A Face From the Past

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Paulina couldn’t get out of her mind what her son, Austin, had told her a few days earlier.

He had taken his car in for repairs at the garage he had frequently used and was popular among college students with cars, being it had been so close to campus.

The new owner thought Austin had looked familiar, even though Austin had never seen him before.

He then told his mother that the owner asked him if he had known a “Paulina Hayes.”

Austin had said that he did; that Paulina was his mother; she had since gotten married and had three children with her husband, a daughter and a set of twins, a boy and a girl.

Seth had had some suspicions about the kid outside of having an outstanding balance on his account that he needed to pay.

He also had wondered if this was the kid of redhead with the huge tits he had had a brief backseat encounter with during a party they had both attended while he was in college and she only eighteen and barely out of high school.

He had started dating a college cheerleader not long after his back seat encounter with the teenage redhead. The cheerleader was a much better piece of ass and gave great head, though she wasn’t so great in the tit department.

Seth and Lana married and eventually divorced when he caught the slut in bed fucking his then-best friend. He hadn’t dated many women since.

In the meantime, he had found out through a mutual friend of his and the big-breasted redhead he had fucked during that fateful party that had had a kid the following spring–a boy.

Paulina had never said who the dad was, but the friend had their suspicions.

It was then Seth had started looking for her; he never did know the girl’s name until the friend told him.

He had been horny and she had just been a quick lay that night; what was the use of giving names?

He had seen Paulina’s picture in the paper not long after, announcing she had married some professional wrestler, and Seth’s heart had sunk, knowing she belonged to another man.

And a few years later, that kid had come in with his beater, not unlike most college kids had.

Seth had taken over the garage from the old owner, and was determined to get all outstanding balances cleared before anyone with them could get further service.

This Austin Garcia had been one of them. And Seth had gotten hold of his mother, hoping to light a fire under her son’s ass to clear his garage bill one way or another.


The day after her husband had gone on a business trip, Paulina went to the garage where her Austin was having his car repaired, asking for the owner.

“Back in his office,” a mechanic grunted, jerking his thumb toward a closed door in the back. “Seth’s in his office.”

Paulina nodded, thanking him, making her way to the closed door before gently knocking.

“Yeah?” the voice bellowed from inside.

“Are you Seth?” she asked.

Oh great, he thought. Some bitch coming to chew his ear out about being overcharged or asking why she needed this or that.

Groaning, he got up to open the door, only to find a face from his past standing there.

“Paulina….right?” He had been caught off guard.

It was him! Paulina thought. This isveçbahis was indeed Austin’s father.

She knew those dark green eyes anywhere, and for the exception of being a bit older and now having salt and pepper hair, he was still attractive and had a great body.

Seth too had looked Paulina over, recognizing the red hair and she wasn’t as heavy as she had been back then, but she was still voluptuous.

Of course, he noticed that she still had that great set of tits that had given him the hard-on of a lifetime at that fateful party years ago.

And now they were even bigger, at least a D cup. Seth guessed that came from her having kids.

I bet her husband has a lot of fun with those tits, he thought.

She hadn’t been much of a lay at eighteen, but her knockers had been incredible.

Given the opportunity, Seth wouldn’t had minded having another chance to fuck her. And he was hoping that opportunity would be TODAY.

“My son said you wanted to see me,” Paulina said, a little annoyed that he was staring at her tits.

“Uh yeah.” He shook his head sharply.

“And how did you know my name? I never told you.”

“I saw your picture when you got married to that wrestling guy a few years ago. Truth is, I’ve been trying to find you for a long time, since someone told me one time that you were knocked up and had a kid not long after we—“

Paulina nodded. “And you think Austin might be yours.”

“He looks an awful lot like you. And he’s got the same hair and eyes as mine.”

Paulina shook her head. “A lot of men have that color hair and eyes. I’ve been with other men over the years, you know.”

“He’s also the same age as around the time you and I….had our little thing in the back of my Mustang at that party. You know, when–“

“You took my virginity,” Paulina finished. “I never saw you again after that.”

“Wait….you were a virgin? I thought you were just really tight.”

No wonder she’d been a lousy piece of ass, he thought. He had been the first guy to fuck her.

“Oh for Pete’s sake, Seth,” Paulina rolled her eyes, trying not to laugh.

“I never had a girl that was a cherry before that. How was I supposed to know?”

Seth then shook his head, as if to clear the cobwebs in his mind.

“Anyway, I was wondering if I could take that test…you know…to see if I’m the kid’s old man. If I am, I can help out some with him, especially after taking off all these years. I’ll pay for the test.”

“That’s generous of you,” she replied. “But I want you know that Austin was adopted by his stepfather when we got married, and Lance has done a great job with him and our own children. I think it’s a little late in the game to try to have some relationship with him, but if you’re serious, by all means go for it.”

“Thank you,” Seth said. “And there’s something else I need to talk to you about while you’re here.”

“What is it?”

“Austin has an outstanding bill from the previous owners. Now I will fix his car this time, but next time, unless this balance is cleared up, he has to go somewhere else. I can’t have a business with kids coming in here and getting service without paying for it.”

“Well, how much is it? I can take care of it right isveçbahis giriş now,” she said, looking for her checkbook.

Seth was eyeing her again. “You know, baby, there’s other ways to pay than cash.”

He then went to lock the office door, knowing with all the noise out in the garage area, no one would hear them.

Then turning back toward her, Paulina could see the huge bulge in his jeans. She knew exactly what he had in mind as “payment other than cash.”

Not that she minded; Seth was still very sexy and she and Lance hadn’t made love in over three weeks.

Paulina had been incredibly horny over the last few days, and if it meant having a quick fling in order to clear up her son’s bill, what was the problem? She would do anything for her son.

What Lance didn’t know won’t hurt him, she thought. He’s probably been screwing that bimbo of a secretary of his anyway.

Paulina smiled sexily, and then walked over to him.

“You know, this is a good time for us to catch up. And I can take care of Austin’s bill at the same time.”

He reached out to her, putting his hand down her shorts and rubbed her clit.

“Damn baby, I think this little pussy of yours needs some special service.”

“Really?” she purred as Seth started undoing her blouse. “And how much will that cost?”

“How about some mutual service with that hot mouth of yours?” he asked.

“Mmmmm…” Paulina smiled wickedly, rubbing the bulge through his jeans. “Funny you mention that because I have an urge to suck some cock.”

She unzipped his jeans, pulling on them and watched them drop to the ground.

His cock barely stood in his briefs. Paulina yanked them down with his jeans, Seth stepping out of them.

“Baby, it’s all yours,” he drawled, jerking his prick a few times.

Paulina removed her clothes, and then kneeled in front of him, taking him into her mouth, sucking him for a few minutes, before she licked him down one side of his cock to his balls gently biting them, and then licking back up the other side of his cock.

“Oh, Paulina, suck it, suck my dick!” Seth howled.

Paulina licked the tip, teasing him further, then drive down into her mouth, completely engulfing him.

Seth nearly fainted with ecstasy as he felt his dick at the back of her throat, amazed that she didn’t gag as Paulina sucked him with enthusiasm.

God, if she was this good at giving him a blow job, he couldn’t wait to see what kind of a fuck she was now!

Seth then felt himself throbbing, knowing it wouldn’t be long before he would cum.

Within seconds, he had exploded down her throat, watching with an amazed look while Paulina swallowed every drop, her eyes meeting his.

He collapsed back on the leather sofa after she had finished him off and licked his cock clean.

She had to be the best cocksucker he’d had to this day!

Seth was now looking over her naked body, stopping at the light patch of red hair between her legs.

“Baby, I have to eat that pussy,” he begged, wanting to return the favor.

Paulina grinned again, lying on the sofa and spreading her legs.

He opened her cunt and she felt his nose burying in, sucking and licking as she moaned an writhed on the sofa, isveçbahis yeni giriş begging him not to stop.

“That’s it, Seth,” she moaned, running her fingers through his hair. “Give that pussy a good eating!”

If it was one thing Seth loved, it was going down on a woman, and he was determined to get her off on it.

He then nibbled her clit, before licking her again, this time going from front down to her ass. It may have been a ‘dirty’ thing to some, but to Seth, it was so fucking hot.

Seth teased her clean, pink asshole with the tip of his tongue, rimming it before gently putting a finger in, then sliding another into her pussy.

He was now finger fucking both of her holes as he continued licking and sucking her hot cunt.

“Seth!” she screamed as she came, shivering for several minutes before coming down from her orgasm. God! Lance didn’t even make her cum like this!

“Oh baby, yes!” he panted, kissing her. Paulina could taste herself on him, and she loved it, making her even hornier. She looked down, and noticed he was very hard again.

“I need to fuck you now,” she breathed, mounting his throbbing member and slowly sinking down on it. “I need your big cock in me, Seth.”

He held Paulina up by the hips and she impaled herself on his shaft over and over.

“Oh, God, Seth!” she cried, “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Paulina raised up, bouncing on his shaft over and over again while he lifted his hips, driving his cock ever deeper into her.

Seth then pulled her down and lifted her up several as they fucked wildly, her massive tits jumping with every move.

“Baby, I’m ready to cum,” he groaned after awhile of Paulina riding his dick.

She ground her hips farther down knowing her own orgasm was only a second away.

“Yes, Seth, fuck me!” she screamed. “I want your hot cum in me!”

“YES!” he screamed back as he exploded an endless stream of semen into her pussy, pumping a few final times into her before he laid back on the sofa.

Paulina lay on top of him as they both panted, kissing passionately, their tongues entwining while Seth played with her breasts.

Christ! Paulina had certainly become a great fuck since he last had her. Seth couldn’t remember cumming so hard with a woman before today.

Her husband was one lucky bastard to have such a hot bitch in his bed every night!

“I’ll make sure Austin’s balance is cleared,” Seth finally said. “But you’re not going to get knocked up this time, are you?”

“Not quite,” she laughed. “I had my tubes tied after the twins were born.”

“Well then, I guess I don’t have to worry about me, or worse, you, getting in trouble with your husband.”

Paulina smiled and gave him another sexy gaze as they put their clothes back on.

“You know, my husband is going to be gone all week. If there is anything else of Austin’s you need cleared up, or if you just have an itch that needs scratched, give me a call.”

It was a clear invitation that she wanted him again as much as he did her. And Seth wasn’t about to say no as she jotted her cell phone number, giving it to him.

Several weeks later when he was visiting, Austin thanked his mother royally for paying his bill. Paulina told him she didn’t think he had to worry about having problems at Seth’s garage again, especially since Seth was his father……

…and Paulina’s lover.

But she didn’t tell her son that part, nor did Lance ever figure out how she paid that bill.

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