Zach Helps Aunt Olivia Ch. 02

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WARNING: This story involves incestuous sexual relationships with family members. It includes described scenes of graphic sex including anal and incest. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years.


Zach: From previous stories you might know that a bicycle accident left me in a coma from a brain concussion. It made me an empath which while in touch with females I can target specific thought centers to enhance feelings or on specific sexual centers of their bodies. I tap into their deep needs and bring those feelings to the surface. This story is a continuation of one of those occasions.

I was taking pre-med at my college and would come home during class breaks. When I sat at the kitchen table mom had plated my breakfast and was breast feeding our daughter, Kyra our little dark haired princess. Mom was of course naked as she knew to be when I was home. She cupped her other mommy breast and asked if I wanted some and laughed. While I ate she reminded me I had promised to ride up to her cousin’s place and help her around the farm for a few days.

Aunt Olivia needed help on her small organic farm especially since her twin daughters are juniors away at university. From what I could remember her twin daughters are very cute. “Make sure you get your farm work done first before your cock work,” mom said laughing. Well as it turned out Aunt Olivia got some work done on her fish pond and some good cocking. I fucked her first while sitting on my lap in an old friend’s truck. Then I bred her bent over the sofa arm and dropped a load down her ass.

Out of the corner of my eye I had seen movement by the upper hall railing and realized the twins were hiding in the shadows watching everything. They saw me clearly and their mother splayed out across the sofa arm. I heard one of the girls take in a deep breath when she saw the size of my cock plowing their mother’s ass. When I pulled my thick cock out of Aunt Olivia’s ass I slapped it across her cheeks. I looked up at the twins and one had their hands over their mouth in shock. I had ordered the twins to not wake me until coffee and breakfast was ready.

As I walked past the college juniors I used my power and left there a strong sexual hunger. I kissed both the red and the raven haired cousins. I could sense that they were losing their own control to my power. I made them suck off their mother’s pussy juice and my cum. I pushed past them and entered my guest bedroom and nixed taking a shower as I was now very tired. I finally fell asleep wondering what would happen tomorrow. I was soon to find out.

I woke up on my back with my morning wood standing up firm and proud. I realized the red head was standing next to my bed staring at my long thick cock. She had on a see through sleeper that just reached below her crotch. Her dark areoles and hard nipples showed through the gown as well as the shaded triangle at the joining of her thighs. She had no panties on. After my dad died we lost track of Aunt Olivia and her young twins so I didn’t really know them.

“So which one are you?” I asked as I grabbed her hand and gripped it around my cock. With that contact I leaked my power into her centered on her crotch. She moaned and shifted her hips rubbing her pussy lips together. As I pulled down her pussy honey her scent filled the bedroom.

“I’m Connie,” she said softly as she ran her hand up and down my eight inch hard cock. I watched as she let go of my cock and opened her thighs. She dipped her fingers under her gown and ran her fingers through her wet pussy lips. She brought her thick honey dripping fingers onto my cock and stroked it firmly, rubbing her palm over my cockhead gathering my thick leaking pre-cum.

She repeated the pussy lube process several times and my cock and balls shone as her hand jacked my cock. My power was warming her pussy as her juices dripped down her thighs and dampened the red fuzz at the base of her labia.

“Does your mom know that you and your sister are sexual lovers? And when did it start?” I asked.

“No, mom doesn’t know at all. It’s not like we played around during high school. Yea we talked about dating and losing our virginity but never did anything together. It wasn’t until we had gone to college after mom bought the apartment house. Morgan and I moved into one of the apartments and got active in a sorority and parties.”

“One night we got wasted but made it back to our place. We were so drunk we had to hold each other up while we got out of our party dresses. Once we were down to our panties we hugged pushing our breasts together. We kissed deeply swapping tongue and moaning. Our excited nipples hardened and rubbed against each other’s tits. Morgan went first and touched my pussy over my panties. I moaned and opened my legs and she pushed her fingers under my panties and rubbed through my wet lips and onto my hardening clit. It Silivri Escort was like she knew exactly where and how to touch me. We are twins after all. She didn’t stop rubbing my clit until I creamed my pussy juices all over her fingers and down my thighs. I lost the strength in my legs and slumped to the floor.”

“Morgan knelt between my legs and pulled my panties off. She then placed her mouth on my dripping pussy and ate me until I came over and over and sprayed her face with my hot cum. She then flipped around and sat her dripping pussy on my face and I licked her pussy until she came all over my face. I drank her hot nectar like I needed it to live. We’ve been sister lovers ever since. We like boys and hard cocks but when we get really horny we please each other much like you heard last night,” Connie finished her story.

“Take off your gown and clean off my cock of your nasty juices!” I growled and stirred her clit nerve endings.

Connie hissed and let go of my cock and pulled her gown over her head. She had nice sized tits, firm like two navel oranges. Her aureoles were a dark rose and her firm nipples were even darker. She leaned over and slowly engulfed my cockhead with her warm wet lips then slid my fat cock to the back of her throat. She sucked strongly up and down on my cock cleaning off her own juices and my leaking pre-cum.

“Do you want my hot thick cum down your throat or up your pussy Connie?” I challenged her.

She didn’t answer but let my cock slide out of her wet mouth. Connie then climbed up on the bed and straddled my thighs. With my cock pushed against my abs she slid her hot wet pussy lips back and forth along my long cock. When my cockhead was coated in her own thick pussy juice Connie lifted up and centered it to the doorway of her vagina. My cockhead was gripped tightly as she tried to get it to enter.

I don’t think Connie ever had a plum sized cockhead enter her before. She moaned and hissed as she worked her hips and pussy lips across my cockhead until it finally breached her doorway and popped inside. She breathed heavily as she held her thighs up getting use to my fat cock having entered her pussy. I used my power to soften her pussy entrance and my cockhead and a few inches slid into her pussy. My fat cock pushed her pussy walls out accommodating my thickness.

She breathed heavily as she bobbed on my cock taking inch by inch until most of my thick eight inches was gripped by her wet pussy lips. She then began riding my cock to her own pleasure. I had a lot of work to do this morning so I reached between us and pinched my fingers across her clit and poured my power onto it.

Connie screamed, “I’m cumming Zach! You fucker you’re making me cum on your fat cock!” She rode my cock hard now and I felt my dickhead hit the top of her cunt. She angled herself so my cock ran across her g-spot and her cum ran down my cock to soak my balls. I started thrusting up into her cunt as she pushed down to take all thick eight inches.

Her cunt started pulsing on my cock as she pumped her way through another orgasm. She moaned each time her pussy lips kissed my balls. My cockhead was massaged by the top of her pussy as her wet walls tightened down on my shaft. I poured my power onto her g-spot and clit and her cunt exploded pussy juice. I gave up my own control and pumped seven or eight thick blasts of hot cum against her womb. As I thrust upwards Connie slammed downwards as we both had body shaking orgasms.

Connie fell her breasts pushing onto my chest and gasped in her breath against my neck. I rolled us over and humped my cock in and out of her pussy pushing my cum deep down her tight pussy. I sat up and pulled Connie’s ass up on my thighs and marinated my cock in her hot cunt. I gripped her firm breasts and pulled on her hard nipples causing Connie to hiss and ground her pussy against my crotch rubbing her clit into another mini orgasm.

“Other than lusting after my big cock was there a reason you entered my room?” I asked as I moved my fat cock around inside her pussy. With exhausted breath she told me that breakfast would be ready soon and that I’d better come down. “Come down stairs instead of cum down in your slutty pussy you mean?” I laughed. Connie slapped my arm and told me not to be so mean.

She took in a deep breath as I slid my eight inches out of her cum filled pussy and I watched as my butter leaked out of her pushed open “O” of her cunt and it lubed her ass hole. To tease her I put my cockhead against her dark star and pushed her anal ring open just a little bit.

“Oh god no Zach, I can’t go again. No one has had my ass yet but I’ll give it to you if you treat it tenderly,” she moaned then pulled me down for a deep cousin kiss. “Now go get dressed and get your breakfast and I’m gonna sleep in the wet spot in your bed,” she said as she moaned and rolled on her side after I slipped out.

She was facing Şirinevler Escort in the right direction so I moved my cock against her lips. She opened her lips and cleaned off my cock with her wet tongue and tight lips. I walked into Aunt Olivia’s bathroom and cleaned up then back to my room to dress. Connie was already sleeping. I walked down and into the kitchen to the smell of coffee and breakfast.

Aunt Olivia was having difficulty looking at me. But she had on a gossamer night shirt and I could easily see her dark nipples pushing against the soft fabric. She blushed as I memorized her heavy tits. “Good morning Ollie. How are you this morning and who is this raven haired beauty cooking my breakfast?” I asked innocently.

“I’m Morgan,” the black haired cousin said as she put a plate of food in front of me. She had on a silky robe over her sleeper gown. When she put my plate down she had turned such that her full ass was facing me. I moved my hand up between her ass cheeks and the tops of my fingers found their way between her pussy lips. Before she could react I leaked my power into her. She moaned and leaned on the table for support. She opened her thighs and slightly moved her ass back letting my fingers find their way deeper into her pussy. I gave Morgan a quick mini cum then pulled my fingers out and started eating my breakfast.

Aunt Olivia looked at me with some anger and an undertone of hunger. We discussed the day’s work and I asked Morgan for more coffee. She brought the pot over and under her breath said, “Behave!” as I ran my hands up her thigh. She stood still as my fingers found her moist curls and moist labia. She filled my coffee cup then moved away unfulfilled. I finished my toast and coffee and pushed back my chair. It scraped on the floor and both women flinched.

I wore my loose shorts and another muscle shirt so when I brought my dish over to the sink I ran my cock against Morgan’s plump ass. She hissed and gave me another “Behave!” I laughed and kissed her neck and slipped a hand around her and squeezed a tit. Her nipple quickly poked my palm as it stiffened. I leaned against her ear and whispered, “Bring out my lunch later to the barn and don’t bother with any underclothes,” then I gripped her ass hard and gave it a few swats.

I walked to the kitchen table and leaned over and kissed Aunt Ollie. She flinched slightly then opened her mouth as we played with each other’s tongue. “Have a good day Ollie I have a lot of chores to get done,” I said boldly as I let one hand drift down and massage one of her full breasts. She hissed but pushed her tit hard against my hand. I turned to leave and saw Morgan watching me as her fingers absentmindedly rubbed the front of her labia over her gown.

I worked hard in the barn all morning putting away bags of chicken feed and fish food and fixing bins and barn beams. It was hot in the barn so I had taken off my shirt and the sweat was wetting my shorts making them stick to my cock. What I have always liked about my cock is that it stays its fat eight inches and then gets hard when I’m turned on.

When Morgan walked into the barn with my lunch I was sitting on a pile of feed and my cock was sitting up firm on my thigh. My sweat made my kakis shorts grip and outline my cock. Morgan set my lunch tray and beverage down then stood in front of me measuring my cock with her wide dark eyes. She shifted her hips back and forth and soon I could detect her scent.

I ate my lunch and watched as her sweat wet her white blouse making her hard nipples appear. “Show me you followed my orders about your underwear,” I ordered.

“Zach, you shouldn’t ask me to do that, it’s not right! We’re related. That’s forbidden,” she said defiantly.

“How’s your sister Connie and what did she have to say about her morning?” I challenged her.

“She’s still resting. She said her pussy feels like she fell on a baseball bat,” Morgan said quietly.

“Did you kiss it and make it feel all better like last night? Does your mother know you two munch on each other’s carpet? Does she know that you’re both ok with lesbian incest? Tell me your story Morgan. Tell me how you started with your sister!” I asked more loudly.

“Zach, please don’t tell our mom. I don’t know how she’d take knowing that,” she said pleading.

“Do you mean the cum and anal slut you found on the sofa or are you talking about some other mother? Now tell me your story with your sister,” I ordered.

“I started to notice my sister after we turned eighteen our senior year of high school. Connie was always into sports and I was a STEM student so we hung with different clicks. I was always aware of my sister’s presence and she noticed and smiled frequently at me. When we knew our parents wouldn’t catch us our towel would drop by accident after our shower and walking back to our bedroom. We were always showing each other the sexy underwear we bought. Şişli Escort Sometimes we cuddled on the sofa and could smell each other’s scent as we touched each other.

My lust for my sister grew even deeper once we moved in together. We dropped the need for towels and bathrobes and often slept naked with our door open. I would watch Connie still sleeping naked in bed and we could sense when we were being watched by each other first thing in the morning. When I masturbated I wondered how what I did would feel on my sister. Some nights I could hear her moaning in her room and it was like I was on the same frequency as my pussy began to get moist then dripping wet.”

“Even across the hall we were in sync as we rubbed our clits and pushed our fingers deep up our pussy. We moaned at the same time building the excitement in each other. When we came together we sometimes called out each other’s name in one long moan. We never spoke about our mutual orgasms but each of us knew.”

“That night we got drunk I think we did it because we couldn’t hold back the lust for each other and needed something to push us together. When we held each other and our breasts massaged each other I got so horny for Connie I grabbed her pussy and brought her to orgasm as we kissed each other deeply. Our emotions joined and flowed across each other. When she fell all I wanted to go was eat her wet pussy and make her cum over and over. When I sat my wet pussy on my sister’s face she made me cum so hard I sprayed her face and the floor under her.”

“Ever since that time we are lovers whenever the need is there. We have male lovers but they go home or we stay over their place. We haven’t shared our guys yet nor talked about inviting a close girlfriend to spend the night but I think we would be ok with that. Zach I think we would like you to be our first three way.”

Morgan said that last part in a low whisper. “Lift that skirt and show me that dark forest hiding that wet pussy I can smell from here!” I whispered back to Morgan.

Morgan started whimpering as she slowly pulled up the front of her skirt until her dark curls hiding her pussy lips appeared. I told her to tuck her hem into her belt and unbutton her blouse. She whimpered again but began to unbutton her blouse. Slowly her cleavage came into view. When I gestured she pulled her blouse out of her skirt and pushed it off her shoulders and it fell to the barn floor.

Her beautiful full breasts played peek-a-boo behind her long black hair as a warm breeze blowing through the barn pushed her hair around. Her breasts were slightly larger than her sister’s and sat proud and firm on her chest. Her aureoles were silver dollar sized and quite dark almost hiding her hardening nipples. I ordered her to stand in front of me.

She stood still for some time fighting her somewhat loose moral code and her obvious desires. I moved my fingers to the ‘come here’ move and Morgan slowly did. She stood before me as a blush deepened across her cheeks and down her cleavage. I touched my fingers to her black curls and she opened her thighs and her wet pussy lips opened. I slid fingers between her pussy lips and captured her almond nut sized clit.

I used my power on her love knot and she grabbed my shoulders because her legs went weak as I helped her to a quick orgasm. Her pussy honey leaked down her thighs as she moaned as I slipped two fingers into her vagina. I found her g-spot and stroked that pad until she sprayed my hand and screamed through a loud orgasm. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m cumming Zach, I’m fucking cumming!” The free range chickens ran out the barn as she yelled down to a long moan. I pulled my soaked fingers out of her pussy and rubber her own wetness across her lips then on each hard nipple. She licked her lips with her eyes closed.

“Do you like the taste of your juices Morgan? You taste your sister Connie’s nectar when you give in to your lust. Do you like your own thick honey?” Do you lick it off your fingers as they leave your wet pussy?” I asked her as I brought more of her pussy juice to her lips and waiting tongue. “Yes, I love my taste Zach. I love the taste of my sister’s pussy. I wanna taste your cock Zach,” I heard in a whisper.

I unzipped my sweaty shorts and pushed them to my shoes. My now hard cock and heavy balls hung over the sack of feed. Morgan stared at my fat eight inch cock and swollen balls then into my eyes seeking permission. I looked down at my cock and Morgan dropped to her knees and gripped the base of my cock. She licked the thick pre-cum dripping from my dickhead then took my helmet into her warm mouth. She swirled her tongue around my head and teased the knot under the helmet. She took in a deep breath and slowly slid her mouth down my cock. Her lips reached her fingers and she took in a deep breath and removed her hand.

I knew what she wanted to do so using my powers I softened her gag reflex as she pushed forward. My fat cockhead popped into her throat and she licked my balls. She swallowed her saliva and massaged my cockhead with her throat. She fucked her face on my cock as she used a hand to rub her pussy. I helped her reach a body shaking orgasm and watched as the barn floor and my shorts became soaked as Morgan’s pussy cum sprayed out from between her dark haired pussy lips.

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