Who Needs Willpower Ch. 01

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“I’m going out for dinner, wanna come with?” Amanda shouted, her voice muffled through Fiona’s closed door. Fiona leaned back from her chair, letting out a long sigh. Maybe some food would be a good break, she thought to herself, ‘actually, y’know what would be a better break?’

“Nah I’m fine, I still got homework to do, bring me something back?” Fiona shouted back. “You got it!” Amanda responded. A few seconds passed before Fiona heard the front door open and shut again.

Wasting no time, Fiona jumped up and rushed over to her bed, scurrying under the covers. Fiona was a relatively short girl, shiny auburn hair running halfway down her back. She wore a soft white T-shirt, striped with pastel colors, some black short shorts and matching knee socks. Fiona didn’t like to brag, but she had a stunning figure. She was in great shape from years of swimming, a slim stomach, with a relatively thick butt. Her breasts were full, resting at about a C cup, yet still perfectly perky, allowing her to find herself rarely wearing bras.

Fiona shifted around in her bed before leaning over to her nightstand. She lifted a small box of the stand, opening it and grabbing out a small pair of keys from inside. Fiona felt herself leaking slightly in anticipation, quickly taking off her clothes. Laying on her back, she slowly slid her hands down her form, pausing slightly to play with her nipples. She always had sensitive nipples, but despite trying several times, she had never been able to cum from them.

After a few minutes, she could feel her heart rate increasing, her soft breaths growing slightly more audible. She let her hands continue down her form, before finally her fingers were met with steel. She traced her fingers over her caged cock, her fingers immediately slick with precum as she glided over the steel.

As a futa, she has several ways of masturbating, but only one way of cumming. All her life, no matter how much she played with her nipples, how much she fingered herself, how much she used her dildo, she has never been able to cum without stroking her cock. It was like the trigger that would break the dam, and no matter how much pleasure she stockpiled behind that dam, she couldn’t get it to break any other way.

This opened up an interesting fetish for her. As a futa, her sex drive was incredibly high, cumming multiple times a day. But because of the need for her cock to cum, chastity had a unique effect on her. The squeeze of her cage drove her sex drive through the roof, but at the same time, completely prevented her orgasms. Her sex drive was too high for her willpower, so she could never stay locked for long, but she had discovered a routine that gave her the taste of denial she craved.

Every night, she would lock up. Sleeping caged always gave her sexy dreams, letting her wake up wet with her own precum, already a little desperate to cum. She’d get dressed, grab the keys, and head off to class. She’d spend the day caged and throbbing, sometimes even go to the bathroom to tease herself between classes. Then she’d unlock before swimming practice. She swam every weekday, and she didn’t wanna stay caged when she was around her teammates. She’d swim, oggle her teammates as they changed, and then rush home to cum, before locking to start again the next day.

It was a Sunday, so instead of unlocking to swim, she stayed anne seks hikayeleri caged all day while studying. Now that Amanda was out of the house, she could finally unlock. She slid the key into the lock, a twinge of pleasure passing through her as she heard the soft click of the lock. She slid the lock out, and the cage immediately pushed open, her cock stiffening in an instant. She let out a soft moan as she finally grew erect for the first time that day. She was too hard to bother trying to take the ring off, opting to immediately start stroking instead.

Fiona wasn’t necessarily well endowed in the size department, stopping at about 4 inches fully erect. Despite not being too far below average for guys, for futas, she was well below average, especially compared to the other cocks she saw on her swimmates.

It only took a couple strokes to completely soak her cock in precum. Her cock twitched in pleasure, so sensitive from a full day of neglect. Her heavy breaths turned into soft moans, thrusting her hips into the air with every stroke. Her second hand sliding up her body, grabbing her tits with force, biting her lips. Her strokes went faster and faster, the slopping sound of her precum filling the room.

She felt herself nearing the edge. She slowed momentarily, wondering if she should try to edge, or try to deny herself another day, but her willpower gave out, just as it did every other day. Her fist stroked faster and harder until she felt herself tip over the point of no return, erupting cum over her stomach and tits, some even reaching her neck.

Her strokes slowed, along with her breaths. She rubbed the cum on her tits, feeling them glide through her hands as she slowly cooled down, smiling and closing her eyes. She felt a twinge of disappointment as she did every night, for not being able to deny herself, or even ruin her own orgasm. A part of her desperately wanted to try denial for a longer period, but she could never get herself to stick to it.

After a few minutes of resting in her bed, Fiona let out a long sigh before throwing herself up. She tossed her clothes into the hamper, walking naked through the house to the bathroom. She walked in to hear a click click click. Turning the lights on, she looked down to see her cat Momo, pawing at one of her toys on the bathroom floor. She was a black cat with white mitten-like coloration on her feet, and a white undercoat that peaked through when she’d curve her body.

“I know you always wanna play, but I gotta shower. Scoot!” Fiona said, sliding Momo out of the bathroom with her foot, answered with a prolonged meow of protest.

Fiona showered, wrapping herself in a towel and opening the door to go to her room.

“I got Sesame chicken for ya,” she heard Amanda shout from the kitchen.

“Thanks! Just a sec.” Fiona got to her room, dropping her towel and replacing it with a nightgown. It was a pastel blue gown with white frills around the sleeves and base, ending a little above the halfway point of her thighs. She wrapped the towel around her head to dry her hair, before pulling up her gown, sitting on her bed, and relocking her cage. Just as she got it locked, she felt a paw on her legs, followed by a raspy meow.

“Fiiine, let’s play Momo,” Fiona stood up, placing the key on top of the box on her nightstand, and grabbed a ribbon toy, flicking it back and forth with an enthusiastic Momo dashing behind her, walking out of the room as she did.

“Just sesame chicken, huh?” Fiona questioned as she walked into the kitchen, the pitter patter of Momo’s hunting behind her.

“If you want more than that, you gotta actually keep me company when I grab it for once. I never know what to get.” Amanda replied, not looking up from her food. Fiona raised an eyebrow, silently staring down at Amanda’s assortment of different entries

“Fiiine,” Amanda said, sliding some Beef and broccoli across the table.

“Yay!” Fiona smiled and sat down.

For Fiona’s relatively short size, Amanda put her to shame. If not for the way she carried herself, Amanda could be mistaken as a child with her size. She was very petite, not quite breaking five feet tall. Her chest matched her small stature, coming in somewhere between an A and B cup, but from sneaking a peak in the locker room, Fiona knew she was much more endowed down south, easily dwarfing her in size. She had beautiful facial features, and long, straight, shiny black hair past her butt. It always amazed Fiona how lustrous and healthy her hair was given its length. She was wearing a black snapback and a purple sweatshirt rolled up to her elbows. Her black short shorts and socks completed her palette, with white stripes around the top of her socks, giving her dark outfit a pop of brightness.

Fiona and Amanda had been rooming together for a few months now. They didn’t know each other beforehand, but housing was expensive, so they matched on a site to find roommates and moved in before their semester started. Despite not knowing each other for too long, Fiona had developed quite a bit of a crush on Amanda. She sat down next to Amanda, feeling her chest tighten ever so slightly, and softly start to push against her cage.

“Yknow, it wouldn’t kill ya to have some fun sometimes. You don’t need to sit in your room all weekend.” Amanda said between bites, “When’s the last time you went to a party, dropped your top, had some real fun”

“Amanda!” Fiona shouted, her face turning slightly red. “We all can’t be as smart as you, some of us have to actually STUDY to get straight A’s”

“Pshhh, then don’t get A’s. They say C’s get degrees for a reason, maybe that’s more your speed,” Amanda teased, nudging Fiona in the side with her elbow. Fiona shook her head smiling.

“Whatever,” Fiona said through a laugh, “I studied enough tonight I guess, wanna watch something before bed?”

“Definitely, we’re still on season 1 of Game of Thrones. That shits been done for like… forever. You can’t really ask for spoiler alerts at this point, we gotta get on that.” Amanda stood up, turning on the TV, “Get over here, Einstein.”

Fiona scoffed with a grin, standing up and moving to the couch. Amanda started the episode before grabbing a pillow and tossing it onto Fiona and flopping down on the couch, laying across her lap. Fiona’s eyes went wide as Amanda adjusted herself. The pillow covered one of Fiona’s thighs and nothing more. Fiona tilted her hips forward, pulling her caged cock further down between her legs, just enough that she was fairly sure Amanda couldn’t feel it on her neck. Fiona’s nightgown had ridden up slightly when she sat down, and Amanda’s hair draped across her thighs, tickling them whenever she moved.

“Perks of being short,” Amanda joked, kicking her legs, as if to show off how they fit entirely on the couch. She smiled, and then turned to watch the episode, blissfully ignorant of Fiona’s pounding heart and growing nerves. Fiona had a hard time paying attention to the episode, with every shift, every giggle, every reaction Amanda had, Fiona couldn’t help but look down at her. Whenever she’d laugh, her nose would crinkle ever so slightly, when she’d get startled, she’d turn her head away from the screen and down into Fiona’s thighs for a second. Every reaction had some little quirk that Fiona would love, but as the episode went on, she had a harder and harder time remaining pure in her thoughts.

With every shift from Amanda, Fiona’s nightgown would ride up ever so slightly. By the end of the episode, her gown was hardly even covering her cage. She could feel Amanda’s hair slipping between her thighs, grazing against her cage like feathers. If the lights were on, Fiona was sure that Amanda would notice her face completely flushed red. She knew she was leaking precum, she could feel it drip down the inside of her thighs, so she knew she was probably getting a little precum in Amanda’s hair. Her cage would randomly twitch, and with each twitch she could feel her heartbeat in her ears, holding her breath in fear that Amanda would feel. She felt so embarrassed that Amanda was nearly resting on her cage, but also incredibly thankful that she was caged to begin with, otherwise Amanda would definitely feel her poking into her neck.

After a few episodes, they finally called it quits for the night. Amanda sat up, and Fiona instantly pulled her gown back down, unsure if Amanda would be able to see her cage despite the low light of the room.

“Season 2! Season 2!” Amanda chanted as she got up to stop the next episode from playing. “We gotta watch more tomorrow, I’m getting too invested.”

“Yeah of course,” Fiona responded, her voice cracked barely from having to speak while so embarrassed. She cleared her through quickly and continued. “After swim practice we can, I won’t have any assignments due for a while.”

“Swim practice,” Amanda groaned, “Don’t remind me, Who wants to swim indoors when it’s so nice outside!”

“Our university has two indoor pools, do you really think they need an outdoor pool as well?” Fiona responded, standing up and quickly feeling the back of her gown, making sure the precum she was leaking didn’t soak its way through the part she was sitting on. Amanda turned off the TV, leaving them in near darkness.

“Hmph” Amanda pouted, “Just promise we’ll go to an actual outdoor pool to swim sometime before It starts to get cold.” opening her room door as she spoke.

“Promise” Fiona smiled, “Goodnight,” she squeaked out before Amanda closed her door.

“Night, Fi.'” Amanda closed her door, leaving Fiona in the living room. Fiona exhaled for what felt like the first time all evening, absentmindedly sliding her hand down over her nightgown across her cage. She walked to her room and slipped under the covers, still blushing a little as she thought about the night she had. I hope she doesn’t notice the precum in her hair, Fiona thought to herself, her face flushing hot. She almost decided to unlock and cum again before bed, but decided against it, opting instead to feel the soft throb of her cage, running every detail of the night through her head over and over, until finally drifting off to sleep.

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