Your Ass is Mine

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You’re tied face down and naked on the bed. Your arms are stretched out to the sides and your legs are spread open very wide, almost painfully wide. Pillows are placed under your hips to get your ass raised off the bed. The spreading of your legs makes the cheeks of your ass spread open as well leaving both your cunt and your ass open to what ever I decide to do them. Now while I so dearly love using your ever wet cunt for my pleasure, tonight its your ass that will be attended to for my pleasure.

As I kneel between your spread thighs I pour warm scented lotion on your ass, both cheeks. My hands begin to spread the lotion all around your quivering ass, rubbing it in great circles. The flesh of your ass glistens with the lotion as it soaks into your skin making it even softer and smoother. Damn you’ve got a nice ass I think to myself. As a rub lotion into your ass never once do I touch your wet cunt. I know its wet because I can see it oozing its moisture. My fingers slide between your ass cheeks just barely grazing your asshole. Over and over I slide my fingers just grazing that tiny orifice. And every time I graze that little opening you groan and grunt your pleasure out to me. It doesn’t matter how much or how little noise you make, I know that you adore having your ass caressed and prodded.

With all the lotion being almost all rubbed in, I grab a bottle of scented oil and pour it liberally down the crease of your ass. görükle escort I don’t want it to run onto the bed, not yet anyway, so I put a finger in the way so the oil pools at your tender asshole. As the pool gets slightly bigger I push a finger from each hand in your ass and stretch you open so some of the oil can run inside your ass. It will definitely need to be lubricated for what I have planned! First off I push the butt plug in your oiled up ass.

Now that your asshole is temporarily taken care of, I need some attention. I move from between your thighs and up above your head. I put my legs over your out stretched arms, lift your head by the hair and ease myself down so your mouth has no where to go but down on my cock. All the way in I go as I feel the back of your throat and you slightly gag. In your position you are unable to move your head, so I guide your mouth up and down my cock using your hair as leverage to get you to throat fuck my cock. All I can hear from you is muffled groans. After I while I let go of your hair and your mouth drops down once again the base of my cock. There is something on the night stand I need.

I reach over to the night stand and grab the riding crop that seems is always there for me. With one hand on the crop and the other grabbing the back of your head by the hair, I pull your head up with one hand and with the other hand I swing the crop down on your oil glistening ass. Each bursa merkez escort up and down stroke of your mouth on my cock is a stroke on your ass with the riding crop. Let me tell you this is no easy feat either. It takes lots of concentration not to hit too hard or make you gag on my cock. Soon this play is over and another must start.

Extracting myself from your mouth, which is hard enough in itself because your mouth is so talented, I move back down to give more attention to your ass again. I straddle your hips facing your feet. I pull the butt plug from your ass only to put the vibrating eggs inside you. The eggs are turn on medium and I leave them buzzing in your ass. Moving off your hips and back to your side I reach for the flogger. It does such a nice job of making your ass cheeks so very sensitive. All of the little strands hitting in different places at once making you squirm only as much as the bindings will allow you to move. But soon I tire of beating you ass with the flogger.

I put the flogger down and caress your inflamed ass with my bare hands. Soft, light caresses almost tickle you. Then SWAT! My hand comes down hard. Then soft caresses again. Then another SWAT! Alternating caressing your ass and swatting it with my hand about ten times leaves your ass the nice rosy color I was looking for. Now its time for something bigger in your ass. I want it opened up for bursa escort bayan my cock when the time comes.

The vibrating eggs come out and the ten inch dildo goes in. I fuck your ass with that big monster and I can both hear and feel you cum. The juices from your pussy come gushing out soaking the towel I had put there to cover the pillows and sheets. You have to love thick, fluffy, absorbent towels. You cum several times from the monster dildo in ass sawing in and out. I just love hearing you cum, all the grunts and groans and moans that come out of your mouth make me so horny for you it almost hurts. But its my turn now, you’ve had your orgasms.

I pull the big dildo from your ass and pour my oil down the crack of your ass, it runs inside your hole before it closes after having been stretched open with the ten inch dildo. After your asshole closes its time to open it up again only this time with my cock instead. I want your ass loose around my cock because I enjoy fucking your ass. But every time I think I have it opened and stretched out it fools me. Your ass is just as tight as it would be if I hadn’t used anything in your ass at all. Its so tight and hot inside you that in no time I’m ready to cum. Just a few more strokes and I’m there. But there will be no cum in your ass tonight my love. Before I cum I pull out of your tight ass and move to your head. There I pull your head to the side using your hair and push my cock in your mouth. Just a few strokes with my hand is all it takes to fill your mouth with my hot cum. When that over I release you and stroke your sore muscles bring blood flow back to them. I ask if you enjoyed yourself and all you can do is smile and drift off to sleep. I’m right behind you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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