ignition just as my phone answers through the car radio.

“Hello you have reached Dan’s phone”

“Oww! This is Clare we met a few weeks ago.” She says as if she was leaving a message.

“Hello Clare” I quickly say before she hangs up the phone.

“Arr Hello again Dan, so you are up for a drink tonight, or are you out with Paul?” I hear her give a little laugh.

“Yes sorry for the answer to your text I thought it was from my brother Paul.” I say with a little chuckle in my voice.

“What time and where would you like to meet up tonight?” I ask hoping for her to say at her or my place.

“What about that new bar in town at around about eight tonight” Clare asks

“Yes I have heard good things about it and never been so I will see you around eight” I say with a big smile on my face.

“See you later Dan” she says before hanging up the phone before I can answer.

As I drive home thinking about that night nearly a month ago, a big smile spreads across my face as I see her body printed on the window in my mind.

As I get home I look around the mess of my apartment I think to myself “I better clean this mess up I may be bringing a hot lady back here tonight.”

Looking at the clock I have 2 hours to clean and then an hour to get ready and get to the bar before Clare. Rushing around the apartment cleaning it, I even get the hoover out and then move into the bedroom. Standing in the doorway I look around it and shake my head.

“What a mess”

Looking over at my alarm clock I have an hour to sort this all out. I grab all the clothes and just throw them into the lining basket then turn to the bed and strip the bed off. With a little smile I take out the black silk sheets and matching duvet set. With the bedroom tidy and bed made I head for the only room I know is clean, the bathroom.

Stripping off, I stand in front of the mirror and run a bowl of hot water ready for a nice close shave around my stubbly chin. As I finish shaving, I turn the shower on and strip while the water warms up then step under the hot water. As it covers my body I rest my hands against the wall and just stand there rolling my neck under the water. After about ten minutes in the shower I grab a towel and wrap it around myself and head back to my bedroom.

Looking through my wardrobe I grab my trusty black faded jeans, my deep red shirt and my cowboy boots. I get dressed and check my look in the full length mirror on the door of the wardrobe. Giving myself the once over, I head out and phone for a taxi. It only takes a couple for minutes to pull up at the end of my road. I jump in and ask to be taken into town it only takes a few minutes and I pay the driver as I get out of the car giving the driver a “Have a good night” as I shut the door.

Walking down the high street heading for the bar I stop at the ATM and get some cash out for the night. As I reach the door of the new bar the doorman pushes it open for me letting me walk straight inside. I stop as I get to the bottom of the little flight of stairs and scan the layout of the bar. The long L-shaped bar, is along the back wall right next to me is a little raised seating area. The centre of the bar is a large dance floor and to the right hand side is a large seating area with a step out onto it.

The bar only has a few people dotted around sitting chatting at some of the tables, walking over to the bar I grab one of the stools and just rest my bum against it, not really sitting on it.

The bar man walks over “What would you like?” he asks with his towel over his right shoulder.

“A pint of your finest Stella and a whisky chaser, please my friend” I say with a smile.

He spins on his heels and starts to pull my pint. As he is finishing up pulling my pint, placing it on the bar with a “Heads up cowboy” as he slides it down the bar to me. I catch it as it stops right in front of me and take it to my lips. The first mouthful slides down nice and smooth as the cold liquid hits the back of my throat. Just I put the glass back on the bar the barman puts the whisky on the bar in front of me.

I hand him a 10 dollar bill as he starts to say “That will be” he takes the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri bill and comes back with my change.

I finish my pint and get a second, the bar is starting to fill up and a second barman is now behind the bar. As I sit at the bar I feel the soft touch of a hand on my back, I smile as I remember the first time I felt that touch. I slowly spin around and stare right into Clare’s stunning green eyes again.

Before I can say anything I feel her lips pressing hard against mine, my lips open just a little and I feel her warm tongue push gently between my lips. Our kiss intensifies as I feel her lithe body slip between my legs and her left hand slides up the inside of my right thigh and up onto my crotch. With a gentle squeeze of my balls and soft cock she breaks our kiss and whispers in my ear “I hope that will be a lot harder later?”

As Clare stepped back from between my legs, I smiled at her from the whispered comment she made. Before I could ask her what she was drinking she turned to a younger lady stood beside her,

“This is Pam, she my friend that’s only here for a couple of days. I hope you don’t mind me bringing her along with me?”

Turning to face Pam I say with a smile “Not at all, nice to meet you Pam. What brings you to our fine town?”

“My Husband is on a business trip with Clare’s other half” She said with a wicked grin on her face as she rests her hand on my left thigh and gives it a little squeeze.

I smile at her and then look across to Clare she has a little sexy grin on her face too just from that look I know Pam knows what had happened between Clare and myself.

“So what are you both drinking?” I ask as I take Clare’s left hand in my right hand and pull her back in for a quick kiss before moving up to her ear and whisper. “Am I getting you both tonight then?”

“Large vodka and coke for me” Pam and Clare say as one.

Clare adds “That’s a yes if you’re up for it” with the biggest sexiest smile on her face.

I order the ladies their drinks and get myself a whisky chaser as the barman comes back with the drinks I chin my whisky in one mouthful and then hand the ladies their drinks

“Let’s move away from the bar and get a table” I say as I point to a table in the corner with a smile.

As we reach the table I sit facing the bar with Clare to my right and Pam on my left. As we sit drinking our drinks I feel both their hands gently start to rub my thigh closest to them. I smile at them both as if they had planned the whole thing I feel their fingers move higher up my inner thigh until their thumbs gentle start to trace the outline on my cock I feel it start to react to their touches.

I feel Clare’s hand move up onto my cock and straight to rub it harder making it stiffen under her hand her fingers dig into my jeans making them hold my stiffening cock in them. Looking into her green eyes she leans forward and kisses me again, as we kiss I feel her hand move away then a new hand pressing down on my now hard shaft. I hear a little grasp from Pam and I realised it’s her hand feeling my cock for the first time. Her fingers move slowly over my length as if she is measuring it.

As my kiss with Clare deepens I look over at Pam her blue eyes were wide as her fingers kept moving on my shaft. Our kiss ended we are lips gently parting and as both taking a breath, as Clare leaned back in her chair and picks up her grass I slide my hand up the inside of her thigh feeling to softness of the silk stockings she is wearing. As my hand moves higher I feel the lace of the top around them I lean a little forward letting my hand move even higher up her thigh until my fingertips feel the wetness of her velvet lips of her pussy.

I look back into her eye and she smile as my fingers slide just into her pantiless pussy with just a little wiggle of them a soft moan leans Clare’s mouth and then a deep breath in. I look over to Pam and her eyes are fixed on Clare’s face as if she knew what I was doing to her friend.

Keeping my fingertips playing with Clare’s pussy and clit I let my other hand slide on Pam’s inner thigh her legs open letting my hand move further up her thigh until they reached the soft fabric of her panties. Pressing my fingers a little harder against the fabric I feel is start so become moist to my touch. Taking my hand away from Clare I go to lick her from my fingers but before I get to taste her again Pam grabs my hand and sucks my fingers clean of Clare’s sex. Her tongue works around my fingertips licking and sucking them before leaning into me and kissing me hard on the lips letting me taste Clare on her tongue.

As we kiss Clare gets up and walks over to the bar I watch her as she walks her gorgeous sways in her skin tight red dress the black lace trim just covered her peach shaped ass. I turn my attention back to Pam with my hand still playing with her throw her panties I break our kiss and whisper in her ear.

“Take them güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri off and give them to me”

Pam goes to get up I grab her hand “No do it right here” I stay with little growl in my voice.

She takes a breath and moves her hands up her little black dress she starts to wiggle as she pull her panties down I look over to Clare as she walks back with the drinks I see the big smile on her face as she can see Pam wiggling in her chair trying not to be noticed taking her panties off. Clare’s breasts are pressing hard against the transparent band of lace across her dress I could only guess she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all.

Just as Clare puts the drinks onto the table Pam drops her black sheer panties onto it too. Clare picks them up and rubs them cross my face letting me smell Pam’s hot young sex then smells them herself.

“I think it’s time we get out of her lets drink this quick and get back to mine” Clare says taking her vodka and chinning it right down.

Taking my fresh pint to my lips I take a breath and it downs down in one, Pam smiles and does her vodka in one go too. Clare puts Pam’s panties into her hand bag and we get up to leave I take both their hands and lead them to the door. As we reach it the door man opens it for us “Have a good night” he says with a wink. As we walk to the taxi rank I put my arms around them both pulling them into me and slide my hands down onto both their asses and give them a good squeeze. I reach down a little bit and let my hands move up under their dresses and feeling the naked cheeks of their asses.

As we stand waiting for a taxi my fingers move up and down between their bare cheeks gently rubbing at both their tight little love stars. Each time my finger tip rubbed over them Clare pushed back against it letting me know she wanted me there again tonight, but Pam’s checks tightened each time. Thinking to myself “She has never had her ass taken but tonight she will lose her annul virginity to me and Clare.

As the taxi pull up I open the door and watch the two hot sexy ladies get into the back with both of the flashing the wet pussies at me as they sat down. I get in the front just as Clare does it again gives the driver her address I smile to myself as the drive takes as off to the big tower block. As we pull up outside the apartment block, I pay the driver and then open the back door and offer my hand to Pam and help her out. I watch as she opens her legs wide, giving me a good look of her sweet, juicy, young pussy, I watch as Clare slides to the centre of the back seat letting her legs open just as the drive turns to look and I know he just got a good look at Clare’s shaved and most likely wet pussy.

Clare smiles at me as she does the same as Pam and flashes her pussy at me, she kisses my check and whispers “I have a feeling; he wishes he was you right now!”

I put an arm around each of the sexy ladies as we walk up to the door, when I remember something and turning to Clare I ask

“What about the guard?”

Clare smiles and slipped out from under arm and opens the door, Pam and I walk into the building still linked together, with an arm around each other as Clare goes over and talks with the guard. Pam tightens her grip around my waist with her arm and we keep walking towards the elevators. As I push the door button I feel a little slap on my ass as Clare joins us, waiting for the door to open.

As soon as the doors of the elevator opened, Clare pushed me to the back wall of the elevator and dropped to her knees, her hands moved up to my belt and unbuckling it with her nimble fingers and undoing my flies quickly, having my jeans down around my thighs before the doors had even closed.

As the doors closed Clare pulls my hardening cock free from my boxer shorts and takes it deep into her wet willing mouth. Just as Clare does Pam joins her on her knees and starts to play with my balls, Clare slowly lets my cock slip from her lips and guides it towards Pam’s hot red lips. I lean back against the wall and watch as her lips move down my shaft taking my whole length deep into her throat.

My eyes close as I feel the pleasure grow deep inside me; I feel my cock drop from Pam’s hot lips and then feel both the ladies mouths on my cock, moving up and down its length. Moving my hands, I rest them on the back of both their heads. They start to take turns taking my whole length into their waiting mouths right to the back of their throats.

The elevator stops and the doors open, as they do Clare takes hold of my cock and stands up and leads me out of the elevator with it Pam walking just in front of us and her dress has worked its way up around her waist showing her sweet peachy bum to me.

As we reach the door Clare lets my cock go and unlocks the door, I turn to Pam and pin her to the wall pressing my hard cock against her wet pussy lips. She gasps as she feels its hardness pressing along her lips for the first güvenilir bahis şirketleri time.

Moving my hands down to her thighs and pulling them up around my waist, I pick her up and with the slightest of movements the tip of my cock pushes across her wet silk lips. With one hard push my cock drives right into her only stopping when our pelvis’s hit each other hard. Making her moan loudly and gasping for air, I feel a hand on my ass pushing me harder into her.

“Is her pussy tight? Is it nice and wet baby?” Clare hisses in my ear.

Pam keeps on moaning as I drive deep back and forth into her tight wet pussy with a little help of Clare’s hand. “Take her inside so we can both fuck her Dan” she says with a slight growl in her voice.

Pam hocks her legs around my waist tightly and her arms around my neck as I carry her through the door and into Clare’s apartment. Hearing the door close behind me, I turn my head and watch Clare peel the dress up over her seductive hips and over her plump breast, raising it above her head before dropping it on the floor beside her. She walks up behind Pam and drops to her knees, I feel her take hold of my balls squeezing them gently. Pam’s moans grow in my ear as I feel Clare lick my balls and run her tongue through Pam’s pussy lips and up onto her ass.

I feel Clare wrap her arms around my thighs and push me backwards until my legs hit the sofa and I fall onto it still with Pam holding onto me and my cock still buried deep inside her. I sit there as Clare lifts Pam off my cock and lays her flat on her back on the floor; Clare kneels between her legs and pushes her face deep into her young friend’s pussy. Pam moans and bucks her body under the rough pussy eating she was being given. I crawl down behind Clare watching her ass jiggle in the air and slide deep into her very wet pussy driving right to the hilt. Each time I drive my whole length into Clare, it pushes her face harder into Pam’s pussy, making them both moan and twist under me.

Clare looked back over her shoulder at me and wiggles her ass smiling, I smile back and know what she wants .I slide slowly out of her wet pussy and taking hold of my cock I gently rub it at her little tight star, with a gentle push the tip of my cock open’s her up and slides into her tight ass. A loud muffled moan comes from Clare as she feels my cock deep in her anal channel again.

With my cock working her hard, my balls slap on her pussy lips and I can feel her building to her first orgasm. Looking down at Pam – her mouth is wide open, her eyes are closed, her back arched and- I know what is about to happen. I watch as both of the ladies in front of me reach their first orgasms, together. Both their bodies twist and buck as the power of the sex takes over them.

Clare collapses in a heap on the floor and rolls out from between Pam’s legs and lays out flat on her back, Pam sits up and in one move rolls over onto Clare and buries her face into Clare’s pulsing pussy and pushing her own pussy into her friend’s face.

I watch as the two friends greedily lick and suck at each other’s orgasm filled pussy’s, I move around to the other side of them and knee down behind Pam’s ass as she wiggles on Clare’s face. Taking hold of her hips I rub the tip of my hard cock along her pussy lips and with one firm push, my cock slides deep into her willing wet pussy.

Pam lifts her head and gasps as she feels the hard tip hitting her cervix, holding it deep inside her I feel her muscles gripping my shaft holding me tight. Slowly I start to move my hips nearly pulling right out of Pam before thrusting right home again, each time the hard head of my cock hits her cervix making her moan deep into Clare’s pussy.

As I thrust I can feel the heat of Clare’s tongue licking at my balls, looking down I watch as she brings her hands around onto Pam’s peach shaped ass cheeks and pulls them apart, letting me see her little tight star. I watch as Clare runs a finger down over it and between the silky lips of her pussy. Pushing her finger deep into her friends’ pussy, around the side of my shaft, she brings it out with it now covered in sex juice and rubs it over Pam’s star.

With her other hand, Clare takes hold of my cock at the base and pull me out of Pam’s pussy and guides the tip over the tight entrance of her sexy young friends ass. I take hold of Pam’s hips knowing what Clare it trying to do to her friend. As the head of my shaft pushes into her. Pam looks over her shoulder, her eyes wide open as she feels my cock open her virginal ass.

Slowly and steadily, I push deeper into the tightness of her channel making her gasp and grind her teeth as she feels the pain of my cock’s length pushing and stretching her tight ass open. Gripping her hips a little harder, as I push my whole shaft into its base and holding it there letting Pam’s ass grip and hold me as she gets use to the feeling of my cock, so deep inside her tight ass.

Slowly I move my hips, pulling half way out before pushing back in with each gentle push I feel her tightness open more to accommodate my size and relax around my cock. Pam looks back over her shoulder at me with a shy sort of smile gracing her lips, but her eyes full of lust and I know she’s ready to feel me take her ass hard and fast.

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