Watching Mom Ch. 03

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After the brief, acrimonious conversation with his sister, Scott headed back to his bedroom. Closing the door behind him, he sat down on his bed playing the scene with his mother as she stepped out of the shower in his head over and over. His cock, which had immediately softened when he argued with his sister, was hard once again. Remembering how it felt the first time he watched his mother, the time she was with her half-ass boyfriend Jason and Scott got caught watching them from his mother’s closet. It all seemed so oddly natural as she had Scott join Jason and her in the bed. She let Scott fuck her that afternoon and the memory of that sensation still burned in his mind.

It was even a turn on for Scott to watch Jason go down on mom and eat her cream pie. Seeing Jason’s face glittering, spotted white with Scott’s sperm was really strange and arousing. Letting the images of that afternoon join with the memories of maybe forty five minutes ago when he kneeled down and ate her newly shaved pussy, Scott opened his pants and began to stroke himself.

It was beginning to feel pretty good and he was about to rush into his bathroom to grab something so Girne Escort he could clean up after he came when he heard his sister say something to their mom and then rush out the front door. With his hard cock still sticking out of his pants, he moved over to the window and watched his sister drive away. Almost immediately he heard a quick knock on his door and then his mother slipped into the room.

Scott just stood there not even trying to cover himself up as his mother said, “She’ll be gone for just a few minutes, but I didn’t want to leave you like this.” She walked over to him and grasped his cock, stroking it firmly. “Were you jacking off thinking about what we just did?”

Scott nodded.

Smiling she said, “It was nice, I only wish we could have some more time so we could really make love.”

“But it’s not right is it?”

“What’s not right?” she asked.

“Us, the two of us doing this. It’s not…”

“Shhh, don’t make it so complicated. When you were little I held you, rubbed your stomach and you liked it. Now you’re older and well, I know how to make you feel good and you know how to make Kıbrıs Escort me feel good.”


“Look, when you get a girlfriend, when you fall in love you can move on and do these things with her, but now, why not just enjoy ourselves. We’re just making each other feel good, we’re just getting close to each other.”

“It’s just not…” he stopped as she held a finger to his lips. When he stopped he watched her kneel down and run her tongue along the length of his as she unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. Scott arched his back pushing his hips forward and watched his cock slowly disappear into his mother’s mouth. He felt her immediately begin to suck him hard as she took a hand and began stroking his shaft up and down.

Just as he began moving his hips back and forth, shoving himself into her mouth, she paused and then pulled her mouth off him and said, “Go over and sit on the bed, ti will be easier that way.”

Kicking off his pants, Scott moved over to the bed and sat down. His mother followed, moving her hands to his bare knees and spreading them apart. Scott watched as Kıbrıs Escort she ran her fingernails gently down his thighs and then took his cock in both hands. Stroking him vigorously she moved her head down and touched her tongue to the tip of his cock where some precum had pooled.

Leaning back and resting on his elbows behind him, he watched as she continued stroking moving her mouth over the end of her hand so as her hands moved up and down on him, her mouth followed, letting the head of his cock slip between her lips. She continued like that for a few moments and then she moved one hand to his balls and moved her mouth over him taking him deep into her mouth.

Scott felt her sucking hard as one hand continued to stroke his shaft and the other toyed with his balls. He lifted his ass up off the bed, trying to push himself deeper into her mouth. Quickly the combined sensations of her sucking him, her fingers on his balls and her hand stroking his shaft overwhelmed him and he moaned loudly, spurting his cum into her mouth.

His mom eased up a bit, just holding her mouth over him as she worked his cum out of his cock with her hand, milking his quickly softening erection. As she swallowed the last few droplets from him she got up, kissed him on the lips and then headed to his door. He watched her slip out of his room and then close the door behind her. Scott got his pants back on just in time to hear his sister pull up into the driveway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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