Whip It Out Ch. 02

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Thanks for all the nice comments on my first two letters. Mom and I may be boring to some, but I wouldn’t trade my experiences with her for anything.

For new readers please read “Whip it Out” and preferably “Amber” as well.


December 1983. I haven’t seen Amber since Thanksgiving. She’s getting ready for finals. I miss her so much. Not just for her body but to feel attached to something or somebody.

This is my first year out of High School and everyone has left me. My best friend Kevin and Amber have gone to separate colleges. Tracey my sister is on her second year at Mizzou.

Most of my other friends have gone their separate ways as well.

My days consist of a few community college classes and working on the farm. Nights aren’t much more exciting. I feel stupid cruising, remembering making fun of other graduates a couple of years ago.

On top of that Mom and I have barely talked for almost a one and a half years.

The first year was easy. Amber more than kept me occupied. Now I have time to reflect on what occurred and how it has affected mom and I.

We have never mentioned the barn incident again. It was such an emotional event. Any desire or need has completely left me and I know it has mom as well.

She sees to my physical needs and asks about my day, but it seems hollow.

This fall has found me home alone with mom most afternoons due to my college schedule. This has been quite awkward. It’s been a long time since we were alone together and we seem like strangers.

At first mom always had to run an errand, work in the yard or send me on a job. Anything to keep distance between us.

As the winter has moved in, it has forced us to interact. And a workable normalcy has been reached between us.

The guilt I feel is killing me and my desire to let her know I’m sorry is overwhelming.

As usual mom’s busy today when I get in. Coming through the door I hear the same;

“Hey, how was your day?”

“Nothing new.”

“I need you to go up in the attic and get out all the picture boxes. Tracey called and wants me to send her some pictures for a class. Also, you might as well get out the Christmas tree and decorations while your up there. Your dad went to town and I want to have it ready for him to put up. He won’t gripe as much about having to help, if it’s already out of the attic.”

“Bring the picture boxes in when you come!” I hear mom yell at me.

Sitting them on the kitchen table mom comes over and starts opening them.

We sit and hand pictures back and forth to each other just looking at memories like most people have done. Halloween pictures, Christmas pictures, baby pictures etc.

Reaching in for the next one I pull out a framed 11×12 of Tracey sitting on our old antique pull tractor. I remember dad let her pull it in a local tractor pull and she won. I was so mad he wouldn’t let me drive.

Today however, my eyes are on the barn window in the background of the photo. As it’s the stall window. It’s just glaring at me from the photo.

“What’s that one?” mom asks bending around to take a look.

“Oh I remember this! Tracey was so proud” mom says as she sits smiling at the picture.

Her posture tensed up and I knew she was drawn to the window as well and everything it represented. Standing up I start to makeup an excuse to get away and mom stood, placing her hand on my forearm to stop me.

Glancing at each other I caved and just grabbed mom hugging her with everything I had, saying “I’m so sorry mom” and trying hard not to break down.

I feel her arms around me pressing me in and her head on my shoulder.

I guess she sensed I was tearing up as she rubbed my back and whispered “it’s okay” into my ear.

Feeling her in my arms is strange. We were never a physical family, rarely hugging and kissing. I can’t remember the last time mom did either to me. It was usually a pat on the back or some type of rough housing.

My parents’ love was always there and taken for granted.

All I know is I cant’ get enough of her.

“I’m just so sorry” saying again and pulling mom into me. I Desperately need to feel her acceptance and forgiveness.

Mom’s head crushes into my neck having no where else to go. She lightly kisses my neck.

“It’s OK we just have to figure out how to live with it.”

I run my hands under her t shirt just to feel her skin.

Mom gently kisses my neck again giving her approval.

Running my hands over her back and sides I can feel her bare breasts within reach.

I am choking up trying to tell mom “I’ve missed you so much” as I stroke her bare back.

“Me too.”

This is all I wanted. All I Avrupa Yakası Escort needed. Her complete forgiveness and to know she wanted to be my mom and not simply required to do so. I made no further move enjoying this moment.

Mom moves her hands to my pants and gently undoes them as they drop to the floor.

“Don’t. You don’t have to.”

“Sshh” mom whispers in my ear as her hand finds me.

Mom uses her free hand and pushes her shirt above her breasts and then crushes herself against my chest.

Mom just firmly pushed my cock against her stomach. Not wrapping her hand around me or moving her hand much, just pushing me against her.

I think she needed to feel my desire for her still existed. As much as I needed to feel my mom’s love.

This isn’t my first breast but the first time I’ve felt moms’. I gently consume her left breast with my hand and fingers not wanting to miss any of it. I’m not shy with her nipple and roll it between my thumb and finger stretching it to it’s maximum. Never hurting her.

Mom’s just gently kissing my neck and massaging my cock against her stomach. I’ve started humping her stomach subtly with short firm thrusts.

Mom gently kisses up my neck to my ear as I am humping her stomach and hand, she whispers “It’s ok, you can do it” in my ear. I unload a year and a half of pain and guilt on her and she doesn’t break contact taking it for me as any mom would.

I refuse to give up her breasts moving from one to the other. Pushing against her slimy stomach I notice she hasn’t released me either, not wanting the moment to end.

Moving my hand down covering the back of her cum covered hand I gently guide it to the waist band of her sweatpants. She balks at my intent and I whisper “please” continuing, not waiting for an answer.

Guiding our hands behind her waistband to her pussy, mine eases up the pressure as she needs no further direction. Mom falls into my shoulder as she gently fingers herself allowing my hand to shadow hers through it’s travels.

I can feel her moistness and heat. My middle finger giving aid to her finger fucking. Our fingers entering fully and slowly, exiting and coming to rest on her clit for a massage before diving back in.

I needed mom’s orgasm like she needed mine. Proof we healed together not just me.

Mom’s gently rocking against me not making any noise. Only the flush of her juices are telling me she’s excited. Mom took her orgasm very passively only a small whimper escaping her.

Not wanting the moment to end I sit down and quickly pull her onto my lap. We just hug silently.

Running my hand over her breast and nipple I said “thanks”.

“It’s Ok Jamie.” She raises up looking at me and continues, “I love your dad and he has not missed out on anything you understand?”


“Mom, the times with you I will never forget.”

“Me neither.”

“I don’t want them to end.”

Looking at me she said “We’ll see. “Amber’s a good girl, she’ll be home for Christmas.”

“Yeah I can’t wait to see her, but it’s different with you. Know what I mean?” Standing up in front of me I can see my cum smeared on her stomach.

“Yeah I know what you mean” mom answers.


I simply can’t do justice in explaining the relief I felt, reconciling with mom. We may have lived in the same house the past year and a half but it felt like a thousand miles separated us.

The next few days I couldn’t wait to get home just to talk to her. It had been a long time since we felt this comfortable. In addition it was filling the void of losing Amber and Kevin.

It was several days before the thought of attempting another encounter with mom entered my head. It felt cheap to try anything. We were both at peace and comfortable with each other.

My letters have always made a point to not discuss my father. He is a great dad who I am close with and work with on a regular basis. Mom and I always know where he is and it is understood what is safe.

During the winter dad may travel to equipment auctions several hundred miles a few times during the winter. On this day Dad was gone to a sale and would be home the next day.

We have a large wood stove we keep stoked most of the winter. The wood box was in need of filling and it was bitterly cold outside.

Mom was standing at the door and would open and close it as I carried the wood inside and filled the box.

After I finished, we stood around the stove attempting to warm up. I stuck my hands on her neck and made her jump back. I did this a couple of times until she slapped my hand saying, “Stop!”

We were both facing Bahçelievler Escort the stove and impulsively I moved behind her quickly and slid my hand under her sweatshirt up to her right breast. She jerked and screamed “Quit! Your hands are cold!”

I held her in front of me trapped by the stove and she kept fighting me.

“Your so ornery!” Mom said finally, giving up and letting me warm my hand on her breast. I slid my other one up under her shirt as well.

She shivered and groaned again but let me continue.

Her nipples were straining at attention. I could feel every little bump on her nipples. She leaned back against me as I had my way with her breasts.

There was no mistaking they were women’s breasts. It didn’t take long for my dick to warm up as well.

I gently let her feel it on her ass. We stood like that for the longest as I felt her tits and smelled her hair. It was pretty cool.

Mom always got quiet sexually. She might be talking my leg off like today. Yet as soon as something sexual started occurring she clammed up and entered her own sanctuary.

I start tweaking her nipples at the same time, as I reminded her of my hard-on on her ass.

Mom chuckled and said “is that a hint?”

“I’m enjoying this right now, I love feeling your tits”

“Well it’s starting to feel a little better your hands are warming up.”

Mom moved her hand around to my package and started rubbing my jeans.

I think she was enjoying the massage more than she was letting on as she leaned back into me accepting it.

I decided to move to her jeans and started undoing her belt buckle but she stopped me and shook her head no.


“It’s OK. You can some other time. It’s not a good time of the month. Know what I mean?”

“Sure.” As I stood there breathing a sigh of relief I hadn’t screwed up too badly.

Massaging her breasts again and breathing in her hair, rejuvenated my nerve.

I leaned down and gently kissed her neck not wanting to scare her off. She didn’t flinch and actually moved her head a little giving more access.

“Mom, can I kiss you? We’ve never done that.” Turning to look at me, mom dislocates my hands from her breasts. I find both again and don’t let up claiming my ownership of them.

Looking her in the eyes I cup and milk her nipples.

“I don’t know, I don’t think so. We don’t need to get too excited.”

“You’re the one that said now was not a good time, so nothing could happen. It might be the best time.” I push against her and bend a little to kiss her neck and start moving her sweatshirt up over her head which she allows with a little eagerness.

Our eyes meet as she sheds her sweatshirt completely exposing herself to me. Moving in, our lips graze testing the waters. Parting them I jump in feet first crushing my mouth and body against hers and she meets my intensity.

Our tongues touching for the first time will never leave me. We fucked each others’ mouths trying to consume the other. It was a first kiss that would never be forgotten.

Mom runs her hand down my pants as we make out. I couldn’t break contact with her mouth as we tongue dueled. Mom stroked my cock in my pants as I played with her breasts.

Mom went to work on my pants and got them dropped to my ankles as she attacked my cock and mouth at the same time.

I am pulling her left breast in a milking fashion all the way to the nipple and can feel it filled with blood and lust. I am jacking her tit in time with her hand on my cock it seems.

I’m not embarrassed to say I started cumming in mom’s hands as I sucked on her tongue.

Mom wasn’t cautious about my direction, intent only in my pleasure as she expertly separated me from my cum. I Shot on her stomach, arms and hands.

I haven’t finished cumming when mom drops to her knees and takes me in cleaning me up. She sucked and licked until she was satisfied the job was completed.

Standing up she entered my mouth again as we continued our exploration.

Finally breaking it off, mom says “meet me in the living room.”

A few minutes later mom comes back dragging pillows and a couple of blankets with pajama bottoms on and topless. Still wearing my cum on her stomach.

“Why don’t we camp out in the living room tonight.”

“Sounds like a great idea” I reply.

Laying on the couch I watch my mom come to me, giving herself up. Sitting down on the edge I reach up and pull her down as we continued our make out session. We made out like a couple of teenagers.

Getting more comfortable I move to my back and pull her on top as we start nastily kissing.

You Bahçeşehir Escort know what I mean, where keeping it clean and neat is out the window. Our tongues are dancing and licking wherever the desire takes us.

We’ve traded enough spit to get me hard again.

Usually at this time Amber’s saying something funny or nasty breaking the tension. Mom’s a downer in this respect however. She’s all business sucking on my tongue and grinding herself on my thigh.

I finally pull mom’s ponytail back roughly until she has to raise up which causes her to seriously start riding my thigh. Her tit is right in my face and I reach out with my tongue guiding it to my mouth as I begin nursing on it.

Sucking my moms’ tit in a sexual way can only be described in one word. Wrong!

The realization hits me in the face. Each suck I take yields to our carnal desire for the other. I am sucking her tit so hard, earnestly trying to mouth it completely. Mom’s torn between trying to push me off her breast and grind her pussy on my thigh. I give it one final long suck as I pull off her nipple.

It is engorged. Her brown nipple is noticeably darker than the other and I decide to correct the situation moving to the neglected one attacking it quickly. Mom is humping my thigh as she approaches her moment. Her mouth is open as I’ve seen before and eyes closed, shutting me out.

Mom starts cumming, riding my leg which is slightly bothering me as I am not comfortable as to what might be going on down there but I’m not going to complain, she probably knows what she’s doing.

Mom grabs my head and crushes it on her breast as she finishes cumming.

Mom collapses on me resting as I can hear my dick yelling for help.

She’s getting heavy on me and I push her off trying to turn on my side but she falls off the couch. “hey! You sure know how to treat a girl” she complains.

Laughing I roll off too, straddling her. “Sorry you were smashing me.” As I look down into her eyes and get my smile from her.

My cocks’ down around her waist as I lean over and kiss her lightly and lean back up. Mom reaches down and picks her breasts up and just looks at me. Moving up I know what she is suggesting and I rub my cock on her breasts.

She pushes them together and completely encases it.

I remember the first time I tit fucked Amber and how she laughed.

Looking at mom she’s just staring at me in her calm manner waiting for me to take her.

I realize mom’s been tit fucked and had more than her share of facials.

She’s also probably swallowed a couple gallons of cum over her life time. It’s not the simple act of a tit fuck that’s exciting her it’s the knowledge it’s me, her son that is putting the lust in her eyes.

Mom’s holding her tits together as I start thrusting through them slowly.

Mom’s just staring in my eyes kind of making me self conscious.

Amber always stared at my cock like she was scared of it or wondering what it was going to do. Amber’s awe of it always made me feel powerful.

Mom doesn’t’ seem to care in the least what my cock is doing or going to do, she’s simply taking in her son’s enjoyment of her body.

As I am picking up pace and mom’s continuing to stare at me as I lose control, I ask her “Where do you want me to cum?”

“I don’t care”

“No, tell me” as I try to get her participation.

“I just like watching you enjoy yourself. Shoot wherever you want.”

This complete acceptance sends me over the edge and I start cumming raising up I take control and begin jacking off shooting onto her face and open mouth as she doesn’t break my eye contact.

Watching her face and mouth take my cum so calmly, releases my orgasm completely as I fill her face and mouth.

Mom has dropped her tits and is stroking my thighs as I cum on her. Moving to her mouth I lay cross ways on her and bury my cock in her mouth as I finish and rest.

Mom cleaned her face up a little with my cock but wiped the rest on the blanket and we kissed a little but fell asleep until morning.

I woke up with my hand on her tits and a raging hard-on as her ass was pressed against me. Mom reached back and slowly jacked me off and I shot quickly on her pajama bottoms.

“Go get in the shower you have to get to school” she says getting up and heads to the kitchen.

When I get out she’s in the kitchen making a little breakfast, still topless which is so cool and so out of character for her.

I pulled her onto my lap as I ate and she put her arms around my neck watching.

“When are you going to get Amber for Christmas?”

“Tomorrow after school, I’ll just leave from there. We should be home about 8:00 or 9:00 tomorrow night.”

“I don’t guess you’ll be home much the next couple of weeks.”

“Hey it ‘s your fault making me ask her out. But you were right about her.”

“Are you all getting serious?”

“Yeah I think so.”

“That’s good” as mom moves to my mouth reminding me of which girl I’m with. We made out a little but, all good things must come to an end.

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