A Desk and Uniforms Pt. 02

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Eva stared at her computer screen and blinked tiredly. She had done quite enough for today, she thought to herself. She stretched and looked around the door, the office was empty at this late hour. She got up and shut it anyway. Then, she quickly stripped – naked except for her bra. She cleared her desk and fiddling with her computer she began a special program of hers and lay back on top of the desk nervous with anticipation.

From the sturdy desk, a small plastic penis emerged – it was lit blue and pulsated. Eva grinned licked her finger to moisten her pussy. The dildo continued to extend and stopped right at the edge of her pussy. A separate vibrator also emerged now, intended for her inflamed clitoris. She made sure they were aligned and gave the desk two smart raps –

Immediately, the dildo began to vibrate and entered her slowly. She moaned at the contact. The small pad also hit her clitoris and pulsated almost violently as Eva’s pussy began to seep sticky white fluids.

The computer now had released clasps from the corners of the desk and binded her ankles and wrists, spreading them wide. Eva giggled playfully as the vibrators tuzla escort began to work their magic on her. The dildo now started to thrust in and out of her as well as vibrating so that she gave another little laugh and pushed her hips upwards to accommodate it.

She rapped the desk once more and a third contraption emerged. This moved towards her anus and was shaped like a short pencil with a hole – that squired water. It positioned itself just at her opening, before squirting bursts of water into her, causing her to squeal. She wriggled her hips in pleasure. “Ooooh! Yeah!”

She rapped the desk once more, and this time two curved pads wrapped themselves around her breasts and this too vibrated powerfully to stimulate her nipples. “Oh YEAH….” she said aloud. Her breaths were shorter now and she gave the desk a final rap with her tied hand and a projector from a corner of the room flashed a video on the white ceiling.

It was a montage of her fuckings in that office. There was her in a variety of positions – doing things to others and others doing things to her. “Show me that one where…Oh my!…Oh that’s good…where Lissette takes me from tuzla escort bayan behind” she said.

An electronic voice replied “I’m sorry, Miss Eva?” All the vibrations stop.

Eva sighed. “Show me the one where Lissette fucks me…from the back…doggy style”

“Very well, Miss Eva.”

On the ceiling, Eva saw the footage. Her raven haired friend strapped in tight black lingerie was wearing a strap on dildo around her waist and was fucking her – naked – with so much gusto that her breasts were jiggling each time her hip slammed into Eva’s backside. Eva saw herself cry “Harder! Oh yeah! Harder Lis! Yes! I love it!”

“I’m such a slut” Eva gasped. With that, the computer set everything into overdrive. The vibrating dildo began slamming in and out of her tight, sticky snatch and her arse was fucked by the small water pistol.


Her pussy felt like it was on fire as the machine fucked her hard. She began to meet it halfway – as much as her bonds allowed her to – and slammed her hips into the pistoning dildo. “Yes! OOOOHHH YEAH!” she yelled.

Suddenly, the machine escort tuzla stopped dead. Eva cried out in frustration. “What’s wrong?!”

“Nothing’s wrong Miss Eva,” the electronic voice replied.

“Please…I really need it…please…”

“You do, do you Miss Eva?”

She cursed herself for designing it to behave like this. “Yes…I do…I really need you…”

“To do what Miss Eva?”

“To fuck me…” she moaned. “I really, really need you to fuck me. I need you in me, please…Satisfy me! Please, fuck me!”

“Very well then, Miss Eva.” it replied. The small 3-inch dildo that was Eva’s favourite retracted, for a large seven inch one. This one looked angry and before Eva could gasp out in protest, it thrust itself deeply into her – stretching her tight walls to the limit.

“Oh FUCK! OhhHH!!” Eva yelled. “Out, out!”

Everything stopped again. “As you say, Miss Eva.”

“No..No!” Eva screamed now. “Please, please fuck me!”

The dildo proceeded to pound her tight snatch – reaching into every sensitive spot inside her.

“OHHH! AHHHHHHHHHH!! AHHH!!!! YES! AHH!” she screamed as she came violently. Her whole body lifted from the desk as wave after wave hit her and the dildo continued to pound into her – making slapping noises as it withdrew and penetrated her wet, slick pussy.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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