Vacation Takes An Erotic Turn Ch. 02

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It was too much for Mike. He had wanted to fuck Jennifer as long as he’d known her. And now here she was naked on her hands and knees right in front of him, her pussy wet and waiting for his cock.

He looked at Sean who winked and nodded. He then quickly stripped off his clothes. His hard cock sprung from his underwear as he pulled them down. He knelt behind Jennifer and started to finger her pussy. Jennifer looked over her shoulder and saw that it was Mike. She looked down at his cock. It was a nice one too. Long and thick, it stuck straight out from his crotch and was bobbing up and down. He was shaved and his balls were swinging back and forth. She was so excited! Here she was, totally naked in front of her friends, licking her best friend’s pussy. And now her best friend’s husband was behind her, staring at her naked pussy and getting ready to fuck her in front of her husband!

It was almost surreal. No sooner had this though gone through her head when she felt the head of Mike’s cock press against her pussy and enter her.

She had always loved the feeling of a man entering her for the first time. It excited her for many reasons: The thought that her naked body could make a man’s dick hard. The way that men’s cocks always felt different in thickness and length as they slid inside. The incredible rush she felt as a man’s cock entered her. And the knowledge the he was taking her, possessing her body in the most intimate way, by being inside of her.

She felt all of these things and more as Mike began to fuck her. The fact that Mike was Lisa’s husband, and that Lisa was watching them fuck added a whole new layer of excitement.

As Mike entered her, she first felt the head of his cock pushing her lips apart. His cock was very warm, and she felt it sliding in deeper and deeper. He was gentle and slid it in slowly, giving her a chance to adjust to its size. As he went deeper, she felt her pussy muscles gripping his shaft. This made him moan. He finally slid so deeply inside of her that she felt the head of his cock pressing against her cervix. She expected him to start thrusting, but he just kept his cock there, enjoying the sensation of being inside of her so deeply, his cock throbbing.

Seeing her husband’s cock buried deep inside of Jennifer made Lisa very hot! She saw Sean standing there watching Mike fuck his wife. He was still dressed, but had pulled his dick out of his pants and had a huge hard on. Lisa told him to come over to her. As Mike walked over, his cock bobbed up and down. When he got close, Lisa slipped her fingers around his shaft and started to stroke him. His cock was long and rock hard. His skin was soft and warm. She then opened her mouth and started to suck him.

Mike knew that his wife loved to give head and knew that she was very good at it. He watched as bahis siteleri she licked and sucked his friend’s cock with expertise. He knew that Sean was in heaven. Lisa really knew how to suck cock! She cupped his balls in one hand and gently squeezed, while she stroked his shaft with the other. She then took the head of his cock between her lips and gently stuck her tongue into the hole. She could feel his cock swelling as she sucked and stroked him. His dick was pulsing in her mouth.

Mike began to slowly fuck Jennifer. He slid his cock almost all the way out, but stopped just as its head was clamped between her pussy lips. Then he slid it all the way back in. It was as if he just wanted to stay in the moment, relishing every inch of her pussy. It felt good, but Jennifer really wanted to fuck! Finally, she rocked back her hips and started thrusting her pussy onto Mike’s cock. This must have turned him on because his cock seemed to grow even larger! It felt huge inside of her! Part pain, part pleasure. Almost like she was being taken against her will.

Lisa told Sean to take off his clothes, then rolled onto her back on the couch and pulled him toward her. He knelt between her legs, his cock bobbing inches from her pussy. She grabbed his shaft and guided him inside of her. His cock was thick and felt very hot, like a poker! He went deep and filled her up with his cock.

She grabbed his ass and pulled him into her deeply. She then wrapped her long legs around him and held him inside of her and began to grind her hips, working his cock ever deeper. Sean began to fuck her and cupped her breasts with both hands. After all these years, he couldn’t believe he was finally getting to feel Lisa’s tits! He leaned down and started to suck her nipples while he fucked her.

Lisa couldn’t believe how good Sean’s cock felt inside of her. It was big and filled every inch of her pussy.

Like Jennifer, Lisa’s mind raced with so many thoughts. It was almost unreal to her. Here was her best friend’s husband sucking her tits and fucking her, while her husband was fucking her best friend a few feet away.

As Lisa thought this, she felt herself start to cum. She felt it build and build like no other orgasm she had ever had. When she finally came, her whole body convulsed. Her pussy grabbed Sean’s cock like a fist, her legs clenched around his ass, her fingers dug into his back and she came and came, covering Sean’s cock with her juices. Gripped so completely in Lisa’s embrace and feeling the warmth of her juices flowing over his cock, Sean came too. His cock swelled hugely inside of her, and shot load after load deep into her pussy. He had never cum so much in his life!

Mike was watching all of this while he fucked Jennifer and felt his cock start to swell too. Jennifer felt this and canlı bahis siteleri started to come herself. Her orgasm was intense so intense it made her dizzy and weak at the knees. She felt herself begin to drop toward the floor. Then Mike grabbed her hips and pulled her into his crotch, thrusting deeply into her pussy. His cock was so huge that it actually be held off the ground by her pussy. The though of this made her cum again! She then felt him explode inside of her, his warm cum shooting deep into her pussy.

They all collapsed onto the floor and just lay there, breathing heavily.

After they’d rested awhile, Jennifer sat up and said, “I want to be in charge now. Any objections?” No one had any. So Jennifer became the new master.

She stood up and all eyes were on her naked body. She looked spectacular! She had incredible legs, long and shapely. And her breasts were full, but firm and stood out from her chest. Her nipples were hard, just begging to be sucked again. Sean felt himself getting hard and saw that Mike’s dick was already standing up as he took in Jennifer’s naked body. Even Lisa could not take her eyes off of Jennifer.

Jennifer felt their eyes upon her, looking over her breasts, pussy and legs. She knew that all three of them wanted her. It was such a turn on and felt so incredibly sensual to have people staring at her body in that way. She wanted all three of them at once!

She told them, “I want all three of you to come over here and ravage me. Take me in whatever way you want!” She then lay down on the floor and spread her legs.

All three of them crawled over to her and began to touch her everywhere. She closed her eyes and could feel hands rubbing, squeezing, and probing her all over. She felt two different hands rubbing her breasts, while someone else slipped their fingers into her pussy. She felt someone else slip their finger into her ass, then felt someone sucking on her nipples. It was mind-blowing! Hands were all over her body. All of her erogenous zones were being touched simultaneously!

She kept her eyes closed tight. She didn’t want to know who was doing what. She began to moan. As she opened her mouth, she felt someone slip the head of his cock between her lips. She sucked the cock deeply into her mouth and felt the warm balls rubbing against her cheek. As this was happening, she felt someone between her legs, then felt the head of his cock enter her. This cock slid deeply into her and started to thrust in and out. She felt hands rubbing and squeezing her tits and a mouth began to suck her nipple.

They stopped for a second and Sean said, “Roll over onto your hands and knees.’

Keeping her eyes closed tight, she flipped over. One of men came up behind her. She felt his strong hands hold onto her hips, then güvenilir bahis felt his cock enter her pussy. He thrust it deep inside of her while pulling her hips. She felt her ass grind into his groin and his balls pressed against her clit. She opened her eyes for just a second and saw her husband kneeling near her face. She closed her eyes again. It was Mike fucking her and fucking her hard!

Sean moved closer to her face and rubbed the head of his cock along her lips. She opened her mouth and he slipped his shaft inside. It was hot, and smooth, and rock hard. The head was throbbing as it slipped over her tongue. She moved her head forward and took his cock into her throat. Then she started to fuck him with her mouth.

She had never done this before, but had always wanted to try it. She had surrendered her body to them. People were touching her all over, rubbing her most private areas, her tits, her pussy, her ass. She had two men inside of her at the same time. Two cocks fucking her, using her warmth, her mouth, her pussy, her sex, to get themselves off. They would fuck her until they came inside of her. She wanted them to come inside of her. She wanted for it to be her body that got them off, to be the object of their lust, to be used and fucked in every way. Her whole body quivered with excitement.

Lisa watched the two men fucking Jennifer and wanted to be involved. She reached over, took Jennifer’s hand and put it between her legs.

Jennifer felt Lisa place her hand against her warm, wet pussy and began to rub her clit. Lisa started to grind her hips against Jennifer’s hand, then Jennifer slipped her finger inside of Lisa. Her pussy was so soft and warm and wet!

Now Jennifer had two men inside of her, while her finger was inside of Lisa’s pussy. She was so turned on by this that she started to cum with such intensity she that felt she was going to pass out! Her whole body convulsed. Her pussy gripped Mike’s cock, and her mouth sucked Sean’s deeply. She moaned, and the vibrations around Sean’s cock stiffen and swell in her mouth. Then he started to cum. Jennifer was so turned on, she sucked his cock deeply until it was drained of every drop. As she was sucking Sean, she felt MIke’s cock swell in her pussy and shoot deep inside of her. Having two men cum inside of her at the same time made Jennifer cum again. She had never been so excited. It was the best sex she had ever had!

Lisa saw them all cumming and came too, her pussy shooting warm juices all over Jennifer’s hand.

As their orgasms began to subside, Jennifer grabbed Mike’s ass with one hand, and Sean’s ass with the other and held them there. She still wanted the feeling of having two cocks inside of her and did not want them to pull out just yet. They stayed that way, for several minutes before Jennifer felt the men’s dicks going soft and slipping out of her. She reluctantly let them go.

She smiled at Sean and said, “I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Because I really want to do that again!”

Lisa heard this and said, “Not until I get my turn!”

To be continued . . .

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