Wishing Pt. 06

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The following day Sarah woke. It was a quiet sleepy Sunday morning. The birds were singing and the sun was pouring into her bedroom. She had gone to bed early finishing off the last couple of instalments in the erotic novel she was ready. She had found herself getting very aroused and had elected to stop reading, as she considered that she had done enough sexual ‘damage’ to herself that afternoon to last a week at least. She swung her legs from the bed, her nightdress rucked up about her waist and was greeted with the finest pair or toned, muscular thighs and calves. The skin was smooth and as silky as her stockings had been. She stood and looked in her mirror, raising up the nightdress. But in the end, it just got in the way, so she shrugged out of it and dropped it to the floor. She put her hand over her mouth hiding her smile. “Oh, my, God!”

She ran down the stairs and grasping the Genie’s bottle gently wanking on the neck. Jennie materialised. “Strange,” she said, “A girl stands before me naked again, the same girl that did not want to drop her top in front of me. Though, even if I say so myself, this one has a body to die for?”

“I know, I know! Oh, thank you Jennie, thank you. But how, I didn’t even get the first bit of the riddle? How have I got my wish this time?”

“Simple really and in two ways. You made yourself ‘available’ to a young shop assistant, proudly showing what you had, and then of course sexually abusing yourself whilst she watched… then..”

“She…she saw me then? She saw me masturb… OH MY GOD!”

“Come now,” Jennie retorted, “Let’s not fool ourselves. You knew she could see you as you played with yourself, and even if she couldn’t you were making enough noise that the whole shopping centre could hear!”

Sarah looked away from the Genie. “I just couldn’t seem to stop.”

“Ah, that is lust for you my dear.”

“But how…”

“Did you not upload a video of your carnal pleasures for all those that want and need to witness the willingness with which you gave in to your own pleasures and also the willingness with which you shared them? My payment is fulfilled.

Gift freely now with pride,

Unbidden prying eyes,

Pique interest four-fold,

Showing more than superficial,

Hearing more than prudent times,

Acknowledged before me.

Giving up yourself freely and with pride, to those that you cannot see, but know are there, piquing the interest of more than four; by the way, since uploading, your video has had over 375k ‘hits’.”

Sarah’s mouth fell open as the Genie went on. “In your lust of self-pleasure, you certainly showed what was underneath, underneath your clothes and underneath your façade. Was it prudent what and where you did it? No, therefore, I acknowledge your success in fulfilling the riddle. Nicely done if I may say and…” The Genie zoomed close to Sarah, planting a kiss upon her lips, entrapping her body in wispy tenuous tendrils of vapour. She pulled slightly away and breathlessly spoke almost into Sarah’s mouth “I found what you did was so hot that I could not abstain any longer.” Jennie pressed herself hard against Sarah, her tongue shooting out and slipping between Sarah’s lips to play upon her teeth. “In fact, I want you now!”

“What!…No… that is not part of the deal.” Sarah found it very difficult to talk with a tongue probing her mouth and tried to push the Genie away, but how could you push against vapour that seemed to have substance one minute, then none the next? Sarah felt hands caressing her breasts, she knew her nipples were responding without looking. “Jennie!! STOP!!… I…I tempobet giriş don’t want…”

“Oh, but mistress, I’m afraid you have no choice, you see, in the small print it states that after three wishes, I can take my pleasure however I so choose. I may of course have left that little snippet of information out.”

“FUCK NO! Sarah struggled within her vaporous bonds, “Stop, please…I..”


The Genie picked up Sarah in her smoking tendrils and lay her horizontal, floating three feet from the floor. She pulled Sarah’s arms above her head, seeming to tie them there as if Sarah were on a rack. Struggle though she might, Sarah could not release herself from the bonds. Jennie’s eyes were glowing orange, her face a mask of unbridled lust. “Oh, my pretty, it has been many a year since I have tasted the virginal juices of one such as you, untouched by any man. Though I must admit, it was touch and go with your father eh?”

Sarah had begun to cry, whether tears of anger or frustration, she wasn’t sure, but as her legs were prized apart by the same invisible ties that held her wrists, she knew one thing for sure. The Genie was going to have her way, and there was nothing she could do about it. Spread-eagled before the Genie, who was now naked herself, she sobbed, “You cannot penetrate me, you cannot, I will not give my virginity to you.! I’m saving it for…I want him…to…”

“Oh, but my dear, as you now know, I can do anything. Anything I like. If I should wish to force my way into your tight little pussy and break your virginal hymen, then that is exactly what I will do. Of course, if you satisfy me, then I might still leave that little treat for the person that you have been saving yourself for.”

Sarah, was sobbing and still fighting against her bonds, however futile it was. Her legs were now spread wide and the Genie had settled between them. “My what a sweet little pussy you have my dear, I bet you taste as delicious as you look?”

Sarah felt the warm fingers rest upon her thighs at the junction with her pubis. The Genie’s thumbs rested either side of Sarah’s outer labia and pulled apart her lips. She felt the Genie’s soft breath upon her exposed genitals as the Genie blew gently upon her clitoris. “Oh look.” Jennie mocked. “Someone wants to come out and play, despite all of the protests.”

Sarah cursed. She could feel herself getting aroused, even though this was against her will. She knew her vagina would be opening further, she knew her clitoris would be expanding to full erection, she knew her nipples would already be there. The softness of Jennie’s tongue when it made contact with her clitoris made her jump. “Oh, oh, what are you doing!” Sarah was cross, cross that she had been tricked, cross that she had allowed herself to be caught in this compromising position, and cross that the contact of the woman’s tongue upon her clitoris was absolute heaven.

Jennie circled the expanding flesh beneath her tongue, stopping every now and then to flick upon it and apply more pressure. It took seconds to induce the moans in Sarah that she expected. The Genie pursed her lips and sucked the small erection into her mouth, rasping it upon her teeth. Sarah’s first cunnilingus experience caused her to explode in orgasm, within seconds of the first contact of tongue to vagina. The Genie ran her tongue along Sarah’s vaginal canal, as Sarah continued to spasm and tremor. She did not want to give the Genie the pleasure of her cries of passion, she did not want her body to respond to the manipulation. But once again she found she had very little choice in the matter.

With tempobet yeni giriş the continued licking and sucking of her glistening vaginal lips and clitoris, Sarah continued to come. Her orgasms just kept hitting her like huge waves smashing into the shoreline. Time and again she thought she was done, when another hit her. Jennie’s fingers had not been idle either and had slipped easily into Sarah’s open and pouting vaginal hole, slowly pushing into Sarah’s cunt as far as the hymen would allow. “My how you dribble and drip for someone that does not want my touch. Your sweet nectar is divine my mistress. I must feed upon it.” Sarah felt Jennie’s tongue enter her vagina, probing her internally.

“OOHHHHHHHHHHHH, shit, oh shit, shit!” Sarah suddenly screamed as her body continued to buck. “OH my God. Oh my God that is good, ohhhhh FUCK, yes, oooowowwww wow. Huh, huh, hhhhuuuuuu. FUCK…I…I can’t…ohhhhhh Jennie I…” Sarah just couldn’t finish her words, her chest heaved frantically, her breasts wobbling from side to side as still more orgasms racked Sarah’s body. “I…can’t stop…comi…NG!”

“Well,” said Jennie, perhaps then, it is my turn.” The Genie floated from her position and settled above Sarah. She allowed her breasts to dangle in Sarah’s face. Sarah needed no further instruction and took a nipple into her mouth to suck upon it. It felt like hers had when she sucked that, hard, almost gristly in texture. As she sucked it grew larger. The Genie moved over to give her other breast to Sarah. “That’s it, mistress, suckle upon my willing teats. Ummm I can tell you have done that before.”

She suddenly spun in the air and planted a thigh either side of Sarah’s head, before lowering herself to bring her vagina in contact with Sarah’s mouth. Just as hers was in contact with Sarah’s now sopping cunt. She did not wait to feast upon Sarah’s dribbling juices, grasping hold of each buttock to apply greater pressure to her licking and penetrating tongue. Jennie leaned forwards and poked her pointed tongue into the anal sphincter begging for her attention as it contracted with each of Sarah’s excited spasms, eliciting even more moans from Sarah as she felt her body on the rise to orgasm yet again.

The heavy perfume of Jennie’s vagina was in her nostrils. Sarah’s first experience of being this close to a vagina was not an unpleasant one, she felt a few drips of pussy fluid fall to her lips and chin and quickly stuck out her tongue to taste them. The taste was different to her own fluid, but was not unpleasant and Sarah quickly found her tongue roaming about the blossoming lips before her, even slipping along the canal and into the vagina itself. She forced her head forwards, pushing her tongue as deeply as she could into Jennie’s gaping pussy and was pleased when she heard the Genie moaning. She slid her tongue in and out fucking Jennie, her mouth occasionally sucking on Jennie’s labia lips as they expanded into large protrusions, much larger than her own. More of Jennie’s fluid began to cover Sarah’s face and with it, Jennie’s moans grew louder and more urgent, just as her own excitement began to overwhelm her body again.

“OOOHHH suck my mistress, fuck my willing cunt with your tongue. Finger my arse, finger my cunt, do all those things to me you know you yourself enjoy.” Sarah found one arm free at last and did as she was bid. First inserting her fingers into the pussy before her, then with them dripping in juice, she wrapped her arm about Jennie’s thigh and roughly pushed her fingers through her anus and into her rectum. She fucked the Genie until she screamed, tempobet güvenilirmi her lips lightly brushing on Jennie’s pubic hair as her mouth sought to suck upon her clitoris once again. Sarah came loudly. Her thighs clamped about Jennie’s head, when they had been released, she didn’t know, nor care. As she screamed into the dripping succulent pussy before her, her hips bucked, thrusting onto the Genie’s face as she tongue-fucked her.

Jennie too was screaming as she reached orgasm, she had begun to ride Sarah’s face, grinding her genitals hard against the virginal sucking and licking. When she suddenly spurted in release, covering Sarah’s face, filling her mouth and spilling about her neck on both sides. Sarah could do nothing but swallow the warm fluid as her own cries needed to be vented. Jennie’s body pulsed in ecstasy as she spurted more fluid about Sarah’s face. Sarah kept up her finger pumping and tonguing as Jennie’s orgasms came and went. “FUCK, FUCK oooohhhh mistress, ooohhhh soooo many years have I yearned, sooo many years have I been without. Who would know that a virginal girl would release me from my starvation?” She sat up caressing Sarah’s breasts and nipples gently as Sarah came down from her own orgasms. Both women were covered in sweat and the juices of raw sex.

Jennie stood beside the floating Sarah and bent forwards, placing a hand beneath her neck, drawing Sarah in for a kiss of such sweetness, it shocked her. “Thank you, my mistress. For pleasuring me, and feasting upon my juices, I will grant you two wishes without charge. You have but to name them.”

Sarah panted, still trying to recover from yet another new experience. “I…well I would like you to work on my face.” She said it hesitantly. “I have all the things in the right place, but would not I think you would agree, be called attractive. So, I would like my eyes to be a little larger and a deeper blue, would like my lips to be fuller, my teeth to be straight and beautifully white. I would so like to be rid of these glasses too. I think you know what beautiful looks like and I want that. I don’t need to be stunning, just beautiful, but at the same time still me, so the changes can only be subtle ones.”

“I understand and the other wish?”

“I wish for the person of my dreams to take my hymen and splay it to the four winds”

For once, it was Jennie’s turn to blush a little. “It is done mistress. Now if you don’t mind, I am not used to that amount of activity, I think it is time for me to have a nap.” The Genie dissipated.

Sarah smiled to herself and slowly walked up the stairs. She could smell her sex scent and could also smell and taste Jennie’s. She needed a shower. After which, she sat at her dressing table, looking at the 34-year-old face for the last time. She took a couple of pictures on her phone to remind herself, then slipped off her silken dressing gown and put on some of the leggings that she had bought and a baggy old jumper and went back down stairs.

She made herself a coffee and sat reading the last few instalments of “Linking Demon”. The story just seemed to be getting hotter and despite her recent sexual activity, Sarah found she was getting wetter. She smiled, knowing that masturbation was not, now her only form of release. Rather than dipping her fingers, she decided to hold onto the sexual energy for later.

By five o’clock, Sarah found her stomach was in knots. She had never been this nervous, she knew that this could be the making or breaking of her. She busied herself with cooking food and then watched a film as she ate it. By 20:30 she went to bed. She was not tired, but wanted to get the night over with, so that she could see her new face. She read a book for a while and found by 21:00 she was more tired than she thought. The session this morning having taken it out of her. She put down the book, snuggled down a fell asleep.

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