You Be The Judge

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Marginally successful does not immediately come to mind when ranking the Eclipse Company. In fact, it has been consistently ranked as the

provider of social networking products and mobile device applications long before mobile technologies were popular to consumers. It’s overwhelming success is due mostly in part to the leadership of Eclipse’s Chief Executive, Steven Pattbum. Eclipse employees are some of the most dedicated and hardworking in the industry. What’s his secret? Mr. Pattbum is widely known as a motivator, an educator, a leader, and most of all unorthodox. If there is one lesson to be learned from Mr. Pattbum’s leadership style…it is accountability. This is a story of how failure can lead to success through accountability. His methods are “out of the box” for sure, but that is perhaps the foundation of his success? You be the judge.

It was 8am Monday morning. Monday mornings mean one thing at Eclipse…”Weekly Check-In”. Weekly Check-In is mandatory for Mr. Pattbum’s team and everyone is expected to be prepared to brief status on all projects. Weekly Check-In sets the stage for planned work for the week and ends in an agreement on productivity expectations and applicable metrics. Weekly Check-In also serves as a forum to determine if metrics are being met. Krista Laight was Mr. Pattbum’s newest employee. She had been with Eclipse for no more than 3 weeks. Her work products are consistently good, but she is always late and frequently misses Monday Check-In. Mr. Pattbum’s pet peeve is missing Check-In. It was Monday at 10am when Krista finally showed up. Krista knew she had missed Check-In again and that Mr. Pattbum would not be thrilled. As she entered her office, she weaved her way through the matrix of cubicles very quietly in the hopes that nobody would hear or see her. She quickly sat down at her desk and logged on. She knew once she logged on, he would see that she was available. Minutes after, an IM popped up from Mr. Pattbum.

“Hello Krista! Hope you had a great weekend. If you would, please come to my office at 10:30. Thanks.”

Krista was a little bit nervous, knowing that he doesn’t like anyone missing Monday mornings. She did have an excuse though! Heavy traffic on inbound lanes this morning was much heavier than usual and her phone battery stopped holding a charge for some she couldn’t call in to the conference bridge either. She thought to herself…”He’ll be fine about this. He seems very reasonable. I’m sure he’ll understand.” Krista began working diligently as she normally does…once she’s actually working. Low and behold, she lost track of time. It was 10:35. An IM popped up again from Mr. Pattbum.

“Hello? Krista? Are you coming to my office? We had a 10:30 remember?”

Krista lost track of time. Mr. Pattbum is a very calm, collected, and kind person. But he is also demanding. Little did Krista know, his second pet peeve is tardiness! Whoops. Krista made her way through the matrix to his corner suite. His door was open. Krista walked in to see him behind his desk…typing away.

“Ah Krista. Great! Come in please. And close the door behind you if you don’t mind.”

Krista closed the door. Mr. Pattbum got up from his desk and made his way to the roundtable in his suite and sat down.

“Please. Come sit. Let’s talk a bit”.

Krista walked toward the roundtable. Mr. Pattbum thought to himself…”Well…at least she understands the dress code here!” She was very nicely dressed. A grey penciled skirt…a few inches above the knee. Lovely sheer black stockings and classic pumps. Very nice blouse..slightly unbuttoned…a string of pearls and flowing curls. Very professional yet sexy! A definite plus.

“So..Krista.” He folds his hands and smiles. “Tell me. Now that you’ve been with us for 3 weeks, how do you like it here? Are you settling in?”

She was taken aback. What? No yelling? Screaming? Throwing papers with a red face? Little did she know, this was not at all his style. Anger is the worst form of motivation. He wasn’t angry. He knew she needed some “motivation”.

“Well, Steve. I really like it here. Everyone has been very helpful and accommodating and have welcomed me to the team. I’m settling in nicely here I think. All except for my phone. I think they gave me one with a bad battery or something. Its been acting up for 2 weeks now!” she said.

“I see. Well Krista. I’m glad to hear that my team has welcomed you. I really feel that a foundation to our success as company is our collaborative culture. I have instilled a philosophy here that instills confidence and accountability. My teams are empowered to make decisions and earn results. They are empowered to succeed. Most of all, they are held accountable for their actions.”

Mr. Pattbum was cool as a cucumber. It was obvious that he was not angry. Not upset. It was obvious that this was not his first rodeo.

“Krista..tell me. Are you aware of our Monday Check-In meetings?”

“Yes. I am aware. I know I haven’t actually been to one yet. Its not that Maltepe Olgun Escort I purposefully have been ignoring them. For some reason, unforeseen circumstances seem to always arise for me on Mondays! I’m sure you know what I mean.”

Mr. Pattbum smiles and chuckles. He shifts around in his seat a little.

“Well Krista. Actually no. I understand that from time to time, folks are going to miss one. I get that. But three in a row is a red flag for me. The reason I called you in here this morning is to try and understand why you have been missing Check-In and also to discuss ways that I may be able to help you improve.”

Krista clears her throat.

“I see” she says.

“I do feel that the rest of the team here is committed to Check-In and actively participate on a weekly basis. It is mandatory that you attend. If you cannot attend in person, there is always a webex and conference bridge available.”

“Well Sir. I don’t want to get off on the wrong foot here. I had every intention of getting here this morning in time to be in person and I ran into traffic on the freeway and my phone was not working.”

“I see Krista. That would have been ok with me had you not missed two Check-Ins prior to today. I want you to understand that excuses are not the remedy here. I want you to make an effort to be here on time and to be here every Monday for Check-In. Perhaps leaving your house earlier would lessen the chance of traffic impacting your arrival time here. “

“Yes. Of course. That makes sense to me!” She said.

He smiles.”Excellent. In the meantime, I will see to it that you have a new phone before you leave here today. Ok?”

“Yes! That would be great. Thank you.” She says.

Mr. Pattbum stands up grinning and walks to the door and opens it. He walks out briefly. Krista begins to gaze around the room at his office. His walls are adorned with all sorts of industry awards…pictures of him with dignitaries and executives from many industries. He even has a picture of himself with Donald Trump…looks like they were playing golf together or something. “Impressive”..she thinks to herself. Just then he returns.

“Well…ok…check with Jane, my assistant, before you leave and she will arrange for a phone. Ok?”

“Ok. Great. Thanks so much!” she says.

“You’re quite welcome Krista. Let’s plan on meeting again next Monday at 10:30 after the Check-In. I want to know how you are doing” he says.

“Ok.” she says.

“Great” He says.

Krista walks out thinking to herself. Ok..well…that wasn’t so bad. She makes her way back to her cube. Everyone around her is diligently working. Happy…content..and motivated. Krista is none of those things. A week goes by. She is constantly having trouble getting up on time. The snooze bar is her best friend it seems. Sunday night, she sets her alarm for one hour earlier. She is determined to make it to Check-In. She falls asleep soundly. She awakens to sunlight through her shades. She opens her eyes and yawns and checks the clock. 8:15am.


She’s done it again. She bolts out of bed and into the shower. Luckily, she had laid out her clothes the night before. She purposefully chose her nicest work attire knowing she would be meeting Mr. Pattbum again. She was already missing Check-In so she decided to at least look nice for her meeting. She dresses in a black skirt, silk blouse, and sheer black stockings and classic pumps. She scurries off to the office. When she arrives, everyone else is still in the conference room. She sits down to her desk and logs in. Just as she’s settled, everyone returns from Check-In. Krista is mortified. She thinks to herself whether she will be fired. She already had one warning…from Mr. Pattbum himself. She waits nervously for 10:30. She makes her way to his corner suite at 10:25 to wait outside. She is sitting in the reception area. Her legs are crossed…butterflies in her stomach…wondering what is going to happen. Wondering if she is going to still have a job. Just as she’s thinking that, he walks out of his office to Jane’s desk.

“Ah! Ms. Laight. It must be 10:30. Excellent!” he says with a smile.

She is very nervous. She grins, uncrosses her legs and walks with him into his office. He closes the door behind him. He motions for her to have a seat. She complies with no hesitation. He clears his throat.

“Ms. Laight. As you are aware, you were to come here today at 10:30 as we had discussed last week to discuss your progress for the week” he says calmly looking at her with intent.

“Yes Sir. That is correct” she says.

“And as you recall Ms. Laight, I suggested to you last week that you set your alarm 1 hour early to avoid being late and missing the Monday Check-In” he says.

“Yes Sir. I remember” she says.

“Well Ms. Laight, evidently that did not work. I don’t even really want to know why you missed the meeting today. I only want to discuss with you how you will be held accountable. Doesn’t that sound fair?” he Maltepe Sarışın Escort said.

“Well, yes. It sounds fair Mr. Pattbum. If I may say so Sir, this time it really wasn’t my fault” she said.

Mr. Pattbum smiles.

“I see Ms. Laight. I see. I want you to remember. I have empowered you to be the best you can be so that you may excel in your position here in my company. I’ve given you an opportunity to correct your deficiencies and even pulled strings to get you a new phone in a matter of hours. The rest was up to you and you did not deliver” he said.

“Yes Sir” she said.

“Ms. Pattbum, I can only do so much for my employees before I must consider whether I am wasting my time. Am I wasting my time with you Ms. Laight?” he said inquisitively.

Krista’s stomach is in knots. Butterflies..sweaty palms…shaky voice. She thinks to herself “here it comes…I’m going to get fired if I don’t think on my feet here!

“Mr. Pattbum, I am very very sorry for missing today’s meeting Sir. I realize that talk is cheap and I haven’t lived up to your expectations here. Isn’t there something I can do to change your mind. Perhaps another chance?” she says.

Mr. Pattbum looks down knodding his head. Thinking about it.

“You know Ms. Laight. I had high hopes for you here in this company. Your resume was outstanding. So far, you have not delivered. I typically don’t give second chances because there is far too much talent out there to waste my time with second chances. But in your case, I am willing to make an exception if you agree completely with my terms going forward” he says.

Krista is relieved. The job market is really tough right now. She could very well be on the street if she lost this job.

“Yes Sir! I will do anything for another chance” she says.

“Very well then Ms. Laight. My terms cannot be discussed at the moment. I have an important client coming at noon and I need to prepare. Come back to my office at 6pm sharp and we’ll talk”

“Yes Sir. 6pm it is” she says. Krista leaves and heads back to her cube. She is completely wrapped up in what she just agreed to. She cannot for the life of her think what his terms are going to be. She has butterflies.


Mr. Pattbum’s door is closed. Krista taps lightly on the door.

“Come in Krista. Please close the door behind you. ” He says

Krista opens the door. He is standing at the window of his corner suite..gazing out over the Manhattan skyline. Without saying a word, he begins lowering the shades of his windows. Krista is standing nervously in front of his desk. Wringing her hands and biting her lower lip. She feels like a kid in the principal’s office. Mr. Pattbum is silent, calm and collected.

“Sit down Krista” he says motioning his hand at the chair in front of his desk.

Krista sits down and crosses her legs and folds her hands in her lap. He walks around to the front of his desk. And sits on the edge and folds his hand in his lap. The silence is deafening.

“Krista I have decided to give you second chance here. I will say you are the first here to have ever gotten a second chance. As you know, I don’t play games. I hire performers. Are you going to be a performer Krista?”

“Yes! Yes, I will improve” she says

“No. That’s not what I asked you. Are you going to be a performer here Krista?” he says

“Yes. I will be a performer here” she says.

“Good. I will tell you that a quality of a good performer is respect for leadership. As a sign of respect Krista, I expect you to refer to me as “Sir” when spoken to. Is that clear?” he says calmly.

“Yes Sir” she says.

“Good. Now I know that you have obviously been struggling here. Seemingly struggling to keep up with the pace of work here and certainly struggling with attendance at Check-In. I think what you need in your life is discipline. You need to be held accountable at a whole other level. I have an alternative plan for you Krista. You and I are going to have our own “Check-In” every Monday evening” he said

“Our own Check-In Sir?” she says

“Yes Krista. You see, you need discipline. Wouldn’t you agree? Don’t you think that some form of punishment should be administered for missing my Check-Ins and being constantly late?” he says

She squirms in her chair. She has butterflies in her stomach and her palms begin to sweat.

“Yes Sir” she says.

He walks around to the side of her chair and holds out his hand. She places her hand in his and she stands up. He stands in front of her calm and collected.

“You, young lady, are going to get a spanking. I believe that corporal punishment will serve you well. Every Monday evening will be our little Check-In. Every Monday evening you and I will meet to evaluate your performance and you will be held accountable. Is that clear?”

Her hands were shaking. Butterflies.

“Yes Sir” she said.

“Good. Every Monday at 6pm you are going to come to my office. When you arrive, you will close my Maltepe Şişman Escort blinds and close and lock the door. You will stand in front of my desk and wait for me to address you. I will then tell you how I think you have performed for the week. When I am finished, you will apologize for your performance and politely ask me for a spanking. Is that clear young lady?” he says.

“Yes Sir. But what if I perform well?” she asks.

“Ah well, of course you won’t be spanked in that case. However, nobody is perfect my dear. And you aren’t the only one with their own Check-In. I can assure you of that.” He says with a smile.

“Hmph” she says…with a sexy pout.

“Are you getting pouty with me Ms Laight?” he asks

“No Sir” she says.

He walks slowly behind her. He places his hand on her hip and slides his fingers under the waist band of her skirt. He unbuttons and unzips her skirt. He pulls it down to the floor.

“You won’t be needing this for the rest of the evening. Step out please.”

She steps out of her skirt. Without being told, she bends down and picks it up and folds it nicely on the chair.

“Take off your blouse Ms. Laight” he commands

“Yes Sir”

She slowly unbuttons her blouse. Letting it fall off her shoulders. She lays it on the chair with her skirt. Mr. Pattbum places his hand on his chin with approval.

“Ms. Laight. I must commend you. You have excellent taste” he says.

She is standing in his office wearing a very lovely black garter belt and sheer black nylons. Her bra and panties are matching. Exquisite. Her breasts are full and natural. She takes care of her body and it shows.

“Thank you Sir”

“When you come to my office for your Check-In, I want you to close the blinds and lock my door. I want you to remove your skirt and blouse and stand at my desk ready to listen to your evaluation. Is that clear Ms. Laight?”

“Yes Sir”


He sits on the edge of his desk. Admiring her beauty.

“What do you have to say for yourself Ms. Laight? Hmm?”

“I’m sorry Sir” she says

“Sorry for what Ms. Laight?”

“I’m sorry for being late and missing the Check-In” she says

“And?” he says

She looks at him. She’s not sure what to say.

“Remember Ms. Laight. You are to ask me politely for a spanking” he says

“….um….may I please be spanked for missing Check-In Sir?”

“Yes you may” he says.

He walks around behind her as she is standing in front of his desk. She can feel him next to her. His chest against her side. She feels his fingers gently glide down her back. His other hand on her hip. She reacts with goose bumps. She feels his hand glide over the waist band of her panties and over her bottom. He squeezes her cheek gently. Gives is a gentle pat.

“Now Ms. Laight. I want you to count each one and say Thank you Sir after each”

“Yes Sir” she says

He smacks her ass. It jiggles slightly under the material of her panties.

“One. Thank you Sir”

He smacks her ass again. This time a little harder.

“Two. Thank you sir”

He caresses her bottom over her panties.

He commences and delivers three more smacks on her bottom. Each a little harder than the other. She thanks him politely. He caresses her ass and gently squeezes.

“Yes Ms. Laight. I can see this is already having an effect on you. Hmm?” he says

“Yes Sir” she says

He pulls her closer to him. She can feel his breath on her neck. He whispers in her ear….

“Are you naughty Ms. Laight?” he whispers

She trembles. Her ass is stinging slightly…pink and warm.

“Yes Sir. I am naughty” she says

“Yes. And what do naughty girls get Ms. Laight?” he asks

“Naughty girls get spankings Sir” she says

“Yes they do Ms. Laight. Naughty girls get spankings on their bare bottom. Pull your panties down Ms. Laight” he says

Trembling with excitement, she complies. She slowly pulls her panties down to her thighs.

“Very good. Now we’re getting somewhere. Hmm?” he asks

“Yes Sir” she says

He begins spanking her on the bare bottom standing up in the middle of his office with her panties down to her thighs. He delivers ten smacks alternating each cheek. She consumes each smack with eagerness. She embraces the sting and counts each one. Her ass is stinging and pink and warm. He gently caresses her ass. Feeling the warmth.

“Am I getting through to you Ms. Laight?” he asks.

She clears her throat.

“Yes Sir” she says

He stands next to her. His chest against her. She can feel his erect cock pressing against her leg through his slacks. His fingers placed gently on her stomach..he drags them down to her belly button and slowly over her clit. He slides his finger slowly over her clit parting her labia. She is wet.

“My my Ms. Laight. I see you are enjoying your punishment. Hmm?” he says

She does everything she can not to instinctively grind on his finger.

“Yes Sir. I like to be held accountable” she says in a trembling voice

“I see that” he chuckles.

“Take off your bra and step out of your panties” he commands

She complies without hesitation. He gently traces his fingertips down her cleavage and gently tickles her nipples with his fingertips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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