University Diaries: Girl Next Door

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It was December 1999, and we had been at University for three months. The first semester was drawing to a close, and the year 2000 was approaching. Everybody had heard about the “Y2K Bug”, and that the time was about to come when man’s reliance on technology was going to be punished. Trusted computer systems and fatally designed microchips were going to spectacularly fail. Planes would fall out of the sky and food would fail to be distributed to the supermarkets. The best thing to do was to stock up with food and water, and get yourself a gun. Some people were nervous, but most people really didn’t believe in the scaremongering coming from extremists. We were young and free with not a care in the world, and hungry to experience life. We lived for today, and the suggestion that end of the world was close gave us excuse to do whatever we wanted.

Saturday night, and unusually my girlfriend from back home hadn’t made the trip to visit that weekend. Jill had one of her friend’s eighteenth birthday to celebrate back home. I sure as hell wasn’t going back home to some dull party, I had moved to the big city, and that was where I was going to stay. Jill still lived with her protective parents, and I had my own room in the University Halls of Residence; she normally visited me where we could be alone together.

Without any real plans, I went to the kitchen to cook some instant noodles. They were cheap, fast, and I knew how to cook them. Already in the kitchen were three of my neighbors. We shared the same corridor and therefore the same kitchen. Nikki, Diane and Sarah were dressed for bed, each of them sporting provocative silk nighties. Looking back now, I am sure that knowing they wore this clothing in the kitchen; they were competing with each other a little. The silk looked expensive, and the colours were daring. Each piece hung flimsily to their bodies, and was sure to catch the attention of any man in the vicinity.

As I chucked my ‘healthy’ meal into a pan, I engaged in jovial conversation with my neighbours. We all got along well enough, though I was more an acquaintance of their group than a part of it. The girls continued their conversation, and naturally I heard what was said. They were talking about their plans to watch the cheesy ‘erotic film’ played in its regular late night slot on Channel 5. Accordingly they watched it every week. From their tone it seemed that they watched it as something to laugh at rather than anything sexual. It was only a few years from my younger years when catching glimpses of some of those scenes would have been the highlight of my week. They chatted about how fake the scenes seemed, and how atrocious the acting was.

The thought of these three girls in one of the rooms watching sex on T.V. sent a whirlwind daydream through my head. The blonde Nikki was sprawled across the bed, watching the scene as the actress masturbated by a swimming pool. Nikki’s red negligee too flimsy to contain her busty chest, the top of her tits hung over it, putting her nipples on display. Glued to the screen, her big blue eyes displayed nothing but lust and a yearning desire for satisfaction. Diane and Sarah looked so similar they could be mistaken for twin sisters. Their small, slender frames climbed onto Nikki, one on each side, taking her nipples into their mouths. Straddling Nikki’s leg, Diane’s tight arse was exposed to the air: a fruity peach just ripe to be eaten. Sarah’s hand made its way up Nikki’s thigh, following the trail of juices her cunt was emitting, until her fingers linked with Diane’s, who was already working on her own pussy. The two brunette’s soft lips met as they began to kiss deeply, the blonde’s hefty tits being used as soft pillows.

“So, do you think we could do a better job ourselves? Making porn, I mean?” Nikki asked. The girls’ conversation shifted, and my concentration shifted from my fantasy world. I listened intently, peering out of the corner of my eyes. Suddenly a hiss made its way from the pan, as water bubbled over the sides. I quickly brought my attention back to the noodles; I didn’t want to look like an idiot!

I thought Nikki might be teasing me. I couldn’t tell for sure. Trying to stay cool, I inspected the bubbling pot of noodles, feeling that I was being watched. I felt her attention on me from over my shoulder. Nikki’s question led to a giggling reaction amongst them.

“Would you do it though? On camera, for just anybody to see?” Diane asked.

“Oh yeah, I would. But only with Karl. I’d do it for the money. There would be nothing wrong with the world seeing my love. I’m not ashamed of it.” Sarah brashly exclaimed.

Her statement caused a brief moment of silence. Everyone knew why, except maybe Sarah. To this very day, Sarah’s noise from sex is the loudest I have ever heard. She is an extremely loud and orgasmic lover. I remember the low pitched grunts that used to fill the corridor when she fucked. She sounded like an animal; my words are not enough to describe it. Everybody in the kitchen knew it, and for canlı bahis şirketleri sure she wouldn’t need to ridiculously fake any orgasms. For my part, I stayed at the stove, my back to them, trying desperately to hide an inappropriately rising erection, and probably failing miserably.

“I wouldn’t degrade myself like that. It would be something you would have to live with your whole life, “declared Nikki.

“Well, the movie will be starting soon. Would you like to come and watch with us?” Diane’s question was directed towards me, and caught me a little off guard.

“Why not?” was the only response I could make, and so we made our way into Diane’s room, the room next to mine. She literally was the cute girl next door. We settled to watch the made-for-television soft-core. This week centred on a woman who embarked on an affair with an apprentice carpet fitter. The guy seemed a lot more interested in fucking the woman and her neighbors than getting any carpets fitted. After eating the noodles, I was glad that the room was dark, conscious of my body’s almost every present erection in the presence of these women. The empty bowl on my lap was useful.

During the film the girls giggled and laughed at how ridiculous the acting and plotline were. To me, my mind kept wandering off back to my earlier fantasy, Sarah and Diane kissing passionately, their heads lay against Nikki’s big knockers. They wanted me to come and fuck them one by one. That was a fantasy, and there was a real world out there. An advertisement break prompted Nikki to bring up one of her teasing conversational topics; she liked to tell us about her sex life, I don’t know why, but perhaps it was a mechanism of competing for attention. Having had a few months away from home, we had all had plenty of opportunity to get a little daring. We all knew though, that Nikki was an insatiable slut, working her way through the guys on campus, and indeed further afield.

“Well then, what are the kinkiest things we’ve done recently then?”

The way Nikki worded the open question made it sound like a competition. When there was a brief pause before she took the lead and continued.

“Well you remember me telling you about Mark from the fourth floor? Well he was really into bondage, actually a bit weird. Anyway, a few weeks ago he asked, well practically begged me, to tie him up and whip him. So that’s what I did, dress in black like a dominatrix and tied him to the bed for a spanking. It was so cool. Do that to a guy, and he’s putty in your hands.”

Nikki was showing off. Telling us all how open minded, adventurous and experienced she was. I had tried a little light bondage in the past myself, but I wasn’t so sure I wanted to make that public knowledge. Besides, that one had already been done. I exclaimed openly and jokingly at how lucky Mark must have been that night, before telling my piece. I had heard that for some people public sex was a turn on, so I told of how often myself and Jill had been caught by dog walkers whilst getting it on in the countryside.

As we went around the room it seemed like a game of truth or dare, except there would be no dare options. Sarah told of how her boyfriend bought her some new and exciting lingerie every week. Somehow everything we came up with didn’t seem to match with Nikki’s story, of which we had no doubt there was a library more where that came from.

Diane didn’t exactly rise to the bait. Instead she turned it onto its head a little bit. She was in a relationship with a guy a lot older than us, in his late twenties. Unlike the rest of us he had money, working as a manager in a take out restaurant. Actually I have to admit I was jealous. Looking back, the guy still lived with his parents, and his job was nothing compared to the kind of money we have all gone on to earn, I’m sure.

“My sex life is boring really,” Diane nonchalantly stated,” all he ever does is lie on his back while I ride him. Then we roll over and go to sleep. He is never into doing anything any different at all.”

The next weekend my girlfriend Jill visited. We went shopping in the city centre and ended up having an argument. What it was I can’t even remember now, but probably rooted in what could and could not be afforded in the expensive department stores. All that I do remember was how dejected I was when Jill stormed off to the train station, insisting I do not follow her. It seemed like what had been a great relationship was on the ropes. The distance was beginning to pay its toll.

When I got back to the university halls I tried to stay happy, though I was pissed off. When I got to the kitchen, I found a fantastic feminine form in front of me. Diane was bending over to get into the refrigerator in her little green silk outfit. My eyes made my way up her firm eighteen year old legs until my gaze rested on her shapely behind. The best thing about it was that she couldn’t tell I was checking her out, with her head in the fridge. My gaze reminded me that this week there would be no canlı kaçak iddaa sex, having had the argument. That would make it an unbearable two weeks. Anyway, Diane began to cook and I stayed for a few minutes to talk.

“Is Jill not around this weekend then?” she asks.

“Oh yes, she was here; but she’s gone now, ” my reply was hardly enthusiastic.

“Oh really? She was here? I didn’t hear her,” There was a suggestive tone to Diane’s voice. Indirectly she was indicating surprise that she hadn’t heard Jill’s orgasmic moans of pleasure filtering through the thin walls that divided our rooms. My memories returned to the loud noises that emanated from Sarah’s room. Jill and I aren’t loud like that, surely? Maybe I was reading more into what was said than I should.

“Well, if you are bored, you can always come and see me, the girls are all away tonight.”

A little later on after shooting some pool in the recreations room, I made my way back up to my room. Hearing music from Diane’s room next door, I remembered her invitation, and knocked on the door. When she opened up the door I was glad pleased to see she was still wearing that little green silk piece. She smiled and invited me in, offering me a drink. She reached up to the bookshelf and brought down a bottle of vodka and a bottle of coke. Whilst her back was turned I had no need to hide my lustful gaze upon her arse as her little nightie lifted just enough to see the bottom of her sweet little cheeks.

It wasn’t uncommon for us to share drinks, and vodka was a favourite of her social group. I accepted her offer of drinks, and we chatted. We talked about life; politics, our aspirations for the future, what our lives back home had been like. After a while she invited me to come and sit down on the bed next to her. The drinks had been flowing, each glass containing more vodka and less coke, we were having a really good time together. When the conversation turned to sex, it was light hearted, and fun more than anything. I told her about my fantasy to be tied up, like Nikki had done with Mark. She laughed, and I responded with a drunken chuckle of my own.

We made our way through half the bottle of vodka, and the alcohol had our inhibitions relaxed. We had never really spoken for as long together before. It was then that a key moment in our relationship came. Somehow as we turned to talk to each other we found ourselves looking at each other. The conversation paused as we gazed, and smiled, for what seemed like an eternity. The natural thing to do was to lean forward and kiss her. My advances were accepted and our lips met. As I backed away again she smiled so sweetly at me, before I returned. Holding her in my eyes we fell onto the mattress and kissed.

After a few minutes my drunken hands began to explore her firm and slender body. I had desired that body for so long, and until now the girl next door had been unattainable. I moved to kiss her neck as my hands slip to her hips. I wanted to move my lips to her breasts, so easily exposed in that negligee though I dared not go any further. Diane got up from the bed and opened her underwear drawer. I prayed that she was reaching for a box of condoms. Instead her dainty little hand came out of the drawer clutching on to a key, obviously one for the rooms in the hall.

“Come with me,” Diane asked, “I have something for you…”

Not really questioning this too much what was going on, I settled myself down and followed her down the corridor. When we got to Nikki’s room on the right, she stopped and used the key to fling the door open. Motioning me inside, she turned on a dimly lit lamp and locked the door behind me. Normally I guess my head would have been spinning with thoughts about exactly why I was locked in Nikki’s room with Diane, but instead I was too drunk to question anything too much.

“What are we doing here?” I asked.

“Sssh,” Diane replied, holding her finger to my lips. “I’m looking after her room for her while she’s back home for the weekend. She lets me use her fridge,” removing her hand from my mouth she stepped closer. We gazed at each other in a drunken moment of silence before she took another step and kissed me. She was confident, and for good reason; no man would ever be able to turn her down, and she knew it. I took her in my arms, my mind full of desire, driven by youthful lust. I couldn’t believe my luck. We stood and kissed as she held my back, and I let go. My hands roamed her body, hungrily groping her tits and arse. As we kissed we moved along the room, along the length of the desk. We both knew we were heading for the bed, and exactly how many steps it would take to get there whilst I explored the cavern of her mouth with my tongue, these rooms were all the same.

Breaking the walk, I quickly removed my t-shirt, and tossed it on the floor. At that time, I had only recently given up boxing, and was immeasurably fitter than I am now. My body was still toned. My biceps and triceps were solid. Not an ounce of fat one me, I knew canlı kaçak bahis the muscles on my stomach turned women on, as testified by the attention that Jill had previously spent licking my skin. I may be small in stature, but I was more than confident exposing myself. Not that was on my mind right now. Right now I was thinking about fucking Diane, and not much else. I wasted no time on reaching back out for her body again.

When we reached the bed, Diane pushed me onto it. Involuntarily, she let out a barely audible giggle as she quickly jumped on top of me. I could sense an excited tone in her voice as she spoke.

“And now for this surprise I promised!”

Straddling my body, her hot legs wide and her flaming cunt pressed against my stomach, she reached by the side of Nikki’s bed. Looking over my shoulder I saw her pull out a restraint that she quickly applied to my arm. There was no way I was going to argue. Diane was hot, and getting kinky! I just couldn’t believe my luck, and was more than happy to hold out my left arm as she attached the restraint around my wrist. The ease with which she worked out how to fasten the metallic straps brought a wicked realisation to my mind: she had been playing with these restraints before.

My right hand was still free, as we grinned at each other. Neither of us had done anything like this before. My fingers roamed over her young pearly flesh. Pulling down at the strap over her shoulder with my free hand, she tilted her head, as I moved down to caress the outside of those perky round tits.

“Now come on, play along,” she laughed as she talked playfully in her almost innocent tone.

I could feel the warmth emanating from Diane’s body as she straddled me, and just able to detect her reserved rubbing of her pussy against my pelvic area. She took the hand from her breast as I squeezed it, both arms stretched out, holding my wrist to the mattress as she fastened my right arm into place too.

Perversely, being restrained like this felt liberating, as though something within me had been released. My mobility was restricted, I could move my arms slightly, maybe an inch until the restraints were pulled taught. Similarly, I could kick out my legs with no problem, but with Diane’s weight on my body, my entire torso was held in position. It was exhilarating. With every long deep breath that I made, it felt as though energy was building within my body. My torso was on fire, my skin tingling, as she caressed my chest with both hands.

A mischievous look invaded Diane’s face before she swivelled. Turning her body so that she could reach out for the straps that bind my legs, I gazed upon her with an immense lust. She was bent over, her knees splayed apart as they rested on the mattress. Her tight arse just inches from my face; I licked my lips in anticipation of getting a bite of that sweet peach. Hidden from my view, Diane’s hands worked their way to my zipper, swiftly loosening my jeans and underwear down to my knees.

My cock stood upright, rigidly pointing towards the ceiling. Diane’s hands worked their way from my knees where they left the jeans and up my inner thigh. She moved quickly, but to me the movement up my legs felt like an eternity until I felt the nimble fingers reach my desperate dick. At this I gasped, and hunched my chest forward. My arms pulled to their maximum as they pulled at the restraints, I was able to lick the outer edge of her left arse cheek. Her response was immediate, instinctual it seemed, as she shoved her weight backwards. Her pussy only protected with the flimsy panties, she drove my head back onto the pillow.

The sweet smell of her cunt caused me to lick out and nibble at her desperately through her sodden panties. All the time she worked on my cock, gripping tightly and working it in circles before sliding her hands up and down over my length. I struggled for breath as Diane held my face between her legs. At the same pace that she worked my throbbing cock, grinding her pussy against my face; fucking my nose and feeling the gentle probing of my teeth through her underwear.

Perhaps she sensed that I was about to cum, I don’t know, but suddenly she moved away from me, and reeled away from the bed. Her demeanour had changed, she somehow seemed more sexually alive, more demanding. She was a little drunk, but then so was I, and I justified to myself that she was using me every bit as much as I was using her.

“Where you goin’? I was just getting into that, “I enquired, no doubt sounding alarmed at the way she had stopped.

Diane stood above me at the side of the bed where I lay and snorted a response, “Don’t worry, I haven’t finished with you yet.”

She began to walk alongside the length of the bed, and held out her arm. Mockingly, she waved her hand about two inches over my body. She started over my chest, her hand floating above my body. I watched it get closer to my cock. If she was going to avoid a collision, her hand would have to be raised as she approached my member. She was teasing me. She didn’t raise her hand though, and my entire body shuddered as her hand passed through. My cock wobbled and boinged around in the air, her swift brush on my piece over as soon as it began, whilst she hovered teasingly over my thighs.

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