Use Her

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As Ria sat in the corner of the coffee sipping on her low-fat mocha, her eyes glanced around the room. She watched as the men and woman would buy they’re beverage or pastry, and she wrote stories of them in her head. The young woman in the middle of the room had dreams of being an actress. The man reading the sports magazine always wished to play professional basketball. The woman sitting helping her child with homework had aspirations of being a doctor, instead they all settled. The young woman was told by her parents to stay in school. The middle-aged man didn’t want to put in the effort to train. The mother with her children got pregnant in high school. Ria was living her dream, though it was not a lifelong desire, and her dream was to fuck whenever and with whoever she could.

Ria new from the first time she had sex that she was born for it. She had the skills, often she would leave men begging for more. She had the looks, even at 45 she was very fit and one of the sexiest women in the porn industry. Her 5’3 height complements her thick thighs, juicy round ass, striking green eyes and 34 D breasts that if she were to walk nude into a room she would get a standing ovation. She also had the most important part. She had the desire. Ria did not just love to please she lives for it, and starting in the porn industry at 20 years old, those 25 years gave her already immense talent an unneeded boost. It frankly was not fair to other pornstars to be compared to her. And Ria was ready to prove it.

Ria stands up and drops her trash into the bin and walks to an unmarked black van that is waiting for her in the front of the café. The back door opens and she hops in willingly. In the back are 5 men, nude, stroking they’re cocks. Each man was masked. This was not just for a video, Ria did this for her own pleasure. Without a word she laid back in the middle of the van.

“State your name.” A masked man said, his cock closest to her face, the camera in his hand.

“Ria Rebellious” Ria says clearly, her eyes looking fiercely into the camera as I few men begin groping her. One’s hand slides up her thigh but Ria stays focused and does not flinch.

“And why are you here Ria?” The man asks rubbing Betturkey his cock on her forehead, brushing her hair back.

“I am a slut for use sir.” She says eyeing the hard dick that is now waving in front of her face. She licks her lips and without even a command she opens her mouth wide, and he stuffs his thick cock deep down her throat. His is large, one of the largest she had, and she gags slightly on the 12″ shaft that pierces her throat. Moans from the other men fill the room as they tear off her dress. The camera shows the aggressive pulls that show the stunning milfs body. Her large tits being slapped by hard heavy cocks. She arches her back up as a man positions himself between her thighs.

“You’re going to be one hot fuck bitch.” The man growls as he stabs her cunt pushing past her wet walls. She lets out a moan as she sucks on the camera mans cock. The moans vibrate down his dick causing him to moan as well. Her skilled tongue teasingly flicks around him as she sucks him. Her lips tight sealing off all air. He pushes deeper down her throat making her gag even more until he begins thrusting. Just as he thrusts the man using her cunt does as well. She trys to yelp but no sound escapes with the thick cock down her slut throat. Her big natural tits bounce back and forth with each hard thrust. The man whose cock she is sucking gives her a slap on the face.

“That’s it, show us how good of a dirty whore you are.” Another man puts his knees around her and squeezes her tits together. He slides his cock between the two soft breasts and begins to take them. She rolls her hips just as she rolls her neck, milking the cock in her cunt as well as in her mouth. She reaches out for one of the other two men and begins rapidly stroking his cock. The other lifts her hips, forcing her to deepthroat the massive 12″ dick which she can barely handle, her face quickly turning red. The last man slips under her and guides his cock to her tight asshole. He drops her down quickly pushing his cock all the way into her ass.

“Holy fuck! Ahhhh!” She screams as this happens and then coughs a bit, after spitting out the monster cock. He slaps her face with his heavy dick. The man in her pussy Betturkey Giriş rapidly slams back and forth. His dick pushing against her cervix. Her tight ass quickly adjust to the man taking her. The man fucking her big tits pokes her chin with his dick on ah upward thrust. The man getting a handjob by her petite manicured hands may have the best spot because he can watch it all.

“Can you handle all these cocks Ria?” The camera man asks “Can you milf slut?” He teasingly asks slapping her face again with his dick.

“Yes sir. Yes…Oh fuck…Im Your perfect fucktoy.” She moans between yelps of pleasure and quickly opens again. This time the man takes no time and forces his dick down her throat to his base. She gags on it, spit coming from the corners of her mouth. She looks obediently up at him with her beautiful green eyes. Her skilled tongue swirls around his massive dick. She teases his head with her tongue slipping between the slit of his cockhead. He moans loudly and pulls her hair.

“Oh fuck yes Ria.” He moans out feeling indescribable pleasure. As she does this she feels an immense pressure between her hips. Her pussy tightens and releases, tightens and releases, again and again until a huge flow of her juices squirts out from her used cunt forcing the man out of her. She screams in pleasure around the massive cock as the man under taking her ass continues violently thrusting at a pace no other woman in her business could handle. The camera man who throughout was somehow scanning around the room zooms in on the gushing cunt. He slaps it and rubs her clit. Her legs shaking and losing control.

“Oh fuck that’s it Ria.” The camera man moans out watching her. He pulls out his massive cock and she screams loudly in pleasure echoing around the van. She rapidly pushes back fucking with the man in her ass. She sits up turning to the cock she was stroking and she beings sucking him as she bounces on the cock. The camera man passes the camera so the man who is in front could get a better view of the beautiful slut in action. Her tongue slapping the cock and violently sucking, occasionally shed slip it out to make a “pop” noise. Rolling her hips grinding her ass on the cock shoved inside of her he lets out a loud moan, reaches up, grabs her tits, and cums deep in her ass. Drips of cum drop out as he pulls out. She moans and groans at the feeling around the cock that she is sucking. She toys with it and bobs her head back and forth working from base to tip. He cums quickly for her, she swallows every drop.

As she sucks the cock the other three line up in a row ready to take her pussy. The first cums almost immediately and as he pulls out give a few strokes and cums on her breasts marking where he fucked. The next man wraps her legs around his waist and once again fucks her now soaking wet pussy. He cums just as quick as the man before, as he was ready to cum when she squirted. He fills her milf cunt with his hot cum not pulling out like the others and instead pushes deeper inside of her. Ria gasps and then lets out a loud moan feeling the rush of his hot seed fill her. Lastly the man with the biggest cock takes her. He shoves the 12″ deep down her cunt then pulls out. He turns her around which she immediately raises her ass high in the air. He spanks the thick ass zooming the camera in to watch it shake, her ass now with a clear handprint on it. He slams the full 12″ down her tight used asshole. She yelps and screams but he shows no mercy.

“Ohhh fuck! God! Ohhh!” She screams as he violently takes her asshole. Her hips still roll milking him. Her head is thrown back in pleasure and he grabs a fistfull of her blonde hair. Her big tits sway back and forth as he dominates her tight ass. He groans out loudly and pulls out. She turns to face him looking up at the camera she rapidly strokes the cock. She kneels up, her back straight pushing out her tits, which rapidly bounce. Her eyes look into the camera as a warm stream of cum flings to her face. She moans licking her lips tasting him. She and filled with each mans cum. She lays back on the floor of the van, gasping for air. The camera pans up from her body. She smiles, her face covered in cum.

“Such a good whore.” The cameraman says.

“The best.” Ria says with a confident smile. The van parks in front of Ria’s apartment. She gets out nude, covered in cum, and unashamed, she wraps herself in a bathrobe tossed to her and walks into her complex, then up the stairs to her room.

“The best.” She whispers to herself again and lets out a giggle, opening her door, and locking it behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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