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It had been three years. Three years of wondering, three years of hoping, three years of fantasizing. Ever since Sarah had broken his heart back in 1997, Matt had lacked confidence in himself and his ‘pulling power’. For a fifteen year old who was supposed to be enjoying life before being thrown into the real world, it was devastating.

There had been other girlfriends over the three years. They were nice enough, fairly attractive, but nothing like her. Sarah was tall, still coming in a few inches below him, but tall none the less. She was also very slim, but not in an unhealthy way, and as a result her legs and rear were nearly perfect. For a teenage girl, she didn’t go overboard in the makeup department – she didn’t need to, as her natural beauty was more than enough to induce stares from the opposite sex, and her long brown hair framed her cute face perfectly. The only feature that she lacked in at fifteen, were breasts, but the rest more than made up for that.

She and Matt had dated for a few months after mutual friends had persuaded them to act on their growing attraction to each other. Unfortunately for them, they were both painfully shy and their communication was abysmal at best. The most they ever did was kiss and hold hands nervously. She was unsure how to act; he was afraid to act in case he messed it up. Of course, he messed it up big time by not acting, and after they both came back from their summer holidays that year, she ended it.

It was a new millenium and a lot had changed. They were now both now eighteen and their final exams were just around the corner. Going off to different universities at different ends of the country, meant that they’d probably never see each other again. They shared a few classes over the last two years and a few stolen glances between them across the classroom showed that there was something still there. One other thing that had definitely changed, was Sarah’s body. She retained most of her wonderful figure, but her tits had significantly grown. She wasn’t top-heavy or anything, but had developed a firm pair of “C” cups that filled her tight sweaters with ease. This wonderful addition had not gone unnoticed by Matt, who’s lust for his ex grew by the day.

Despite being lusted after by many others also, Sarah had never really gotten over Matt either. She really did have strong feelings for him and only ended it because she took his lack of action as a sign that he wasn’t truly interested. She had also pursued a few other teen romances over the years but her refusal to go any further than kissing with them, tended to end their interest in her. None of them felt right. None of them made her tingle inside like a kiss from Matt managed to do and she wanted to feel that kind of a connection with somebody if she was to let them take her cherry.

Then one day, a chance meeting after one of their exams brought the pair one last chance at romance. The typical unpredictability of British weather, even in Summer, had meant that Sarah left home that day thinking that it would be bright and warm, and unprepared for the rain that began to pour as soon as the exam was over. She lived only a few miles from school and normally walked it, but would have gotten soaked within minutes of starting out.

“Great……just great!”, she said under her breath. She then felt a tentative tap on her shoulder and spun around sharply to let out her frustration on whoever it was. Her exam hadn’t exactly gone brilliantly and the weather certainly did little to enhance her mood.

“Need a lift? It’s pretty wet out there.” Matt had something on his mind other than the weather and his equally dismal attempt at completing the exam paper. He wanted to get it off his chest before the opportunity was gone forever. Even if she no longer felt the same, he wanted to go off to University knowing that he’d given one last attempt at winning the girl of his dreams back.

She was surprised to see him, but pleased. He wasn’t the only one with something they wanted to say. She began to speak, “umm…..sure. Thanks. I, err, which one is yours?”. She was referring to his car. She knew exactly which one it was, the black Ford Fiesta, but she didn’t want him to know that she’d been watching him too closely lately….not just güvenilir bahis yet anyway.

He motioned over to the car parked opposite the school gates. They exchanged small talk about the exam during the few minutes the car journey took. Matt remembered exactly where her house was as he’d driven passed a few times since he got his license in the hopes of catching a quick glimpse of her. However, just like Sarah about his car, he feigned innocence and asked her for directions. Being in such close proximity to her for the first time in a long while was more than enough to arouse him. He’d thought about making love to her so many times and with her sitting next to him, those thoughts resurfaced tenfold causing a bulge in his trousers.

In just a few minutes, the rain had gotten much heavier and by the time Matt pulled up outside her house, he could hardly see out of the windscreen. Despite becoming a little more comfortable in each other’s presence during the ride, both managed to avoid betraying their feelings and gave up on their original plans.

“Thanks for the ride. I guess I might see you on friday for the english exam?” Sarah ventured as she opened the car door and stepped out giving him an excellent view of her ass.

An image of him gently fondling her perfectly shaped buttocks popped into his head, but he snapped out of it long enough to say, “sure.” After she had closed the door and ran up the steps to her front door he slammed his head back into the headrest in frustration. After a few seconds, he noticed she wasn’t going in but was frantically ringing the doorbell.

Then Sarah glanced back at the car with a desperate look on her face. Seeing the expression on her face, he snapped out of his self-pity for a second and groaned, “Fuck it!” as he jumped out of the car and raced up the steps to see why she hadn’t entered. There was no porch, and the pair of them were getting soaked as she related to him how she must have left her key inside that morning, and that her parents would still be at work for hours.

“My mother said that she had put a spare somewhere outside…just in case” Sarah revealed. It didn’t take them long to find the key nestling amongst some plants in a hanging basket at the side of the door. “You’re soaked…you’d best come in and dry off.” It was an innocent enough excuse to get him inside the house she thought to herself….just to have a quick talk.

Matt didn’t need any further encouragement. He thought his chance was gone when she’d closed the car door just a few minutes ago, but now he had been given another and he didn’t want to pass it up. He followed her through to the downstairs bathroom where she stopped abruptly and turned to face him. He couldn’t take his eyes away from he pert breasts. The wet and forced her top to stick to her contours like superglue, and her hard nipples were evident even through the layers of clothing.

She was trying to think of how to tell him how she felt, but instead motioned towards the cupboard above the washing basket, “There should be a couple of towels in there. I’ll get a couple myself upstairs to dry off and I’ll have a look to see if any of my dad’s clothes will fit you”.

“Hey, its okay. Don’t go to any trouble.”

“Well….I owe you after you gave me a lift home. It was sweet of you.” She smiled.

“You still got wet though!” He wanted to keep the conversation up. They were talking more now than they ever did while going out together.

“Yeah……..I’m wet alright.” She thought out aloud, then realizing that he may have caught onto the double meaning, turned and left in a hurry.

Matt was left dumbstruck for a second. Was that a veiled come on, or was it just an innocent observation in light of the rain? He disregarded the first as wishful thinking and proceeded to peel off his wet clothes.

Unknown to him, Sarah hadn’t exactly gone far when she’d left the bathroom. As she started up the stairs, she noticed the door was ajar and thought to herself that one little peek wouldn’t hurt. She approached the door and involuntarily licked her lips as she saw him pulling of his soaked t-shirt to reveal a strong and mildly toned torso. His levis followed until he stood there in just his boxers which he slowly eased off and türkçe bahis kicked to the side. Sarah had to bite her lip for a second to stop a moan escaping from her lips when she saw his cock fall free. Being very much a virgin she didn’t have much basis of comparison, but from what she had read in magazines and heard from her friend’s experiences with their boyfriends, she was sure it was a decent size. She got closer to the door, imagining what it would look like erect, imagining what it would feel like erect!

Just in that instance, Matt heard a slight creek as Sarah placed a hand on the door frame to stop herself going dizzy with all of the arousing thoughts invading her mind. He looked up in time to see her scurrying up the stairs through the opening in the doorway. He didn’t know whether to feel embarrassed or pleased that she was looking. He settled somewhere in the middle and wrapped on of the towels he’d found around his waist while he rubbed himself down.

Sarah was having similar thoughts. She felt embarrassed that she’d been caught watching, yet she was also intensely aroused by what she’d seen. After grabbing some towels from her parent’s room, she quickly peeled off her clothes noticing that her panties were wetter than they should have been from just the rain. She chucked them down with the rest of her damp clothes and dried herself as best she could before wrapping an extra large towel around her body ensuring that it covered her modesty. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for somebody to be looking at her in quite the same manner she’d just been observing.

The image of his naked body flashed before her mind and she let out an involuntary moan. She wanted to touch him, and wanted him to touch her. She pushed her hand through the towel to cup her left breast and gently squeezed the orb. It felt good, but she wanted it to be his hand. Her hand traced down her stomach to her thighs before slightly parting her legs. She could feel how hot her pussy had become, just thinking of what she wanted him to do. Sarah moved the palm of her hand onto the top of her mound and slowly drifted her index finger over her lower lips, feeling them part slightly as she did so. She enjoyed touching herself, but her pussy had never felt so alive to the sensation before. She was sure that she’d never actually climaxed on her own before, but she instinctively knew how close she was.

Sarah’s wild abandon was shattered in an instance as she heard a knock at her bedroom door. She blushed at the thought that he might of known somehow what she was getting up to in there.

Despite her embarrassment she psyched herself up to finally confront him with her feelings and opened the door to find him standing just outside. She’d made sure the door was shut so there was no chance of him repeating her ‘crime’. He must have had another reason for coming up to find her.

“Sarah, I need to talk to you.” He said with a nervous look on his face.

“I didn’t mean to…..I……It just kinda happened!” Sarah exploded into an attempted explanation for spying on him earlier. She wasn’t even sure if he’d seen her or not.

“No, no…..errr…not that. But I’ll come to that in a minute anyway.” He smirked. He felt his confidence growing, knowing that he could provoke such a response in her. “What I want to say is…..well, you broke my heart three years ago. I know I was a lousy boyfriend, it was all my fault. I need you to know that I’m still crazy about you.” His new-found confidence evaporated when he’d finished. If she didn’t feel the same then he had just done the most stupid, foolhardy….

He didn’t get chance to finish the thought as she grabbed his hand and pulled him into her room before locking her lips onto his. She was possessed by an animal lust induced by a combination of relief and passion for the words he had just spoken. They both seemed to lose energy from their legs as they concentrated all of their reserves in fueling a passionate kiss, and in doing so Sarah stumbled back towards her bed taking Matt with her. They collapsed onto the bed in a tight embrace that had the added effect of tugging the towels from each other’s body as they fell.

For what seemed like an hour they kissed, tongues exploring the depths of each other’s güvenilir bahis siteleri mouths; hands roaming each other’s backs and ass; legs writhing in the pure pleasure they were experiencing just from kissing and fondling each other. When they finally broke their embrace, both were noticeably aroused. Sarah’s nipples had hardened and her pussy was literally smearing juice onto Matt’s thigh. In turn, his cock was hard and almost throbbing squashed between their stomachs.

“I’m a virgin.” Sarah blurted out, “but I need you so badly right now…..I can’t explain it.”

“You don’t need to….and you’re not the only one who’s new to this.” Matt confessed. He had fantasized of this happening for three years and had saved himself for her in the hope his fantasy would become reality.

Matt knew that for the first time it could hurt the girl if she wasn’t fully aroused. By the way her pussy was almost squelching against his thigh he figured she was as ready as she was going to get.

“I need you in me so badly……unnghh.” Her body pulsated as her clitoris rubbed hard against his leg.

Needing no further encouragement he rolled her over onto her back and slid his right arm behind her neck. He lowered his head to kiss her slowly and she responded by easing her legs apart and hooking them loosely behind his ass.

Breaking the kiss he stared deeply into her eyes as his gently lowered his cock until it rested just before her sopping entrance. Sarah gave a slight nod and taking the prompt, Matt slowly eased his cock into the tight hole.

She was so wet that despite her virginal tightness, he glided in a little way easily before finding resistance after a few seconds of entering her pussy. Sarah knew this bit would hurt, but she was so desperate to be filled she didn’t mind. He hesitated for a second, but Sarah tightened her grip around his ass with her legs and pulled his rod deep into her, pushing through her cherry. She shut her eyes tightly as she was hit with the contrasting sensations.

“Ahhhh………..Oooooooo.” Sarah yelped in pain then moaned in pure pleasure as his cock filled her pussy with ease, spreading her untested depths to the limit.

He lingered there for a moment, enjoying the sensation of being so tightly enveloped by her warmth. Neither had ever felt so complete, but it only lasted for a second as instinct took over.

Gliding in slowly at first, it was easy for him to pick up a natural rhythm. She was tight, but so wet that it didn’t matter. His cockhead was rubbing over her sensitive spot within her pussy on each outstroke, while the base of his cock managed to lightly tease her throbbing clit on every instroke.

“Unhhhhhh… feels sooooo………ahhhhh.” Sarah groaned with pleasure. She was so close to cumming. Her friends told her that she’d know what an orgasm was only when it happened – it just couldn’t be put into words……..and boy they were right!

Looking down between them, Matt saw those firm, round tits bouncing with every deep in-thrust. Slowly easing his chest up slightly he used his spare hand to cup her left tit firmly and slowly worked his fingers around her hard nipple. He lowered his head enough to kiss her burgeoning tit and suck tentatively on her erect bud, which in turn prompted Sarah to groan with delight.

“Ohhhhh……Sar…….ahhhhh.” Never in his wildest fantasy could he have imagined what this felt like. He could barley hold on, but he wanted her to cum before he’d allow himself the release.

“Unnhh, ahhh, unnhh, ahhh………cum…..I……….aahhhhhhh”. Sarah screamed as her pussy spasmed, forcing her whole body to jolt. She stared into his eyes as her vision blurred.

Matt felt her inner muscles clamp down hard on his cock. The increased pressured was too much.

“Oooohhhhhh……ahhhhhh.” His cum shot from his cock deep into her pussy as she continued to cum, milking every drop. He continued to pump his cock into her for a few seconds longer, savouring his orgasm.

Still inside her, he rolled them over so that she was on top. She slowly eased her left leg off him to the side and rested her head on his chest as Matt’s cock came free.

“I love you.” Sarah said as she slowly began to drift into an exhausted sleep.

“I’ve wanted you to say that for three years, and it’s been worth the wait. I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

“I do know!” she retorted before drifting off completely. Matt smiled and followed her off into a deep sleep.

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