Will’s Cum-Sucking Mistress

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Right up until my head was hanging off the edge of the bed, with his cock ready to go down my throat, I thought, I know I’m going to chicken out and not take this whole thing. It was a great angle to take a cock that long deep into my throat, which he knew, and that’s why he had suggested it.

I was more used to having my tongue on the underside of the cock so I can do a little tongue action on the head, where it feels best. But this was my first time with Will, and I wanted to be extra adventurous with him, overcoming my gag reflex.

On the car ride down from Yakima, Washington, to Portland, Oregon, we had gradually become more than strangers, telling progressively more dirty jokes, like the one where your car and house in Heaven are given based on your sexual fidelity (that one was his, appropriate since he was the married one) or the one about the old woman who had Parkinson’s when she held the old man’s weiner.

I don’t know why this man had gotten me so hot. It was at first his romantic but realistic use of words in his internet ad. The emails were fast and furious, but there was never the idea that email would be the end of it, and when we met in person, I knew from across a crowded room that it was him, even though I couldn’t see him all that well. I think it was the actual pheromones, some odd genetic scent-based homing signal that tells you that biologically you just have to make it happen.

Near our destination, he had asked me what I’d like to do the most when we got to the big city, gölbaşı escort and I’d said practically, “Oh, some cocksucking, I guess, and then go from there.” He grinned broadly and then said that he’d meant what would I like for dining or entertainment. We eventually decided on Hooters, but meanwhile I explained to him my policy on swallowing.

“I figure, if I like you enough to have your cock in my mouth at all, then it’s only right to go ahead and swallow to be polite. That’s my policy anyway.”

He didn’t seem able to wipe the grin off his face as he replied, “Who am I to argue with policy?” I later found out that in 15 years of marriage, his wife, though she would allow him to cum in her mouth, had never drunk it down.

So in the hotel room, after Hooters, we undressed and got right down to business–cocksucking first, as I had suggested. He did have an exquisite tool–too long if anything, but perfect in all other dimensions, the right color–almost delicate in its shades of pinkish-brown, and it tasted divine.

It looked lovely and slick when he took it out of my mouth and it seemed to glow and radiate with life. I had never deep throated a man before but I knew he was the one to teach me. I told him, “I want to take it in as far as I can.”

He said, “I just can’t wait to see you drink it all. It turns me on so much, I…”

But I was already working on taking more of his cock in my mouth and he trailed off. Again and again I went farther down, stretching keçiören escort the tip of my tongue to touch his ball sack, then scooping up some of the skin in my mouth.

When he suggested that I lie on the bed with my head hanging off, while he stood over me with his balls on my nose, it sort of freaked me out, because I knew if his cock went in that far I wouldn’t be able to pull myself off of it. But strangely I trusted this polite, attractive man as much as if I were his wife of fifteen years and not his acquaintance of less than a week.

He pumped in and out of my mouth for a while, then teased my throat hole with it. I panicked for a while, but then it started to feel natural, like when you’re about to swallow some food. The scent of his balls was like cedar wood and musk, and whatever weird messages we get from aromas, his was telling me that I wanted more. I sucked hard and pulled him into my throat.

Of course, the longer he stayed lodged in my throat, the more it felt sore, because he was pushing back and forth pretty hard by now. I pinched his ass whenever I needed to catch my breath, but when he got close, I wanted to have him shoot his load right into my gut.

He started to grunt, and I felt the pearly jets flow down my throat like a cup of hot chocolate, sweet, hot, and comforting. I didn’t even have to try to swallow, because it was sort of not really a choice, given how far in he was–it was more involuntary. Still, I gripped his ass as he pumped ankara escort his cum down my throat so he would know I was totally into it.

I heard him laugh in relief, and he said, “I knew you were going to swallow it–and you did–you swallowed it all!! Oh, that felt incredible.”

The sex that followed that night was scorching. I think we barely got an hour’s sleep. He came in my mouth some more, in various positions, used four of the condoms in my pussy and three in my ass before I said I felt comfortable enough with him to do without one (besides we were running out). I came with his tongue on my clit for the first time in twelve years, and I rode his cock, bent over and let him squeeze it into my ass for the first time in three years, and so much more.

What’s more, we saw each other for another five months. He knew I worshipped his cock and took pride in delivering a blow job that kept him tingling for hours. I took him eagerly up my ass and when I pulled my ass off of his cock one day to swallow his jizz, he shouted in disbelief, for he had never had a woman take it from ass to mouth before. I told him he’d done great holding it until I could spin around and drink it down. The truth was, once I had taken his cock that deep in all my holes, I was hooked on his cock–and the taste of his cum.

“You always taste great,” I told him. “I’d even suck it straight from your wife’s ass. After I’ve licked her pussy, of course.”

We both fell on my bed laughing. His wife would never know–we were light years ahead of her in technique; but my words had made him hard again, and I couldn’t decide what to do with this new rock-hard erection. I knelt and said meekly, “You’ve got the cock, you choose the hole.” And as usual, he eventually came in all three. What a great man he was…

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