When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 12

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Chapter Twelve: The Show…

“Mmm…God that was hot.” Mason said.

“I think someone needs to clean Candie up…it’s your turn Mason…” Veronica instructed.

Mason guided the dancer over to the bench and laid her down on in lengthwise. He rubbed his hands up the dancer’s silky thighs and then forcefully spread her legs apart exposing her wet, bald cunt and big, hard clit. He rubbed a finger up the edge of her slit teasing her a little. Then he suddenly plunged a finger deep inside her hot, aching pussy making her cry out with startled excitement. Then he let his thumb circle around her clit as he pushed a second finger deep inside her. As Mason slid his fingers in and out of her beautiful bald snatch Candie fretfully bit at her bottom lip, and moaned softly under her breath.

“Oh, Blondie, eat me…Please stick your tongue in my cunt…slurp up all my juices please….” The dancer begged.
Mason lowered his head and teasingly gave her clit a fast lick across. Barely touching her skin—she felt more heat and breath than tongue—causing her to moan out for more and thrust her hips up hard into Mason’s face.

“Ooh…Veronica, she really wants it doesn’t istanbul travesti she, she’s a tongue hungry little slut isn’t she?” Mason said in a mock question.

“I think you should give it to her…” Veronica laughed.

“Are you sure? I think maybe she should beg you to let your man tongue fuck her hot little cunt.” Mason countered.

“Please, Veronica please let him fuck me…let him stick his hot wet tongue in between my swollen pussy lips…I’m begging…please…” The horny dancer pleaded madly.

“Give it to the horny little bitch Mason…give her what she wants—what she needs from you.” Veronica replied.

Mason’s mouth and tongue descended onto Candie’s pussy like a piranha in a tank of goldfish. He ate her pussy, sucking her clit as hard as he could nibbling it and pulling at her lips with his teeth—all the while fucking her with his fingers as hard and as fast as he could. By the time he had finished she’d cum twice more and it had taken his and Veronica’s mouth to clean her all up completely. Candie fell to the bench like a limp dishrag when the two of them were finally done with her. After regaining her composure a little şişli travesti she decided to have them do something for her this time….

“Now, I want you two to do something for me… Candie said as she rubbed her hands across Mason’s excited cock once again. I want to see you fuck her…I’ve never seen that…fuck her in the ass for me…” She continued.

Veronica was spent already, but she came to life again when mason turned her around to the sink. She grabbed onto both sides and stuck her ass out behind her as much as she could.
Candie sat on the bench behind them…waiting and watching…her hands finding their way into her own juicy slit as she watched the show. When Mason stretched up and mounted Veronica’s hot ass he was so horny and hot for her that he looked like a while dog in heat fucking her as hard and as fast and as deep as he could.

“Oh, Yes Mason Baby, fuck me, fuck me deep you horny boy…” Veronica panted.

“Oh fuck, that looks so fucking hot…you two are amazing…I can’t stop fucking myself…it’s too good watching you,” the dancer answered.

“Veronica and Mason looked up into the mirror bakırköy travesti above the sinks and as Mason fucked Veronica as hard as he could they watched the Dancer fuck herself to oblivion…circling one hand around her clit while she shoved four fingers of the other hand deep into her slit…moaning and getting close to cumming…

“Oh, fuck, I love watching you fuck your own little bald cunt you nasty little bitch you…” Veronica confided.

“Damn Veronica I love to hear you talk nasty to her like that…and watching you Candie…Fuck I’m Cumming…” Mason Yelled out.

“Oh Yeah…we do it for you don’t we Blondie…we’re gonna make that big hot cock of yours explode…I wanta see it…cum in her ass for me…that’s so fucking hot! I’m cumming too!” Candie yelled out as she pumped her fingers in and out of her own pussy faster and faster until cum dripped down them and pooled onto the bench beneath her bald lips.

Getting up and crossing to the sink Candie said, “Now, do one more thing for me Mason…Pull your rod back out of her nice and slow…”

And as he did the dancer dropped to her knees and licked up every bit of the ass tainted cum that followed Mason’s cock out of Veronica’s deep dark hole. Then when Mason was finally out Candie stuck her tongue in the newly stretched place and rimmed Veronica’s ass good, licking and sucking anything else she could get out…

“Seems like we’re not the only ass sluts around here…” Veronica said with a grin.

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