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Dear Readers, this is a departure from my normal story. There’s no Dani, getting embarrassed and humiliated by being naked in front of one or more women, or being persuaded to wear girl’s underwear. This is a one-off story that I can’t get out of my head and so I’m writing it out in the hope that that will put it to bed so to speak and I can then return to Dani’s Adventures. The story contains sex between a man and a much younger girl, she and all other characters are though demonstrated to be over 18. I hope you enjoy. Dani xxx.


“Dad?” my daughter put on that voice she uses when she wants something, down the phone. “You remember Zoe, right?” I racked my brains. Zoe was a blonde, a year younger than my daughter, they had met on some summer camp thing when my daughter was just turning 18 herself. Yep, I remembered her, they’d become good friends over the last 18 months despite the slight age gap and had spent my daughter’s last college year socialising and making up for Covid lockdowns. I’d played taxi driver for the pair of them on more than one occasion. Zoe was intelligent, a bit more outgoing than my daughter, but still considered to be a ‘sensible’ girl. All this went through my brain in milliseconds as I responded to my daughter, Mary.

“Um, yeah, blonde girl a year below you, you met on some summer camp thing.”

“Dad! You know very well who Zoe is. She only lives around the corner!”

“Yeah, alright, I remember her, what about her?” I wondered where this phone call was leading.

“Well, she’s in her final exam year now, and she’s struggling with one of her subjects.”


“It’s Economics, Dad, she can’t get her head round Accounting or something, you work with finance all day, right? So, I told her you would help her out.”

“Help her out? How?”

“Dad, just explain to her, like you used to help me with Physics. I’m sure you’ll be a big help. Anyway, I gave her your number so she can contact you direct and arrange a time. You will help her won’t you, Dad?”

“Um. Well, yeah, um. Ok.”

“Great, thanks Dad, you’re the best.” She hung up and I sat there thinking of Zoe. I mentioned it to my wife that evening as we sat finishing dinner.

“Oh, Zoe was so nice to Mary in the last year, she really helped her come out of her shell. If she needs a bit of help with Accounting then you should help her. Don’t let it mess up our plans for the weekend though.” At that the conversation was closed and the wheels were as they say set in motion. The next thing was an Instant Message to my phone the day after.

“Hi, Mr D. It’s Zoe. Mary said she’d asked you to help me with some Accounting studies, would it be ok to come over?”

“Hello Zoe, yes she did, when are you free?” Of course, that was a mistake, I should have taken control and had her come over early on a Saturday morning, now I’d given her the advantage.

“I have a free period on Friday morning, no lessons until after lunch. Sort of sucks having to go in on a Friday afternoon, but that’s how it is.”

I should have declined, after all, I was working all week and could easily have said that I would be working Friday morning. The fact was though that I worked from home and my boss was very flexible, as long as the work was done, he didn’t much mind.

“Oh, ah, ok. Sure.”

“Great Mr. D. See you on Friday then, 10:00?”

“Fine, Zoe, see you then.”

Thursday night saw me doing some preparation for Zoe’s lesson. To be honest, I didn’t know what part of the subject she had problems with. I always thought though it was best to be prepared to start from the beginning and then adapt any lesson to the audience. In fact, I’d taught basic accounting at work on many occasions to junior staff. Particularly those without a finance background or role, usually the sales team, and I had a few lesson plans tucked away that I dusted off.

As Friday morning dawned, I felt prepared and ready and was actually looking forward to sharing knowledge. Of course, the fact that my class was an audience of one and that she was a fit looking blonde, as far as I could remember, certainly helped. I followed our normal morning routine. Up at six am I pulled on my bathrobe, then I prepared breakfast for me and my wife. Next, I put her packed lunch together ready for work. Finally, I dressed in some running tights, a fleece and a waterproof and dragged the dog out for his first walk of the day. In honesty, it was the dog, Bob, dragging me round the neighbourhood for 25 minutes but I always insisted that no, I was in control, and I took him for walk. Only Bob and I knew the truth of it.

By 7:30 my wife gave me a big hug and kiss and walked out the door to drive to work. Bob, curled up on the kitchen floor and I had time to grab my own breakfast. It was a routine that worked for us and was an adaptation of the one we’d had when my daughter lived at home, the difference being I no longer needed to drive her to school at 7:30 and so now had time for breakfast.

By 8:00am şişli escort I was working away at my laptop in the kitchen, breakfast eaten, dishes piled up at the sink; I would deal with them later, before my wife came home. I remained in my running gear as I usually gave Bob another long run at midday and only after that did I shower and change into jeans and shirt.

Time passed as I worked away, with the occasional chat to Bob and then before I knew it there was a knock on the front door. It was 10 o’clock.

Bob, of course ran to the door to see who our visitor was, I knew it would be Zoe. I opened the door with Bob in one hand and greeted her.

“Hi, Zoe. Come in, you remember Bob.”

“Of course. Hi Mr. D. Hello Bob,” she crouched down and gave Bob a big cuddle. She was still blonde I noticed; her curly locks flowed down past her shoulders. From my vantage point I had a great view down her chest and her C cup boobs were clearly on display, her white blouse unbuttoned enough that they showed plenty of cleavage but closed enough to contain them. She wore a short, no, a very short black mini skirt, white socks and a pair of Nike trainers. Don’t ask me why I noticed they were Nike but being my own preferred brand, I tended to notice these things. My eyes were drawn back up from her shoes though, to her firm thighs, bent at the knee as she squatted with Bob, the skirt bunched around her bum. I could almost see her panties, but not quite.

Once reacquainted Bob lost interest, happy to know who our visitor was, he scampered back to his post by the patio door in the kitchen.

I ushered Zoe into the kitchen where Bob was already curled up on his mat. We both sat down on the stools at the breakfast bar and we started to talk.

“So, Zoe, you are struggling with Accounting?” I broke the ice.

Zoe explained that she was struggling with the subject as nothing really made sense and clicked for her. I suggested the lesson plans that I’d drawn up based on the ones that I used at work and immediately she seemed a little more enthusiastic.

My training plan assumes no knowledge of Accountancy, and explains the basics, which can then lead to more complicated scenarios, using a hands-on practical approach. I had knocked up some mock share certificates, bundled up some monopoly money and the idea was to play out the transactions practically and then sit down and see how that corresponded to actual accounting entries. I’ll stop there with the details so as not to bore you all. Zoe though seemed to catch on to the approach straight away and things seemed to start to click. By the end of the lesson, we had a profit and loss account and a balance sheet and Zoe had a smile on her face as she realised that finally she understood what was going on.

“Wow, Mr. D,” she exclaimed, “I wish my tutors at college could explain it like that. It all makes sense, for the first time I actually think I know what it means.” She sat there at my breakfast bar finishing a cup of coffee with a big smile on her face.

“No worries, Zoe, I’m pleased I could help. We can continue the next stages and look at other transactions next week if you want.”

“That’s cool, Mr. D. I’ll be here. I wish you could do the same for Biology too,” she smiled. “I’m a visual and practical learner, I hate just reading textbooks.”

“Surely there’s plenty of practical for Biology though?” I remembered being back at school when we had to dissect all sorts of things.

“Nah, well not enough. Did you do Biology, Mr. D?”

“I did to ‘A’ Level, Zoe, so the same as you are doing, but I’m so rusty now I’m sure you know more than I do. I enjoyed the study but never put it to any use once I left school.”

“I see, well can I come next week to continue the lessons, please? You have no idea how much clearer it all is now.”

“I guess so, Zoe, same time?”

“Yep, Mr. D. See you next Friday.”


The following week came round quickly and I didn’t give much thought to my next Accounting lesson with Zoe. I prepared the material I needed and refreshed my own mind on the learning points and that was about it. Deciding that maybe my running tights were not totally appropriate to wear when alone with a young girl I had changed into my jeans by 9am.

Zoe arrived bang on time on Friday. She wore a similar outfit to the previous week although if anything her mini skirt was even shorter than before. Once again, we sat down at the kitchen breakfast bar and I proceeded to take her through the accounting lesson that I had prepared. As the lesson progressed it was obvious that her skirt was riding higher and higher up her bare thighs. Of course, I tried not to look but that became more and more difficult as the lesson progressed. the more I looked the more aroused I found myself becoming until eventually I sported a hard on which I hope was concealed by my jeans. After about an hour we stopped for a break and I made us both a coffee.

“So, Mr D. Can we Start a biology lesson now please?”

“But like I said, Zoe, I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll be much help in a biology lesson. As I told you last week, it’s not something I’ve really studied since I myself finished college.”

“But Mr. D.” she explained. “you’ve said it yourself. I learn much better both visually and practically. Please Mr. D. There’s just some things on the course that they don’t cover practically.”

“I’m not sure I understand what you mean, Zoe.”

“OK Mr. D. I’ll be honest. Please just show me your penis.”

“Zoe!” I exclaimed. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I mean I don’t think it’s really appropriate for me to show you that.”

“Why what’s wrong? It’s natural. And you’d really be helping me a lot with my biology.”

“But Zoe. You’re a teenager and I’m well, I’m an adult.”

“I’m an adult too Mr. D. I’m 18, you know. Look, I’ll prove it.” Zoe preceded to open her bag, pull out her purse and show me her driving licence. There clearly enough it showed that she was past her 18th birthday.

“So Okay Zoe, you are over 18. You’re an adult. But I still don’t think it’s appropriate. I’m so much older than you.”

“I don’t think age has much to do with it, even at your age you still have a penis. Anyway, I feel much safer talking to you about this sort of thing than some of the boys in school. If I ask them to show me their penis, they’ll think I was just trying it on with them and I wanted sex with them.”

“Well, you know that’s not my intention, Zoe, don’t you?”

“Of course, Mr D. That’s why I feel so comfortable asking you. So please. Let me see your cock. I’ve never actually seen one before. Please let me. Please.”

I sat there wondering how I’d let things get this far but now felt like I didn’t have much choice in the matter.

“Erm, so, you just want me to flop it out here in the kitchen?” That was it, I’d given in now.

“Hmm, yes, no, actually can I do it?”

“What do you mean?” But instead of giving an explanation Zoe began giving instructions.

“Stand up.” I complied, getting off my breakfast stool and standing next to Zoe who also stood up. She moved closer to me and dropped to her knees in front of me.

“Just keep still, Mr. D.” I felt Zoe’s young hands attack the belt of my jeans which she quickly undid, followed by the top button and then she was opening the zipped fly. She tugged and gently pulled my jeans down, past my buttocks, to my knees and then let them fall around my ankles. She lifted my bare feet up one at a time and slid the jeans off. Next, she raised her hands back to my waist and tucked her thumbs inside the waistband of my briefs. I looked down at her and noticed her licking her lips in anticipation as her thumbs slid further inside and she took a good grip of the fabric. I prayed not to get a hard on as this eighteen-year-old paused with her face only inches from my covered groin. Then her decision made she began to slowly pull on the waistband, she slid my briefs first over my butt cheeks and then started to roll them down at the front. My forest of pubic hair poked out first and she paused again as the base of my cock came into view, my still reasonably flaccid member hung down next to my balls. Again, her decision made and with a final tug she slid my briefs down my thighs. My dick bounced slightly as it was set free but still hung downwards. Zoe paused again staring at my bobbing cock as she held on to my briefs at my knees. I could tell she was undecided what to do; continue removing my underwear or let it go and take hold of the goal of her undressing me. She did the former, pulling my briefs to my ankles and quickly tugging them away from my feet, she threw my underwear across the kitchen to join my jeans in a corner.

“Wow,” she finally spoke. “That is bigger than I expected.” I’m not that big really but I guess for a girl seeing her first live penis it’s big enough.

“Um. Thanks Zoe, it’s just normal size I think.”

“Can I touch it please, Mr D.?” The question seemed rhetorical as without waiting for an answer she gingerly wrapped her slender fingers around my shaft. I felt her delicate touch, her indecision communicated from her brain to her digits and from there to my soft member. I could feel her gentle breath as with her face only inches from my groin she let out a long sigh and tightened her drip on my cock. My dick responded as any penis would do in the circumstances, blood started to flow as human biology followed the course of evolution. I felt myself stiffen in her grasp and then her grip tightened in response. Seconds turned to minutes as she stared at my cock as it filled out and I sported the beginnings of an erection.

“Wow!” she exclaimed as my stiffening prick expanded in her fist. “You’re getting hard, Mr D.”

“Of course, Zoe, I have a pretty young girl wrapping her fingers around my penis, it’s going to cause a reaction.”

“You mean you got hard like that because of me?”

“Well sure, why else?”

“I dunno, but it’s still getting bigger. How big will it get?”

“A little bigger yet, but it’s going to get much harder if you keep doing things to it.”

“What sort of things?”

“Well, like the fact you’re squeezing it and the fact that I can feel your warm breath on it.”

“Oh, what else could I do to make it hard?”

“Seriously, Zoe? I’m sure even at 18 you’ve heard of foreplay? Oral sex? Masturbation?”

“Yeah, but I don’t really know what they all mean. Oral sex means putting your dick in my mouth? Right?”

“Yes,” was this girl really as innocent as she made out? “But you don’t have to go that fast that quick. Start by just kissing it.”

Zoe didn’t need much encouragement. She nuzzled in closer and quickly peppered my shaft with light, soft, fluttery kisses. That just made me harder still until I was as stiff as I had ever been. My cock stood to attention as Zoe showered her affection up and down it. This was followed by her tongue, the tiny pink tip lapped at my veined sausage. I was in heaven. Her soft palm enveloped my balls, squeezing gently.

“I’m not hurting you, am I?” she asked.

“N No, Zoe,” I managed to reply as her manipulation started to bring me to the edge.

“Am I really doing this right? You seem strained.”

Oh what? Was she doing this right? Too right. This was headed in only one direction and I didn’t think it was going to take very long either. The head of my cock was wet and slippery in her warm, young mouth. It just bobbed in and out, occasionally bumping against her teeth. She didn’t take me in very far, hardly at all in fact, but she didn’t need to. The sight of her blond bob of hair falling into my groin while I felt her tentative tongue around my shaft was working well enough. Add to that her dainty hands; one wrapped around the base of my shaft holding my cock firmly to her mouth, and the other hand cupping my dangling balls and making a smooth circular motion was enough.


“Are you ok Mr. D?”

“F f fine,” I managed to respond. I hoped she would stop, but of course I didn’t want her to stop, I couldn’t tell her to stop, she didn’t stop. Me though, I was soon at the point of no return. I tried to pull back, to get my erection out of Zoe’s charming mouth. I didn’t want to shock her and cum down her throat. Everything then all seemed to happen at once.

“Zoe, I, have to, I’m …. Oh shit.”

I stepped backwards managing to disengage with Zoe’s mouth.

Zoe looked up at me with a huge smile on her cute face.

I slipped as I pulled away and fell backwards to land with a bump as my bare arse hit the kitchen tiled floor.

Zoe lost her grip on my penis, but it was too late, I came hard. The first jet of cum shot towards her as I fell backwards, hitting her in the face. My released cock waving in the air like a snake poised to strike. Another shot of cum was released, this one landed on my stomach. On impulse Zoe reached out for me trying to keep hold of my pulsing dick and in so doing received my third stream of cum in face.

“Wow!” She exclaimed as she landed on the floor, her hands either side of my hips as she peered closer at my subsiding erection which nevertheless still spewed out dribbles of my white, milky cum.

“S s sorry, Zoe,” I managed, as I looked at the 18-year-old staring at my genitals. Two streaks of my cum framed her pretty face. There was even some in her blond hair, I watched as a globule dribbled down her cheekbone and reached the corner of her mouth. Instinctively her tongue slipped out to meet the descending rivulet.

“Mmm, so that’s what it tastes like.” Her eyes were alight as she licked her lips hungrily while leaning over my now shrivelling dick. Her position preventing me from standing back up. “I thought it would be more salty than that, Mr. D. You taste really quite sweet.”

I watched as she tentatively slid her forefinger over my stomach and wiped up a dollop of my juices before placing the finger into her mouth and sucking it noisily.

“Quite yummy, may I?”

I lay between her outstretched arms and couldn’t offer her further resistance as once again her blond head bobbed down towards my cock. She started though on the escaped cum now puddling around my navel, she lapped at it with her delicate tongue until there was no more. Next, she proceeded lower gently cleaning up the semen from my body before finally taking my flaccid cock back into her mouth. Zoe cleaned me up and it wasn’t long before the effects of her tongue started to make an impression on my soft cock. In just a few minutes I was getting hard again, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by my young admirer.

“Ooh Mr. D. You’re getting hard again, is that normal?”

“A bit unusual, Zoe, but not abnormal.” Certainly, unusual for me, I would normally need a good thirty minutes to recover but it seemed that the recent lack of much of a sex life coupled with the naughtiness of the situation had given my smaller head new vigour.

“Can you come again, Mr. D?”

“Not straight away no, Zoe, it takes a little time to recover, especially for a man of my age.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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