Unexpected Switch

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Big Tits

A few weeks after I started working for a new company, I met Alicia there. She was blonde, about 5’5, maybe 120 pounds and looked a couple of years younger than my 34. Everything was beautifully proportioned – likely a 34B and a nice trim waist. She also had great legs and every time she wore a skirt I’d enjoy the view when she bent or moved and exposed a little more leg. She worked in payables and I was hired for purchasing so we got to know each other fairly quickly. We quickly found ourselves attracted to each other and engaged in some harmless office flirting. I know I would have loved to enjoy either running my hand up her skirt or better yet bending her over a desk and enjoying the feel of her pussy on my tongue, however we did have a very strict ‘no dating’ policy between staff members. That didn’t stop us from ‘accidently’ touching as we passed each other in the hall, a bit of a flash in one of our offices and especially the innuendoes as we worked.

A few months later, Alicia came to my office and I could tell she had something on her mind. When I asked, she said, “Well, I have bad news and good news. The bad news is that I’ve just given my notice and will be going to another company in a couple of weeks. They offered a lot higher salary and better benefits.”

I’m sure she saw the disappointed look on my face so she continued with, “But….and only if you’d like to…once I’m not working here there’d be no reason that we couldn’t see each other on a much more personal level!”

That brought a big smile to my face and we did just that – in fact by 5:05 on the Friday of her last day we were heading to a nearby bar for drinks and a bite of food and she spent the entire night at my place. As soon as we got inside our months of teasing quickly came to a head, as soon as the door shut, we were kissing and it wasn’t long before clothes were coming off. I pretty much knew she had a great body and by the time she was naked I was totally hard just from looking at her. While they were a bit small, there was no sag to her tits at all and her nipples were hard and pointing straight forward. By the time her skirt hit the ground, her thong didn’t do anything to conceal the fact that she was shaved bare and I was pretty sure there was already a bit of a wet mark on the front. When my pants and boxers hit the floor, my cock sprung up which got a ‘mmm, very nice!’ from Alicia.

I was started to lead her toward the bedroom but she stopped me saying, “We can make love there later – right now I just want to get fucked” and before I could say anything, she bent over the couch and looked back at me with a smile that would have gotten a pool noodle hard.

I was fine with that but as much as I’d been looking forward to the feeling of my cock sliding into her pussy, I’d also been looking forward to running my tongue up, down, across, in and out of it first so that’s exactly what I did.

She’d been expecting my cock but the “oh fuck yes!” I heard when she realized it was my tongue told me that she wasn’t at all disappointed so I spent the next few minutes licking and sucking on one of the sweetest tasting pussies I’d had the pleasure of tasting. She’d been nice and damp when I started but as my tongue explored her folds, she got wetter and wetter. Eventually I pulled away, planning on sliding my cock into her but as soon as I pulled back, she moaned, “No, please keep going – I’m so close and your tongue feels so good!”

That was no problem by me so I kept doing what I was doing and just to see what would happen, I let my tongue ‘drift’ a little higher a couple of times along the skin between her pussy and her ass before lightly flicking it over her pucker. That got an immediate, “Just my pussy, I’m really not into ass play.”

That was ok too so I just focused on her pussy and soon she was moaning that she was cumming. I was holding on to her hips and I could feel little tremors starting until her whole body seemed to be quivering and she was moaning, “yes, yes, oh yes!”

I’d have kept licking even longer but when she looked back and said, “Your tongue feels awesome but now I really want to feel your cock in me” that was the only prompting I needed so I stood up and slowly slid my cock into her. I’m not porn star long or thick but a respectable 7 or so inches long and reasonably big around. Even with her wetness, it was a snug fit but fit I did and it felt amazing. Once I was all the way in, I slid back out before sliding back in. With each stroke, she was moaning, “harder” so I sped up until my hips were slapping into her ass with every stroke. She’d already cum and while I was doing my best to hold back, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I erupted.

“I’m gonna cum soon – where do you want me to cum?”

She just looked back, gave me another sexy smile and said, “right where you are babe, right where you are – I’m really close again too!”

In less than a minute I did just that and I could feel her pussy clench on my cock Girne Escort as I started cumming and when she felt me spurt inside her she came again too. I stayed in her pussy until I softened and when I finally pulled out there was an audible, ‘sploot’ of cum as it oozed out of her pussy and hit the floor. We both laughed at that a bit before she stood up, turned and we kissed some more. We eventually made it up to bed but instead of having sex again, we lay there for a while just kissing and touching each other before we both fell asleep.

While it wasn’t a first, most of the time that I got together with someone either they left after sex or I did so it was a bit of a different feeling to wake up with her curled back against my chest and my hand cupping one of her sexy tits.

I don’t know if Alicia was already awake or not but when I started playing with her nipple, she let out a quiet moan and then I felt her hand on top of mine for a few minutes before rolling over toward me and after a quick “Good morning!” from her we spent the next few minutes kissing which was all it took to get me hard again.

She must have felt me stiffening against her because she reached down to stroke me until I was even harder before whispering, “I’m not going to lie and say I’m a virgin but you’re the first guy that’s ever made me cum just from using your tongue. How about you just lay back and let me do the same for you?”

Now I don’t think I’ve ever ran into a guy who would say no to getting sucked by a sexy, naked lady and I wasn’t going to be the first. I quickly realized this either wasn’t a first for her either or she was a natural because the way she sucked, licked and took me in and out of her mouth felt absolutely amazing. I did just as she suggested – I just lay there and enjoyed. I could feel the cum building and when I told her I wasn’t going to last much longer she not only kept sucking but started sucking harder and started gently playing with my balls at the same time. That was all it took for me to erupt in her mouth and I could feel the muscles in her throat contracting as she swallowed everything she could. When she released me from her mouth and moved back up beside me, I just said, “WOW!” and then I think I surprised her by pulling her to me for a hot, passionate kiss. I’ve never had a problem tasting a bit of my own cum and even more when it was shared with a hot lady. We spent the rest of the morning in bed and while it was still passionate, unlike the night before we took our time and enjoyed every minute of it. Eventually she had to go home to do laundry and sort a few things out for her new job on Monday.

We talked before she left and we both already felt that this was not going to be a one-time thing and that as good as the sex was, we also wanted it to be more than just the sex.

We got together regularly for dinner, a walk, a bike ride or just to chill and watch tv. Of course, most of those also either ended or began with some great sex and it wasn’t unusual for us to spend the night together and often an entire weekend. She loved giving oral almost as much as I did and some nights that’s all we did before going to bed but most times our mouths would just be a warmup with some hot fucking to follow.

She’d been working late this week so the next time we’d be able to see each other was going to be Thursday. Occasionally we both had to work some odd hours so I’d already told her that was fine and I’d be looking forward to seeing her on Thursday. Wed night, I grabbed a quick supper and figured that seeing as I wasn’t going to be seeing Alicia, I’d spend the evening enjoying some porn. It was about 9 o’clock and I was right in the middle of watching two couples swapping their women back and forth when there was a knock on the door. When I looked through the peep hole, I was quite surprised to see Alicia there. I quickly let her in and asked why she didn’t just let herself in (we’d already exchanged spare house keys). She just laughed and said she’d decided to quit a bit early so she came straight to my place and the key was at her place but she had to be in early the next morning so couldn’t stay.

I just chuckled and we were quickly in each other’s arms sharing a nice long kiss. As we kissed, I was thinking that maybe she should work late more often because it felt hotter and more passionate than it usually did but I certainly wasn’t complaining. After a few minutes of intense kissing, I looked at her and said, “Bedroom?”

She said she needed to pee first so I went to the bedroom, turned off the lights and lit a couple of candles. She was naked when she came in and I was already laying naked on the bed waiting for her. When I told her how hot she looked she smiled but when I somewhat jokingly suggested we start with her giving me a little oral for not being able to get together all week she shook her head ‘no’ and said “Not right now, but I’d really like to feel your tongue!” Magosa Escort and with that she straddled me and moved up so that her pussy was right over my mouth.

Ok, that got me over what little disappointment I had at her not sucking me and soon I was enjoying both the feel of my tongue and the taste of her pussy. The more I licked her, the more she moaned and she started moving back and forth on my face from her slit to her clit. After a few minutes, I noticed that she was moving higher than usual and was often going far enough that her pucker was right by my tongue. The last time I’d tried licking her there, she’d said she didn’t really like it but it seemed like she was giving me a bit of an invitation so I took it.

The next time she moved far enough forward, I ran my tongue over her pucker and instead of pulling away, she actually pushed back against my tongue and moaned. Hmm, I thought – maybe she’s changed her mind about not enjoying ass play so I spent the next few minutes rimming her and eventually was able to slide the tip of my tongue into her ass which got an even bigger moan. Eventually she started moving back and forth again so I could lick her pussy and clit but every time she moved up, she moved far enough that I we could both enjoy my tongue on and in her ass.

“That’s it…damn your tongue feels good against my ass. Please don’t stop…I think I’m going to cum!”

Just as she said the word ‘cum’ she did and it was harder than I remembered her cumming before, I even felt a little trickle of her juices run down the sides of my neck. As she moved off of my face she said, “I think I’d like to feel your cock inside me ” and moved so she was kneeling on the bed and looking back at me before asking, “What about you?”

My cock sliding into her pussy from behind was the only answer she really needed but I was really surprised when after a few minutes of fucking she looked back again and said, “your tongue felt really good in my ass – do you want to try a finger?”

Wow, if this was what she meant by ‘making it up to me’ I was all for it! I wasn’t sure what had changed her mind about playing with her ass but I wasn’t about to ask either so I pulled out long enough to grab some lube from my drawer and after sliding my cock back into her pussy, I eased a well lubed finger up against her puckered back entry. It took a minute or so to work it in but her moans were encouraging and soon both my finger and cock were sliding in and out of her ass at the same time. Just to see what her reaction would be, I slowly added a second finger to the first and bit by bit her ass opened to allow them both inside.

She was panting, moaning and telling me how good it felt to have something in both holes. I figured I might as well see how far she was willing to go so I pulled my cock out of her ass and as I eased my fingers out of her pussy, I replaced them with the head of my cock that I’d put a little extra lube on. Looking down, I could see there was a huge difference between what was coming out and what would be going in but she didn’t say no, she actually started pushing her ass back against my cock. I’d only done anal with a few women and while I preferred cumming in a pussy, there was something taboo about ass fucking that made it really hot every so often. Bit by bit I watched my lubed cock open her ass wide enough before sliding inside. As it was sliding in, she was moaning with a series of short “oh, oh, oh’s” and when she finally relaxed enough and the remaining 5 or 6 inches slid in, it changed to one long, “ohhhhhhh!”

I held myself there for a bit before starting to slide in and out. Each stroke went easier until I had a nice rhythm going of long, slow strokes, then a few with just my head going in and out of her ass before going back to the long slow strokes. I could feel her fingering herself as I thrust in and out and it wasn’t long before she was cumming again which triggered me to erupt into her ass.

We rolled around so we could kiss for a bit before she said she needed to clean up and get home for some sleep. For whatever reason, I didn’t sleep well that night and was busy at work the next day so when I got home, I figured I’d grab a shower, a quick nap and be rested when she came back over. The shower was great and the nap must have been too because instead of waking up before Alicia got there, I was woken up with her mouth on my quickly hardening cock. When I started to say something, she quickly ‘shushed’ me and said, “I thought this would be a great way to make up for working so much this week.”

I just nodded and let her continue but at least having just woken up, I knew I’d be able to enjoy her talents for a bit before I was close to cumming. Eventually I knew I’d be cumming soon but as much as I’d have enjoyed filling her mouth, I really wanted to fill her pussy so I gently guided her head away and simply said, “Your turn”

Alicia just nodded and smiled but instead Kıbrıs Escort of rolling over, she just moved up my chest until her pussy was right over my face. As I started licking her pussy, I remembered how turned on she’d been the night before when I’d played with her ass so while I was licking and sucking on her clit, I got a finger nice and wet with her juices and then started teasing her ass with it. As soon as I touched her ass, she lifted up and said, “remember I told you before, I really don’t like ass play?”

“Ok, but you certainly didn’t mind it last night.”

Now there was a definite pissed off tone in her voice, “What the fuck do you mean last night – I was working last night!”

She must have seen the totally confused look on my face because a because her voice softened a little and she said, “Ok, I’m obviously missing something – what are you talking about?”

Now I was even doubting myself but I said, “Well, you came over after supper last night and told me you’d decided to quit early. It didn’t take long before we were in bed and you were riding my face like you just were a few minutes ago. You moved up a bit higher than usual and I took that as an invite and gave your ass a quick lick. You said you really enjoyed it so it went from my tongue, to a finger, to…”

“Ok, hang on there for a sec… you’re saying this was me?”

“Well, ya…I know how you look, how you sound and everything, so ya I’d say it was you.”

“Let me guess…I wouldn’t suck on you right?”

“Exactly! And if you remember that then it had to be you!”

I really wasn’t prepared for her outburst of “Bitch, that fucking bitch!”

Now it was my turn to be confused, “What are you talking about?”

Alicia looked at me for a few seconds then said, “Ok, it all makes sense now. I never told you because I haven’t had any contact with her but I have an identical twin sister – Lena. When we were younger, we were super close. We practiced kissing with each other, masturbate together and….”

“And what?”

“Fuck, it’s kind of embarrassing but sometimes we’d even play with each other’s pussy or use a toy on each other and a few times we even went as far as seeing what it would be like to lick a pussy. When we started dating, we found we far preferred guys and sometimes we’d switch with a date just for fun but that stopped when we got into our twenties – or so I thought. We got in a big fight years ago because she thought I stole her boyfriend by pretending it was her but he knew we were twins and told me he’d broken up with her because he wanted to go out with me instead. We only just started talking again a month or so ago and the last time we chatted, I was telling her that I’d met you and I was really enjoying spending time with you. She seemed really interested so I told her a bunch about you and I might have even mentioned where you lived. She wanted to get together for a drink but I told her I’d be working late all this week. I’ll bet she did this just to get even.”

“I’m sorry, I really thought it was you and that you’d decided to try some ass play. If I’d known it wasn’t you, I wouldn’t have done anything with her.”

“I believe you; I was pissed at first but now that I’ve figured it out, I’m sure you’re telling the truth.” With that, Alicia gave me a big hug, an even bigger kiss and said, “Just to make sure she doesn’t fool you again, we’re not totally identical. She’s got a scar on her right shoulder from falling out of a tree when we were little, it’s about an inch long and looks like a sliver of the moon.”

“Thanks for figuring it out and believing me. I was starting to think I’d lost my mind. So, here’s a thought – would you like to get even with her?”

“Damn right I would but what are you thinking?”

“Not sure yet but I have a couple of ideas…for now how about we just grab a drink or two, relax and then spend the rest of the evening seeing how many times I can make you cum?”

We did just that and the sex that night was amazing – I licked her to several orgasms, fingered her to a few more, fucked her until she came at least three times then used one of her toys on her until she finally said her pussy was getting sore so I gently licked and kissed her pussy until she came one last time.

We both had to work the next day but when she came over after work her first words were, “Well, have you thought of anything yet?”

I just smiled and said, “Yup!”. I told her what I was thinking, she said I was devious and mean – and that she totally loved the idea.

She kept in touch as if nothing had happened and made plans with her sister to go out shopping that Saturday and then called her Friday night to say she’d have to go into work Saturday and could they change it to Sunday. Lena agreed quite readily and said that Sunday would work fine and she’d make other plans for Saturday.

Sure enough, Saturday right after lunch there was a knock at the door and when I opened it, there was ‘Alicia’ – except I knew that Alicia was actually hiding in the spare room upstairs. I carried on as if it was Alicia and said, “I thought you were working today?”

“I was but the server went down so I figured I’d swing by and spend some time with you until it came back up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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