Virus Pt. 02: The Second Treatment

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This story continues from directly from PT. 01.

As always, all characters over 18.


Simon and Emma both struggled to act normally over dinner that evening. It had been about four hours since the news about the treatment for the virus, and three hours since Simon had cum inside his little sister, saving her life, while their parents were out for a walk.

“It’s going to change so many things” said Peter, their father, over the dinner table. “Condom sales will drop dramatically of course. Pregnancies will go up. STI tests will go through the roof…”

“Dear, would you stop being a data-analyst for two minutes?” politely interrupted his wife Yulia. “It’s not good table conversation. Simon, when does your Uni start again?”

“Not until next week” he replied. “Same as Emma’s college course.”

“Well, what are you going to do with yourselves for the next week?” Asked their father as he stuffed a mouthful of pasta into his mouth.

‘fuck my little sister another 13 times’ thought Simon, careful not to say what he was really thinking.

“Maybe go out for some walks around the town, see some friends, nothing special” he replied nonchalantly.

“I’m going to go to the Church youth group tomorrow afternoon, maybe try and see some of my friends too.” Replied Emma, in her sweetest, ‘butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth’ voice.

She too was only thinking about one thing. Her brother’s large cock inside her. The feel of it as it pushed in and out of her roughly. She knew she should be thinking about it ejaculating inside her, but that was her least favourite part. Because that meant it was finished, though it was delivering the antibodies she needed to survive.

“That sounds good” replied her mother. “I’ll be spending a lot of time at the tennis court, trying to get back into form. Now the quarantine is lifted, they’ll start the local tennis competition again. You’re father will be working from home as usual.”

Peter spent most of his time in the upstairs office between Simon and Emma’s room. It used to be their sister Anastasia’s room, before she moved out.

“Oh, and that reminds me,” Yulia said, as she cleared up the plates. “Your sister texted while we were on our walk. She’s going to come round tomorrow evening, once you’re back from church youth group.”

After dinner Taksim Escort they sat together in the living room and watched a couple of TV shows before watching the 10pm news.

It told them exactly what the news report had told them earlier. Men catch the virus from the air, but women catch it from sexual contact. There is no current cure, but men’s cum contained antibodies to pause (but not cure) the virus.

Emma panicked at one point, as the newscaster explained how to identify if a woman is infected.

“The most obvious symptom is of course the nose bleeds. However, before that stage, it manifests in clumsiness and mood swings. This mood swing often induces unusual amounts of arousal and horniness.”

“Well, that explai…” started Yulia, before trailing off. She shot a knowing smile to Peter.

At the end of the news report, Peter switched off the TV.

“Time for an early night I think,” trying to secretly wink at his wife.

The two of them headed for bed, leaving Emma and Simon in the living room.

There was an awkward pause until they knew their parents were upstairs and it was safe to talk.

“Soo…” said Emma, nervous to start the conversation.

“We need to have sex” said Simon, going straight to the point. “twice a day”.

He’d been thinking about her since they’d done it in her room earlier that day. Until now, he’d never thought about his sister sexually. He was athletic, wasn’t ugly, and rarely went more than a month without going back to a girl’s dorm at uni. He was rarely short of pussy. He’d never even considered fucking his sister before now. But here he was, barely able to keep his cock in check.

“Here’s my idea,” he told her in a whisper, just in case their parents could overhear “We fuck tonight, so you’ve had your “two a day”. Tomorrow morning, before Mum and Dad wake up, you come into my room…”

“And you cum into me” interrupted Emma, unable to avoid the pun.

“Yes” said Simon, rolling his eyes. “I cum into you. We do that every morning. You know they don’t get up early, and my room is furthest from theirs, so they won’t hear anything.”

“OK” said Emma, already excited about the idea of sneaking into her brother’s room for sex. “What about my…second daily dose?”

“I’ll Ümraniye Escort walk you to your church youth group, and we can hide in an alley or something”

“Eww. An alley. Disgusting. And what if we’re seen?”

“I’ll try and think of an alternative later. Anyway…” said Simon, starting to unzip his trousers “are you ready for your second dose?”

Emma was instantly turned on by seeing his already erect cock as it bust out of his flies. It didn’t need any help this time!

“Not here in the living room!” she replied with a loud whisper, fighting the urge to wrap her hand around his large cock. “What if Mum or Dad come down?”

“OK” he replied hesitantly. “Upstairs. In my room”

They walked up the stairs slowly and quietly. As they did so, noises could be heard from their parents room. Rhythmic banging, like the headboard on a bed being pushed repeatedly against a wall. As if on cue, they heard a loud female moan of pleasure. “RIGHT THERE PETE!”

As the both reached the top of the stairs, Emma grabbed Simon’s hand, and pulled him into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. It was the room closest to their parent’s room, and through the wall they could hear even louder the creaking of their parent’s bed as their father pounded their mother’s pussy.

“What are you..” began Simon, before Emma pushed herself onto him, her lips kissing his and her hand wrapping around his back and squeezing her bum.

“Fuck me right now” she said, the shyness she’d felt mere hours before gone.

She practically ripped his clothes off him to get at his large cock. It was only right to ride his cock in the bathroom. This was where she’d first seen it, over a year ago, when he’d forgotten to lock the bathroom door before taking a shower.

She took his large dick in her hand, pulling the foreskin back and forth as he silently helped her undress. Once naked, she bent over and spread her legs, looking at the bathroom wall.

She felt him push his cock inside her, less roughly than she wanted. She felt her wet pussy envelop his huge dick, stretching her out. From the other room came the sounds of their parents making love. The pounding rhythm had stopped, but their mother’s moans hadn’t.

“Be rough,” she whispered “they won’t hear you.”

Her brother sped up his thrusts, putting his hands onto her hips to get better, stronger leverage.

She couldn’t see him, but she felt every inch of him, and heard the slapping of skin on skin as the smell of taboo sex began filling the bathroom.

Unlike Simon, she’d only ever fantasised about her family. Not even her closest friends knew that she’d run to the bathroom and play with herself in the shower, whenever she heard her parent’s fucking. That her first sexual fantasy had been her father taking her virginity, while her naked mother cheered on from the side.

She’d never told anyone that she’d desired her brother for months, maybe even years. Ever since discovering about sex from school Sex-Ed and playground gossip. Actually, that was a lie. One person knew her fantasies.

And now here she was, getting pounded from behind by her brother’s cock while listening to her parents fucking in the other room.

The thought of that sent her over the edge, and she felt a huge orgasm overwhelm her body, just as her parent’s bed began creaking loudly again. She bit her tongue to stop herself crying out loudly in her ecstasy.

Simon felt the muscles tighten around his cock in her orgasm, and within moments he orgasmed too, shooting his antiviral seed deep into her pussy.

As he pulled his shrinking cock out, and fumbled for his clothes, Emma bent back upright again, and kissed him gently on his sweaty cheek. In the background, the steady pounding continued. She loved her brother’s cock, but she couldn’t believe her father’s stamina.

She didn’t even put on her clothes. She just hopped into the shower, hinting with her head that he needed to leave. He left as she turned on the water, whispering a reminder for tomorrow morning.

As she washed her sweat away, she worried the water might wash out her brother’s cum. So she carefully placed a finger over the entrance to her still engorged pussy. Then a second finger. Even with the water running, she could hear her parents still fucking, though now at a much slower speed. She couldn’t help but rotate her fingers slowly round, then upwards to her clit, forgetting all about keeping the cum inside her. And as she heard her father’s deep moan rumble, she orgasmed a second time, knowing her father too had just released his life saving spunk, this time into her mother’s waiting pussy.

As her pleasure subsided, she stopped the shower and went to her bedroom, surprisingly still horny, and excited about fucking her brother again tomorrow morning. She went to sleep, one hand still between her legs.


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