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Mia watched herself in the mirror as several pairs of male hands smeared baby oil all over her tan body. The guys took full advantage of pulling on her high bouncy tits and grabbing handfuls of her round sumptuous ass. They admired her petite frame and long chocolate locks that hung in loose curls down her back. Mia was probably much too beautiful for what she was about to endure, but she had already agreed to the terms of the film.

When the production assistants had finished lubricating most of her body, they led her to the “set.” The set was actually the library inside the mansion of the film producer. All the camera equipment and lighting was set up perfectly. The room had floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves that housed more than a thousand books. The room was furnished with oversized brown leather couches, mahogany tables and chairs, and plush rugs.

Wearing only five inch stiletto heels, Mia walked slowly onto the set. The film producer gazed approvingly at her stunning figure as he approached her with a white terrycloth robe.

“Hi, Jim.” Mia purred and flashed him a sexy smile.

“It is nice to see you again, Mia. You look incredible.” Jim let his eyes fall down the length of her body one more time before she wrapped herself in the expensive robe. “This film is going to be amazing.”

“I would hope for nothing less,” Mia responded. “Where do you want me?”

Jim introduced Mia to Craig, the director of the film. Craig had Mia sit on the edge of the leather couch, with her legs crossed. Directly in front of her feet was a large leather ottoman. Craig explained that most of the action would take place later on the ottoman.

As the crew geared up, Mia watched Jim out of the corner of her eye. He was across the room sipping his fourth vodka tonic. He was roughly twice her age, but he was in decent shape and still had a full head of hair. In addition to being the producer, Jim was also going to be the celebrity appearance in the film. Jim had previously been in countless pornos before moving into the production arena. Lucky for him, he still got to pummel hot young cunt on a regular basis.

Mia eagerly accepted the glass of red wine that was handed to her by an assistant. She downed the entire thing in four big gulps and requested another glass. Mia was starting to get very nervous. She wasn’t sure if she could handle an anal gangbang, especially since she had never done anal before. Jim and Craig had assured her that she would be properly lubricated and, according to them, this would allow smooth passage into her tight virgin cavity. Mia wasn’t so sure now.

As Mia finished her second glass of wine, she saw all the male porn stars filing into the room. They eagerly craned their necks to catch a glimpse of her. From the satisfied grins on their faces, Mia knew that they found her beautiful. With sparkling green eyes, pouty pink lips, and a flawless complexion, how could anyone not find her striking?

Mia’s head began to swim as the wine worked its way into her body. Her snatch was involuntarily beginning to moisten the way it always did when she had alcohol in her system. Her heart was beating fast, but she kept a calm and confident look on her face. Just for good measure, she drank two more glasses of wine.

Before she knew what was happening, Jim joined her on the couch and the cameras started rolling. porno Jim talked directly into the camera as he briefly introduced the audience to the brunette beauty.

“This is Mia and, as you can see, she is absolutely gorgeous.” Jim looked over at Mia who was smiling radiantly for the camera. He slipped his hand between the folds of her robe and massaged her tit. “She is 21 years old and has the most amazing body you will ever lay eyes on. Come on, baby, let’s show them how sexy you are.”

Mia had to concentrate very hard on not falling as she stood up in her heels. She allowed Jim to disrobe her, revealing her completely bare pussy and vivacious rack. Her whole body shimmered slightly from the baby oil treatment she received earlier.

“Oh my god,” Jim’s voice dropped as did his eyes, which fell on her shapely hips and curvy backside. Mia felt Jim’s hands all over her. He ran his hands up and down the length of her long legs and over her tight belly. “Now, fellas, if you think it doesn’t get better than this, then you’re wrong…because beautiful Mia is also an anal virgin. Turn around, baby. Let our audience see that gorgeous ass.”

Mia turned so that the main camera could do a close up of her perfect round tan ass. The skin on her butt and thighs was smooth and flawless. At all times, a side camera was filming Mia’s face. She maintained a lusty yet naïve expression.

Jim rubbed her cheeks in a circular fashion as he continued to prep the audience for their show. He occasionally gave her hips and butt small kisses and licks between his sentences. “Mia is not only going to lose her anal virginity, but she is also going to anally submit to twelve men tonight. These men are waiting eagerly backstage and are ready to violate Mia’s asshole.” Jim continued to knead Mia’s butt cheeks. “But first, I am going to make sure Mia has been properly sucked and fucked before handing her over to the gang.”

Mia was thoroughly drunk as Jim pushed her to her knees. She knelt between his legs as he freed his cock from his jeans and sat back on the couch. He splayed his legs open and Mia crawled between them so she could give him head. Even in her drunken haze, Mia realized that Jim’s cock was enormous! It was about 9 inches long and very thick. Mia put her pink lips to the tip of his cockhead and began delivering small sucks and licks to his entire shaft. Then she took the whole thing into her mouth and began to deep throat it. Jim placed a hand on the back of her head so that he could push her mouth down harder on his lap. The cameras filmed Mia’s face entirely stuffed with cock.

“Oh yeah, baby, suck my dick.” Jim muttered to her. “Take all this dick down your cock-sucking throat.”

When Jim had enough of Mia’s mouth, he pulled her off the ground and bent her over his lap. He gave her ass a few spanks before using one hand to splay open her cheeks.

“As you can see, guys, this girl has a pristine asshole that’s never been fucked.” Jim explained, looking between the camera and Mia’s exposed butt. “How does it feel to have your butt cheeks spread open to the cameras, Mia?”

“It feels wrong and dirty,” Mia said innocently, flashing the side camera a vulnerable look. In reality, the alcohol was making Mia feel uncontrollably horny. The idea that she would be entirely stuffed with hot cock didn’t seem so bad right about now.

Jim chuckled and spread her cheeks open wider. “Don’t worry, Mia. After the first few dicks, you will get used to it and you will love being fucked in your butt.” Jim stooped his head down and licked Mia’s crack. He let his tongue roll over her tiny puckered star. He could taste the first thin coat of baby oil that had been applied to her ass.

The sensation of Jim’s tongue on her asshole made Mia squirm with pleasure. Mia had not been prepared for how blissful it was to have a man lick her butt. Mia moaned sexily, “Yeah, Jim, that feels good. Keep licking my butt. I love the way that feels.”

Jim continued to lick Mia’s virgin orifice as he slipped two fingers into her soaking wet snatch. “God, baby, you are so wet. You must really want to be fucked.”

“Oh god, I do!” Mia begged louder. “Fuck me, Jim. Please fuck me.”

Jim pulled Mia into an upright position and lifted her onto his lap. Mia’s legs straddled him and Jim’s cock was able to slide straight up into her gut as she brought her ass down. Jim’s mouth was immediately all over Mia’s breasts, which bounced as she rode his dick. After a couple minutes, Jim maneuvered so that Mia lay of her back along the length of the couch. He spread her legs to show the audience her beautiful bare vagina. Then he shoved his face into her center and began to eat her little snatch.

Mia relaxed against the cool surface of the leather and let Jim bring her to orgasm twice. At this point, she was so drunk that she had partially forgotten what was in store for her. That is, until Jim brought out a new bottle of baby oil.

Jim slowly applied baby oil to her tits, which he squeezed sexily for the camera. He worked his way down her stomach to her butt. Jim placed a thick throw pillow under her hips to lift her asshole to an accessible level. He generously smeared baby oil in her crack and then slowly pushed his pointer finger into her butt.

Mia’s eyes shot open as she felt the pressure of something foreign in her ass. She let out a worried moan.

“Oh yeah, baby, you like that?” Jim pushed his finger in and out of her butt. “How does that feel? This is the first finger-fucking your hot little ass has ever felt. And, wow, you are super tight. You are definitely an anal virgin.”

Mia only moaned in response and Jim promptly pushed a second finger into her asshole. “Oh my god,” Mia breathed. Her heart was racing and her head was swimming. His fingers didn’t actually hurt going in, but the pressure was unlike anything she had ever felt. It was definitely a mixed sensation of pleasure, powerlessness, and violation.

Mia watched Jim saturate his stiff dick in baby oil. She realized there was no turning back now. Her ass was going to get deflowered and split in half by the end of the night.

Jim removed his two fingers and placed the meaty head of his cock on her tiny asshole. There was so much baby oil that it took effort to keep his cock from slipping in either direction.

“Now just relax, Mia.” Jim instructed, smiling down at her. He began to press his cockhead into her ass. “Your butt isn’t a virgin anymore…”

Mia cried out as her virgin hole was forced open by his thick pole. “Oh my god! No, Jim…take it out. Oh god, it’s too big.” Mia’s protests instinctually escaped her mouth as she felt Jim’s cock sink inch by inch into her tight anus. She had never felt this exposed or stretched out in all her life.

“Oh yeah, baby! God, your ass is tight!” Jim exclaimed in excitement. He pushed his entire shaft into Mia’s bottom. His balls now slapped lightly against her skin. “Oh, baby, my whole cock is now inside your butt!”

Mia moaned loudly as she felt the pulsating rod pierce her insides. The pressure against the walls of her anus was unbelievable, but Jim’s well-oiled cock slid easily in and out of her butt hole. Mia breathed heavily and tried to keep a sexy look on her face. In reality, she wasn’t sure how much more butt-fucking she could handle.

Jim gradually increased the speed of his thrusting. The camera closed in on his thick snake slithering in and out of her freshly deflowered asshole. Before too long, Jim’s pleasure culminated in orgasm and he yanked his cock out of Mia’s butt so that the camera could capture him dribbling his creamy wad onto the opening of Mia’s devirginized asshole.

Mia sighed with relief but could still feel the pulsating coming from her stretched ass. Her head was swimming in the alcohol and her pussy was drenched. Before she knew what was happening, Jim had helped her up from the couch and she was now kneeling on the ottoman on all fours. Jim was no longer in sight but she could hear his voice from somewhere behind her.

“Mia, are you ready to submit to your anal gang bang?” Jim called to her. “I have twelve horny men that are eager to feel just how tight and hot your ass is.”

Mia nodded her head in affirmation. “Yes, Jim, let them fuck my ass until they cum all over me.”

And that’s just what they did.


pulled up behind Mia’s ass, spread her cheeks, and pushed his long thin dick into her body. Mia felt him thrust rhythmically in and out of her body until he spewed a stringy load into her center.


must have been friends because they amicably took turns screwing her pussy and her ass. Mia could feel the difference between their cocks: one was much thicker and the other seemed to curve a little to the left. In addition, Guy decided to stuff Mia’s mouth with his stiff meat as he awaited his turn. She felt like a complete slut with so many pairs of hands on her skin and so many cocks penetrating her body.

Guy after guy after guy, Mia’s asshole serviced them all. Mia’s body was contorted into every imaginable position in order to give the guys access to her slutty holes. The guys stretched her legs in every which direction. She was fucked doggystyle on her hands and knees. She rode them cowgirl style and reverse cowgirl style. Some of the men were rougher than others; they tugged her hair, spanked her beautiful bottom, and pinched her nipples. Mia cried out more than a few times from the manhandling. There were two men that had monstrous cocks. Their fucking styles weren’t particularly wild, but their sheer size made it feel as though she was being sawed in half. For over two hours, Mia was constantly filled with cock and covered in cum.

Needless to say, Mia nearly collapsed in exhaustion as Guy

2 finally ejected a generous wad onto her breasts. The camera spent several moments closing in on the condition of her devirginized asshole. It was no longer tight and puckered. Instead, the recently untouched orifice was now gaping open and spoiled.

As Mia limped back to the mansion bedroom designated as her dressing room, she vowed never to do an anal gang bang again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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