USL Male Wrestlers: Roster 01

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Name: Benjamin Kurtz

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Height: 5’11

Weight: 189 lbs.

Hair: Short brown

Eyes: brown

Style: Boxing

Personality: Ben is a headstrong man who will push past his limits to win. Even when he’s told that he shouldn’t be able to win, he’ll ignore it and give it his all to beat his opponent. He’s not rude, but he certainly lacks in manners when it involves a fight.

History: Ben growing up was a bit of a hothead. He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and it more often then not got him into trouble. Once they recognized the amount of trouble he often got into, Ben’s parents had signed him up for boxing lessons. This way he would at least be able to defend himself if he were to start running his mouth again.

Luckily though, his lessons had started to teach him restraint, and his attitude began to progress in a much more productive way. But his attitude was still there, more often seen in his boxing lessons rather than out in public. The sport became a sort of outlet for him, and he always wanted to find more opponents to go against.

Just a while ago he had gotten a letter from the USL, asking for his presence as a fighter. He took the opportunity, hoping that he would get to fight against all kinds of different fighters. But when he entered Kadıköy Yabancı Escort the ring, he learned just how different things were from what he expected. Not only was he not just boxing like he expected, but the amount of sexual moves in his first match completely shocked him.

But he’s determined to prove himself, even if he isn’t fighting the way he’s used to. And above all else, he swears that he will get back at the first girl he faced against. And show her what happens when you humiliate Ben Kurtz as she had.

Ring attire: Black wrestling shorts and skintight sleeveless shirt.


Name: Alex Hut

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Height: 5’10

Weight: 168 lbs.

Hair: Short black

Eyes: Blue

Style: Grappler/submissions

Personality: Alex is a kind yet focused man. When he wants to win, he’ll try his best to do so. But even then, he refuses to be rude to those around him and wishes all his opponents the best of luck (not that they need it). And even when the odds are stacked against him, he refuses to give up until he’s incapable of moving.

History: Alex grew up in a simple town, but knew he would go far in wrestling. He would start his career in middle school, where Kadıköy Yeni Escort he started off with a poor year. However, that didn’t stop him as he would continue to train everyday to make his way to the top of his school. He managed to make it far in fact, having come close to winning the state championships, had he of managed to kick up at the last second.

Once his time in school was over, he looked for any wrestling league he could come across. But none had called to him or even sent him a message regarding his applications. But then he had received an anonymous letter from someone in a league known as the USL (no official name was given).

He jumped at the chance and was quick to set up a contract with the league, only to learn in his first match what he had signed up for. His first match was easily the most humiliating defeat he ever suffered, having been dominated the whole time. And the matches after didn’t go any better.

But he’s determined, and wants to prove just how far his training can take him. No matter how suffering his defeats to come are.

Ring attire: Blue and white wrestling shorts with blue wristbands.


Name: Zachary Fall

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Height: 5’5

Weight: Kadıköy Masaj Salonu 170 lbs.

Hair: Short red

Eyes: Violet

Style: Submission

Personality: Zach is a slightly timid boy, who has trouble in dealing with too many people at once. His nature however is slightly changed when in a match, as he has a semi-competitive side. He wants to make an impact with others, but isn’t sure as to how he could.

History: Zach grew up just outside of New York City, in a busy town that had most of the parents heading out to the big city for work. Most of his time was spent either in school or at home alone. He had trouble making friends, which in turn made him the loner within the town.

He would be picked on or even hit because of his reclusive nature, something that didn’t get missed over his parents. Seeing the injuries he’d come home from one day, the set him up in self-defense classes, hoping that the method’s he learned would keep him safe from the town bullies.

And it worked, even giving him a small confidence boost when he was in the midst of one of the fights. He still had trouble making friends, but no one was picking on him, and that was good enough for him.

Just a few weeks ago, he had gotten a letter from the USL, a fighting league that seemed to vary in fight types and fighters. Zach saw this as both an opportunity to make him better and as a way to possibly make bonds with the roster. The fights were nothing like he expected, but he is still determined despite the embarrassment brought upon him.

Ring attire: White wrestling shorts and knee guards.

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