Unloading in Bristol

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It had been a while since I last did the Bristol run. I texted Sonya from the services letting her knows I would be coming round.

Now I have a few holes in several ports, but there aren’t many like Sonya and Dave.

The door wasn’t on the latch like I had said, so I knocked impatiently. Dave answered, half hiding behind the door.

“What the fuck?” I said impatiently.

“Look John.” his voice was weak, faltering “I’m not sure we can…”

I pushed the door without waiting for him to finish. I knew what I had come for and I could not be doing with his pathetic protestations.

Pushing passed him I stepped into the kitchen. Sonya was standing with her backside against the edge of the sink, nervously smoking one of those awful long cigarettes of hers.

“What’s going on girl?” I asked

She looked down at her feet, whilst Dave followed me in, still protesting.

“John. Things have changed. I…We…We can’t… look we don’t want you coming around like this.”

“Shut the fuck up.” I told him, stepping towards Sonya.

I took the cigarette from her hand and threw it into the sink as I grabbed her blouse and pulled her to me. I grabbed the back of her hair and tugged her head back, bringing her face up to meet mine. I pressed my mouth to hers. She was stiff, her body tense as I pushed my tongue between her lips. My other hand wrapped around her to take hold of her arse. I heard Dave try once more in his pathetic way.

“Please. You need to stop.”

And then I felt her relax, her mouth parted further, and then her tongue was responding, lapping at mine. Slowly and then with growing hunger.

I let go of her arse and with my hand still gripping her hair I pushed her downwards. She knelt. Smart girl. She tugged at my belt and zipper. I pulled her head back, looking down at her.

“Boots first.” I told her, pausing for a moment to admire her upturned face before letting go her hair. She set to work untying my laces. As she removed my boots, I turned to her husband.

“Well? What the fuck are you looking at? Go and put your face on slut. Make a fucking effort.”

I looked him straight in the eye and his will melted, looking quickly down at his feet. He seemed to open his mouth to say something but then obviously thought the better of it and left the room without saying a word.

Sonya was pulling my trousers and pants down as I stepped out of them. Two days on the road without even a wank my cock was already at full attention and I knew it wasn’t the freshest smelling either. Sat for hours on end in my cab, it can get pretty sweaty down there. I could smell it myself as I took hold of her head and guided her mouth to my ball sack. Letting out a long moan of satisfaction as she sucked both my plums into her warm hot mouth.

“Mmm gooood girl.”

I pulled over a kitchen chair and put one foot upon it, giving her better access. Then pushed her head down further. She knew what I wanted and seemed to resist. I chuckled, not really blaming her. Knowing it must be pretty ripe. I pushed harder.

“Do as your fucking told.”

She relented, pushing my wet balls from her mouth and moving her lips to my arsehole. I felt her hot breath on my hole, and then her tongue. I took hold of my cock, as her hot wet tongue began to probe me. I gripped the back of her head and pushed it upwards as I ground my arse down against her face.

“That’s it bitch. Eat my dirty hole.”

She worked her tongue harder, literally fucking my puckered hole with it as I wanked my cock. It felt fucking amazing and I knew I couldn’t last long.

I pulled her from me, and still grasping her by the hair, pulled her to her feet.

“Now let’s go see what’s taking that sissy bitch of yours so long.”

We found him in the bedroom, half way into a blue sequined cocktail dress, already wearing fishnets, and a black bra and knickers.

“Don’t mind us” I laughed as I held his wife’s hair with one hand and ripped her blouse open with other. He stood watching as I tugged each of her ample tits from the sanctuary of its cup.

“Stop gawping and get on with it!” I told him, then proceeded to slap each tit in turn levent escort 3times. I watched the flesh redden and her nipples swell.

I let go of her hair.

“Jeans off.” I instructed

Dave had sat himself at the dresser and was busily applying his makeup. As she stepped out of her jeans I turned her around, bent her over the bed and reached between her legs. I could tell from the smell that she was already wet but my fingers confirmed it. I grinned as I looked over at her husband, my eyes meeting his in the mirror.

“Wet as a fucking puddle.” I laughed holding his gaze.

I tugged off my t-shirt and stepped in behind her. Her cunt was a well-used pocket of warm silk into which I buried my cock. In one easy movement my balls were pressing against her clit as I drove a grunting moan from her. I watched her husband desperately and somewhat distractedly trying to put on her lippy. As I knew it would, it only took a few thrusts before those delicious vinegar strokes. I slowed, pulling all of the way out before driving all the way home, my cock erupting as I bottomed out. I gripped her hips, pulling her hard into my lap as I emptied my first load into her.

I stood for a moment, enjoying the last twitches of my spent cock inside her, watching Dave pull on a dirty blonde wig. He turned to look at us. I couldn’t help but laugh. Dave could actually pass quite well when he put a bit of time and effort into it. But the hurried and distracted nature of his efforts had not paid off.

“That’s more like it Davina!” I chided “cheap and messy. Just how I like my whores.”

He smiled an uncertain smile.

My cum spilled from Sonya’s cunt as I pulled out of her.

“Now come here and put that pretty mouth of yours to work.”

I stood, my semi hard cock sticky and shiny as he moved to kneel in front of me, taking my cock in his mouth and beginning to clean his wife from me.

Sonya rolled over and watched her sissy husband lapping at my cock, a small smile playing across her lips.

“What about me?” she said, speaking for the first time since I had arrived.

“That’s right Dave” I said pushing his head away. “Don’t forget your wife.”

Sonya pulled up her knees spreading them wide to present her cummy cunt to him. He obediently moved between them, placing a hand on each of her thighs as he put his mouth to her hole. She let out a long moan, lying her head back and looking up as she took hold of his head and pressed it to her.

I watched for a moment as Davina ate my cum from his wife’s cunt. He had a nice arse, which was pointed towards me and I could already feeling my cock resurrecting itself.

“Get that whore arse in the air whilst you eat, slut!”

He responded, raising it up as he continued to suck hungrily. Sonya was grinding herself up into his face and letting out some beautiful moans.

I turned away, and went to their wardrobe, opening the door to where I knew I would find his belts. I picked a broad leather one, folding it in half before returning to stand behind him.

“Skirt up slut” I barked.

Still eating, he reached back with both his hands and slid his dress up the short distance it took to expose his pantied arse.

“Knickers down!”

He hooked his thumbs in the elastic and slid them down just enough to expose his cheeks and puckered hole.


I brought the belt down hard across his arse.

Sonya gripped his head hard, muffling his yelp with her cunt as he lurched forward into it.




I waited a moment, admiring his upturned arse with two wide crimson strips. Sonya was beginning to lose it, fucking his face as he futilely tried to push himself up for air.

“That’s it, fucking eat my dirty cunt” she grunted.


“And that’s because I know you like it!” I laughed, as Sonya came hard against her husband’s face, bucking and whimpering, and half suffocating him in the process.

She let go his head and lay panting, her whole body spent. beyoğlu escort My cock was now raging once more, and I knew exactly where I wanted it.

I pulled open a bedside draw, revealing an assortment of cocks, plugs, and paraphanalia. I grabbed a bottle of lube in one hand, and took hold of Davina by the back of the neck, pulling him back to the dressing table and presenting his face to the mirror. It was a beautiful mess of smeared makeup and fuck juices.

“What do you see?” I growled.

He said nothing, staring at himself. I stood behind him, reaching around and under, finding the panties struggling to contain his swollen sissy prick. I gripped it and squeezed hard. It sent a shuddering thrill through his body.

“Answer me slut!”

“I…I see a whore” he muttered, breathily.

“Good. Because that’s exactly what I see.”

I flipped the cap on the bottle of lube, taking it in my teeth and tearing it off. I pushed him forward over the dresser, and pressed the nozzle of the bottle to his arsehole and squeezed, forcing a jet of it inside him, whilst some sprayed sideways. I dropped the bottle, scooping some of the excess from his arse to wipe on my cock before placing its swollen head to his sphincter.

“What are you?”

“A whore.”

“And what do you need?”




I thrust forward, hard, driving his face into the mirror and forcing my cock into him. His ring felt tight around my cock as I pressed forward until his sissy whore arse was nestled in my lap. I knew from experience the tightness wouldn’t last. Like his wife’s cunt, it had been enjoyed far too many times to retain any muscle dignity. And sure enough, with just a few thrusts I could feel it relaxing, its resistance turning to more of a wet soft sucking sensation as I began to plough in and out. His face created a smeared mess on the mirror as I continued to drive him against it with each thrust. He braced himself with one hand as I saw the other move to his own groin. I pulled right out and landed a shard slap on his arse.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” I barked, sinking my cock back into his shithole. “Did I say you could play with yourself?”

He moved his hand back to a brace position, but said nothing.

“ANSWER HIM!” Sonya shouted from the bed.

“No…no you didn’t… sorry sir” he panted.

I could smell the smell I love so much. The smell of arseholes. No matter how much you flush and prep them, you still can’t escape that beautiful musty dirty smell you get from a fucked arse.

I looked over at Sonya who lay on the bed, her head propped on one hand as she watched mE bugger her sissy husband. I beckoned to her, continuing to drive myself in and out of his beautiful hole. She came to stand beside me, and I again took hold of her hair and pressed her to her knees. I pulled my cock from his arse. Sticky and shiny it looked clean enough. Not that it would have made any difference. I pressed it to her face as she obediently opened her mouth to take it right into the back of her throat.

I gave her face a few quick thrusts, before pulling it out and driving it once more into the sissy hole.

“Bring me a medium plug.” I instructed her.

She returned with a classic 2″ cone. I pulled from his now well opened arsehole and pressed the plug home. It met little resistance.

I took hold of both of them and pulled them back to the bed, pushing her onto it, and leaving him standing at the foot.

“On your back, knees up.” I instructed. She did as she was told. I moved to stand at the side and pulled her around so her upturned cunt and arse were before me. I held out my hand.


Davina scuttled to pick it from the floor and press it into my hand before returning to stand where I had placed him.

I looked down at her; she already had a hand between her legs gently rubbing her clit. I slapped her hand and pussy hard, causing her to yelp.

“When I fucking say so!”

I rubbed a hand full of lube onto my cock, and then wiped the excess onto her puckered hole. Then positioning my cock against it I turned to the kağıthane escort sissy.

“Do you think I should fuck your wife in the arse?” I asked him.

He nodded


“y…yes…do it…fuck my wife…in the arse”

With that I reached out and grabbed both of her breasts and pulled them towards me as I drove my cock forwards, forcing it into her tight shithole. She cried out, instinctively trying to pull away. I stopped half way into her and delivered a stinging slap to the inside of her thigh. She lay still, her eyes closed, breathing heavily. Again I took hold of her breasts, squeezing her nipples between my fingers and pulling as I forced my cock forward again. She puffed out her cheeks as she breathed, gritting her teeth, but this time remaining still. My balls came to press against her as I buried myself completely. I remained there, letting her arse get used to the feel of its violation.

“mmmmm that’s more like it” I sighed. “A nice and truly tight shit hole.” I looked the sissy up and down. “not like that overused sissy cunt of yours.”

I laughed as he visibly blushed. I pulled back, her arsehole gripping my cock as I slowly withdrew all but the helmet. I paused. Looking down at her well fucked cunt and impaled arsehole. I spat on her cunt.

“go on then.” I relented. Her fingers immediately went to her clit, rubbing my spittle into herself as I pressed my cock once more into her shithole. She let out a long low moan as I fed the full length back into her, her hand working furiously.

“Please…” asked Davina.

“Squat on her face.” I instructed him. “I want to see her eat that ruined cunt of yours while you wank that pathetic sissy prick.”

He clambered desperately onto the bed, waiting until he was squatted over her before pulling out the red plug. I held out my hand for it, and he dutifully gave it to me, letting out a long moan as his wife’s mouth went to work on his gaping hole.

“open your whore mouth.” I instructed. “wider!”

I pressed the plug into his mouth, forcing his jaw wide to take it right in. His hand was already working furiously at his sissy clit. I watched the depraved mess in front of me as I began to work my cock faster and harder, in and out of Sonya’s arsehole.

Davina dressed in a shimmering blue sequined cocktail dress, hitched up around her waist. His face a mess of dried juice and smeared makeup. His mouth stretched wide around the red plug that moments before had been plugging his shit hole. Squatting over his wife, grinding his sissy cunt into her face as he wanked his swollen sissy clit furiously. And Sonya, her tits still crudely framed by her bra, her chest rising and falling, her grunts and moans lost into his arse, her legs up and spread, one hand desperately working her clit, the other hand had made it down to probe her cunt hole, and my cock working in and out of her arsehole. I gripped both her nipples and pinched hard, twisting and pulling as I drove my cock hard into her. It was met by a responding muffled cry.

Davina was close, his moans and groans were coming short and fast, desperately trying to suck enough air in through his nostrils as he wanked himself closer and closer to the edge.

I was buggering his wife relentlessly now, slamming into her, crushing her hand into her cunt each time. I alternated between slapping her tits and pinching and pulling. And then I felt His cum splattering my skin, saw it flicking over her chest and belly, and at the same time felt her arse muscles spasm, and her hips thrust upwards, as every muscle in her body convulsed with orgasm. It was too much for me, and I emptied my balls into her guts.

Davina collapsed sideways, onto the bed, and I forwards, to press my full weight down onto Sonya’s sticky belly and chest. For several minutes all three of us lay there, spent.

“I’m hungry.” I announced after a while. “get that sissy arse to the kitchen and find me something to eat.”

It took a few moments before he responded, but he did. Rolling himself off the bed and onto his feet, before heading downstairs.

I pulled myself off her. My cock sliding from her arsehole with that lovely sucking sound that you get once in a while. I lay on the bed with a pillow propping up my head and reached for the remote to flick the TV on. Sonya moved up the bed and under my arm to lay her head upon my chest. It was literally only a few moments before her breathing softened and she slipped into sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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