Wife Left Me so I Could be a Girl

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Big Tits

I Am The Girl My Wife Did Not Want

As the only child of a single mother I grew up around all things feminine. Having lingerie and stockings drying in the bathroom was normal for me and I always loved how pretty the full cut nylon panties and slips with tons of lace looked.

I lived at home with my mother until she unexpectedly passed away when I was 23 years old. Her passing was a blow to me but she left everything including the house to me, plus a rather sizeable trust fund I knew nothing about until she died. It was more than enough to support me living at home.

As I settled into my new life alone I developed the courage to finally clean out my mother’s room and donate her items to charity. What I found in her dresser surprised me as every drawer was filled with 1950’s and 1960’s era lingerie. Full cut nylon panties of all colors brimming with lace. Full and half-slips and camisoles of all colors also loaded with lace. She also had an entire drawer of bras, garter belts, and stockings. Hanging in her closet was a rather full rack of nylon and lace nightgowns, again in all colors. I found her outer wear dresses and skirts and blouses in a second bedroom. The amount of clothing was truly remarkable.

I have always had a slender body shape and sloping shoulders with a rather pronounced bulge in my hips. I have always been embarrassed at the small size of my penis and ball sack, and on someone as thin as I am it looks even smaller, which tells you just how tiny it is.

At 23 years old I had never been on a date with a girl and I had never ejaculated. I had no one to teach me to masturbate and since I had never cum in my life I seriously doubted I could do it at all. I could have an erection and get hard but nothing ever came out of me and my erection was slightly less than 3 inches when at full hardness.

All of my life my mother had told me she was convinced she was having a girl when she was pregnant with me. She was absolutely certain in her mind. In the days before testing was available, parents had to wait until the baby was born to know what the gender was. My mother always told me how shocked she was when the doctor told her I was a boy.

As I was cleaning out the back of my mother’s closet I found three scrap books of pictures I had never seen. When I opened the books I was really surprised to see they were baby pictures of me, but in every picture, I was dressed as a girl. I wore satin and lace panties under my baby dresses. There were pictures of me outside learning to walk with help from my mother and I was wearing a pink bonnet and a dress with a petticoat under my dress. There were also professionally taken pictures of me in a studio dressed completely as a girl. I couldn’t stop looking at the albums. Three of them, filled to the brim. I had to admit, I was a cute baby girl.

Knowing this at 23 years old caused me to rethink the feelings I remember having my entire life. I had always been jealous of my mother being able to wear such pretty underwear while I had to wear what I considered to be ugly underwear. I decided to close the albums and leave them on the bed and close the bedroom door to think about what I had just seen. I only thought about it for a day before I took my first step into a life I knew I had wanted for a long time.

I dreamed about what I could do all night, and when I woke up I was ready to do what I knew was right for me. I stripped naked, took a shower, and slowly opened the door to my mother’s bedroom. I felt myself shaking as I opened her dresser drawer and took out a pair of white nylon and lace panties. My tiny cock shot to attention as I slowly stepped into the panties. As I pulled them up I pushed my little member down between my legs and the panties covered me up and fit perfectly. More importantly, wearing the panties felt more natural to me than any clothing I had ever worn! I didn’t want to stop! I opened her bra drawer and found a plastic bag of bras marked “training.” As I opened the bag I saw that they were for a fairly flat chested person, who at this very moment was me. I put my arms through the straps and without any effort at all hooked the catch at the back as if I had done it for years. The bra cupped my breasts perfectly and I noticed my nipples getting bigger and pushing against the bra right before my eyes. I had a slight gasp and caught my breath. I was wearing a perfectly fitting bra and panty set. I found a pink full slip and put it on and finished off my outfit with a garter belt and a pair of nylons that felt like they were custom made for me. I stayed dressed as a girl all day wearing nothing but lingerie.

That night I went to the closet, selected a nylon and lace pink nightgown and put it over my lingerie and went to bed as a girl. I quickly fell asleep and woke up two hours later with the hardest erection I had ever had and a pair of nipples that were so huge they pushed up through my training bra and my slip and my nightgown. I flicked at them with my fingers and in less than a minute I felt like I was going to pee the bed. istanbul travesti Instead my little hard erection jerked in my panties and I ejaculated for the first time in my life at age 23. I ejaculated without touching my little dick, and the semen poured out of my cock and soaked my panties. I was groaning with delight as I filled my panties again and again with my little squirting cock. It was a wonderful feeling and a relief to me as I proved I could ejaculate which was something I was not certain up until that night that I could do.

There was no way I was going to donate my mother’s extensive lingerie collection as I fit into it perfectly, but at the same time my thoughts turned to wanting to have sexual intercourse with a biological female. I spent the next several months looking for a girl to date and I found a beautiful one in a church group I had been a member of for about three years.

Sharon and I began dating and in a very short amount of time found ourselves at that moment when we each wanted to have sex with the other, but both of us were virgins. In what was a surprise to me, Sharon took the lead and said she wanted me to be the first man to “fuck her deep” and she wanted me to do it tonight at my house as she lived with her parents. Sharon was two years my junior and was just about 22 the night we both stripped naked and got into bed with the sole intent of having intercourse.

“Kiss me and take your time” she said.

“Suck my nipples and let me pull on your cock” she could barely get the words out as she started to pull my little penis to full erection and I began to kiss, lick and suck on her fairly large breasts.

“Do you know how to put your cock in my cunt?” she asked.

I was surprised by her language but told her I had never done this before.

“Lay on your back” she barked.

“Let me put my pussy over your hard cock and stay still.” She continued.

I did what she asked without hesitation.

“Now let me grab your dick and slid in into my cunt.” She gasped as she grabbed me and pushed my cock into her wet and engorged vaginal lips.

“This is just like my dildo, this is just like my dildo, this is just like my dildo” she repeated as she lowered herself over my penis and I could feel her cunt lips suck my hard penis inside her body.

Our pubic bones came together as she lowered herself onto me and I was fully in her grasp as she said:

“Don’t move. Let me slide up and down on your pole and don’t make me do it too many time before you cum. Can you do that for me?”

“I think I can” I managed to gasp out as she sucked her cunt lips on my cock.

It was less than a minute before I said;

“I think I’m cumming.” And I was. Long squirts shot into her cunt and they kept squirting and squirting.

“Oh yes!” she said loudly.

“Fuck me! Fill me with cum!” she shouted.

“I’m doing it” I responded.

“You sure are” she said.

“I love it that you filled me with your semen.” She continued.

“Won’t you get pregnant?” I asked.

“I’ve been taking birth control pills for the last eight months. We’ll be fine” she said.

“Wow, for someone who’s a virgin you sure were prepared” I replied.

“I’ve been so horny these past eight months I couldn’t wait to have a man fuck me, and I’ve been looking for the kind of man I could direct in how I was to be fucked, and you are that man.”

I was a little surprised, but also secretly happy she had taken the lead as it would have taken much more courage for me to be the aggressor in performing this act. Over the next six months we had sex at least four times a week and every time Sharon took the lead and was in command of how and when we did the act. I followed her in everything she suggested. During this time my desire to dress as a girl faded away to nothing, but I still kept my mother’s wardrobe in the house should I need it in the future.

After six months, Sharon asked me point blank one night after we had finished fucking if I would like to make it permanent and marry her as she was “in love” with me as her obedient husband. I didn’t hesitate more than a minute before saying;

“Yes. I’d like to be your husband. Let’s get married.”

Sharon kissed me and we cuddled naked the rest of the night waking three hours later when she told me to;

“Fuck me again, and do it like you are my husband this time.”

I didn’t really know what she meant but I had her on the bottom this time as I plunged my hard little dick into her and came again until I almost passed out.

Two months later we were husband and wife and living in the house I had inherited. She had a fulltime job at a library she did not want to give up and I, not needing to work, didn’t. We had an active sex life the first year of marriage and during the second year there was a pattern of sameness that set in that Sharon wanted nothing to do with.

“Our sex life is getting boring” she said.

“Don’t you have any ideas for making it more interesting?” kadıköy travesti She asked.

Since we had been together as a couple for over a year and had told each other just about everything I felt secure in telling her about my fun dressing as a girl.

“Oh wow!” She said.

“How did you do that?” she asked.

“My mother left a huge wardrobe of vintage lingerie when she passed. I found out I fit into it perfectly so I began experimenting with it sexually and it caused me to have my first orgasm. Would you like to see it?” I asked.

“It sounds kinda kinky, but yeah, it also sounds kinda exciting too. Where is it?” She asked.

“Follow me” I took her by the hand and led her into my mother’s bedroom which had been closed off.

When I opened the door I saw the three photo albums on the bed and decided this would be a good time to show my wife the pictures my mother had taken of me. As I opened the albums she looked wide eyed at the photos and said;

“Is that you?

“Yes, it’s me” I replied.

“You were a beautiful baby girl. I mean you really were. In my baby pictures I don’t look as pretty as you do and I really am a girl. Wow, you were so pretty. Do you remember being dressed like that?”

“I don’t. I found these in the back of her closet.” I said.

“Seeing this is turning me on” she said.

“What about the lingerie? Where is that?” She asked.

“It’s in every drawer of both of the dressers in the room.” I said.

“That much!?” She said surprised.

“Here, let me show you the panty drawer.” I said as I slid open the top drawer.

Again her eyes got wide as she saw the contents.

“Those are beautiful! And there are so many of them! They look a little big for me but they fit you just right?” She asked.

“Just right.” I replied.

“Oh wow! Would you put a pair on for me right now? Try the white ones with the lace around the leg openings and on the waistband.” She was a bit forceful when she asked.

I did what she asked and stripped naked in front of her and pulled on the panties she told me to. My little penis remained limp and tiny as the panties fit like a glove.

“What about a bra? She asked.

“Second drawer on the right” I told her.

She opened the drawer and saw the bras and said;

“These are all 38C in size. Much too big for you.”

“Look in the bag in the back that says training on it.” I said.

“You mean she was ready to put you in training bras? She asked.

“I guess so. She never did, but I found them and they are very comfortable for me to wear.” I replied.

“Well put on the white nylon and lace one that is a match to your panties.” She again ordered.

I did as she asked and we continued to dress me in a full slip, a garter belt, and a pair of nylon lace top stockings.

“Now THIS is something I can get into!” She exclaimed. “Would you fuck me while you are wearing this?…Please.”

“That sounds fun. Let’s do it!” I said.

With that she took me to our bed and told me to lie on my back and let her take control. I did as I was told and she lifted up my full slip above my waist and reached her hand into the leg opening of my panties and pulled on my cock. She bent down and licked my dick head and then quickly stood up and stripped naked before straddling over me and pulling on my cock some more to get it hard enough to slid into her very wet cunt.

“Is this what you want little sissy?” She said forcefully.

“Let me put your little dick inside me and I expect you to ejaculate that little thing when I tell you to. Do it now sissy, do it now! I want to feel you squirt!”

I was really turned on but not really ready to cum when she said this so I concentrated really hard and forced myself to squirt and I did, just as she commanded me to do.

“Ahhhhh, that’s it my little sissy! I feel your warm juice inside me. And you know what? I don’t think you can get me pregnant. I haven’t used birth control pills for the past eight months and of all the times you have cum in me you haven’t been able to give me a baby. You are probably a lot more of a sissy than you are a man. I’d bet you don’t have enough sperm inside you to do the job because you are too much of a girl and not enough of a boy.”

I thought she was role playing with what she said, but I couldn’t be sure. As my limp little cock receded from her pussy and fell back on my leg she quickly tucked it back into my panties and out of view.

“Did you mean what you said?” I asked.

“Well…Yes. I haven’t been on birth control for eight months and we have fucked a lot in that time so you would think if you had enough sperm I’d be pregnant by now. But hearing about your sissy sex play and seeing how much you like it, it might explain that you are a little more female than male. ” She said.

“Do you want a baby?” I asked.

“Oh no honey” she said quickly. “I just learned a whole bunch more about you tonight, but it’s fine. It anadolu yakası travesti really turns me on. Don’t worry about a thing. I want to learn more about what we can do together. Do you have a nightgown you can wear to bed tonight?”

“Sure…I have several. Would you like to pick one?” I asked.

“I want to pick one for you baby. I want my sissy to feel pretty when she sleeps. Is that OK for you?”

“Yes” I said.

With that she selected a long sleeve nylon floor length gown with lace everywhere on it. I put it on and she put on a pair of boxer shorts and no top and we cuddled in bed the rest of the night.

The next day when my wife left for work she was wearing a grey business suit with a straight skirt and a blouse. She looked feminine, but in charge.

“Now stay out of the lingerie while I’m away. I’m going to do some reading at work today and learn how I can please you which will end up pleasing me.” She said as she walked out the door.

When my wife returned home that evening she was all aglow. She told me how she found books at the library about feminizing your husband and at lunch she went to a sex shop and bought a device for me she wanted me to wear.

“What is it?” I asked.

“It’s a locking chastity device for your little cock. I’m the only one who would have the key and it would prevent you from having an erection unless I unlock you.” She was very matter of fact in what she was saying.

“You are the only man I have had intercourse with, but I have seen porn videos online and your penis is really on the small side of what I’ve seen. Wouldn’t you agree?” She asked.

“Look, I know I’m small, but have I ever displeased you?” I asked.

“Oh no baby. I enjoy fucking you! I just think to make things more exciting I will take control of our sex life. By locking you up I will control when we fuck and for how long.” She sounded sweet as she said this.

“Plus, with you locked up you can wear your pretty panties all the time without worry of getting cum in them.” She said.

“All the time?” I asked.

“Yes baby. In my reading it said the wife needs to control her sissy husband and that is something I would really like to do. You can trust me. I wouldn’t dream of hurting you.”

“What do you have in mind?” I asked slowly.

“Well first honey, take off all your clothes and go in and pee.” She was being more directed in her tone.

I did what she asked and came back to her.

“Now let me figure out how to lock up your little cock with this thing I got.” She said.

She produced a hard plastic pink tube with a large adjustable ring on the back. She put the ring around the back of my ball mound and closed it up on top of my cock. My ball mound hung like a pouch for the first time ever due to the ring. She then slid the head of my little cock into the tube using some lubricating jelly. The tube encased my whole cock. The tube then snapped onto the ring and a tiny padlock was slipped into the snap to hold it all together.

“That’s it baby! It fits! I’m in control going forward. There are several holes in the end for you to pee so I’ll decide when it comes off.” She said in the most directed way yet.

The device felt tight but wearable so I followed her directions as she told me to get a clean pair of panties and a clean training bra and a half-slip and camisole. I did what she asked and she watched me as I put on all of my lingerie.

“That’s perfect baby! From now on I want you to wear only lingerie as underwear. I’m getting rid of your jockey shorts and tee shirts. You are going to spend full time dressed as a girl.” She was very direct with this order.

“For outer wear you are not to wear pants of any kind, only dresses and skirts. And I want you wearing nylon stockings every day held up by a garter belt.” Her tone was very direct now.

“Tomorrow, while I am at work, I want you to shave all of your body hair completely off. You don’t have much to begin with, but I want all underarm hair off all chest hair and I want your crotch to be totally hairless. And don’t forget your legs! I want them without a trace of hair. Can you do that?” She asked.

“I guess so” I slowly replied.

“Don’t guess, do it! Your lingerie will feel 100% better on your body and you will be totally clean for me to see. And remember to rub baby oil over all of your shaved areas to prevent ingrown hairs!” She was in control.

“Now get into a nightgown and help me undress. I want to wear some boxers and a tee shirt and get out of my bra.” I did as she ordered.

The next morning when my wife went to work I did as she ordered and shaved off ALL of my body hair. My skin was smooth and surprisingly soft. My tiny cock looked much smaller without any pubic hair around it and my little ball pouch was more like a mound than a sack.

I pulled on my lingerie as my wife requested and she was right! The feeling of the nylon and lace was tremendous. I had no idea nylon stockings could feel so good as I slid them on and attached them to my garter belt. I never wanted this feeling to stop. Even if my wife said “no” I was going to keep myself fully shaved from now on. I picked out a dress to wear so I could move about the house the rest of the day and not feel like I was in my underwear. I was starting to really like this girl thing I was experiencing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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