Wedding Day Revenge

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It was Hank’s buddy’s wedding day. Most of them couldn’t understand why Craig was getting married so soon and especially to a bitchy, judgmental, materialistic, and controlling bitch like Jessica. Sure, she was nice to your face, but as soon as you turn around, she’d stab you with a poisonous dagger and twist. She had very few friends, hated his family, and hated her family as well. She’s Asian with long shoulder length hair, nice full blow job lips like Angelina Jolie, a full 34-35B cup, and ass that stuck out. If she wasn’t such a bitch, Hank and his buddies would have been hot for her, but her attitude was a major turn off.

The previous night, Jessica and her bridal party spent the night at New York’s most luxurious hotel’s honeymoon suite getting ready for her wedding day. Hank and two other buddies had promised to get to the hotel early to help out. During the cab ride, they joked they should stop the wedding or even kidnap Craig so he’d miss the wedding. Even the cab driver was willing to help. Since Craig was one of Hank’s close buddies, he was willing to wake up early and lend them a hand. However, Hank’s real intent was to try to hook up with Jessica’s hot best friend and maid of honor, Ashley. She was also Asian with sexy smoky eyes, long hair with brown highlight streaks, curvy hourglass body with a great “fuck me from behind” ass. 36C cup and a light tan that set off her silky legs.

When Hank and the fellas arrived, Craig met up with them in the lobby and took the elevator up to the honeymoon suite where the girls were getting ready. The hairdressers and make up artists were fast at work. Jessica was ecstatic and seemed appreciative that the guys showed up early to help, but it didn’t take long for her to start criticizing and barking orders at them. While they help direct the hotel workers set up the wedding and banquet halls, Jessica constantly called their cellphones to remind them of every detail.

Ashley came down to check things out and to take a break from Jessica’s motor mouth. Her hair and make up was done and it made those lips glisten begging for a hard thick cock to suck on. Even though she had not put on her maid of honor dress yet, she still looked hot wearing sweat pants and dress shirt. She was frustrated and annoyed by Jessica’s yapping, but she tolerated it since it was her wedding day. But she was also annoyed because she and her jackass boyfriend were constantly arguing. And to make matters worse, he was nowhere to be found since he had promised to help out too. Hank tried his best to comfort and flirt with her at the same time. He was able to get a few laughs out of her and noticed her nipples hardened and stuck out through her thin bra and tight dress shirt. Then, they were interrupted by Jessica calling Ashley to come back up. Ashley rolled her eyes, thanked Hank for making her feel better, and went back up.

People began to arrive. Family members were asked to go to the suite to take pre-wedding pictures with the bride and groom. But, their friends and acquaintances also tagged along and got in. It was getting out of control with people streaming in and out of the room. Eventually, the honeymoon suite overran, so Jessica told them to get rid of everybody so they could get ready for the ceremony.

As the living room began to clear out, Hank went into the newlywed bedroom to politely tell Jessica’s cousins to leave the suite since the ceremony was starting soon. As they left the room, they inform him someone is in the bathroom too. All the girls’ luggages and clothes scattered the entire room. Being a panty lover, he quickly scanned the room for panties or bras but none was in sight. As he made his way to the master bathroom, he knocked on the wall to announce his presence since there was no door for the master bathroom. Only a long mirrored hallway separated the bathroom and bedroom. he knocked again as he got down midway in the hallway and said outloud, “The wedding is about to start, so you need to go down and take your seat.”

“The wedding isn’t going to start without me. I’m the maid of honor!” jokingly replied Ashley who appeared canlı bahis şirketleri from around the corner. She was flustered and upset after another argument with her boyfriend who spent the entire time at the hotel bar. Hank consoled her as quickly and as best as he could. He joked that Jessica will snatch off her head if she ruined her makeup with tears. And there will be a high heel stuck in the dress of her ass too. She laughed out loud and straightened herself up. Hank informed her that her strapless dress zipper was slipping down, so she asked him to fix it. As he zipped her up, he saw her reflection in the mirror as she adjusts her bountiful breasts. He desperately wanted to unzip her dress down to get a full view. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked through the mirrored hallway. Even thought it was covered by the lavender dress, Hank watched intensely how her nice firm ass bounced as she walked. It looked especially hot with so many reflections of it on the mirrored hallway.

The wedding ceremony, reception, and banquet went on without a hitch as the fellas walked around to help out and taking pictures for the newlyweds. Craig informed them to keep an eye on Ashley’s jackass boyfriend because he was taking full advantage of the open bar, getting wasted, and causing a scene. He and Ashley continued to argue on the side. Eventually, one of Craig’s buddies diffused the situation by luring him outside for a smoke. Ashley was furious and upset, so she stormed off. Craig and Jessica asked Hank to follow her and make sure she’s ok since they couldn’t leave their own wedding party.

Hank caught up with Ashley by the elevator and consoled her with jokes and showing her pictures from his digital camera. She opened up and told him about how her boyfriend is such an embarrassment for being a loser drunk and she caught him hitting on the bartender and waitresses. After a comforting chat and few more jokes, she was feeling better but still slightly bitter. She gave him a kiss on the cheek to thank him, but he leaned in and they started kissing on the lips which turned into a heavy make out session.

They were completely exposed sitting by the elevator. Hank knew of a storage room a few floors down where they could be alone. Inside the elevator, they were furiously making out and groping each other. It was even more exciting knowing that the elevator security camera was watching and recording. As they got off the elevator, they found the storage room that was ironically storage for alcohol. Ashley found it ironic too and sarcastically said her alcoholic boyfriend would love being in here. It also made her more pissed off and aggressive. She pulled him to her against the wall and practically knocked out his teeth as they were making out and was humping his hand as it made his way into her dress.

He pulled and bunched up the front of her bride’s maid dress. Her silk lacy purple thong was hot and completely soaked and dripping. Even her inner thigh was slick with from her pussy juice! As he pulled on her thong, she let out a loud yelp and he stuck his fingers on her cleanly shaven juicy pussy. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. She rubbed her wet pussy and used the juices to lube his throbbing cock. He had pulled down her strapless dress and pushup bra to unleash her firm and creamy natural 36C tits. Her nipples were brownish red with hard eraser nipples. As he sucked, licked, and bit on her tits, his hand continued a vicious finger assault on her raging hot pussy which her pussy juice ran down her tanned legs and high heels. She was loudly moaning and yelping, humping away on his hand and nearing an incredible orgasm. Her body suddenly shuddered and she bit down on his shoulder to muffle her screaming orgasm. Hot pussy juice exploded and drenched his hand and dripped down her legs.

Still holding his throbbing cock, she gasped for air and gave him a deep kiss. As she undid his belt and dropped his pants, she looked into his eyes and gave him a sly smile knowing how to finish him. Maintaining eye contact, she lowered herself onto her knees and licked canlı kaçak iddaa the sensitive tip of his hard cock. He took a deep breath and let out a groan. Her hot wet tongue was teasing the tip of his hard cock. She could tell from his eyes that there wasn’t much time before he erupts, so she engulfed as much of his hard cock as she could. Her head was bobbing fast and sucking and slurping hard. He wanted to push her head to make her suck deeper but her fixed up hair couldn’t be messed up. She took out his cock and slapped it on her face; telling him to cum in her mouth so her boyfriend can taste Hank when he kisses her later. She went back to sucking hard and fast to spite her boyfriend. Hank was so turned on that he barely had enough time to warn her of the cum blast. He let out a long groan and spurting his hot creamy cum down her throat and onto her hot wet tongue. She swallowed as much and as fast as she could but some had dribbled out to her lips and chin and onto her tits. She didn’t care since she wanted her jackass boyfriend to taste that she’s been sucking someone’s cock instead of his. She wiped off the excess cum swallowing it back into her mouth.

Ashley was still stroking his cock milking it for more cum, and to her surprise, Hank’s cock remain hard. He told her to stand up, pinned her against the wall, pulled up her maid of honor dress, and pulled aside her wet lacy purple silk thong revealing her shaved smooth dripping wet pussy.

He then told her, “Tell me what you want me to do.”

She gasped, “I want you to fuck me!”

“Say it again!”

“I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME! He’s not getting any sex from me tonight so come fuck me!”

Hank took his cock and rubbed it up and down her wet pussy slit as she begged for him to hurry up. She let out a deep groan as it entered into her tight hot wet pussy. He rammed into her as she thrust herself into him along a good pace. Her cellphone suddenly rang, but they ignored it. They were in too much heat and lust to bother with the phone. Then, it rang again and pissed her off. From the ring tone, she knew it was her jackass boyfriend.

As her phone rang, she became more aggressive, slamming her pussy into his cock. Hank grabbed onto her ass to keep up with the pace. As they were fucking hard moaning and groaning, her phone started ringing again but this time it was Jessica’s ringtone. She answered the phone but they continued fucking trying to hurry and cum. she did her best to maintain composure during the conversation but a few low moans would slip out. Hank found it erotic to be fucking her during a phone conversation, so he continued to pound her harder. Her head and eyes rolled back and she slipped a finger into her mouth to suck and prevent from moaning out loud. Jessica was asking for her whereabouts and said they’ll be cutting the wedding cake and having their first dance soon, so Ashley needed to get back. She also informed her that her drunk boyfriend is looking for her too. This only upset her more, so she hung up and slammed into Hank full thrust and then suddenly pulled out and dropped back down her dress.

With a raging hard cock coated with her hot pussy juice ready to erupt, Hank was confused and in desperate need of release. To his sudden shock, she turned around, hiked up her dress, bent over showing that round firm ass still wearing the completely drenched purple thong, and told him, “Fuck me in my ass! He’s been wanting to fuck my ass. Fuck him! It’s all yours tonight. Fuck me in the ass!” His eyes widened she swayed her ass to him. He pulled her soaking thong down her legs glistening of pussy juice, and she stepped one foot out of it and spread her legs giving him better access. She bent over on some boxes of bottled water and the view was just heavenly. Long pussy juice covered legs in stiletto heels and a gorgeous round firm ass begging to be rammed.

With his already hard cock slicked with her pussy juice, he slowly edged in the tip to her tight dark opening. She inhaled deeply and braced herself for the entry. He pushed forward as she pushed back eagerly wanting more and letting canlı kaçak bahis out a loud yelp when he popped the cockhead in. she growled and groaned as he slowly eased his pussy juice slicked cock halfway into her tight ass. She braced herself and eased in and out against his cock trying to loosen up. He grabbed onto to hips and started fucking into her ass as she rubbed her sopping wet pussy trying to hurry and cum. The slapping sound of her ass getting pounded and their moaning and groaning echoed the room. Anyone walking by could hear, but they didn’t care. He maneuvered one hand to rub and finger her wet pussy.

Ashley groaned, “OH FUCK! I’m going to cum! Fuck! I’M GOING TO CUM!”

“Not yet baby. Fuck! Wait for me-“

“Uh-UHH! oh fuck!! I can’t stop! Fuck! Fuck! Oh god! UH! OH GAWD! I’M CU-UMMING! AAAHHH-!!”

Hank’s hand felt a flood of hot pussy juice flowing out of her pussy. It was a huge orgasm. He still had his cock buried in her ass and continued fucking her trying to hurry and cum too, but his earlier orgasm down her mouth prevented him from spurting off another load with her. She continued groaning while getting buttfucked and still riding out her orgasm. He took his cum covered hand from her dripping pussy and covered her mouth to quiet her down. She licked and sucked his fingers licking off her own juice which caused him to start to cum.

Her phone started ringing again, but they were preoccupied and her ass being slapped against his body drowned the ringing. Bent over on her body one hand grabbing onto her tits, he groaned into her ear that he was cumming. Still sucking on his cummy fingers with his other hand, she moaned for him to cum in her ass. He groaned loudly as he began spurting deep into her ass. She felt his hot cum penetrating deep into her and then told him to pull out and cum all over her ass too. After a few more pumps into her ass, he pulled out quickly making a popping sound and causing her to yelp. Spurts and gooey strands of his hot creamy cum smeared her firm tan ass. They both panted heavily and tried to quickly recover because they needed to hurry back to the wedding party.

They kissed deeply. It didn’t cross his mind that he was probably getting a small taste his own cum in her mouth. Then, she wiped off some of the cum on her ass and tits and licked it off with her tongue and lips. As she began tugging up her soaked thong, her legs were still glistening wet with their combined sex juice. He wanted her thong as a souvenir, but she needed it for the rest of the night. With his silk pocket square handkerchief, he wiped off some of the juices to clean her up and as a reminder of this fun night. She lifted her legs to give him better access, so he also pushed the pocket square into her pussy causing her to gasp and telling him to stop because they need to go. They got dressed and straighten up as best as they could.

They got onto the elevator going back to the banquet hall level. Hank groped her ass one last time. Ashley said the inside of her dress felt damp and cum stained. She didn’t care because she also felt annoyed by Jessica’s annoying demands, so this was a way of getting back at her too. And she couldn’t wait to kiss her boyfriend with the taste of Hank’s cum in her mouth and lips. She apologized for not being able to kiss and thank him, but he laughed and understood with amusement. He was dying to see that happen anyway. She promised to find Hank later and maybe christen the newlywed’s wedding bed. The elevator doors opened, and she ducked into the bathroom to fix herself up. He slipped back into the party and grabbed a drink while keeping a look out for “the kiss”.

Ashley blended back into the banquet hall along with some girls from the restroom. He thought she was glowing from their hot fucking session. She looked around the room and made eye contact with Hank as he wink and grinned at her. She smiled back, found, and talked to Jessica and Craig. Her boyfriend staggered towards her and gave her a kiss on the lips. He was probably too drunk and reeking of alcohol to even notice the tangy cummy taste on her lips. She smiled and bit her lower lips towards Hank’s direction which caused his cock to stir again. Craig then found Hank and the fellas to ask them to bring all the wedding gifts to the honeymoon suite. Soon, it was panty time . . .

(to be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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