A Birthday Threeway

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I had started working in a new workplace a few months previously. I had met Kim and Hillary on my first day in the lunch room. They were friendly, cheerful and both of them were very attractive. At first I thought they may have been a couple, but some subtle ques told me that they liked men as well. They took me under their wing and got me caught up on all of the office place ins and outs of whom was doing who and whom not to cross.

About three months after meeting them it was Kim’s birthday. Hillary and I planned a party at Hillary’s place. It was a Friday night, the booze flowed steadily, but I did not drink too much as I was too busy helping host. At one point I got cornered by the office MILF that was making it pretty obvious what she wanted. I had no interest in her, as I had heard her lurid background, and how crazy she was. I gave Kim a wordless signal of “Help!”. She came over grabbed my hand and said, “Not tonight Lucy, he is all mine tonight.” She sat me down on the couch straddled me and preceded to do a tonsil check with her tongue.

Lucy moved on to stalk other prey. A thin redhead that had been the date of another guy from the office proceeded to strip down to her thong and dance with anyone nearby. I got treated to her breasts being rubbed on my face a few times before she was claimed by another office mate. By 3 a.m. most of the people had left and it was just Hillary, Kim and I. Kim was passed out on the couch. Hillary removed her pants, covered her with a comforter and put her to sleep right there on the couch. We proceeded to clean up the kitchen canlı bahis and were finished by 4 a.m.

Hillary grabbed me by the hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. While single and young she had a lot of family money, she had a beautiful master suite in her apartment with a king sized bed. She indicated that I should make myself comfortable in bed and she would join me in a minute. We had been totally platonic up to this point and I wasn’t sure if she wanted sex, or was just offering me warm place to sleep. I played it safe and kept my boxer briefs on and climbed into the giant bed.

Hilary came out of the bathroom naked. She was tall at 5’7″ and fit, but not super skinny. She had beautiful C cup breasts capped with pink, hard nipples that were standing at attention. She was very blonde, and she had a very thin patch of blonde pubic hair, and did nothing to hide the cleft between her legs. She came over to the bottom of the bed and yanked the covers off of me. “Get those shorts off mister, you’re not going to sleep yet.” I started to pull them down but she had climbed up and finished the job.

My cock was swelling quickly. She grabbed it and popped it into her mouth. She could suck well, I grabbed her and swiveled her around so I could sample her sweet nectar. She was wet and ready. We were in a sixty nine and she was really starting to enjoy it. I had two fingers in and was working her clit over with my tongue. Soon she was only able to hold on to my cock and moan. She came and when I tried to continue she begged me to stop, it was too intense. My cock was bahis siteleri still rock hard and she got on me in Cowgirl position. I loved watching her breasts bounce as she worked her hips. She groaned and came again with my cock deep into her.

“No fair!” was the comment from the door. We looked over to see Kim standing there topless with her hand in her panties. ‘It’s my birthday and it is you fucking him, not me.” Kim was shorter than Hillary by several inches. She had small B sized tits. Her hair was very light brown with reddish highlights and a splay of freckles across her nose. Hillary got off my dick and said, “There is plenty here for both of us.” Kim climbed onto the bed and straddled me. She grabbed my throbbing cock and said “My God he is so big.” In reality I never thought my cock was that big, I am a little less than eight inches, but I am very thick which is what impressed the ladies so much. What made life hard in high school paid off in later life. Kim rubbed the head of my cock onto her wet lips and slowly pressed herself down. She moaned when she reached the base and instead of bouncing up and down she ground her pelvis into mine. Hillary straddled my head again and I ate her out. I couldn’t see anything but I could hear them kissing. I reached up to fondle some boobs and found other hands in my way.

Hillary came, followed very quickly by Kim squeezing my cock with her pussy as she came. I was exhausted but desperate for release at this point. I grabbed Hillary and got her into the doggy position. Kim climbed down under us and used her tongue on us bahis şirketleri both and soon I was close to the edge. I informed them I was about to cum and Hillary just said “Give it to me.” I launched my load into her depth with a grunt. I slowed and withdrew and Kim eagerly took my cock into her mouth and sucked off the juices. She then put her mouth under Hillary’s pussy to catch the drips coming out.

At this point is was close to 6 a.m. and the sun was rising. I was totally spent and the girls and I cuddled up and slept. I awoke at 1 in the afternoon and felt the bed moving next to me. I looked over to see the girls locked in a sixty nine and both were obviously having a very good time. Morning wood be damned I had to pee something fierce, so I went and relieved myself and came back to bed quickly.

Kim was on top and I simply grabbed her by the hips and moved my cock in. Hillary moved her head to give me access and I was balls deep in Kim’s pussy very quickly. Hillary climbed out from under the bottom and got behind me, rubbing her tits on my back. I laid down on my side and Kim came with me. She held one leg up and we fucked that way. Hillary got between our legs and was working Kim’s clit as I moved in and out in a constant rhythm. Soon I felt the churning in my loins and announced that I was going to come. Kim begged me to hold off, she was so close. Somehow I was able to and as soon as she squeezed down as she came my load was spurting from my cock. She actually squeezed me out and Hillary caught the rest of my load from the source. She then shared the load with Kim as they kissed deeply.

With that it was nap time. We soon were at it again, for the rest of the weekend. Monday morning I had to get up early to get showered, shaved and clean for work. It was a hell of a weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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