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Disclaimer, please read!


One of the MCs secretly wears women’s underwear, but publicly lives as a male! If you are not into forced/willing feminization, it is not a good story for you.

The story includes sub/dom behaviors and sexual power-play in the workplace environment – between two BI-CURIOUS males.


“These questionnaires have to be completed by Monday!”

The annoying voice in my ear was like a mosquito’s buzz.

I glowered at the small, pale face in front of me, its lips pursed, its squinted eyes hidden behind horn-rimmed glasses.

“And how the fuck am I supposed to deal with this?! Do you even know what we do here, Miller? Today we have to finish the reports for the Design Department. They won’t be able to start the TechAd project without them! And it’s Friday already.”

Nicholas Miller – the obnoxious worker from the HR department crossed his arms on his slender chest. He looked like a typical office worker, lurking in the corridors of big corporations in a brown sweater and corduroy pants. And his stupid slicked-back hair!

His squeezed lips were almost white now. “You had more than a month to finish these questionnaires. I was patient, but I also have to explain the delay to Director Jones!”

I crossed my arms on my chest, mimicking his gesture.

“You never gave me a specific due date, Miller. I can’t give this busy work to my team. They have enough on their plates now. Give us another week, and…”

“No! I’m already far behind schedule!” he barked like a little, infuriating chihuahua.

“Not. My. Problem.” I repeated with an ice-cold voice.

Suddenly, something snapped in him. Miller walked around my desk and pressed the pile of printed questionnaires to my chest.

With quite a force.

“Do! The! Fucking! Questionnaires!” His face was pale and tense. Desperate. Stupidly desperate…

I felt the slow, cold but inevitable wave of anger. What an insolent brat.

How old could he be? Twenty-two? Twenty-four? Fresh from college? I was thirty and higher in the office hierarchy. Any yet he… dared to push my chest?

I clenched my jaw and furrowed my eyebrows. And then I let the files fall on the floor. He observed this with a bated breath.

I eyed him for a moment. Between two men, there is always this one, weird game, that takes place on a subconscious level. We never do that with women. It’s only a male thing – always assessing the enemy’s ‘combat potential’. Because among males there is always the subtle threat of potential physical violence. In the civilized world it’s rather vague and subliminal, but we somehow “know” who has the upper hand in physical dominance.

The annoying clerk just made his mistake number one, not assessing me in a proper way.

I didn’t let my gaze drop from his widened hazel-gray eyes.

“Pick up the trash, Miller,” I said in a low, growling voice.

Then this weird thing happened.

I could see something on his face. Subtle change. He froze a bit. Blinked, the tempest of previous emotion had passed without a trace.

Something flashed in my mind. An idea…

“On your knees, Miller. Pick up the trash!”

He was tense like a string. I leaned a bit forward, narrowing my eyes.

“On. Your. Knees!”

He swallowed hard, and shocked me… by complying! The fucking HR rat slowly dropped to his knees.

I bore my eyes into his small, pale face, looking at him quite intensely. His eyes were now a bit widened.

“Pick. That. Shit. Up.”

He sighed softly, lowered his head and finally started picking up the files scattered around my chair. I watched him with a peculiar pleasure that I had never felt before. Sweet triumph flooded my body. Yep.

He picked up every sheet of paper, piling them up again in perfect order. One strand of his auburn brown hair fell at his forehead, no longer combed back neatly.

I felt a weird temptation to touch this strand and bring it back to the original position. I was considering that actually, but…

Another weird thing happened.

His brown buttoned down sweater caught on the drawer key, and as he moved, it was pulled up a bit, showing…

I held my breath.

The man had a pink thong on his fucking ass! I bulged my eyes in amazement.

“Man! Are you wearing women’s underwear?!”

Only then Miller noticed how high the drawer key pulled his sweater and shirt underneath it.

He nervously jumped forward, trying to run from my reach, but in the process he made the whole desk move across the floor a bit… But the key did not break.

“Wait, stop going crazy! You’re gonna flip the desk!”

I bent and, not without trouble, unhooked his clothes from the lowest drawer.

He jumped again, clumsily tumbling on the floor.

I stood up. It was a weirdly pleasant feeling to have him still on the carpet, as yalova escort I was towering over him with my hand on my hips.

“Are you some ‘sissy boy’?” I once heard the term, even checked it in Urban Dictionary. I was amazed that he matched the description.

“Fuck off!” he whined in a very high-pitched tone of voice.

“Watch your tongue there, Miller…”

“If you ever tell anyone…” his ‘threatening voice’ was pathetic.

“Hey. Stop it. Stop the useless panicking.” I narrowed my eyes. “The thong is actually quite pretty. It looks like pink satin or see-through fabric. Is it something like that?”

He didn’t respond, but swallowed with a painful grimace only looking at me with his slightly skewed glasses.

“So… about the questionnaires.” I pouted my lips. “I may be persuaded to complete them by Monday. But I would need some incentive.”

He was still silent – still sitting on the floor, looking up at me.

“Show me the thong, Nicholas. Whole. Front and back. On you. And I will do the fucking questionnaires myself, I’ll come to the fucking office this weekend, and I will do this shit for you.”

He looked abashed, even shocked.

I tilted my head.

“What do you say?” I urged with a grim smirk.

“Why… but why?” he blurted out, obviously totally puzzled by my request.

I scratched my stubbled chin and after some hesitation said with an actual sincerity:

“I just love beautiful lingerie.”

“On a guy?” He asked with a weird grimace and raised eyebrows.

“I don’t know,” I shrugged, and yawned.

Then I even slowly walked around him, stopped again and tilted my head.

“The truth is, I’ve never seen lingerie on a man up close. I want to check for myself if I’m still gonna like it,” I added nonchalantly.

He REALLY didn’t look happy; actually, he looked like a beaten dog.

“You will joke around and promise that, and then you’ll humiliate me, and… finally, you won’t even give me these questionnaires… I know your type. I dealt with them in high school.”

“Nicholas, Nicholas, Nicholas. Don’t tell me your sob stories about awful bullies and poor school geeks. Focus! I’m serious. You’re gonna get them, if you show me the thong.”

Miller’s laugh was bitter. “This is crazy! I’m not gonna get half-naked in the office!”

I bent and took the questionnaires from the floor, where he left them, stocked in an even pile.

Then I let the whole pile fall on him – slowly – like overgrown snowflakes.

“Okay, Nicholas. Your decision. Now get the hell out of here. If Jones wants you to answer why you don’t have them completed, come up with a good excuse. Because you never sent me a deadline to finish them by! You wrote exactly that sentence ‘Please, Jess, fill out the questionnaires if you have some time.’ And I didn’t. So? Your problem. Not mine.”

I turned around and sat behind my desk, as if returning to my work. I even lowered my head to pretend that I was already attentively comparing some documents with an Excel spreadsheet on my laptop.

There was an ominous silence in the office.

The minutes were passing one by one. I was still pretending, rustling some paper sheets, even making a couple of irrelevant notes in the margins.

Suddenly, Miller stood up.

He slowly approached my desk. I was careful enough not to lift my head, now with almost obsessive intensity ‘reading’ something in the file folder.

“I agree.”

I kinda froze. Wow, the truth is I wasn’t expecting that. I rather anticipated some more arguing and even a full-blown ruckus about bullying in the workplace or an accusation of sexual harassment. But he sort of physically ‘attacked’ me first, didn’t he?

Finally, I met his eyes. He looked quite determined.

“Do you understand how uncomfortable this situation is for me? I would have to just… bare myself for you. And I don’t know you, I don’t even like your arrogant ass and ‘I’m-the-stud-here’ attitude.”

I burst into laughter. “Seriously? Is that how you perceive me? An arrogant stud?”

He blinked. “Not only me.”

I let out a huff. “Well, that’s their problem. But don’t think that I don’t understand your… feelings.” I said it with a wince. “That’s why I have an additional proposal. I suppose there is no way this satin covers that much. It would be almost like showing me your dick, right? So, to level our situations, I can show you mine. You know. Elementary school play. You show me yours, I show you mine. Deal?”

I was having more fun fucking with him than I’d ever expected to have.

The grimace on the guy’s face was priceless.

“Aren’t you weirdly eager to show me your dick?” He looked baffled.

“I’m always eager to show my dick to everyone.” I said it in a mock-dead-serious tone of voice, and he involuntarily chuckled, but quickly corrected himself.

“It’s big, right?” He asked in a similarly mocking, but more bitter tone.

“Well, I guess you’ll see for yourself.”

We were now having a true stare-down.

“You’re a dick,” he muttered.

“And yalova escort bayan you like it.” Wow, weird thing to say on my side, but okay.

His hazel-gray eyes were narrowed, watching me intensely.

I waited, still in a nonchalant pose, my head tilted aside, and my gaze focused on his face.

“Okay. You better keep your promise!”

Hmmm… I really wasn’t sure he would do it. Interesting.

Well, let’s see how that’ll unfold!

“So go on,” I said tersely. “But first lock the door.”

He complied without a word. When he turned around, I had already walked toward the small sofa I had in my office. I sat on it with an ugly smirk.

“Let the show begin!” I felt very content as if I was waiting for some special event. A freak show? Am I even gonna like it? Quite the experiment.

He kind of sauntered toward me in no particular rush, his face vaguely annoyed. “You really are something, Jess.”

I smiled unmoved by his ironic tone.

“Thank you, Nicholas.”

He snorted, standing in front of me, with his clenched jaw, but he didn’t make a move.

I narrowed my eyebrows.

“What are you waiting for? Get on with it!” I said in a firm, commanding tone of voice and he – again – sort of changed a bit.

His normal – bit of obnoxious attitude – subsided.

He became more relaxed as if he ceded the power and responsibility to me. His head dropped, and his hand slid along the hips to his pants’ fly. He unzipped it and slowly pulled his slacks to his knees.

I watched every move with great attention.

And here it was.

Wow, and the sight was… something!

He had totally shaved pubic hair. His thong was half-transparent in the front, with beautiful embroidery laces going up over his hips. I could see his light pink dick flattened and squeezed underneath. His balls were also shaved and packed beneath, in a bit of an uncomfortable way.

It looked…

I swallowed. Really weird but…also weirdly arousing! And his face was also part of it. Self-conscious, timid, submissive.

I could feel my own dick slowly hardening, as I watched his unusually decorated crotch.

Never ever in my life had I seen a man in women’s lingerie. Not even once.

“Turn around,” I said a bit hoarsely.

So, he turned slowly around, and presented to me quite a view. I could see a surprisingly beautiful, slim waist above high, tight buttocks – round and pert. His skin was smooth and almost porcelain white, not one hair on him. The thin pink stripe of his thong was fit snugly between his ass cheeks and I suddenly felt such a powerful surge of arousal, my dick was now tenting my too thin pants, making it quite obvious what I felt.

It was so fucking odd for me, but the intensity was crazy!

“Turn around again.”

He was currently facing me and his gaze dropped to my crotch. I could see his eyes widening a bit.

“Yes, as you can see, my dick is expressing admiration for your lingerie. I must say, you have a nice ass, I never thought I would say it to a guy, but you really are…” I hesitated and added with a smirk: “Special.”

I could see, to my delight, that he was blushing a bit, averting his gaze from my crotch. He didn’t answer.

Was I tripping, or did his dick seem like it was protruding a little more now? I narrowed my eyes. Hm. I decided to try something.

“Your dick looks very nice behind lace. It’s a very… interesting view, it gives a kind of artistic impression with the embroidery, I would say. An unexpected effect.”

Miller licked his lips and still looked abashed.

And yes, his dick was bulging in his lace even more!

I stood up and took two steps, closing the gap that separated me from him.

He became redder than before, nervously adjusting his glasses.

“Why do you comb your hair back in such an all-too-smooth and all-too-neat way? Why not let your hair fall loose in strands? You have sort of longish hair, the strands could look charming around your face. It would go nicely with this lingerie.”

I smirked, enjoying how embarrassed he looked.

I slowly dropped my gaze. Fuck! He was even harder now! There was no way to hide that. Was he getting off on this show?

I leaned slightly toward his ear and whispered a rhetorical question: “Are you hard, Miller?”

He didn’t answer, so I added in an even more intense tone: “Stroke yourself just lightly over your dick. But leave it behind the lace.”

He bit his lips, but… obeyed! I was quite pleased that he actually seemed to be listening to everything I was ordering him to do!

His slim hand moved toward his crotch and he slid his long slender fingers lightly over his bulge.

I could feel another wave of arousal, I was now almost painfully hard and barely holding my dick in my pants. I really couldn’t go on like this much longer.

I took tissues from my desk and sat back on the couch. I wasn’t sure if that was a very smart move, but I was already past the point where I could turn back.

Without caring escort yalova what he would say, I took my dick out of my pants and started to pull on it, as he looked at it with dilated pupils.

I liked how people reacted to my dick, always with big eyes… Sometimes nervous laughter. I wasn’t that ‘monster-big’, with my eight and a half, but it looked intimidating with thick veins and a big head.

“Don’t stop!” I reminded him. “Stroke yourself through the fabric as I jerk off.”

And so I started to work fervently on my dick, looking at his slim hand caressing his obvious hardness through the pink lace.

His jaws were clenched a bit.

It went on for some time. I was looking at him, his pink lingerie, his pink face and his stupid horn-rimmed glasses. And his overawed, abashed look. Nice combination.

“What… mad that you can’t jerk off right now?” I managed to ask, already feeling quite close to the orgasmic free fall.

He didn’t answer, of course; his eyes were still fixated on my swollen cock.

About a minute later I could not hold back anymore, and I didn’t want to. I exhaled and shot quite a load – long stripes of cum falling on the floor, as I panted and let myself shiver in a wave of pleasure.

Yeah…That’s it.

Exactly what I needed.

He was watching intensely, then his gaze was suddenly up, and our eyes met.

I smirked. “Are you jealous? Would you like to cum too?”

He pursed his lips. I stood up, tucked my dick back in my pants and stepped closer to him.

I leaned to his ear, although he wasn’t that much shorter than me, probably about 5’10” to my 6’1”. But he was slender as a ballet dancer andI was rather yoked and wide-chested.

“Ask me for it, Nicholas.” I whispered in a provocative tone of voice.

He didn’t move.

“If you ask nicely…” I hesitated. It was really crazy, I didn’t know what I was doing. “If you ask nicely I can jerk you off…”

I couldn’t believe I said that to him.

I wasn’t even gay.

Yes, in my teenage years I kinda jerked off with my friends watching porn, and even a couple of times helped a friend out… but after that, I went on meeting girls, so I never thought much of it. But here… I was really surprised by my own reaction to the thought alone, that I could touch his dick, trapped inside that pink lace. It even caused my own spent dick to pleadingly throb a bit in my pants.

I said in a hushed voice: “You know, you will like it if I jerk you off… ” I could see his face from a profile, blushed and anxious. His breath was shaky, and a bit rasped..

“I will get behind you, and put my hand on your pink dick. I will gently stroke it at first… very gently… then I will slowly free it from the lace, and begin working on it with nice, long strokes…” I put my lips very close to his ear and added: “I will make you shoot farther than you’ve ever shot, and splash your cum on my very… expensive couch.”

I could see he was biting his lips intensely, his body tense, but weirdly enough, he continued to stroke his dick gently, still hidden under the thong.

“Ask for it, Nicholas. I know you want it… You dream about somebody noticing your thong kink, don’t you? Am I right? Somebody crazy enough to fall for it… I can be that person. Yes. But you have to ask nicely.”

He was panting now quite fast, as if preparing himself to decide. I was almost puffing air over his ear, he must have heard each and every one one of my labored breaths.

“Say it… ask for it. You have to ask, Nick. Or your dick stays hard and miserable, while I will enjoy watching you only tease him without any relief.”

He huffed as if surrendering, and suddenly mumbled:

“Please, do it.”

Hell yeah!

I felt a surge of excitement and anticipation. I upped the game.

Well, this was a new one for me, but I was eager to see how it would go. I stood up just behind him, and as he had much narrower shoulders, I could easily reach to his front and start my unexpected… gay adventure.

In this position, however, my bulge was kind of pressing on his nice buttocks, so it was a pleasant bonus.

I let the pads of my fingers lightly brush over his naked hip bones, almost like just grazing over, to make him shiver and… he did. This kind of power over his slim body was much more gratifying than I would have expected. I could feel my heart pounding hard, and my dick responding accordingly.

The tips of my fingers brushed over thin straps of the thong on his hip, I even gently pulled up one of the stripes and let them fall back, to hear the quiet sound similar to flicking a rubber band.

Then I closed my hand over his small, smooth hand. I must say I don’t remember ever touching a man’s hand from the top. Shaking hands, yes, but closing fingers like that seemed… weirdly intimate.

But I pushed through the odd feeling and removed his hand from his crotch. Now, as I was a bit bent over his arm to look down, I could smell his scent.

It was shaving foam and shampoo, sort of marine-wind-fresh smell, quite nice. I caught myself inhaling it and even sniffing behind his ear, which was sooooo weird compared to my usual sexual behaviors.

The annoying HR worker was quite pleasant in close contact.

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