We Do Everything Together

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As I woke up that warm August morning, a smile formed on my face. Due to work, I was unable to join my family for a weekend at the ranch and knew that I would be home alone all weekend. It had been a warm summer and I was already accustomed to sleeping naked, but aside from the bedroom and shower, I had never been completely naked anywhere else. As I got out of bed, I could hear the gentle sound of birds chirping in the tree in our backyard, and a small rustle of leaves in the morning breeze.

As I reached over to grab my boxers, I remembered that I was home alone. “I don’t need to put on anything. No one’s going to see me.” I thought to myself, and decided to just freshen up with a morning shower. I grabbed my towel, and entered the bathroom. As I brushed my teeth, I could look down and see my usual morning wood staring up at me, it’s fully erect head slightly above my navel. The motion of my brushing caused it to wiggle from side to side, my testicles moving like a bell clapper between my legs. “Hm. .I could use a trim,” I thought.

Grabbing a chair from my room, I sat in the bathroom, in front of a full length mirror, trimming the forest of dark brown hair around my twenty year old penis. I had always liked it trimmed, as I wasn’t much of a bush person. Trimming it nearly down to what it would look like had I been twelve, I decided I might as well shave it all. Stroke by stroke of the razor, I carefully shaved away all the pubic hair around my member, moving my penis back and forth to get to each area, down to a baby soft clean.

By now my morning wood had become somewhat flaccid, and I had decided to finally get in the shower. As I put my towel up, I noticed my sister’s panties in the hamper. Taking them into my hand, I held them up to my face, and to my surprise, I could smell her juices all over it. It smelled so sweet, but so sinful. I took a deep breath as I closed my eyes, and could feel a steady stream of blood rush to my now growing member. As I continued to smell the glorious panties, I reached down with my free hand to massage my testicles. Rolling them in my hand slowly as I took in the scent of my sister’s amazing love scent. I sat back down and continued on to my penis. Taking it in my fist and feeling it fill with blood, the skin, tightening around it as the head rose. By now I had already dropped the panties to the floor and was fantasizing about my sister and stroking my cock. Alternating attention between my balls and my nipples, I continued to masturbate until I had cum all over my stomach and chest.

Rubbing the warm cum on my chest, I finally got into the shower. I continued to fantasize about my sister as I cleaned my body of my semen. I always enjoyed myself in the shower. Being able to touch myself all over while cleaning myself excited me, which was always visible when I stepped out of the shower, sometimes as hard as a rock. I continued cleaning my 5 foot 11 inch, athletic body. As I Lefkoşa Escort tried myself off, I heard the front door close. Surprised, I wrapped the towel around my waist and peered out the bathroom door, which I usually leave open when I’m home alone. As I closed the door, I noticed that my sister’s panties were now missing from the spot on the floor which I had left them. “Who was here?” I wondered.

Stepping out into the hallway in my towel, I heard a door close. Walking in the hallway, I noticed my sister’s bedroom door had now been closed. “Is Cat home. .?” I thought. Almost sneaking up to the door, I pressed my ear up to the door. Immediately, I heard a light moan, which made my penis jump. As I continued to listen, the moans continued to grow louder, soon the moans were mixed with words. “Deeper. . .harder. .more. .” I heard. By now I was fully confident that Cat had lost herself in her activities, so I mustered up some courage and quietly opened the door. There she was, my nineteen year old sister, her creamy Asian toned body, on her hands and knees, her beautiful, shaved vagina facing me as she fingered herself from behind, her face pressed down on her pillow as she moaned into it. I could hear her fingers squishing around in her wet love canal. Just the sight of this was enough to get me rock solid. I couldn’t take it anymore. I opened the door to get a full view of my sister pleasuring herself, and sat in the hallway to experience some self-pleasure of my own.

Trying to be as quiet as possible, I began to stroke my penis. Taking it into my fist and pulling at it, my other hand caressing my testicles as I watched my sister. Eventually, I could feel myself coming to an orgasm, and I began moaning, imagining myself exploding into my sister’s wet pussy. I began to masturbate harder, faster. The image of my sister cumming with me was enough to let the floodgates open, and I erupted in orgasm, all over the hallway. I let out a long moan of sheer pleasure as I felt a battalion of sperm fire from my cock.

Catching my breath, I looked up from my softening cock to see my sister, seated at the food of her bed, facing me. Her own puddle of juice on the floor in front of her dripping pussy. Our eyes met with a sense of guilt, but with a sense of satisfaction.

Chuckling, I got up and took a seat next to Cat, her beautiful 34 B breasts heaving as she was still catching her breath. Putting my arm around her, I held her close to me and let her rest her head on my shoulder. “What are you doing here?” I asked as I stroked her arm with my hand.

Still gasping for breath, she answered, “I wasn’t feeling too well, so mom and dad dropped me off here to rest.” I couldn’t help but alternate my gaze between her breasts and her vagina. I’d never seen her naked before. Well, when were little we used to bathe together, but that was entirely different. I noticed her eyes were also fixed Girne Escort upon my pulsating penis.

“You know you shouldn’t spy on me like that bro. It’s not nice.” she said with a smile and a small poke to my ribs. She pulled herself closer to me and I could feel her breasts press up against me. The sensation of her nipples against my skin gave my cock a tiny twitch. She must have noticed this as she pulled herself even closer and reached down to take my dick into her hand.

“It’s not nice to tease your brother like that either.” I said as I wrapped my other arm around her.

“i’ve seen you before Kevin, I mean, naked like this. I’ve always fantasized about this moment. .” she said with a smile as she began to stroke my cock. I could feel it getting warm and hard as she looked into my eyes, my hardening penis filling her hand. Her free hand was now rubbing me up and down my chest “Was this really happening? Was my sister actually rubbing my cock down? Yes It was, and it was exhilarating. Every millimeter of flesh that touched me was electrifying. When she began to playfully tug at my testicles, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to have her.

I got up and stood in front of her at the foot of her bed. She looked up at me eagerly, her mouth slightly open, teasing my already willing cock. She stood up as well, her naked 5 foot 5 inch petite frame was truly a sight to behold. She stood there with her arms at her sides, her beautiful, natural breasts remained high and perky. Her gorgeous pink nipples were nice and puffy, the nipples sticking out, looking as supple as could be. “Do I look OK Kevin? I’m not. .ugly am I?”

Smiling I looked at her and said, “Look at my penis sis. You tell me what I think about your body.”

“She smiled back at me, her right hand slowly reaching do spread her pussy lips wide, her left hand coming up to give her right breast a squeeze. “I’ve always dreamed that you would be the one to take my virginity. It’s always been you. I’ve never wanted anyone’s cock inside me but yours you know. .” she said as she inserted a finger into her now, wet, inviting hole.

“I’ve always wanted to have sex with you too sis. You’re simply beautiful. Do you want me inside you?”

Stepping forward with eagerness, she said in a loud voice, “Oh yes! Please!! Take me now Kevin!!”

Guiding her to lay on her back, I told her to spread her legs. Completely obedient, she bared her wet pussy to me, and I couldn’t resist leaning in for a sniff, but I didn’t stop there. I licked the inside of her lips and flicked her now erect clitoris with my tongue. Taking two fingers, I inserted them into her warm love hole, massaging the inner wall of her vagina while slowly taking her clitoris into my mouth and sucking on it. I could feel her hips gyrate with every suck of my mouth. I continued on until eventually, she had a huge, wet orgasm. Her juices sprayed all over my mouth, Magosa Escort and I loved every single drop. As I felt her body convulse in ecstasy, she looked at me with those eager eyes again. She didn’t say anything, but I knew what she wanted.

Positioning myself over her, I looked down on her as some of her own juices leaked onto her face and neck. As she slowly guided my hard cock to her pussy, I kissed every drop on her. I teased her lips with my tongue, while teasing her vagina with the head of my penis. Finally, she pulled me into her. Words cannot fully describe the feeling I had when I was finally inside her. It felt both wrong and right. Her vagina fit me so well. It hugged my penis like a surgical glove. Her own wetness was all the lubrication I needed. Slowly I inserted myself until my balls were tickling her buttocks. She took a brief gasp for air and I pulled myself out, allowing her hymen to break and exit the canal. Again, I slowly inserted myself into her again.

“Kevin, I want you to fuck me. .fuck me hard. Control me. I’m all yours. .” she whispered through her breath.

Placing my arms behind her shoulders, I leaned over her and began slowly at first, building speed until we were at a frantic pace. I could feel her hips gyrating with every thrust. Her screams of ecstasy, blended with mine. I’m sure if any of the neighbors were home they had heard us. As I looked down on her face, it was everything I had imagined. Her face, filled with both pain and pleasure at the same time. Her vagina felt absolutely perfect. Squeezing at just the right time. I could feel her starting to tingle again, and I could feel the same in my penis.

“I’m going to cum Cat!” I yelled as I closed my eyes, trying so desperately to hold it in and let a big load build up.

“Do it!!! Cum in me!! Please!! I want to feel your cum inside me!! Cum with me baby!!” she yelled.as she spanked my right buttock.

“Okay. .” I moaned as I continued to pound my cock inside her. And with a roar, I let myself go, and I felt her let herself go, in one simultaneous orgasm. Exhausted, I lay my head on her breasts, leaving my penis inside her to wilt. Our breaths were almost in unison, and I could hear her heart racing as I fondled her breasts. We fell asleep like this, and slept till that evening.

She was up first, and I awoke to find her still naked, brushing her now wet hair. Seeing me in the mirror, she greeted me, “Good evening Kevin! That was a spectacular day wasn’t it?”

Laughing, I replied to her, “It sure was. I never thought I’d fuck my own sister, in our own house no less.”

“The first of many incredible times I hope!”

“Cat, whenever you want me, I’m all yours.”

“Oh really brother?” she said with a smile, “because I’ve been up for a good hour now and I’ve wanted you inside me ever since.”

“Oh yeah? whys that?” I asked.

“Because you’re my brother, and I want to do everything with you.”

“What do you mean everything?” I asked with a puzzled look.

“I’ve only had you give me oral and missionary. I want to do everything!! With my brother, of course. Because there is no love for a woman, than that of her brother.” And with that, she took me to the bathroom for a shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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