Waking Up Lucky Ch. 02

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I met the most amazing woman the other night at my friend Tom’s new apartment. I am still slightly shocked at how the events played out but I am as happy as ever that I got my cock in her. We have been texting over the past few days and things seem to be going as well as they did in person. It was damn near impossible to get her voluptuous body out of my mind.

It was far from challenging to convince Jamie to come to my place on Thursday night for drinks. My roommate was gone for the night and it would be great to finally get some alone time in a place that is my own. We were anything but conservative the last time that we fucked, but I can only assume that the gloves would be totally off once I had the home-field advantage.

The knock on my apartment door came only a brief few minutes after 6:30 PM. I was casually dressed in Lacoste T-shirt and running length sport shorts, as we had only spoken about a casual few drinks. My assumption was that we would spend more time out of our clothes than in them after our last encounter. I quickly paused at my mirror in the entryway to adjust my hair making sure my hair was parted correctly and swept to the right.

I open the door to a delectable surprise. A thick vixen stood before me, staring at me doe eyed with a slight smirk. Her black hair was pulled back tightly into a high ponytail with not one strand out of place, loose curls flowing from the hairband holding it all back. Her makeup was flawless yet not overbearing with no unnatural tones. Each ear donned multiple diamond piercings, But the main show was a long dangling earring on each lobe sporting multiple strands of diamonds. Around Jamie’s neck was a single strand diamond choker that was statement, classy yet somewhat deviant. She had clearly not received the casual message.

Her body was fully covered in a beautiful black and gray fur coat that ended just at mid thigh level, seamlessly meeting an incredibly sexy pair of black suede boots. The boots were flawlessly skin tight, showing off her thick and muscular legs, further accentuated by the almost 5 inch stiletto heel. I swear my jaw hit the floor.

“I can see that you missed me.” She smirked, stepping past me without further greeting. She was so much to take in that I was struggling for words. I closed the door behind me and turned back to look at the stunning woman.

“Jamie, you look absolutely incredible. I…” my words were stopped in their tracks by Jamie swiftly opening her fur coat, dropping it to the floor to reveal her fully naked body in boots. She stood with her right hip stuck out and hand to rest on it, with her left toe sassily pointing outward. Her full tits now on display, nipples blatantly erect and ready for attention. She had changed out her rather modest belly ring for a more chandelier style with multiple Maltepe escort bayan cascading rows of diamonds dangling on her soft and sensual belly. Her pussy lay just below, flawlessly shaven or waxed, for me to soon find out. Her thick thighs looked incredible in the tall suede boots, giving the short girl’s legs more length than they might normally have.

My cock stiffened immediately, becoming visible through the light material of my running shorts. Jamie’s eyes briefly lowered to my cock followed by a sensual lick of her lips as her eyes returned to lock with mine. Her boots made a distinctive click-clack on the floor as she advanced toward me.

Jaime stood face to face with me. She reached out to gently caress the back of my head and pulled me in for a kiss. Her hands slowly worked from the back of my head down my shoulders to feel my chest and then abs. I pulled her in close to me to deepen our kiss. I could feel her nipples press into my chest through my shirt. My cock wasted no time getting to full mast, pressing into Jamie’s soft belly as our lips locked. Jamie’s hands adventured from my abs, further down into the waistband of my pants to fondle my cock. She wasted minimal time in pushing my running shorts down to have full access.

She quickly turned away from me without losing grip of my cock to lead me towards my bedroom. I could not help but be as turned on as I had ever felt watching her ass sway side to side as her high-heeled boots clicked on my wooden floor. Her love handles slightly jiggled with each step, enticing me to get my hands on them.

As we entered the room I pounced forward to rekindle our Kiss, but was stopped by a firm hand on my stomach thwarting my advance.

“Stop” she stared sternly into my eyes. “Lay back on the bed” her French manicured finger pointed.

I obeyed with a smirk on my face, knowing that fun was to come. I laid on my back in the middle of the bed with my hands behind my head, taking the stunning beauty before me in full view.

She leaned forward, returning her hand to my cock, lightly stroking from under my balls to the tip. Our eyes locked as she smoothly licked her lips, charging me up for what was to come. My hips pushed forward with each stroke of her nail grazing the underside of my cock. Each pass making me harder. She knew exactly what she was doing.

Jamie placed her hands on either side of my hips, and mimicked the stroking motion of her nail but now with her tongue. As she reached the top, I found my cock head fully enveloped by her lush lips. She began to gently suck while her tongue worked the underside of my cock head. The feeling of a warm tongue bathing the underside of your cock with affection is indescribable. I was no longer thinking about my reactions but purely enjoying. Escort Maltepe

Her hand found the base of my cock, gripping the very bottom of the shaft. She worked it up and down slowly, even jerking it deeper into its junction with my balls. Her mouth began to bob up and down, now working more than just the head, but not forgetting to continually tease the head with her tongue. I had more than enough length for her mouth and full fist to explore my cock, and my cock was loving every second of it.

Jamie clearly knew what she was doing to me, and she knew that this could bring me to an orgasm. She never increased her pace, rhythmically working the length of my shaft. There is something to a less vigorous blow job that makes the cum boil in my nuts. It felt as if she was genuinely sucking it out of me, very slowly.

“Jamie,” no response. As if I never spoke. “Ja…” she paused at the head and rubbed her tongue vigorously as she sucked harder. I could not make a coherent noise. My toes curled and all of my neck and facial muscles contracted. I was not cumming, but the feeling was nearly as intense. She returned to her previous pace while my state was still heightened, every stroke just barely bringing me closer to cumming.

Her pace continued just slow enough as to not bring me too close to the edge, but slowly building the ache in my nuts as if she was sucking my balls out through the tip of my cock. I was in a trance. Time was lost. This stunning woman was putting me through sensations I had never felt before.

After what felt like an eternity, her mouth left my cock with an audible pop, as she crawled on top of me like a cat on the prowl. A sensual prowl, where her tits swung with each step, and belly ring garnered attention with its sparkle. She brought her chest to mine while slowly wriggling her ass back to sit down on my iron cock in one motion, eyes opening wide as she took its whole length. Her sopping pussy released its wetness all over my cock, flooding it’s base.

Jamie laid flat on me, breathing heavily into my ear as she slowly worked her pussy up and down my cock. Her pace was no different than when she was blowing me, now patiently working my cock from its tip to the base. She periodically squeezed my cock, causing her to whimper slightly with each tightening.

“I love,” Jamie’s whisper was broken up by the beginning of her orgasm. Her slow strokes became unsteady humps. “This cock! Oh my god” Her pussy clamped down as she convulsed on my cock. Her wetness now flooded my lap as she continued to cum. Each stroke gripped me harder. “I love this cock.” She repeated, lifting her head to stare into my eyes. A final hump caused her to shake a little as she held my cock at full depth in her womb, eyes rolling back in pleasure.

As her Maltepe Rus Escort convulsions subsided, Jamie pushed up on to her hands and increased her pace, using her new leverage to twerk on my cock. The motion was all in her hips, smacking her cunt lips against my hips with every stroke. This was no longer teasing to build me up. This was fucking to get herself off. Her pace slowly increased as her whimpers turned to moans. She pushed herself up further to upright, running her hands back through her hair. She changed motion to circle her hips like a stripper kneeling on a stage, shaking her ass to a thunderous hip-hop beat. I would pay for a video of what this woman is doing to me. This voluptuous woman gyrating her hips with full body on display to me. Her tits so full and beautiful. Her soft belly accentuated by the gems of her ornate belly ring giving way to the most glorious pussy. Her thick thighs straddling me, with gorgeous legs covered in her suede stiletto boots.

The feeling of suede in my fingers was so sexual. I rubbed her booted legs while watching my minx enjoy her ride on my thick cock. A slim smile on her lips as her head was thrown back in ecstasy while bouncing on my cock. I moved my hands up to her beautiful tits to gently massage her nipples, causing further moans and groans. We were both in heaven and her gip on my cock as her next orgasm shuttered her body increased. Her belly contracted underneath its gentle chub, giving a visual to what I could feel as she came.

The pleasure became too much for her to move and her moans were almost caught in her throat. I pulled Jamie back down to my chest, allowing me to wrap my arms around her, leveraging my cock strokes deep in her cunt.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, Oh god! Yes! Yes! Please please.” Jamie pleaded in my ear. She had no idea what she was saying. I was going to bring her to yet another orgasm. And mine was about to come to a boil as well. My pace became erratic and grunting ensued. I don’t even know what noises Jamie was letting out, I was lost in the sensations building in my balls. She seized up like a rock on top of me as if fought to keep pounding her pussy. No more than five seconds later I erupted every ounce of cum I had into her sopping pussy. Jamie, realizing that I was now cumming, twerked on my cock once again, driving me mad. I could barely take the sensation and she would not let up as I squirmed below her in ecstasy.

She actually did not stop. My cock stayed hard. Completely hard. And she rose back up to keep twerking. When I thought there was nothing left, my balls ached again, and Jamie knew she was going to get more out of me. This was back to getting me off. Her stare locked with mine as she relentlessly fucked my cock. The sensation grew further and I knew she wasn’t going to stop.

“Fuck, Jamie, Jamie…. JAMIE!!” I pulled her back down to me as I fucked her tight pussy through my orgasm.

“Yes, Yes!” she whispered passionately into my ear.

I may be crazy, or just in a post-orgasmic bliss, but I know I need this woman every day from here on out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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