Zach’s Dark Desires Pt. 11

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Kevin stood in his bedroom looking at his reflection in the full length mirror on the door of his walk in closet. There were still faint red marks where the Man had used the flogger on his tanned, muscular, wrestler’s torso, and his newly cored out pussy felt sore and well used. His mind was in turmoil as he reflected on the events of the afternoon.

When he had watched the Livestream of Zach’s deflowering he had been both exhilarated and aroused at the thought of his rival being treated like a total cumdump, but also in the back of his mind he had wondered what it would be like to be in Zach’s place. How would it feel to submit his tough, wrestlerboy body to be used and abused as little more than a sex toy for two older men.

What’s more when Kevin heard that Zach had moved into his own apartment, and he came up with his vague plan to insinuate his way into the older boy’s new home, get him on his knees and force Zach to suck his cock, he had never thought that his plan would backfire so badly. On reflection it had been a pretty dumb plan. He had allowed his animosity toward the older boy, mixed with a little jealousy, to cloud his judgement, and he had essentially delivered himself into the hands of a perverse and depraved older man. Yet he could not shake the thought that maybe this is what he had wanted all along.

Kevin let his fingers roam over his bulging pecs, and down to his taut rippling abs, feeling a slight stinging sensation where the red marks remained. He could not deny that being strung up like a side of beef, stretched out and helpless, then having his muscular torso flogged front and back, had been a powerfully erotic and fervidly sensual experience. It had got him so hot and horny, and had worked his whole body up into such a state of arousal that when the man produced some kind of metal dildo and teased his virgin hole with it he had really wanted it to open him up, and penetrate so deeply into him, and once he had experienced that, he had known with complete certainty that he wanted to feel a real cock claim him and take his virginity. The need had been so intense that he had actually begged the man to fuck him.

It had all been so overwhelming that Kevin had passed out, and was not really able to recall exactly how it had actually felt, just that it had been incredible, and he craved to experience that feeling once again.

Some days later Kevin received a text from the Man ordering him to report to his house on Friday evening, and when he read the text his cock immediately filled with blood, throbbing with every heartbeat and drooling precum. Had he been at home he would undoubtedly have stripped naked and rubbed one out, but he wasn’t at home, he was just pulling on his wrestling singlet for a training session, and Kevin had a feeling the Man knew that, and had also known the reaction that his text would cause. If he was right that meant that the Man had totally intended to humiliate the fit Wrestlerboy in front of his team, and that thought sent a shiver down Kevin’s spine.

When Friday finally rolled around Kevin was anxious and horny all day. Luckily there was no training on a Friday, so when the last school bell finally rang he couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Yet a couple of hours later his anxious horniness had turned to frustration and irritation. The Man was having a cocktail party, and Kevin had been recruited to serve the drinks, but humiliatingly he had been made to dress in just a black Beylikdüzü Escort jockstrap, white shirt cuffs and collar and black bow tie. Worse still the guests. all of whom were well dressed older men, were constantly touching his buff wrestlerboy body. Slapping his butt, pinching his perky nipples, tracing the ridges of his abs, and even running a fingernail over his tight teen pucker making him jump and squeal. All the attention his muscular frame was receiving had caused his prick to chub up in the barely adequate jock pouch, making it to bulge lewdly.

About an hour into the party the Man stood up and announced “Gentlemen, I think it’s time to bring in our guest of honor.” and he opened a door which led to the hallway. Waiting in the hall was Zach, and as he entered the room a murmur of appreciation came form the assembled guests.

If the constant manhandling Kevin had received at the hands of the guests hadn’t raised his cock, the sight of Zach would have done so. The lean, tanned and toned stud was clad in low-rise black leather jeans that hugged his muscular thighs like a second skin, and a white short sleeved button down made of some material that was so thin it was almost transparent. The boys brown nipples were clearly visible through the fabric, as were the ridges of Zach’s well defined abs. Only a single button half way down the shirt was fastened, so that the cleft between his nicely formed pecs could clearly be seen, and as he moved, the the lower part of the shirt flapped open to reveal the veined lower belly and a glimpse of the boys navel. To top it off the boy was barefooted. As far as Kevin was concerned he looked totally fuckable, and he didn’t think he was the only one in the room who thought so. As soon as Zach entered the room the atmosphere had changed, becoming more salacious, lusty and lecherous.

For his part Zach looked sheepish and bashful. Not at all the strutting, cocky jock that he had once been, blushing deeply when one of the guests announced in a flamboyant manner. “Oh my, that boy is a peach!”

For some reason at that moment Kevin had an image in his mind of the goat in the T-Rex enclosure in “Jurassic Park”.

All the attention was now focused on Zach, and guests only came to Kevin to order drinks, and despite having felt objectified earlier, a part of him resented losing that spotlight.

As much as he could, given the way he was dressed, Kevin hung back, tried to make himself invisible, and just observed what was happening. The Man had come up behind Zach and put his hands on the boys broad shoulders. Then he slid them down over his chest and found the one button that held the shirt closed. Every eye was now on Zach as the Man unfastened the button, and opened the shirt to reveal the stunning bronzed body beneath. The hands caressed the taut abs, brushed over a pair of pert nipples, then eased the shirt off the boys shoulders, down his arms and threw it to one side so that the hot, handsome jockboy was now just wearing a pair of tight low-rise leather jeans.

Kevin thought he heard a collective sigh as Zach was exposed to the crowd, but it could just have been his own soft sibilant breath.

The Man’s hands rose back to Zach’s firm pecs, down the lean stomach then moved to the boy’s hips, found the deep v-cut’s and followed them to the waistband of the leather jeans, located the button, and popped it open.

Zach appeared unwilling or unable Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan to meet the gaze of any of the guests, his head was bowed, as he peered down the length of his tight teen torso to where the Man was now unfastening the buttons of the skintight leather jeans fly. Spreading the fly open to reveal the bulging pouch of a bright white bikini brief.

The slow sensual striptease continued as the Man peeled the jeans down Zach’s muscular thighs, then whispered something into the semi-naked studs ear. The boy glanced wide-eyed at the Man who nodded curtly, and Zach bent down and slipped the jeans off his legs and handed them to the Man who folded them, and placed them with the discarded shirt.

Now the Man produced a bottle of massage oil and dribbled some over Zach’s pecs then, setting the bottle aside, spread the oil over the teen’s torso until his tanned skin glistened, emphasizing the fine musculature beneath. The tiny white bikini briefs soaked up some of the oil, becoming all but transparent and revealing the rapidly plumping cock beneath.

The Man placed his hands on Zach’s shoulders and guided his oiled up prize into the kitchen toward a Butcher’s Block. Zach was then made to stand with his back to the block as the Man helped the boy to sit up on the edge. A forceful hand on the glistening chest eased Zach back onto the block which supported him from his buttocks to his shoulders. The boy gasped as his wrists were secured in cuffs that hung from either side of the block, then whimpered as a cold kitchen knife was slipped between his hip and the briefs, easily slicing through the thin material. This was repeated on the other hip, and the oil soaked remains of the briefs were tugged off the boys reclining form. The boy’s stiff prick sprang up arching over his tanned and toned lower belly.

The Man came up behind Zach and cradled the boys head and shoulders, teasing the boy’s nipples with thumb and forefinger until they became engorged. From somewhere a pair of nipple clamps were produced and as they closed on the boy’s perky nubs Zach cried out “Ah! Ah! Agh!”

Yet he didn’t ask for them to be removed. He knew that he was here to suffer for the pleasure of the assembled guests.

A constant murmur of conversation swirled around the well appointed kitchen. The slightly flamboyant guest called to the Man,

“He really is an exceptionally beautiful boy. Have you thought of putting him out to stud? It would be a shame if those genes were lost to the gene pool.” and his suggestion was greeted with a mixture of approval and laughter.

“Can’t have the slut thinking he can sleep with women. I might consider a sperm donation though. I’m sure any progeny of this whore would grow up to be just as slutty. Boy’s only of course.”

A roar of laughter erupted amongst the assembled men.

As if carefully choreographed, two of the guests now stepped forward and each grabbed one of the boys legs by the ankle raising them into a wide “V”, and exposing the restrained teen’s dimpled butt cheeks.

“Mr Jaziri, would you do the honors” the Man continued.

The crowd parted and a tall, well built, bearded Middle Eastern man, impeccably dressed in a well tailored suit stepped forward.

“It would be a great pleasure” he replied, slipping off his jacket, and handing it to another guest, then removing his cuff-links, and rolling up the sleeves of his crisp white dress Escort Beylikdüzü shirt.

The Man passed Mr Jaziri the oil, who dribbled some onto two fingers, then slipped them between the helpless teens muscular buttocks, finding and teasing the wrinkled pucker with a slick fingernail, and eliciting a soft moan from Zach.

Jaziri now unzipped his fly, and eased his rapidly swelling cock out from within. Then a murmur of appreciation came from the assembled crowd as the prodigious size of Jaziri’s appendage became clear.

Kevin saw Zach’s eyes grow wide as he got his first glimpse of Jaziri’s tumescent tool, and his mouth formed an incredulous “O”.

The tantalizing teen looked up pleadingly at the Man who cradled his head and shoulders against his chest, but he found no pity there. Just a sinister sneer.

Zach looked back to Jaziri poised between the boys upraised legs, and his breath came in panting huffing gasps in anticipation of what was to be done to him.

A look of tense concentration furrowed the bound boys brow as Kevin watched the bulging head of Jaziri’s throbbing cock make contact with the poor lads tight twitching hole. Jaziri didn’t pause, but just slowly and relentlessly eased forward, forcing the sphincter to spread open millimeter by painful millimeter. Meanwhile Zach’s handsome face was locked in a rictus of agony.

“Look at this whore” Jaziri growled, “Opens up for me like a good, well used little faggot.”

It took a full minute of the slow, remorseless penetration until Jaziri had his enormous erection fully embedded in the tortured teens intestines, and no sooner was it done than an equally unhurried withdrawal began, until after another another long minute the head eased out and left the harrowed boyhole gaping. The only sound in the kitchen was the heavy breathing of the onlookers, and pitiable whimpering from the trembling teen as the process was repeated.

Kevin watched in awe as his former rival was once again impaled upon the bullish Middle Eastern brute’s impressive prong.

“Someone want to shut the faggot up?” Jaziri complained, and the somewhat flamboyant guest eagerly tottered forward with a hand raised and blurted out “Me, me meee!”

The Man patted the flamboyant man’s shoulder and said “Be my guest.” lowering Zach’s shoulders, so that his head hung down off the edge of the Butcher’s Block.

“Oh goody” the flamboyant guest simpered, and in a flash had his own prick out of his pants and thrust into the open orifice before him. He had no time for a slow subtle approach, and immediately began face fucking the prone body stretched out seductively in front of him, which prompted Jaziri to raise his pace as well until the two were pummeling the spit roasted chicken all laid out for them on the Butcher’s Block.

Now the kitchen was filled with the slapping of skin on skin, and tortured gurgles and grunts from the boy on the block, as his tanned torso writhed in agony and ecstasy, and his bulging biceps tried to break free of the cuffs that secured him in place.

Cheers, Jeers and catcalls arose from the crowd as they urged on the two sadistic assailants using poor Zach as little more than a sex toy, and soon to be receptacle for their jizm.

With a roar Jaziri thrust his mighty cock deep into the battered bowels of the boy on the block and unloaded his balls, and at almost the same moment the flamboyant guest squealed and pulled his dick out of Zach’s throat, coating the cute lad from cheeks to chin with hot sticky semen.

As Kevin tugged on his own throbbing penis he watched as the two men were instantly replaced by two more guests. If Zach was hoping for some respite he was to be sorely disappointed. It was going to be a long and arduous evening for the unlucky jock slut.

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