Was It Really A Dream

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Have you ever had one of those dreams that you aren’t sure if it really was a dream or not? Last night I had a dream that my blow up doll actually came alive. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those guys who needs sex so much he has to go out and buy himself a doll. In fact I hadn’t bought it but I couldn’t just give it away. Let me explain.

Several years ago I joined a singles bowling league to get out and meet new people. The only problem was that I seemed to be the odd man out. Everyone else in the league seemed to have no problems meeting someone from the opposite sex, falling in love and getting married. Sure this took a few years to happen but, watching it happen just wasn’t what I had intended to do, I want to find my own mate too. All of my friends, of both sexes, assured me that there wasn’t anything really wrong with me but they couldn’t find a date for me if they tried.

For the most part my friends tried to be supportive but I did get my share of ribbing. On my last birthday, just a week ago, we got together for a party at John and Debby’s house. Unfortunately for me, my friends had decided to set me up with a date that wouldn’t turn me down.

‘Hey Dave,” John called out, “get in here and grab a seat. Debby has a friend she wants you to meet.”

“Oh no, not again.” I groaned. “Why do you all insist on trying to hook me up? I’m just gonna go join a monastery somewhere and become a monk.”

“Aw Dave, this lady is sure to knock your socks off and I guarantee that she won’t turn you down, no matter what dumb jokes you tell.” Harry called out.

“Don’t tell me that you’ve met her too!” I moaned.

“Sure. We all met up with her to tell her about you.” Charlie said.

“Great” I laughed “I’m sure she really got the whole truth about me then.”

Debby called John out into the other room and they laughed a bit about something and then she came into the room for the first time.

“Dave, we just want you to be able to find someone and be happy like the rest of us.” Debby said. “Now close your eyes.”

I did what I was asked and after a few minutes John called out for me to open them. There standing before me was a beautiful woman dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. She was a blonde and had tan skin. Oh she looked perfect except for one problem I would have been ecstatic. The problem, she was a blow-up-doll. Everyone took one look at my face and busted up laughing.

“See Dave, she won’t tell you no, no matter what dumb jokes you tell her.” John said between chuckles.

I laughed with the rest of the gang but, I was crying inside. For years I had been watching all of my friends meet, fall in love and get married. I had tried dating different women but I never seemed to get past my first date. I can’t tell you how much I was hurting inside and my confidence was down below the dumps. I had even been desperate enough to go on many blind dates set up by friends and co-workers but I never heard back from anyone. When I heard that my friends thought that they had finally found the right woman for me to date, I was ecstatic. I can’t tell you how hard it was not to show how disappointed and frustrated I was. When they asked me to name her, the only name I could come up with was “Kendra” after a girl I had known is junior high that looked somewhat like my new “girlfriend”.

Kendra had been my first real crush but I never told her how I felt and when our advanced English teacher accused me of being in love with her during class time, I panicked and denied everything. I guess if you really thought about it, my real problem with women in general is that I never opened up with them because I was so afraid that they would look at me and laugh. The one good thing about this Kendra is that she won’t laugh if I tell her that I love her.

Everyone insisted that I strap Kendra into the front passenger seat and drive her home in style. I was a little embarrassed about what people might think if they knew Kendra was a blow up doll but, I had to admit that from a distance of a few feet Kendra looked real. Getting her inside of the house without making a fool of myself was fun but at least it was late at night and all of my neighbors were in bed. I still kept expecting everyone to be awake and staring out their windows and doors despite the time though.

That first night I brought her in and put her into the coat closet. Because of the depression I was dealing with I had counseling and the next morning was the next scheduled session. I explained to my therapist about “Kendra” and even managed to laugh a little when I explained how I snuck her into the house. I was floored soon by my therapist when she mentioned that I ought to take her out of the closet and actually talk to her.

“I think it might just be very therapeutic for you and it will also give you someone to talk to since you live alone.” she told me.

I surely didn’t say so out loud but I thought my therapist Escort Kız was a little whacked in the head. I at least promised to go home and think about it.

That night I left Kendra in the closet, but I did think about what the therapist said. I had to admit that as stupid as it sounded, I could at least take Kendra out and talk to he. I never imagined everything that would happen when she came out of the closet the next night though.

At first I just babbled, saying anything that popped into my mind at the time. I started out feeling stupid and then depressed. Here I was talking to a dummy that looked like a woman I knew years ago whom I had a huge crush but never told her. The more I tried to talk to the doll, the more I beat myself up for not taking the time to tell the real Kendra how I really felt. Finally I broke down and told the doll what I was really thinking.

“Kendra, I’m sorry I didn’t admit to how I felt about you in Mrs. Simpson’s class. I was embarrassed about being used to show another sign of spring was in the air. All I was doing was saying hello and asking you in sign language if you were okay and she’s like “Oh, there’s also love in the air too!” I could have died. I guess I was more worried though, about how you’d react if I admitted that I really did love you. It’s just that you were so pretty and I was on the fat side and really nerdy back then. Who’d believe that a girl like you would even acknowledge a guy like me, let alone go out with me?”

I talked to Kendra for hours, until the wee hours of the morning and then went to bed. For some reason, it felt so natural for me to bring Kendra to bed with me, but all I did with the doll was to cuddle with her. At least that part felt really natural and, even more amazing, it was comforting to hold onto Kendra as I fell asleep.

Not long after I fell asleep, I could swear I felt the bed move, like someone turning in bed. I ignored it, thinking that I had shifted in my sleep hard enough to make the bed move and the movement shook the bed hard enough to wake me up. What I couldn’t ignore was a hand that wasn’t my own, lovingly running along my face. I opened my eyes and almost screamed with terror. My blow up doll had come to life, rolled over in my arms and was caressing my face.

“David, don’t be afraid.” the doll said.

“Who are you and how did you get into here?” I asked while trying not to show my fear.

“The who part is easy, I’m Kendra.” the doll told me. “The how is a mystery to me too. I remember being in a traffic accident and being taken to a hospital. I seem to remember hearing someone say something about me being in a coma but it was like I wasn’t really there. It kind of felt like I was floating around. The strangest thing was while I was floating over my bed looking down at myself, I heard another voice. It wasn’t really clear at first but something made me want to hear it better so somehow I followed the voice here. I heard what you said about Mrs. Simpson’s class and everything you said after and it got to me. Why didn’t you tell me how you really felt about me?

“Kendra, I guess it’s like I said, I was afraid you’d laugh at me.”

“David, you would have brightened up the rest of my life if you would have let me know. I mean it. I was heartbroken when I heard you tell Mrs. Simpson that you were just checking up on me and didn’t love me. I knew we were good friends but I really wanted you to ask me out.”

“I wanted to, Kendra. If I wasn’t as fat and geeky as I was back then…” I started to say.

“David you weren’t fat. At least I don’t remember you being fat to me. All I really remember about you back then, was how much of a comfort you were to me back then. A guy in another class had been hitting on me mercilessly and making my life miserable because I wouldn’t give him the time of day and then I’d walk into Mrs. Simpson’s class and there you were. Maybe it’s corny but it was like walking out of a dark room and walking into a lighted one. You really brightened my day.”

“Kendra, why didn’t you say anything? I would have leaped for joy so high I would have gone right through the ceiling. I know what you mean about the dark to light too, I felt the same way.”

“Well don’t forget that, back then, the girl wasn’t supposed to throw herself at the guy unless she wanted a reputation. Plus I guess I was a bit afraid you’d turn me down and I really didn’t need that.”

All of this talking had made my heart swell but then it hit me. The biggest wave of terror came sweeping over me and brought me close to tears.

“Kendra, are you dead?”

“No David, I’m not sure how I was able to come here tonight but I do know that I’m not dead, yet. I’m not sure if I’ll wake up from the coma or not, but for now, I’m still alive.”

I couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief which caused Kendra to give me a loving hug.

“David, you still love me, don’t you?”

I couldn’t lie to her, not when she was lying next to me spiritually while her body lay back in a hospital in her home town.

“Kendra, I’ve never stopped. And it’s affected me so much that I never found someone that I’d want to take out more than once. I’d wind up comparing the women I dated to you and they just never measured up.”

“Me too, David. Oh I’d go out with my family and friends, even go out on blind dates that these well meaning people set me up with but I never went back out with them a second time.”

I couldn’t help it; I just had to break out with laughter.

“What’s so funny, David”

“Well Kendra, I don’t know if you can sense what kind of physical form you have right now but some well meaning friends bought me this blow up doll that looks like you so I gave her your name. I guess they just got tired of setting me up with blind dates that I wound up blowing so they got me this doll.”

Kendra had a good laugh at that and then I could see a strange look come over the face.

“David have you made love to me yet?” she asked me quietly.

Well I was embarrassed but again, I couldn’t lie to her.

“Kendra this is as far as I’ve gone with you, I mean your doll.”

“I’m not sure what this doll can do but I can at least feel you near me. I can feel your arms around me and I have to admit that I’ve been here, in this body for a little longer than you know about. I couldn’t help but lay here and enjoy feeling your arms around me. It’s been the most comforting thing I’ve ever done.”

“I’m glad you feel that way, Kendra. I wish I really was holding you right now instead of this doll”

“I do too, David. Why don’t you come down to Flagler Hospital and see me?”

“Okay.” I told Kendra. “I can leave tonight.”

“Oh no you don’t, David. First, you are too tired to even drive to the airport tonight let alone, drive to Florida. Second, I’d like to try something right now and I’ll need your help to get it done. You can always start down later on today, okay?”

“Okay Kendra, you win. What can I help you with?”

“David, I’d like you to make love to me. Granted this isn’t the real thing but I can feel everywhere you touch me so I’d like to feel you everywhere. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to learn how to make love this way.”

“Kendra, I haven’t made love to anyone yet either. I’d much rather wait until I see you and do it in person.”

“David, don’t ask me why, but I have a feeling if we don’t do it tonight I might not be around when you make it to the hospital to see me.”

That scared me to hear her talk like that, but at least she said that she might not be around if I didn’t make love to her in this form. If my making love to a blow up doll would spare her life then who was I to argue.

I leaned over and kissed her lips and then let my tongue slide inside her mouth. It was a really weird feeling. My hand touched plastic and my tongue confirmed the taste of plastic also but Kendra’s tongue moved to meet mine as if she were really there in body. I tried my best to block out the strangeness and concentrate on pleasing Kendra.

Kendra sat up for a second and pulled her top up and over her head. As she was laying back down she reached down to pull off her shorts. The doll Kendra had about 36C breasts and a bare pussy. As I was dressed for bed as usual, all I had to take off was my shorts and I did that while watching Kendra take her top off.

I lowered my head to catch a nipple between my lips while my hand began toying with her pussy. Much to my amazement Kendra began moaning and humping against my hand. I kept flicking my fingers up and down her pussy slit and also began assaulting her nipple by flicking my tongue across it. Kendra’s response was to wrap both arms around my head and pull me close to her. I dipped a finger into her love hole and found that her juices were running from her hole and soaking the sheets. Kendra began shaking from her head to her waist while her hips were working themselves up and down like a pile driver. A moan started in her diaphragm and worked its way out of her mouth. Finally Kendra gave a massive lurch and went as limp as a rag doll or maybe I should say, as limp as the blow up doll she was. I had just started to believe that everything was back to normal when I felt the doll take a deep breath.

“Wow! I never knew that an orgasm could be that good David.”

“I hear tell that they can get even better Kendra, are you up for more?”

Kendra’s answer was a huge hug and a deep, tongue twisting kiss. As soon as the kiss broke up, I began kissing down her body. I stopped long enough to give each nipple a good tongue lashing, did the same to her belly button and then came face to face, so to speak, with her pussy. My first attempt to lick her though, was met with stiffness.

“Just relax Kendra, I promise I won’t hurt you.”

Kendra slowly opened her legs more and allowed me to slip my head between them. I had her put her ankles up on my back to bring her pussy into a little easier to reach position and then began licking her pussy. This was my first attempt so I wasn’t really sure if what I was doing was correct but, judging my Kendra’s reaction, I think I was doing something right. My first goal was to dip my tongue into her love hole to taste her juices. I was astonished at the fact that I didn’t taste something that tasted like plastic. I’d swear that I really actually tasted Kendra’s and not a love doll’s pussy. Kendra was still on such a sexual high that in no time, she was wrapping her legs around my head so tightly until I had to fight to be able to breathe. Of course this caused me to abandon any attempt of licking her pussy but Kendra was already gone. All I could do was to watch what I could of the action from my vantage point and to try to catch my breath. This time Kendra seemed ready to do more much quicker.

“David, will you crawl up her and please make love to me now? I need to feel you inside me.”

I had to ask her to open her legs up and let my head free of the vice it was trapped in and then I asked her to repeat what she had said because I could barely hear what she had said.

“I asked you to make love to me now, please.” she replied.

I wanted to toy with her but when I looked into her eyes, I saw the pleading that was going on in them so I eased my way up on top of Kendra and eased my dick into a pussy for the first time. I have to admit that it felt great but part of me knew that I was still fucking a plastic doll. Still I have to admit that the spirit of Kendra was somehow linked to this doll and that threw me over the edge. I started sliding my dick in and out slowly and then worked up some speed. I was really riding Kendra hard when cum began shooting up from my feet and out my dick. Okay, I know that cum doesn’t really come from the feet but, man, all of my body tensed up with my first real orgasm. I rocked slowly inside of Kendra until all of the spasms stopped and then slowly pulled out of her. Kendra’s eyes were closed and I could tell by her breathing that she was just coming off another orgasm, her third for the night. We kissed gently and then I rolled off of her. Kendra rolled onto her side and I lay behind her and we fell asleep while snuggling.

I woke up the next morning feeling sticky from all of the sex juices I had slept in. I gave Kendra’s arm a shake and her whole body jiggled. I pulled away from her and gently rolled Kendra onto her back and my heart fell. The face staring back at me was that of a blow up doll. The only real difference in the face was the smile. Instead of the absent minded smile that was present yesterday, a satisfied smile was on the face. It was the smile of a woman who had just experienced great sex from a man she dearly loved. It was that smile that made me jump up out of bed and head for the shower. I made one quick phone call before getting there though and then I jumped in, got clean as quick as I could and then jumped out again.

Kendra’s doctor was talking with the night nurse about her condition when I walked up. It seemed like she was doing a little moaning in her sleep and when the nurse went in to check on her a few minutes ago, she noticed a very nice smile on her face. Other than that, there was really no change in her condition.

“Excuse me for interrupting. My name is David and I am an ole friend of Kendra’s. I was wondering if I could ask you how she’s doing.”

“Hi David, I’m Dr. Stevens and I have been treating Kendra since she arrived on this floor. She’s actually doing pretty well right now except for being in a coma. We haven’t been able to find a specific cause for the coma so we’re hoping that she will just wake up on her own when she’s ready.”

“It sounds like she’s just waiting for the right moment to wake up then.” I said.

“Precisely.” said the doctor.

“Can I see her now?” I asked.

The nurse looked at the doctor who nodded his head and then said “You can go right in.”

I walked in and went right up to the head of the bed, leaned over and kissed her on her lips and then whispered into her ear, “Wake up sleepy head. It’s almost lunch time.”

Kendra’s breathing quickened; her eyes began to flutter and the hand I was holding squeezed mine. Soon her eyes were open and a smiled brightened her face.

“David, I was just dreaming about you. I’m so glad to see you.”

“Kendra, do you remember what the dream was about?”

Her face suddenly reddened and I knew that she was thinking about what we had just done last night. She hemmed and hawed so I let her change the subject.

“David, how did you know I was here?” she asked.

I leaned over, gave her a big kissed and then whispered into her ear, “You told me silly, right before we made love. Remember?”

I stood back with a grin on my face as I watched her face go from shock to puzzlement and then to open amazement.

“You mean it wasn’t a dream?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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