Voice of the Mind Ch. 04

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Author’s notes:

* * * * * * * * * *


A little bit of rambling from my side. Scroll down a page or two for the story continuation. I tend to be a bit long-winded in my rambling, in case you hadn’t noticed yet.

* * * * * * * * * *

If you’ve read the previous chapter, you might have wondered how the hell I managed to write a ghost into the story. Honestly, I don’t know. I never planned to, but it just simply appeared – yes, I know that’s a bad pun.

I once wrote a story about a man discovering a ghost in his house and ended up befriending her, but I never finished that one. Apparently it wasn’t good enough to finish, but if you’re – just like me – a discovering writer, you tend to use all kinds of good plotlines in the stories thatare good enough to finish. Thus, without me knowing at the time, I wrote a ghost into my story. Imagine my own surprise after reading back my own work.

“How the hell did I manage to get a ghost into this story? Did I just derail my own plotline?”

I was having serious concerns about her appearance, although she did feel like she didn’t came out of the blue. Reading back my own work I noticed a few remarks in earlier chapters about Vincent having the feeling of being watched and having the feeling that he was not alone in the room. So apparently my subconsciousness had already incorporated her into the story without giving off the feeling that she would actually make an appearance.

The one thing you – and I, back when I wrote it – might be concerned about is: Will it distract from the relationship between Vincent and Jenny, which is pretty much the main plotline? It turns out it doesn’t. The ghost does not become a parallel plotline to the one with the relationship of Jenny and Vincent. And that makes me happy because it means, unlike the other story, this time the ghost actually fits the story and the characters.

Charissa will reappear in some of the next chapters, but this chapter is dedicated to Vincent getting closure on the turmoil of his feelings and the mindreading. That means he has to deal with the issue of having a relationship with Jenny among other things. It was fun to write, which is reflected by the humor – and I hope that produced at least a slight smile out of you! Attempts at humor which are not fun always make me cringe, so I hope that I managed to succeed in making you smile. Please let me know if it worked.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 4.1 – Assuring Jenny

* * * * * * * * * *

When he went downstairs to the kitchen, he saw Nicole coming home after her workout. She always did a bit of jogging every morning and when she came in, Vincent had just finished pouring orange juice into his glass.

“Want some?” he asked her while showing her the filled glass.

“Yeah … sure.”

She usually wasn’t out of breath as she did it to keep in shape and wasn’t trying to better herself. But today she had trouble breathing as if she had pushed herself to a limit she hadn’t approached in a while. She was standing in the kitchen with her hands on her knees, her head hung downwards and her hair blocked every view of her face.

Vincent saw a few drops of sweat falling down on the floor while he was pouring her a glass of orange juice.

“Pushed yourself a bit more than usual, haven’t you?”

She didn’t answer and the glass he had held in front of her eventually got heavy enough to make him set it on the table.

“Your juice’s on the table, okay?”

“Mm. Thanks.”

He was getting ready for college and had already dressed up to go out, which was a little bit awkward with Charissa still in his bedroom, while Nicole was still breathing hard in her sweatpants she went out with. So when the doorbell rang, he put down his nearly-empty glass and headed for the front door.

“Hey there!”

A tall, blonde girl was standing in his doorway. She actually was slightly taller than him as well, although not much more than a few centimeters, but for a girl she was considered quite tall. The girl was named Jenny and she and Vincent knew each other for a while now.

Ever since they kind of hung out with each other and because they lived in the same direction, they often went home together. Lately Jenny also had been picking him up at home since she had a car and a license and despite him having a license, he didn’t own a car. So it made things easier for him when she came to pick him up and drop him off if they both had class to attend.

“Hey Jen,” he said. “I’m almost done, just a sec, okay?”


She looked past him to see Nicole, who had entered the living room from the kitchen and was looking through the opened door to see the visitor. Jenny put up a hand in a waving gesture and Nicole nodded as a recognition. Jenny thought she acted a little cold today.

“See ya!” he said before he stepped out of the house and shut the door behind him. He didn’t even look back.

Jenny stepped güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri aside and holding her bag with both arms, she led him to the car in front of them while chatting with him. She always felt like he was kind of making her comfortable and even now she felt like she was walking with a childhood friend she had known for years. Technically theywere kind of childhood friends, although that usually meant knowing each other longer than they did. They only knew each other for roughly five years.

But because she felt like that, she also noticed how he seemed a bit off this morning. He looked a bit distracted, as if his thoughts weren’t there with her. So when she started the car and crossed the first street, she asked him.

“So, what’s bothering you?”

He seemed a little startled, she noticed from the corner of her eye.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you seem a little off today,” she explained. “Like there’s something bothering you. Trouble with your sister?”

He kept quiet for a few seconds before he replied: “Mm, sort of. But I can’t really pinpoint what it is. But how did you notice?”

She snickered. “You kind of give off a vibe saying that you’re worried about something. And you seem to forget that you’re an open book for me, after all the time we spend together.”

“Ha!” he exclaimed. “You’re such a loving girlfriend.”

“Oh?” she teased him. “So all of a sudden you considered me your girlfriend? Where did that come from?”

But while she said that, she felt her heart skip a beat. In the past weeks she had been thinking about him more often than one would expect from friends. And she had come to realize that she might have more of a personal interest in him than just being friends. A relationship as a girlfriend-boyfriend really seemed worth trying for, but she didn’t know how he felt about her being more than just friends. So when he suddenly spoke the word, she felt flustered. And she really hoped he didn’t notice the blush on her cheek. If she had mustered up the courage to look at him, she would’ve realized that he was blushing as well – albeit not as much as she did.

“Well, you’re always around me,” he said while looking straight forward. “Would it be so incomprehensible to consider us a couple? Most friends don’t spend so much time together unless they’re dating.”

Oh my God, he really thinks we have a chance on dating. How do they call this kind of stuff? Casual Romance?

But when she looked sideways, he had a smirk on his face and her joyful smile faltered.


“Oh, you son-of-a-bitch,” she threw at him and released her right hand to jab at him.

Now that wasreally uncalled for, you asshole.

She steered away and nearly hit a car.

“Whoa! Whoa! Careful, Jenny!”

“That’s what you get for teasing your lover,” she said while sticking out her tongue at him. “Now you can read my mind, but I really thought you were making the decision to make me your girlfriend.”

“Yeah … I’m sorry,” he apologized and sighed. “But really, I can’t just simply stop teasing you. We’ve gone a long way of casual teasing to suddenly let it drop. But I agree, I could’ve teased you with some less touchy subject.”

For crying out loud, she thought.Don’t make it so much more than it is. If you really think you should avoid the touchy subject, you shouldn’t be here with the touchy subject.

He laughed out loud. “You’re callingyourself the ‘touchy subject’? Seriously, that’s just too funny.”

She pouted, reached for his right hand and put it on her right breast. Then she looked at him and smirked.

“See? Touchy subject.”

“You’re too much for me, girl,” he laughed, but couldn’t resist in feeling her breast up for a little bit. “Still, nice perky breast, though.”

“If you make me your girlfriend you can see them without all the wrapping.” Her eyes gleamed and she winked when she said those words. She put her right arm also on the clutch – his clutch, not the car’s – and gave it a soft stroke. “Or you can use it as wrapping yourself.”

This time he didn’t have a good response ready.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 4.2 – The girlfriend

* * * * * * * * * *

After school they went back together and this time they went to Jenny’s place. He hadn’t been there too often because Jenny usually came to pickhim up at his place. And since she was also friends with Nicole, it made sense for her to drop by there instead of the other way around.

This time he had a purpose for going this way. She had declared that she liked him as more than a friend and he had replied that he had needed time. That was already a little while ago and things continued like they did before; he was happy it hadn’t become an awkward relationship, but that was more Jenny’s virtue than his. She always seemed to steer a conversation the proper way, no matter how awkward it had turned.

They had been dancing around güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the initial question though, every now and then taking a jab at the other, joking and baiting each other, but the question still remained unanswered. And they both felt that it needed an answer before their friendship would take a dent.

So when they entered the house and closed the door behind them, the first thing he did was take her into his arms and kiss passionately. Jenny was too surprised to kiss back, but when she regained her composure, she still didn’t kiss him back. Instead, she pushed him away.

“W-what is wrong?” he asked, wondering why she would push him away.

She frowned. “What is wrong with you, you mean? Coming all of a sudden to kiss me. What brought that up?”

“I-I thought that you wanted to.”

“I want to win the lottery as well. Didn’t happen last Tuesday either.”

“Okay. Now I’m confused. I thought you wanted me to be your boyfriend.”

She sighed. “Yes, I do. I wantyou to bemy boyfriend. I don’t wantyou to attend to myneeds just because you think I want something. If you want to please me, you better make up your mind. I don’t need you to be a boyfriend out of pity or compassion.”

She had crossed her arms and stood resolutely in front of the door outside. It occurred to Vincent that she always knew what she wanted, a headstrong girl who did everything the way she wanted to, no matter how much trouble she was causing herself – or others. Stopping halfway never came up in her mind, everything she did she did with a conviction.

“I don’tpity you, Jenny. Ido believe that I want to be your boyfriend,” he declared.

“I don’t want you to make me your girlfriend just because it would be less awkward. Or because you feel it will demolish our friendship. Because it won’t. Trust me on that. But if you go into a relationship half-assed, Iwill kick your ass for fucking with my feelings. Trust me on that too.”

His mouth twitched. But he couldn’t keep a smile from appearing. And when that appeared, he broke out in laughter.

“I believe you, I believe you,” he repeated himself. “And trustme when I say I already thought all these things over. I don’t want to date youjust ’cause. And I’m not generous enough to give my life to someone Idon’t want to spend my life with. If I’m dating you, I want to be sure about my feelings. Especially since you already madeabundantly clear howyou think about it.

It’s just … with all the stuff happening and our mindlink where I receive all kinds of thoughts from you, I had trouble making up my mind. I wanted to know whether the romantic feelings I have weremine, and not just feelings you had pushed to me through our mindlink.

At some points in the past weeks I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I had to rediscover myself, find out what was my idea and which were yours. Since I’ve managed to somewhat control the continuous info through our mindlink, I have been more able to think about whatI want, and not whatyou want. And I want you to be my girlfriend.”

She looked at him appeasingly and nodded. She let her arms drop and the frown got replaced by a smile.

“See? That wasn’t that hard after all. Much more romantic tome than somehow out of the blue forcing a kiss on me when I was still completely unsure about our future.” She stepped forward and kissed him on the mouth. “And I don’t think we need to rush. If anything, we have started out as friends. And for friends to blossom into a blooming relationship, we need time to accept that. Even I need a little time to accept that you now accept your feelings, making this a mutual love. So, we needn’t rush.”

And let’s see how much I can keep myself from tearing your clothes off right here. Right now, she said to herself.

“You’re such a humanitarian,” Vincent said. “Lecturing me when all you want to do is rape me on the spot.”

“You dirty little spycam,” she accused him, crossing her hands in front of her as to protect her heart from his gaze. “Satisfying your dirty little sexual urges by peeking in on my little secrets?”

He grinned boldly and stepped forward. “Regardless of who wants it more, I think we can agree on one thing.”

And this time when he kissed her, she kissed him back. Not long – because once she felt it was a heartfelt kiss, she cut off and dragged him by the hand to her bedroom, the room straight across the door outside, only separated by the couch in the living room.

Her apartment wasn’t huge; it merely had space for two couches, a table and a tv in the living room, a kitchen, bathroom and a single bedroom just large enough for a kingsize bed, two closets and a couple of nighttables. She hadn’t needed much more space and she could honestly only pay for this kind of setup with the part-time job she had. Besides – she wasn’t much home at all. She did her studying at college, usually with Vincent or Nicole, hung out at Daniel’s güvenilir bahis şirketleri or Vincent’s or was partying out downtown. Technically, a bedroom was sufficient enough for her.

And right now, that was about the only thing shewanted to be here in the room where she had just gotten Vincent to tell her he wanted to start dating.

She hadn’t even reached the bed before Vincent stopped – and it flung her backwards, right into his arms. He picked her up – she hadn’t realized he could even do that – and carried her towards the bed, dropping her on it as soon as she had enough space not to fall off. She bounced on the bed from the force only once before he was on top of her, burying his face in her neck and starting to kiss her sensitive spots.

She shivered from the feeling, a feeling she hadn’t felt in awhile, and put herself into action as well; his shirt went up and got stuck on his chin, forcing him to raise his back to allow the shirt to be pulled over his head. Meanwhile she had her hands on his chest, caressing his muscles, muscles she knew weren’t developed that long ago. She had loved him before he developed his body, but because of that it had gotten harder and harder to hide those feelings.

And talking about harder, I’m seeing something that undergoes the same change.

Her hands moved down fast and while Vincent was still getting his head through the opening of his shirt, she was already unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. It didn’t matter if he still had the pantson, she just wanted to relieve his member from the constricting space it was confined to.

He was looking at her from above, taking notice of how her tongue had crawled out of her mouth to settle in a corner when she was busy getting him out of his pants. And he slightly wondered how he had never before realized how much he liked all these little details of this girl before realizing that he loved her. And when she had freed his still growing phallus and wriggled out of underneath him in order to clasp that sweet mouth over his growing lust, he also realized that he wanted her bad. And that he couldn’t understand how he had kept himself at bay all these years.

The feeling of being engulved by a wet hot mouth is nearly indescribable and at this moment he didn’t even try; he merely threw his head in his neck and moaned. A deep, intense moan which released his last few doubts of whether he was doing the right thing.

Bobbing up and down on his dick, he could see the blonde hair of the girl which he had always thought of to be his best friend. A relationship which was now brought to a different level and not the kind one called ‘friends with benefits’, but a relationship built on trust, friendship and now – love. And with every newly budding love came passion.

He grabbed her head and let his hands ride along, letting them be guided by the head of this wonderful girl tasting his cock. He didn’t force her rhythm, he merely wanted to touch her while she was touching him. That – and at some point he stopped her. Still with his member in her mouth, she looked up, questionally and that mere sight was almost enough to send him over the edge.

“Almost cumming,” he brought out, out of breath from the sheer pleasure he was feeling. “Didn’t want you to let me cum inside your mouth, but damn, you’re so incredibly sexy that it’s hard not to.”

“Bamn wight I am,” she replied, her words slurred due to the dick still in her mouth and she actually managed a smirk while looking up with that said dick still there before she resumed her action. Only this time she kept looking up, looking at his face while letting his cock penetrate her throat even further, letting him hit the deeper parts of her and speeding up.

He was still holding her head and he had real trouble not to dictate her movements. He did, however, grasp her head more steadily, enforcing a little bit more pressure and subconsciously started bucking his hips. He saw her smile, and he knew that she was doing this becauseshe wanted it and not because heliked it. And that single smile brought him to his climax.

Waves of cum blew into her throat and he felt her execute pressure on his dick – only later realizing that she was swallowing everything he threw into her. She let it go and raised herself. He felt her hands around his head and she started kissing him. He tasted himself – salty – and before he could wonder whether he should be disgusted or not, he was kissing her back. Because, what was more sexy than his girlfriend kissing him?

The kiss didn’t take too long before he pushed her back, softly. When she was on her back, he did what she had done to him before: getting herout of her pants. His’ still clung around his knees and he was removing them clumsily at the same time as he was pulling at her pants to get her legs out. The panties were still in place, but Jenny moved her hands and lowered them down herself, so he could step out of his own jeans.

He almostdove into her, tasting her nectar by letting his tongue move from the bottom to the top, crossing her pussy entirely and only stopping when he found her most sensitive spot. He encircled it, touched it and then started sucking on it – softly, while his hands were making way to other sensitive spots.

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