Weekend Revelry – Day 01

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Hey everyone, it’s time for another addition to the Bang Gang series!

The usual disclosure – while I have attempted to make every addition to my series accessible and stand-alone, you may get more out of this if you have read the previous stories that I have written. I suppose that means the good news is that if you enjoyed this story, there are plenty more to go back and read, as well as more in the future! All of my stories are chronological, so if you go back and start with my earliest published story you’ll catch up in no time.

All comments and constructive criticism are welcome, and in fact encouraged. It just makes me write the next episode that much quicker. Thanks to everyone who has sent me kind words; it’s why I do it!



“I don’t know, Rylan. That sounds vaguely misogynistic.”

It was Friday afternoon, and I had gotten home from school about a couple of hours ago. I was laying on my bed in a tank top and a pair of stripe shorts chatting on my cell phone. On the other side of the call was my boyfriend, Rylan.

“There’s nothing misogynistic about it, Beth,” asserted Rylan. I”m just saying that, generally, guys enjoy sex more than girls.”

I rolled my eyes. “You realize that girls can orgasm repeatedly, right?”

“True, but if a guy climaxes, it’s like one big explosion, instead of a bunch of small explosions spread out over an hour. Technically, it’s more efficient!”

“Yeah, because sex isall about efficiency. Let me ask you this,” I countered. “If you scratch an itch inside of your ear, what feels better: your ear, or your finger?

“Your ear.”

I smirked. “See?”

I heard Rylan chuckle. “I suppose so. Though I would say, from my own personal experience, that guys have both a finger and an ear, so we can get the single big explosion or the multiple small explosions! Depending on how he swings, I guess.”

“If you describe getting fucked as a series of ‘small explosions’, that just proves you don’t know what you’re taking about. You think having your prostate stimulated is like a bunch of small explosions, or is it a long, continuous sensation that shakes every inch of your body? Then recall to the amount of nerve endings in the clit, and you tell me what feels better.”

There was a pause. “Point taken,” Rylan eventually conceded.

I smiled, and shifted on my bed. “It’s a shame you’re not here to scratch my itch,” I cooed into the phone. “It sucks you have to go to that function with your parents tonight.”

I heard Rylan sigh. “Yeah, tell me about it. You know how it goes with my parents. And I know I’m hanging with the guys this weekend, but we’ll find some time together, I promise.”

“Ah, scratching the itch with the boys?”

Rylan laughed. “Most likely. If you’re scratching itches with your girlfriends, I might as well scratch mine with my guy friends!”

It was a rather odd dynamic that Rylan and I had in our relationship. Around the same time we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend we had also both discovered our bi-sides and had a small group of classmates we liked to play with. Since we were still high school seniors at the whim of our parents, it was far easier to hook up with our same-sex friends for overnight shenanigans. I know for my part I had been getting tons of girl action, particularly with my best friend Brooke. She was the first girl I had ever had been with, and since we started having sex we’ve also started playing with some of the other girls on my cheer-leading squad.

“I suppose I could see what Brooke or Alex are doing tonight,” I mused. “Speaking of that, you’ll never guess who I had sex with this week!”

“Another girl!? Who?”

“Sofia Lee. She was at my house on Monday and…we did it!”

“Wow!” I could hear the disbelief in Rylan’s voice. “I never would have thought she’d be into it. Alex, sure, she’s wild. But Sofia…she’s so shy and quiet.”

“Well, she came out of her shell…just a bit.”

“Have you told Alex or Sofia about the Bang Gang?”

The Bang Gang was the name of our little club, which allowed us to have our jealousy-free sex romps. It started when the two of us, along with Brooke and her boyfriend, had a week-long orgy during winter break. We all agreed that within the group, it should be no hold barred, and that we should just enjoy ourselves. We had talked about expanding the group, though we hadn’t officially extended invitations to anyone.

“I have not,” I told Rylan, “but I think it’s definitely possible. Sofia might need convincing, since she’s not as out there as the rest of us.”

Suddenly, my phone vibrated in my hand, and I checked and saw that I had another call coming in. It was Sofia’s number.

“Speak of the devil, Sofia is calling me right now!”

“Ah, well, I’ll leave you to it,” said Rylan. “I’ll talk to you later, babe.”

“Alright, Rylan. We’ll do something on Sunday, maybe?”

And he was gone. I shrugged and pushed a button on my kaçak iddaa phone to switch to the incoming call.


“Beth!” It was Sofia, and she sounded rather excited. “What are you doing right now?”

“Right now? I’m just sitting in my room. What’s up?”

“Well,” she started, “my parents booked a last minute flight to San Francisco this afternoon. They took off about an hour ago. They’re going to be gone until Sunday!”

I perked up immediately. “Did something happen? Why are they leaving you behind?”

“Oh, it’s just boring family stuff. Something about inheritance. And as for why I’m not going with them, I convinced them to let me stay home alone. Besides, this might be an…opportunity for some fun…”

I grinned. “Anything in particular in mind?”

“Oh Beth, don’t make me say it out loud!” I could almost hear her blushing through the phone. “I’m calling Alex and Brooke as well, and since we’d have the run of the house, we could see what happens…”

“Sofia, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’ll get dressed and head over right away!”

I hit End on my phone. Well, I guess that answered the itch question! I tossed off my lounge-wear and threw on some jeans and a sweater, not even bothering with a bra and underwear. I tossed a few scattered articles of clothing into my bag along with some of my toiletries. I headed downstairs into the kitchen, where my mom and dad were sitting at the counter sipping tea.

“Dad, can you give me a ride over to Sofia’s place? The girls are all going to spend the night at her place.”

“Now? It’s supposed to start snowing pretty hard,” murmured Dad over his cup.

“Another sleepover?” my mom commented. “You’ve been having an awful lot of them lately!”

I squeaked a little bit, but kept my cool. “Well, you know, I think we’ve been feeling the senior pinch. Graduation’s in just a few months, and we only have so much time before college, and -“

“Say no more,” assured Mom, “I was only teasing. Of course you should spend time with your friends while you can. Jonathan, take your daughter to her friend’s house before the snow gets too bad.”

After he downed his tea, Dad and I were on the road. The snow was starting to come down while he drove, but the roads weren’t too bad yet. I was pretty antsy in the passenger’s seat; I was so excited I could barely sit still. Dad finally pulled into Sofia’s driveway, behind what looked like Alex’s car. I guess I wasn’t the first to arrive. With a quick goodbye to Dad, I made my way through the falling snow to Sofia’s front door and rang the bell.

“Hey Beth!” Sofia said as she let me in. She looked very cute in a white pullover and black leggings. She surprised me by embracing me and giving me an affectionate kiss on the lips. I hadn’t remembered her greeting me so physically before, and it caught me off guard. It shouldn’t have been too unexpected of a gesture; after all, the last time I saw her we had spent the afternoon having sex!

I smiled at her when our lips parted, and with a small blush she smiled back at me. “C’mon in, Beth. Alex just got here – she’s upstairs in the bathroom – and Brooke said she was on her way.”

“Awesome-sauce,” I said as we walked into the kitchen. It looked like Sofia had been setting up a dozen plates of snacks on her kitchen island – bowls of chips, dips, cookies, snacks, and a few bottles of wine. No clue where she managed to get those from.

“That’s a lot of food! You did all this at the last minute?”

“Well, when I host, I host well. I also ordered a couple of pizzas which should be here before the snow really starts coming down.” Sofia scanned the table, nervously playing with her fingers. “Maybe I should have had one of you pick up some more drinks…”

“Don’t worry, Sofia,” I laughed. “You’re hosting an orgy, not a dinner party!”

Sofia blushed furiously. “Oh my god, Beth, don’t say it like that!”

I touched her arm. “I’m just teasing. Here, start pouring that wine and we’ll relax a little bit.”

“Sounds like a plan!” Sofia agreed.

Just as Sofia filled my glass of wine, the doorbell rang once again. I sipped my wine as Sofia went to the door. Moments later, Sofia threw open the door, with Brooke entering hastily, her hair dotted with snow and kicking off her boots. She shook off the snow and raised her fists into the air.

“Have no fear, I have arrived!” Brooke crowed, and made her way to me. “Hey, Beth,” she murmured as she hugged me close and planted a passionate kiss on my lips.

Our kiss lingered, and when we finally broke, we glanced over at Sofia who was just staring at us. She had a curious smile on her face as she watched us.

“You know,” she observed, “I almost didn’t believe that you guys had been secret girlfriends for the last two months or whatever. But now…yeah, I see it. You two glow. I totally don’t know how I could have missed it.”

“Well, we kept it as absolutely discreet as possible,” I answered.

“Yeah, kaçak bahis people at our school probably wouldn’t understand,” added Brooke. “And I’d have been mortified if people had found out and started talking. But honestly, I’m glad you know and we can at least be open with you and Alex.”

“Did someone say my name?”

Alex came bounding down the stairs, wearing not one stitch of clothing. She was slightly damp; I assumed that she had taken a quick shower. I heard Sofia gasp a little bit, and Brooke chuckle, as Alex sauntered over to us without a care in the world.

“Hey Beth! Hey Brooke!” she beamed, her firm breasts jiggling playfully. She grabbed one of the glasses of wine and nonchalantly took a sip.

“Alex,” stammered Sofia, “you’re naked!”

“Oh, come on Sofia,” Alex grinned. “We have the place all to ourselves, right? Besides, you seemed to like it when we were naked a couple of days ago!”

Brooke gave a pleased gasp. “Ah, you guys did it?!”

“Twice!” boasted Alex. “I think that losing her virginity to Beth on Monday must have knocked something loose in our dear Sofia, because she’s insatiable now!

“So Alex,” piped Brooke, “are you telling me that I am the only one here who hasn’t had sex with Sofia yet?”

“You guys! Stop it already!” Sofia begged, hands on her cheeks.

I have to admit, it was rare to see Sofia so flustered and bashful. I think she was still getting used to this new arrangement with us – she was always the most composed of our group when the rest of us got rowdy. I stifled a laugh because I didn’t want to tease her too much.

“Be nice, you two,” I ordered the two of them.

“Fine, fine,” agreed Alex, who took another swig of her wine. “So come on, guys. Get naked already! I’m getting lonely here!”

Brooke and I shrugged; after all, these days the two of us were almost always totally nude at every opportunity. I hadn’t worn a bra for the precise reason that I didn’t expect to stay dressed for long. I pulled off my sweater in one movement, and watched Brooke unbutton her blouse as I slid down my jeans.

“No panties or bra, I see,” joked Brooke as she eyeballed me and pulled off her top.

“She was prepared,” added Alex.

I glanced over at Sofia, who timidly was fidgeting with her sweater. It was adorable that, despite being naked in the locker room with us countless times, as well as having sex with two of us, that she was still shy. Maybe she needed a little push.

“C’mere, Sofia,” I insisted, since I had so quickly become undressed, “let me help you.”

Sofia nodded, keeping her eyes downcast, and I stepped over to her. I grasped the bottom of her top, and she lifted her arms to allow me to slowly pull it over her head. I set her sweater on the counter, and proceeded to unsnap her bra. Her small, dark nipples twitched when my hand grazed them. Finally, I took the waist of her leggings and rolled them down her legs.

“You know, girls,” I noticed as I pulled the leggings off her feet, “Sofia wasn’t wearing panties either.”

Alex and Brooke giggled behind me. I saw that Sofia had a smirky grin, and I stood to set her leggings on the counter with her sweater. I turned, pleasantly aware that all four of us were now standing in the middle of the kitchen completely naked. We stood, simply grinning and moving our eyes from one girl to the next, enjoying the moment. I took the time to really drink in each of the girls.

Alex was the tallest of us, and had the best definition of all of us – her abs were absolutely to die for! She was of Irish descent, with long auburn hair and wide green eyes. She perpetually had a grin on her pink lips that welcomed trouble. Her skin was fair from head to toe, with light freckles on her cheeks. Her breasts were almost as big as mine with prominent pink nipples. She had a thin line of dark reddish hair above her pink, flared pussy.

Brooke had even longer hair that spilled down in dark brown waves to her elbows. She was a couple of inches shorter than me, with large friendly brown eyes. In fact, everything was friendly about Brooke’s face. Her nose was slightly larger than average, and I always thought that it gave her a sort of extra cuteness to her. Her skin had a sort of healthy, medium tone to it. Her breasts, while smaller than mine, had lovely nipples which were slightly darker than her skin, but not too much. She kept her pussy shaved and bare and had simply lovely curves.

Sofia was Chinese, and even shorter than Brooke. She had magnificent porcelain skin, with dark little nipples on her small breasts. She didn’t have much in the hip department unlike the rest of us. Though she was thin and petite, she had a long, graceful neck with a bob of black hair to her jawline. Her dark eyes had a deep beauty to them, and her pale pink lips and eyebrows were always measured and even. Her pussy was a light brown, with a short smattering of hair above it.

As for myself, I had dark blonde hair that went to my shoulder. illegal bahis I had the largest boobs in the room, with pink nipples that pointed slightly upwards. My skin wasn’t as fair as Alex’s, and just like Brooke I kept my pussy completely shaved. I had bright blue eyes along with a crooked grin, which gave the hint that I was up to something. And considering that I was standing naked in a kitchen and ogling a bunch of similarly naked girls, it wasn’t far from the mark. All in all, the four of us made quite a set – all of us pretty, each in our own way.

Brooke eventually broke the silence. “This is very nice,” she said simply.

“Nice? Try hot,” laughed Alex.

The atmosphere was a bit more relaxed now that we were all naked, and it became even more so when we started on the wine. Even Sofia was calmer than she was before – she just needed that extra nudging. While we all lounged around the snacks, and taking every moment to run our eyes over each other enjoying the view, the doorbell rang.

Sofia squealed, covering herself. “Oh no, I forgot about the pizza!” She then proceeded to hide behind the kitchen island.

“Where’s your wallet?” I asked.

“I paid online!” she wailed, crouching and covering her face.

“Oh, just chill. If it’s already paid for, I’ll grab it,” assured Alex, who started walking towards the front door.

“But you’re not wearing any clothes!” gasped Brooke.

“Pfft, whatever,” spouted Alex. “Besides, if he gets a little show we won’t have to tip him!”

“I already added the tip!” warned Sofia, but Alex still strode towards the door.

While Alex may have been fine flashing a stranger, Brooke and I were not. A split second before Alex threw open the door, Brooke and I managed to jump behind the island with a couple of squeals of our own. Crouching down with Sofia, we peeked around the sides of the island to see what was going on.

“Good evening!” Alex belted as she held the door open, bare to the winter air outside. The pizza guy, a sleepy-looking 20-something guy, stood there. Instantly, his eyes were wide open. His mouth was slightly agape, as he stood awkwardly with the pizzas in his hands.

“Uh, I have your boobs – foods! Er, I mean I have your food. Your pizzas,” he ended lamely.

“Oh man, they smell good!” Alex announced, as she reached forward to take the pizza from the poor delivery guy’s hands. “Boy, it’s freezing out here!”

“I can tell,” replied the delivery guy, his eyes transfixed on Alex’s hardening nipples. “Er, I mean…”

“Well thanks for the pizza! Have a good night!” said Alex as she stepped back inside and slammed the door in his face. She then walked back to us carrying the pizzas like it was no big thing. Sofia, Brooke, and I jumped out of hiding at the same time, berating her for showing off like that and simultaneously impressed that she did it in the first place. Alex just laughed it off.

“Alright, you nudey fraidy-cats. What kind of pizza did we get?”

Sofia opened the boxes. “I got one pepperoni, and one vegetarian.”

“How appropriate,” mused Brooke, “No sausage for us tonight.”

There was a full beat before all of us, even Sofia, broke out into hysterical, tear-inducing laughter. Brooke simply sat, grinning at herself. The mood became light again, with the three of us scarfing down the pizza and downing wine like it was going out of style. The four of us were chatting and laughing, with the occasional touching or stroking of each other. I don’t think there was anything I loved more than just hanging out with everything hanging out.

“I have a suggestion,” said Sofia through her last mouthful of pizza, “I started filling up the hot tub a while ago, so why don’t we jump in while we work on the second bottle of wine?”

I held the bottle up to Sofia. “That was the second bottle, Sofia!”

Sofia giggled, and let out a girlish burp. “Well, the third then!” She was definitely getting a little tipsy, and I was all for it.

We went to the back of the house, where Sofia’s parents had a windowed enclosure that housed a 6-person hot tub. The snow was coming down on the other side of the windows, with light reflecting off the snowflakes. It needed a few minutes for the hot tub to fill completely up, so we waited in the chilly room and continued sipping wine and laughing. Once it was filled, we all jumped into the warm foamy water. Almost instinctively, Sofia ended up leaning against Alex who draped her arm around her shoulders, while Brooke cuddled close to me. I felt her hand stroke my thigh as we relaxed in the tub.

“Alright, I have to know,” said Alex suddenly. “What exactly happened during winter break? You and Brooke have been awfully coy about it, and you two obviously had fun with your boyfriends for that whole week.”

“I’m rather curious myself,” added Sofia, still nuzzled against Alex.

“Well, if you must know, we pretty much did everything,” I began. “Hell, we spent pretty much the whole time naked. Kind of like we are right now.”

“Rylan and Mark, too?”

“Yep,” answered Brooke. “The four of us pretty much had nonstop sex with each other. And that includes the boys with each other!”

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