Women’s Studies Ch. 04

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Big Ass

It’s amazing how the mind works. How it can easily bend itself to fit around how you see yourself. How quickly it can adapt to something like a change in your identity. A little over a month ago I was a man. Well, maybe man would be a debatable term seeing as I was barely into my eighteenth year, and I was also still a virgin. Either way, I was a man, and now in such a short time, I didn’t even see myself as one in my thoughts.

I still have all of the same parts as before, but I now live my life as a woman. It wasn’t exactly something I had always desired. It wasn’t a dark secret I had kept to myself since childhood that I had finally let out. It was something born of circumstance, alcohol, and an extremely hot, and excessively persuasive sister.

I had been accepted to a great private university with a full scholarship and as my luck would have it, when I arrived it turned out to be an all-girls college. It must have been a simple mix up with my name. Born Alexis Allen, they must have assumed that I was a girl. Long story short, my sister (an honest to God Playboy Playmate) got me plastered in our motel room and convinced me to become a girl so that I could get a free college education.

So here I was, a little over a month into my higher education, living my life as a woman en perpetuam. I eat, sleep, and breathe as a woman, trying my hardest to not let anyone see beneath the surface. It helps that I make a great looking woman…or it hurt…depending on how you looked at it. I love being Lexi, the girl version of myself, but when I let my thoughts linger on my whole predicament too long, I wonder about how my life might have been if I hadn’t made this change.

For starters, I would most likely still be a virgin, and I definitely wouldn’t have had sex with my sister. I also wouldn’t have met Kennedy or Abigail, my two closest friends. I had never had real friends before. I was always small and unattractive as a boy, leading to a rough and solitary childhood. Now I had friends who actually cared about who I was, and how I was doing.

So, with all of this positive reinforcement, and living nonstop as a woman, my mind now saw me as one. It may be its own twisted view of a woman—I still had a penis and loved using it—but somehow it seemed normal.

“What about the doors?” I mused while I stroked Kennedy’s smooth back.

“That’s a no go. They will keep those locked down at night,” Kennedy replied into my chest. “Our best bet would be a window.”

It was the middle of the day on a Saturday. Kennedy and I were lying naked together under the sheets after one of our more enthusiastic romps. I was lying on my back with her upper body draped over mine. Her long auburn hair was a mess across my chest and her bare skin against mine was soft and warm.

“That’s not a very reliable plan. How do we know if there will be a window unlocked?” I asked.

“We don’t. We’ll just have to check them all,” Kennedy supposed.

As most of our conversations had been about lately, this one was about our near future foray into breaking and entering, and possibly burglary and a few other felonies. Kennedy was pretty set and determined to find out who her father was, and the only way I had found to slow her down from a reckless, breakneck speed toward a jail cell had been to help. The sex might be a part of it as well. All of the answers she had spent most of her life looking for were about two hundred yards from where we now lay, in the administration building. Where exactly they were, we had not a clue. It wasn’t like we could go in and ask for directions for our break in.

In the movies there were always answers, and blueprints, and some shady guy with gadgets and gizmos who drove a panel van, and everybody and there brother knows how to pick a lock. In real life, it wasn’t that simple.

Have you ever tried to google ‘how to break and enter’? Surprisingly not a lot of relevant results. We were basically going off of the less dramatic movies we had seen, combined with our common sense.

“Let’s go over it again,” Kennedy said firmly.

“Up and ready at midnight on Sunday, dark colors only. One o’clock to two is our window to get in and out.”

Harold, the ancient security guard, roamed the campus in his golf cart during the nights. His route was sporadic at best, but every night at one o’ clock sharp he headed off to the break room for his lunch break. He spent ten minutes inside eating before coming outside to lounge on a plastic chair where he smoked cheap cigars until 2am.

“Are you sure an hour will be enough?” I asked.

“It’ll have to be. And if it’s not then we will have to do it again next weekend,” Kennedy finished with a sigh.

“I really don’t want to have to do this twice. My heart is racing, and we haven’t even started yet,” I said.

“You sure that has nothing to do with the workout we just had?” Kennedy giggled, giving my semi erect cock a squeeze.

“You know what I mean,” I said, istanbul travesti suppressing a moan. Kennedy could be insatiable sometimes and I had a feeling that if she kept on, I would be hard, and we would end up screwing again. Not that I minded in general, but a girl needs some time to recharge and refuel every once in a while. “So, what do we do if we get inside? We just need to find your file, right? Someone is paying for your tuition, and found a way to get you in here. There should be some mention of it somewhere.”

“Yeah, they have to keep a record showing that my tuition is paid, and they will definitely have a record of whoever paid, just in case they get audited,” Kennedy agreed.

“Why would they worry about getting audited?” I asked.

“Schools are a business, just like any other. Every business lives in fear of the tax man,” Kennedy replied, giving my now firm cock slow strokes.

It looked like she was really pushing for a fourth round. However tired I was, I couldn’t resist. Not because of whatever relationship we shared, but because she was extremely beautiful, especially when she was naked and on top of me.

Kennedy eased herself up to straddle my hips, letting the sheet slide down her back to bunch up around her waist, exposing her firm stomach and deliciously round breasts.

“Just one more baby. I promise,” Kennedy purred as she reached down to ease me inside of her. She was such a liar. She would ride me every minute of the day until one or both of us died if she got the chance. I didn’t know where she got the energy.

“Hey Lexi, I’m back…whoa!” Abigail said, opening the door to our room.

“Shit!” I exclaimed, ignoring Kennedy’s modesty as I pulled the sheets around to cover our joining. It was a desperate reflex of self-preservation. Abigail still had no idea about my little secret, and as close of a friend as she had become, I had strong doubts that she would be thrilled to find out that the girl she shared a room with, the one that has seen her naked on many occasions, was in fact a guy. Well, girl…That I have a cock.

“You scared the crap out of me!” I explained as Abigail stood in the doorway staring at the two of us.

“Do you guys need more time?” Abigail said, shaking herself out of it. “You know what, I can come back.”

“No, Abigail, it’s fine,” Kennedy said as she slowly pulled some of the sheets up to cover herself a little more.

“Kennedy!” I exclaimed. I couldn’t believe her. She was always pushing that envelope just a little bit more. We were in bed naked together, I had my star player buried balls deep into her tight pussy, and here she was inviting Abigail into the room with us. The little minx, I could feel her clenching her pussy muscles around my cock as she smiled back at Abigail.

“Awe! She’s shy!” Kennedy said playfully. “It’s okay baby, I’ll protect you from Abigail. I won’t let her rape you.”

Abigail had finally shut the door, and at Kennedy’s words she blushed like fire. She was really reserved, and fairly inexperienced, but she never took her eyes off of Kennedy’s body.

“Say Abigail,” Kennedy said, rocking her hips ever so slightly against me. “Do you want to go out with us tonight?”

“Sure,” she said after a pause. “They…they might have something going on at the…uh…The Library.”

“No. We need to go somewhere different. Let’s go across town to The Blacklist Lounge. Lexi was telling me about it the other day. We need to let our hair down without having people we know looking over our shoulder.”

“That sounds like a lot of fun!” Abigail said.

“Great! Well I’ll let you have your room back, and I’ll give this girl a rest,” Kennedy said, accentuating her words with a slap to my stomach.

After one more small thrust against me she slid herself off of my pole and slowly climbed out of my bed. As she got up, I made sure that my non girly parts were completely covered, and I rolled onto my side to hide the tent that I would have made.

Kennedy casually picked her clothes up off the floor and put them on while trying to maintain an idle conversation with Abigail. It was pretty one sided as far as conversations go. Abigail was trying hard to not look like she was staring and failing miserably. I had had the feeling that Abigail had a girl crush on Kennedy for a while now. She’d always acted more nervous than usual around her, and you could always catch her gazing, lost in her imagination.

“I’ll see you guys tonight,” Kennedy said when she was fully clothed again and adjusting her bra through her shirt. “Goodbye Abigail,” she said in what seemed an almost seductive voice. Before leaving, she leaned in to brush a kiss across her cheek.

Kennedy definitely knew how Abigail felt, and I had a feeling that, before long, Abigail would be caught in the whirlwind that was Kennedy.

As soon as the door closed again, Abigail slumped down onto her own bed. Her face was absolutely anadolu yakası travestileri glowing as she sat there lost in her own thoughts.

As cute as it was to watch the beautiful and innocent Abigail bask in what might be her first feelings of love or lust, I had my own problems. I was still naked except for my bra, hiding under the covers with a severely teased erection, and all of my clothes were on the floor. While Abigail had become more and more comfortable in her stages of undress around me, I had still held fast to a strict dress code.

I never changed with her in the room unless absolutely necessary and the one time that it had been necessary, the lights were out. As comfortable as I was about being a girl, I still had a secret to keep, and Abigail wasn’t a part of it. Kennedy was a stroke of luck. I doubt very many people could find out the secrets that I had and roll with them. Hell, Kennedy had caught me screwing my own sister.

I didn’t know if I could trust Abigail, and right now that was the same thing as not trusting her. I felt a little twinge that I couldn’t, but it was a risk I couldn’t take right now. Besides, how would she react to finding out that I had a penis and had been sharing a room with her, and seen her in her underwear on a regular basis? Likely not good, and it would end with the police and expulsion.

“I’m going to take a nap before tonight,” I said rolling over to face the wall.

I desperately wanted to relieve some tension, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

*** *** ***

I woke up to find Abigail walking around our room in her underwear getting ready. By the lack of light coming in from the window, it was getting late. It seemed like Abigail was having a hard time finding something to wear and had almost every dress she owned laying across her bed. With her back towards me she looked over each dress, picking up one and then the next in line, trying to decide which one to don.

She was wearing a matching black bra and thong combo, the latter perfectly framing the globes of her ass. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from her. Her ass and legs were my favorite part of her body. They were very well toned and smooth, and her alabaster skin made her appear to glow.

I could feel my cock growing beneath the covers as I admired her. I knew that this train of thought would be counterintuitive if I had to get up, but as it was, I was still pants-less. I wasn’t going anywhere while Abigail was still in the room. Resigned to my situation, I let myself indulge in the view, and felt myself reach full rigidity.

The way she stood, slightly poised on the balls of her feet, gave her a look of grace. It also kept her muscles firm showing off her incredible form. This was just one small torture I endured on a daily basis. As much as I loved Kennedy and her crazy and spontaneous energy, I sometimes wished it was Abigail who had found out who I was. Where Kennedy was wild and unpredictable, Abigail was delicate and innocent. I didn’t think that Abigail was more attractive, they were both just as beautiful in their own ways, but having this much exposure with Abigail and having to hide all the time was difficult.

I’m going to be honest; I was surprised I have gotten as far as I have without any more people finding out about me. Especially with Kennedy’s antics.

After several minutes of quietly watching Abigail, my chance came. She threw her dressing robe around her, quickly tying it at her waist before stepping out of our room. As much as I was enjoying the show, I needed pants, or I would be stuck in bed forever.

Quickly, I jumped out of bed, feeling my hard cock swing and flop around, and rushed to my closet to find something to cover up with. Just when I was saying my silent prayer of thanks in front of my closet, the door to our room opened.

“There is no way I’m wearing that Kennedy!” Abigail was saying as she came back in. “Oh Lexi! You’re awake! Kennedy said we’re leaving at half past eight since it’s a bit of a drive.”

I was in shocked stillness. My dick was sticking straight out, and Abigail was in the room with me. This felt worse than the time my mother caught me masturbating and gave me a four-hour lecture about the sins of self-pollution.

I didn’t know how long I stood in my shock; I was only waiting for the sudden outburst from Abigail. I stood there in agony, eyes closed tight, waiting for the inevitable, but it never came. And then suddenly…

“You have a little over an hour still, if you want to get a shower in,” came Abigail’s voice casually.

I jumped a little at the sound of her voice before realizing that she wasn’t flipping out. I opened my eyes slowly and realized my saving grace. The door to my closet must have been blocking just enough of me from Abigail’s view. This shit was beginning to get ridiculous. If this kept up, I was going to have my first heart istanbul travesti attack at a very early age.

With my heart still pounding in my chest, I pulled a towel around my shaking body and grabbed my shower bag. With the shock from my close call, my hard on had begun to subside. Holding my bag over my little ‘Lady Bump’, I made my way to the showers.

Going to and from the showers in just a towel was a thing that I would have never done if I hadn’t been in shock like I was. I was on some sort of auto pilot until the water hit me in my shower stall, jolting me back to reality.

I couldn’t control it, I started laughing. It started with giggles and spiraled into uncontrollable gales of laughter. Maybe I’m losing my mind. My situation was so surreal it borders on hilarity. I may have made peace with being Lexi, but the situation around it was a little too much sometimes.

Sometimes I wish I could just drop all of the subterfuge and just tell everyone yes, I am a woman, and yes, I have a dick. I loved being Lexi and I loved my penis. I really didn’t want to give up on either of them. I wasn’t afraid to come out of the closet. I loved who I was now, but at the same time, I was afraid of getting kicked out of school because I had a dick, and possibly going to jail for fraud. Okay, maybe I was afraid of coming out of the closet to my mother. That lady could be evil sometimes.

Knowing where we were going tonight, I jerked until I could jerk no more. The last thing I needed was another errant boner on the dance floor. By the time I finished I was running on empty and both arms were a little sore.

*** *** ***

“No means no Kennedy!” Abigail laughed. “There is no way I’m wearing that!” she said pointing at the dress in Kennedy’s hands.

I was back in my room with Abigail and Kennedy.

“Trust me, you’re going to look great in it,” Kennedy pleaded holding it out to her.

I couldn’t tell what the dress would look like in her hands, but from Abigail’s insistence it was a little more than revealing. Then again, this was Abigail. It might not be that bad.

“Just try it on Abigail,” I tried. “If it doesn’t look good then you don’t have to wear it.”

I knew Kennedy. Abigail had already lost, she just didn’t know it yet. Kennedy was like a force of nature. If she wanted something there was no stopping her.

Looking a little dejected, Abigail slipped into the dress and adjusted it. I could see now why Abigail was hesitant. It was snug, clinging to every curve, and the skirt was made out of a light material that was cut at an angle, starting all the way up at her left hip bone, down to her right knee. It showed off the entire side of her alabaster leg making a striking contrast with the black material. It was very sexy and revealing. There was no way she would get away with wearing anything but a thong in that dress. Unless she went without, and that just didn’t seem like something Abigail would do.

“I feel naked,” Abigail said trying to cover herself more, “and a little…slutty.”

“The word you’re looking for is sexy, sweety,” Kennedy assured her. “You look great and no one will know you where we’re going. You’ll be fine.”

If Abigail thought her dress was indecent, I didn’t know what she would have thought about wearing the dress Kennedy chose. It was black as well with a low-cut top and strapless, showing off her great breasts and giving the illusion that she would fall out at any moment. The skirt was made up of dozens of strips of cloth that landed a few inches above her knees. While standing still the strips covered her modestly, but when she moved, they swayed and split apart showing her legs all the way up to her hips and parts of her ass.

I would have been hard pressed to decide who looked better. Kennedy’s dress certainly did something special to my libido, but sweet little Abigail, in a dress with a slit all the way to her hip, and way out of her comfort zone and looking amazing, did something as well.

I was wearing a special dress that my sister Audrey bought for me before she left. It was a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline and a short-pleated tutu skirt. With my strappy three-inch heels, I looked amazing.

Audrey had tried to explain to me why every girl needs a Little Black Dress when she bought it for me, but I didn’t quite understand it until now. All dresses made me feel sexy, since the very first one I put on, but there was something more about this black dress I was wearing. I didn’t know if it was because my friends were wearing ones themselves, or if it was a symbol. Was it because this was one more right of being a woman that I got to enjoy, or was there something else? I could feel a tingle run across my skin like electricity as I admired myself in the mirror. It was as if this dress encompassed my sexuality and my womanliness.

Whatever it was, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go out dancing and partying, or just stay in the dorms and fuck my way into a coma.

“Well ladies, our ride is on its way,” Kennedy said happily. “How about a little something before we go?”

Kennedy reached into her purse and pulled out a bright pink dildo about seven inches long.

“Um…What the fuck?” Abigail cursed, sounding shocked, and a little scared of what Kennedy might be proposing.

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