When it Came Through the Door Pt. 09

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Jackson messaged me again, and I feel worse this time for not responding.

I don’t know what to say to him, and I can’t face what happened. My wife knows something’s up, because she keeps pressing me about it, which adds to the pressure.

I’ve been running, and drinking more, just trying to cope. But the worst part is lying to her.

Even though that morning I said I was okay, I fled. Having woken up with Jackson wrapped around me, was just next level too much.

Yes…the problem is that I enjoyed it far too much.

But then I returned home, slept, and woke up spooning my wife, and realised that’s where I’m supposed to be.

And each day I wake up, and I wrap around her, I think about how Jackson held me when I woke up at his house and I have to work at pushing that far to the back of my mind because, it’s just…wrong.

It’s been weeks since I saw Jackson that morning and I left rather awkwardly. I put him on silent, so I don’t get distracted through the days, but I always think about him in the mornings.

I still jog the park, but I blank the toilets. It’s easy enough to just run past it, and pretend it isn’t there.

I’m sure I saw that young fit guy from the shower that time, the cock worshipper, walk in one afternoon, but I couldn’t do it.

Until this morning.

Early morning, on a Wednesday, which for some reason is busy, there’s always someone around. It might have something to do with the graffiti in the middle stall which tells a story of a hot encounter on a Wednesday morning, and how the jogger would be there that following Wednesday. Perhaps others, like myself, made a mental note to turn up on Wednesdays in case.

I walked in and saw a guy at the urinal.

Right away I liked this guy, but I was still feeling a bit weird, so I entered with trepidation, in case I bumped into Jackson, who seemed to frequent this toilet often.

The guy had clearly been exercising, as he wore joggers, a tight singlet and cap with sunnies. While this made it hard to see what he looked like, I’d have guessed him at early twenties, really fit and Caucasian, a bit of messy blonde hair sticking out from under his cap and a tight, stubbled jawline.

He looked at canlı bahis me, kind of nodded in an odd way, but turned to the corner of the urinal, as though hiding something.

Having learned that people don’t generally stand at urinals while watching guys walk in, unless they are wanting something more than a pee, I brazenly went to the urinal and took the opposite end and got my dick out.

Obviously, I urinated, but when I finished, I shook my dick a few times and side-watched this guy.

He didn’t do anything, so I assumed he was overly nervous.

I’m not that much more experienced, so I gently played with my cock in my corner of the urinal, angling so that he could, if he really looked, see the tip of my slowly hardening cock.

He must have looked, because from the corner of my eye I saw him slowly angle himself towards me but when I carefully looked, I couldn’t see his cock or his hand moving.

I started to get a little nervous, which I think was probably from this guy’s noob energy.

When I looked behind, I could see the cubicles were empty.

It was still quite early in the morning, so I didn’t expect too many guys to be around.

As I thought about leaving, I noticed he was staring at what little he could see of my cock.

Fuck it.

I turned so he could see I was relatively hard and still, figuring that if he did nothing, I’d turn and leave, even with a boner pushing through my short, jogging shorts.

His eyes widened as he saw me openly wanking and his tongue darted across his lips briefly.

I guessed this was one of his first times, but probably not his very first.

When he turned, my own eyes widened.

He had a great dick. It was cut, thick, and I’d guess about 9.5 inches. Not Jackson big, but well above average.

I turned towards him more, and wanked openly while starting at his cock. Occasionally I’d glance at his face, check the rest of him out, and go back to staring at his cock.

He wanked, watched me, licked his lips, continued wanking, and angled towards me a little more.

I stepped towards him.

His eyes looked alarmed, and he shrank back.

This guy was so timid, I knew he was going to flee in a second and I bahis siteleri didn’t really know how to stop him from doing that.

He was like a cornered animal I needed to free. In order to free him, I needed to approach him.

This guy didn’t want to be approached.


We wanked.

But then he licked his lips, stepped forward, eyeing the door. We wanked, while he watched the door, occasionally lusted at my cock with furtive eyes, licked his lips and returned to door duty.

I figured if a fly came in he’d be aware of it, so just watched him.

The temptation to lean over and suck his dick was getting stronger.

Then I had that ‘fuck it’ moment, assuming he’d flee anyway, and so I bent to suck it.

I expected him to run.

He didn’t.

I got a good taste of it. Put my mouth around the bulbous head and felt the heat of it as it entered my mouth. Forgot how good it felt to taste one and to have a juicy, big, fat cock in my mouth.

But it made me wish it had been Jackson’s, a thought I had to quickly push away.

He convulsed, moved out of my mouth, and I panicked, expecting to stand up to an interruption, but it wasn’t anything like that.

He just blew his load on the urinal.

I was disappointed because I was hoping he’d have given it to me. But he came quick and without warning and left it dribbling down the trough.

Nobody had come in, but when I went to wank and finish off, the guy fled and left me standing there with a hard-on.

I stood at the urinal by myself, looking at his jizz running down the trough, but felt a bit weird and no longer inspired, so I went into the cubicle and thought I’d wank over the graffiti.

As I turned around to close the cubicle door, Jackson walked in.


I was like the rabbit in the spotlight, and kind of cornered.

With my dick out, standing in the cubicle.

He must have been really quiet. Like someone who was experienced at creeping in undetected.

With a hand sort of unsuccessfully hiding my dick, I shuffled back out and to the urinal and tried to avoid his eyes. I just had no idea what the fuck to say to him, after ghosting him for the past couple of weeks.

To be fair, bahis şirketleri I felt like he was giving me more chances than I’d give myself. He was always straight up with me, but I was always disappearing and being a flake or simply ghosting him.

He was like some kind of super confident man, the way he walked to the urinal, saw the jizz, stooped to get a closer look at it, but then whipped his dick out and started wanking, while watching me. He raised an eyebrow, and his tongue came out, to let me know he was turned on and to come to him.

Jackson was an enigma I would one day work out.

With a big hand, he waved me over. That cock was enormous, especially when I compared it to the previous guy.

I shuffled two steps, but watched the door. If he could be that quiet coming in, then anyone else could.

Impatient, with too much confidence, Jackson shuffled over and in one move swooped down and brought his head down onto my cock. His hot mouth descended on it like a vacuum and holy shit…I could have jizzed in a second.

He was dressed in jogging kit too, which I thought was really hot, as I watched him take my dick into his mouth and suck it like a pro.

Up and down, with a warm mouth that squeezed my dick, as he gently, but perfectly sucked on it.

I wanted more.

So I gently pushed his head away, and brought my head down onto his big eleven-inch dick and sucked it in the way I’d recently learned seemed to work.

Thankfully, Jackson has a lot of foreskin, so pulling down on it and wanking him while I sucked was easy enough. I used as much saliva as I could to slobber over it and wanked it while sucked it from head to tip. It’s a big dick, and not easy to swallow, but I was able to get most of the way with my mouth and Jackson didn’t once try and force me to take more of it.

Jackson didn’t seem to be too keen on blowing in someone’s mouth, so he either got bored, or had enough, because he soon stopped me and pulled me into a kiss while we stood at the urinal.

I was a bit shocked, given I’d left his house and not messaged him back after he’d sent numerous messages to try and encourage me, but did like kissing him, so went along with it.

When he pushed his dick next to mine, and it rubbed my belly and against my dick, I really liked it, especially as he was kissing me while doing it.

I guess we were too engrossed to hear the cops come in a few seconds later.

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