A Dream Come True Ch. 03

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Can there be anything more pleasing to a mother’s eyes than the sight of her own child enjoying something so pleasurable the way Ryan is now, and as I’ve masterfully played this game of pain, pleasure and denial for almost 25 minutes it’s just so apparent that he’s becoming addicted to it. At first I thought when I dug my nails into the side of his beast and worked them up and down as though I was playing some sort of musical instrument that his moans were more because he was in pain, but when he begged me to keep kneading him just like a kitten would do with a ball of yarn I realized just how much more there is for me to learn about this lovely organ that I’m torturing now. For most men and boys it’s just all about getting themselves to ejaculate that only matters to them, and up until I accidentally discovered a few weeks ago the power of applying just the right amount of needle like pressure with my nails did I begin to perfect my technique.

Of course it’s all about slowly building the tension inside him to the point where his body becomes wound just like a giant spring, and because I know him so well I’m able to extend his ability to enjoy himself before my hand starts to slide up and down and bring him to the brink of exploding. But that’s the beauty of the chemistry that the two of have together, and as I gently pinch his swollen head and rob him of his climax only to begin the tediously long process all over again. Who but a loving mother would show the patience and dedication the way I’m doing now, and as my hands ready themselves to get him right on the verge of cumming I can see in his eyes that this time he wants me to get him off.

“Do you wanna cum,” I ask almost in a whisper as his whole body obviously is screaming for that wonderful release every boy his age needs to feel at least once or twice a day.

“Please,” is all he can manage say almost in a gasp as I wrap both my hands around him and slowly start to slide up and down his shaft like I’ve done so many times since we’ve become lovers?

There’s just no way other than hiring a high dollar surrogate that he’ll ever receive the attention that I’m giving him now, and for me to actually be a witness to the utter bliss that he is feeling is a thrill I doubt only but a few women can honestly say they’ve ever seen. And as many times as I jerked off his father he was never able to show me just what it was he was experiencing as my hand slid up and down his cock, but Ryan has no such limitations holding him back, and that just by itself has been so liberating for me too. Who could ever have imagined that the shy little titmouse that I’m perceived to be would have exposed herself the way I did in front of the Anderson twins last year, and the fact I enjoyed doing it showed me just how far I’ve come too. The truth is we’re still both evolving, and every time I see both those boys I feel my face beginning to blush because I know exactly what they’re thinking when they’re looking at me.

“I can’t believe what you’re doing to me,” he moans as I deliberately keep him locked in limbo as my hands dictate the pace at a level that will have him begging me to finally end his agony.

“Does Katie jerk you off like this,” I say not believing that the words I just heard actually came out of my own mouth.

For some reason the image of his willowy brunette girlfriend’s hands sliding up and down him just like mine are doing now suddenly appear in my head, and even though I’ve been knowingly sharing him with her for almost 7 months now this is the first time I’ve mentioned her name when we’ve been together like this. The truth is that I’ve wanted too since the day he told me about her, and considering that they use to go to junior high together I was kind of surprised that they bumped into one another after all these years. But life has a funny way bringing people together, and the fact she intrigues me at a moment like this certainly tells me there are other issues going on inside me besides tugging on a nine inch cock.

He’s so lucky that he’s young enough to be able to service two girls that are obviously high maintenance as far as their sexual appetites are concerned, and even though I grudgingly offered to step away so that he could be with his princess I was so relieved when he insisted that we not end our special time together. Normally of course I would be against him having two horny nymphs at his disposal, but considering I’m his mother I hardly think it fair to say that he’s cheating on her with me in a literal sense. Perhaps I’m just rationalizing now simply because I’m so aroused but the fact I can’t get her image out of my head suggests there’s a lot more at play here than I realize.

“She loves to pour oil in her hands and then twists them up and down until I finally explode,” he gasps because of the combination of what I’m doing to him and what we’re talking about.

In so many ways this reminds me of what happened after I allowed casino şirketleri both those horny boys an eyeful of something I doubt they’re still not over yet, and then afterwards as I described in the minutest detail their reactions to Ryan as he slowly slid in and out of me proved to be a thrill that the both of us so thourghly enjoyed together. Of course we’ve relived that naughty encounter many many times since then in pushing ourselves even further past any boundaries that most people even know exist, and I have a suspicion now that it’s my turn to take us to a level so few have ever been before. Sometimes I wonder if this is nothing more than an extended daydream that I’ll suddenly become startled and it will all evaporate right in front of me. But this isn’t a daydream, and for me not to exploit this opportunity in a way that will only enhance our relationship I just can’t allow it to slip away.

“She talks about you all the time,” he quickly adds as his voice choking with emotion merely reveals the hold I have over him now.

I still can’t explain why but the minute my eyes gazed upon her that first time I was taken in a way that quite frankly startled me, and even though I’ve never been attracted to another woman I couldn’t help but notice the tingling between my legs as I imagined her naked and straddling Ryan him with her long thin legs. It certainly wasn’t what I expected from our first meeting together, and I could tell by the way she looked at me that I wasn’t what she had expected either. It’s as if we were looking at carbon copies of each other with how our bodies are put together, and besides my red hair it’s just so uncanny how similar we resemble each other in every other way. Some of my friends have even teased me about how much we look like mother and daughter, and a few have even whispered to me that I could easily pass for her older sister too. I think those are the words every woman over the age of forty yearns to hear about their son’s girlfriend, and for me it just adds to the fire that’s always raging deep inside me.

My God how this is exciting me, and as I feel my own ache starting to become almost unbearable it’s the image in my head of her twisting an orgasm out of him that’s has me so captivated now. I seriously doubt any woman other than a mother like me who happens to only want her son to be pleasured by his girlfriend could ever feel the excitement that I’m feeling at this very moment, and as my hands freely slide up and down him thinking of only her it’s the low moans coming out of him that’s tells me how utterly he’s enjoying himself now. I wonder if the wives of a polygamist feel what I’m experiencing now, and as much as I know I’m going to google it later I’m sure something like what is happening between us now has to be part of the equation. How couldn’t it be?

“Does she talk about me when she’s doing this,” I hear my own voice quaking because of the stress I’ve put myself under.

“Yes,” is all he can manage to say as he tenses his body as though it were a giant serpent readying itself to strike its prey.

This is what so many of my sisters are missing as my hands are furiously sliding up and down giving my own son pleasures in a way that I know I would be condemned for if ever I was found out. But there’s just no way what’s happening between us is an isolated incident, and I imagine that the way Bobby and Chris’s mother dress in front of them must be wreaking havoc in that household too. The short tennis skirts she always seems to be dressed in has been the talk of the congregation at times, and the bikini’s so skimpy that she’d probably be asked to leave a public beach are the norm for her in the summer time.

“I can’t hold it any longer,” I hear him moan as I wrap my lips around him and wait for my cheeks to fill with his salty cream.

Can there be anything more rewarding for a woman than to feel her mouth being bathed with the nectar from her lover, and the fact that he’s also my son just enhances it a hundred fold as far as I’m concerned. I’ll never tire of doing what I’m doing now, and even when I meet someone my own age I just know I’ll have this side of my life as well. But now as I’m being forced to swallow the thick yogurt like substance that just keeps shooting out of him the image of his slender girlfriend’s mouth locked on him just like mine is now is all I can seem to see. What is it about her that seems to captivate me so much, and the fact I can feel it between my legs the way I am now is just adding to my distress. It’s just like how I felt when I let those boys watch me bending over giving them a free peek at my ass and juicy slit, and the look on their faces when I turned around is one that I will always remember.

“You’re just so unbelievable,” I hear him say so softly as I shamelessly lick the last of the tasty morsels off his cock and balls just like one of the girls in the videos he still loves to watch.

It’s casino firmalari funny how different teenage boys and girls are when it comes to eroticism, although my friend Gail was truly shocked when she viewed the history on her daughter’s laptop. But for the most part its boys who crave watching some young girl’s mouth and pussy being filled with semen, and to my complete surprise so do I now. Truthfully it never really moved me one way or the other when Jack and I use to watch some of those naughty movies together, and because he seemed to enjoy them I just channeled my feelings more towards pleasing him than reacting to what I saw the couples doing. But everything changed after that first night Ryan and I became lovers, and as I watched scenes being acted out that he wanted us to duplicate I realized just how much I was learning from what was being presented to me. The reality is that a stiff cock has no sense of shame or guilt, and as my eyes captured all the little details that his beast was reacting too I soon realized just how much more there was for me to learn about pleasing him.

“Now I know why we’ve been watching all those videos with the skinny brunette and redhead,” I say as I show him some of the semen that’s still lingering in my mouth.

At first I thought it was just a case of my imagination being over stimulated when he began choosing only the videos with the two beautiful young nymphs for us to watch lately, and because they completely lacked the look and feel of the typical movies that I was accustomed to seeing I was soon enamored of them just as much as he was. It was though we suddenly had access to some lucky boy’s bedroom as two mouth’s, vagina’s and anus’s became available to be filled with semen in a way every teenage boy no doubt dreams about when their organs are fully erect. Surprisingly even the anal scenes were done tastefully, and unlike the near brutish scenes where some poor girl’s face is grimacing as her partner’s uncaring organ merely drills itself deeper inside her I watched nearly in awe at how patiently the male actor allowed her sultry orifice to adjust itself to what was being asked of it.

I think anal scenes have just become so common place today as opposed to when I first was exposed to what I think is a predominately male obsession, and that one time Jack tried to gently ease his way inside me I howled in agony as my body clearly rejected what it was being asked to accept. But of course all that has changed now, and even though I trembled with fear as I lubed Ryan with KY that first time I was shocked at how effortlessly I was able to gobble down every inch of him. I don’t know if it’s because of my age or perhaps because I carried him full-term but now I enjoy getting my ass stuffed by him almost as much as having my princess filled, and of course if he’s shooting all his hot sticky cream deep in my bowels he’s probably doing it to Katie too. As much as I hate to admit it the thought of the three of us with our bodies intertwined has fed many of my lonely night’s orgasms lately while he’s been away. But obviously I feel myself maneuvering in a direction that both frightens and excites me at the same time, and somehow I suspect he’s going to be able to bend my will to do what it is he’s wants from me.

“Has she ever said anything about who the redhead resembles,” I ask as I slowly rake his balls with my nails as his still erect organ defiantly resists Nature’s rule that it must go flaccid after ejaculating?

“She’s attracted to you,” is all I hear him say as I feel my insides calling for me to mount him and end my suffering.

There’s just no denying that a part of me is addicted to having his enormous beast buried deep inside me, and in the very beginning as I stood there in a state of disbelief as he stroked himself to ejaculation I just thought I was adding inches to him merely because I was so aroused. But at almost nine inches long and with the girth of a porn star he’s just a freak of Nature that most women will never have a chance to experience, and the thought of his tiny hipped girlfriend’s insides swelling just like mine are about to do is just pushing me even further past the limits I thought I’d ever go. A threesome is just one of those things I’ve read about in Cosmos but never thought I’d ever get a chance to know for myself, and the thought of what it would be like to be with another woman as I squeeze his balls eliciting a moan both of pleasure and pain out of him has my head spinning in a way I could never ever imagine possible.

“I’m attracted to her too,” I whisper in his ear as the thought of what it will be like to put my mouth on his skinny girlfriend’s vagina is beginning to take hold over me in a way I just never imagined possible.


There’s still that part of me that fears this is all just a sensuous dream that I’ll wake from and begin sobbing because it will mean that I’m still living in my old world of güvenilir casino loneliness and frustration, and as my fingers grip the steering wheel ever tighter I just pray this isn’t some cruel hoax that my subconscious is playing on me. As much as I thought last weekend’s marathon of uninterrupted pleasure with Ryan couldn’t be equaled I’m now sitting here trying to focus on the road as the taste and smell of his long legged sweet hearts vagina continues to smother my senses in a way that seems almost impossible. Never in a thousand years did I ever think that my taste buds would ever know just how sweet the juices are from another woman’s vagina, and as many times as I’ve licked my own fingers after rubbing myself I just never imagined how delicious my own gender’s secretions really are.

In the heterosexual world of lovemaking it just seems that the only thing that really matters is what shoots out of our male partners organ, and as much as I love wrapping my lips around Ryan and feasting on his creamy treat I’ve now been exposed to another source of carnal nutrients that I fear I might crave just as much as I do his semen. For whatever reason things just seem to be escalating further out of control, and as much as I thought I was the one the one making the decisions I’m starting to think Ryan is the one who’s really in charge. Perhaps it was folly on my part to think that if I kept him well satisfied he’d accept all that I was giving him as a gift so few son’s ever receive from their mother’s, and even my accepting that he’s now screwing a girl his own age doesn’t seem to be enough to satisfy him. He wants more, and truthfully after spending the better part of the day with Katie so do I now.

It just seemed like the more I whispered in his ear last weekend what she and I were going to do to him the more he responded in a way that even surprised me, and with each new utterance his organ drove ever deeper and harder unlike how I’ve been accustomed to since we’ve become lovers. That natural respect for me because I’m his mother was just nowhere to be found, and as he began to play a sensual game of Russian roulette with his beast alternating back and forth between my princess and her slutty sister I was totally captivated at how easily he was dominating me. Needless to say when my bowels finally began to be bathed with all that hot sticky semen I pouted just like a little girl because the game had finally come to an end, but before our time was over he left both my holes gaping with cum oozing out of each one of them. It was truly unbelievable what he did to me, and as much as I worried about getting a bladder infection because of how he so easily slipped from one orifice to the other my fears luckily have turned out so far to be unfounded.

“I was just going to call you,” I hear the very familiar voice of Pamela Roberts saying as I feel so flustered because I was afraid I’d hold up choir practice tonight.

I just find it so incredible that I’m able to exist in both the worlds that are so opposite from one another, and it’s how I’m so seamlessly slipping in and out of them now that truly makes it even more amazing. In the beginning when Ryan and I first became lovers I use to look down at him from the choir loft each Sunday morning and just slide my tongue ever so seductively across my lips, and as he later told me as my head bobbed up and down his cock that he would have to sit there and calm himself or be discovered with his pants bulging. The fact neither one of us felt even a hint of shame or guilt for acting on our desires for each other in what is supposed to be the holiest of places just makes believe what we’ve been doing together isn’t all that uncommon after all. How can it not happen more often is what I’d like to know, and I’m sure in all likelihood many a household guards secrets that even the juiciest stories on Inside Edition could ever equal?

“Katie and I did yoga together this morning and then we spent the day together,” I say as the image of her lying on her bed with her long thin legs spread wide open is still the only thing I can think about now.

After Ryan left last Saturday I just convinced myself with each passing day that what I thought was going on was just my intuition playing games with me, and when she called me Thursday night asking if I was interested in doing Yoga with her I just knew that he was coaxing her as well. It was actually the sound of her voice quaking as she said we could use the sauna in the women’s locker room when we got done that I felt my fingers sliding between my legs, and as that urge continued to build for me to rub myself I just knew she and I were soon going to be just like the two girls in the video taking turns sucking and fucking that lucky boy until he exploded all over them. I know now that it’s only going to be a matter of time before the three of us are locked together in the throes of passion, and as I now try and force myself to focus on the world that I’m currently in my body just doesn’t seem to be able to make that transition yet.

“He’s such a lucky boy to have two Miss Honey’s in his life now,” I hear her say making me almost want to chuckle because I can still taste her juices even now.

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