A Family Man: Part 4 Discoveries

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The next couple weeks were very exciting for our little family. All three women had tested positive for pregnancy which drew us all much closer to one another. I have to admit, I was more than a bit concerned how this new lifestyle would appeal to everyone involved, but so far, it seemed only to exceed my expectations.

Melanie embraced this new dynamic instantly. Although she had always been a submissive, our relationship had opened so much more inside of her that she never realized before. She had told me that she would often imagine what other women might look like pregnant with my child and it excited her. She had mentioned her desire to see me with other women so she could see what she felt, as it happened, but she couldn’t answer why. After I brought Audrey and Bonnie into our family, she finally understood that what she was missing was fellowship.

You see, I was everything to Melanie, but for all the check boxes that I filled, there would always be one that would forever remain outside my reach and that was understanding her contentment in submission. Sure, I knew her as well as she knew herself, but I wasn’t a sub and never could be. I would never understand what it felt like for her to serve me, but another submissive would. She embraced her new ‘sisters’, especially Audrey, as they were the only other people on Earth who knew and felt exactly what she did. Because she understood what her companions meant to her, it tore her apart that I would never have the same kind of connection.

I was an Alpha and Alpha’s are alone in their experiences. To her, it wouldn’t matter if I had one woman or a hundred, there wouldn’t be anyone in our family for me to relate to, like there were other submissives for her and it broke her heart to think about it. It pained her to know that I was alone at the top and what I faced, what I dealt with, was my burden to carry, alone. While she could embrace other submissives, she knew there could only be one Alpha, because two Alpha’s would compete, one would try to dominate the other, they would struggle for control of the submissives. They cannot exist as equals, unlike submissives, so no matter how close a friendship I might have with another Alpha, it would eventually lead to disaster. Her only recourse was to make me as happy as she possibly could and having her submissive sisters at her side would help.

Audrey also took to the new dynamic very quickly. I had suspected, based on they way she spoke of my uncle and how she bent to my will, that she and Bill had a similar relationship, to which she confirmed. She was especially grateful to me for giving her world of submissive bliss back to her and even opening her eyes, and heart, to the joys she now shared with Bonnie. She and Bonnie represented the kind of familial bond and love that Melanie wished she and I could’ve shared as mother and son. However, despite how much closer she would always be with Bonnie than Melanie, Audrey welcomed Melanie with open arms and the two formed their own unique bond together. Audrey saw Melanie as the “Alpha sub” even though we were not married and I made no such declaration. It didn’t matter to Audrey though, as she recognized the bond that Melanie and I had was much like the one she now shared with her sister, and was more than happy to submit to Melanie, seeing her as her superior. In fact, she was a lot like Melanie in that respect, as I knew Melanie would probably see Audrey the same way had the roles been reversed. Simply being in this new ‘family’ quickly became as much an obsession for Audrey, as it was for Melanie, making the two of them exceptional teammates in bed or at any time they needed to work together. The Family was all the mattered and I was the Family.

If there were any problems within our family they would’ve orbited around Bonnie, as she was having the most trouble acclimating herself to this new lifestyle. I’ll admit, I was wrong when I thought Bonnie might be a gold-digger. While it’s true that she married John for his money, it wasn’t because she wanted money. She had been a closet submissive her whole life and naturally, she wanted protection and security. Unlike Audrey and Melanie, Bonnie had never been in a submissive relationship before. She was like Melanie, in the sense that Bonnie didn’t care how many women John slept with as long as she had a place to call home and a purpose in life. It wasn’t until she learned that John planned on divorcing her for a younger woman that she fought back. It wasn’t the younger woman part, well, not ONLY the younger woman part, so much as, it was about losing her safety and security. Bonnie loved sex, craved it, but she used her body and her self-respect in exchange for the things that submissive’s need most safety, security and praise. If money and possessions meant that much to her, then she wouldn’t currently be driving a beat-up old Ford pickup.

Still though, it is a wholly different experience to subconsciously be submissive than to actively be one. Because she had never been in a true Dom/sub relationship before, she had developed some bad habits, mostly out of necessity, due to lack of guidance and control from an Owner. She was like a puppy brought home from the pound. She was eager, totally committed to her Owner, but lacked training and discipline and didn’t always get along with the other pets, especially Melanie. In fact, the relationship between Mel and Bon was strained a lot of the time. Bonnie still saw Melanie as younger and better looking, bringing back memories of her divorce from John and insecurity about her place at my feet. Bonnie didn’t share the same view of Mel that Audrey did, seeing Melanie as the Alpha sub, and it was Bonnie who wanted to be my Alpha sub. I suppose I didn’t help matters much considering that I was still struggling with trying to balance my attentions between the three women and usually ended up paying more attention to Melanie, but that was to be expected. I knew Melanie the longest, she was the love of my life and while Audrey understood and embraced this dynamic, Bonnie didn’t. Bonnie loved me and she loved her sister and, in her eyes, Melanie just didn’t fit into this dynamic. I know it would’ve been a lot easier for Bonnie had it just been the three of us, but that simply wasn’t going to happen and it was a pill she was trying to swallow, but having difficulty with it.

It wasn’t that Bonnie hated Melanie, but Bonnie was so desperate for my attention and so jealous when I gave it to Melanie that it caused quite a bit of friction in our fledgling family. Things got even more complicated when she finally got pregnant as she then wanted her child to be my favorite as well. It didn’t help that Bonnie was the best lover of the three either. She quickly adapted to the size of my cock and could take me in any hole, any time, for as long as I wanted. She also came the quickest, the hardest and was becoming quite the painslut. I know I said that Melanie and Audrey made for a great pair in bed, but I never felt so desired as when I teamed up Melanie and Bonnie together as they would literally pull out all the stops to be the one who made me cum. I knew Bonnie loved this lifestyle, if not everyone involved in it, but despite her jealousy toward Mel, at the end of the day, she knew it was only me that mattered. It was just going to take some work to get her learn her boundaries and what was expected from her.

As far as our home life went, there were some changes that were made. One night, Melanie presented herself with a completely shaved pussy, saying I might like something younger looking, appealing to the idea of what our potential daughters might look like. It worked. I had already made Audrey and Bonnie shave themselves down to match what Melanie had, but now I wanted them all completely bald.

I had Bonnie give her two week notice at the diner for a number of reasons. I didn’t want to draw attention to the fact we were living a polygamous and incestous relationship and she was well known in town and so her pregnancy might raise some questions. Also, we didn’t need her pitiful income from the diner and she even admitted she only had the job because she had worked there most her life anyway and wanted to keep busy after the divorce. Finally, I wanted her at home where she could learn to be a better sub by learning from her sisters.

Audrey already worked from home making arts and craft items she would sell at craft shows, mom and pop general stores around the area and even some retail stores in the city. I had Bonnie and Melanie help her as I saw a real opportunity for a small business in the future.

Melanie finally got to be the aerobics/fitness instructor she always wanted to be by teaching her new sisters. I didn’t mind the extra weight that Bonnie and Audrey had packed on, but I certainly preferred the toned and svelte Melanie overall. Besides, I wanted to get back into fitness myself and if I was going to put in the effort of strenuous exercise so were my women.

I hadn’t forgotten about my effort to find my parents, but I also didn’t know how long it would take to find them. In the meantime, I had taken a job with a construction company, building houses and doing restoration work. The same company Bonnie hired to do her home. I liked working with my hands and doing physical labor, but I also loved the idea of building something from the ground up. I wanted to learn as much about the business as I could because I wanted to open my own in the future. We didn’t exactly need the money, but with four of us and children already on the way, what would’ve normally allowed just Bonnie and Audrey to live comfortably, would now only allow seven or more of us to scrape by. I needed to work, to support my family. I was the Alpha and it was my duty to provide and protect my family. Even so, being only eighteen and having no experience in this kind of work, naturally, I started at the very bottom. The hours were long and the pay sucked, but I was learning valuable skills that would one day open all kinds of doors of opportunity.

Needless to say, my women missed their Alpha and the long hours and exhausting labor really took it out of me, despite my youth and physique, often leaving very little left in the tank at the end of the day to play with my girls. They understood though, even the nympho Bonnie, and did what submissives do best and attended to my needs, giving me a place of peace, pleasure and love to come home to everyday. As much as they may have wanted to see their man pounding their holes and depositing his genetic code in every orifice, they were just as content to see him fed, soothed and comfortable, perhaps even more so, as that really was what I needed most.

Living out in the country certainly afforded us our privacy as such a living arrangement like ours would be next to impossible to hide living in a town, amongst neighbors. Still though, we needed a cover story should anyone ask. I decided we would tell anyone who asked that Mel and I were family from out of town who were down on our luck and were living there until we could get back on our feet, which wasn’t a complete lie. The most difficult part would come when the women’s bellies started to show, all around the same time, and only one male living in the home. To help avoid suspicion, I set up some rules when they were away from home.

When it came to shopping, grocery or otherwise, the girls would only go in groups of two and each group had a specific area assigned to them. Audrey and Bonnie would have one area, Bonnie and Mel another, and finally, Melanie and Audrey. They would rotate their group on a weekly basis, meaning no two girls would be in the same area together more than once or twice in a three week cycle and each area needed to be far enough away as to not risk running into a local. Plus, they would do their shopping or other errands at peak periods where the crowds would be the biggest, making it easier for them to go unnoticed. Eventually, they would have to do the same when it came to their OB/GYN’s.

It would require the women to travel for more than hour to get to a bigger city or town, but we were pretty centrally located that all three areas were about the same distance anyway. For local runs, I would send Melanie, since she could explain her pregnancy or take care of it myself. Our little setup seemed to work pretty well, aside from a couple of hiccups here and there, but nothing that woudl blow our cover, for now. However, that was the easy part.

There was still the issue that Melanie was a married woman and while she did leave a ‘Dear John’ letter for Robert, we needed to end their marriage sooner rather than later. We knew Robert was looking to having a future in public office and to a politician, image was everything. Until he had the power to make problems ‘disappear’, his political future was at risk if anyone found out his wife ran off with his foster son. We figured he would not make any sudden moves to try and find us right away and risk a scandal that could end his hopes before they got off the ground. No, he had to be cautious and descrete, but the longer we remained silent, the less he had to lose in finding us, as questions about his wife’s whereabouts would eventually come up.

For most of their marriage, Robert tried to keep Melanie out of the public eye. Mostly, because she was beautiful, more beautiful than he deserved, and he was too jealous to risk her meeting someone and developing a relationship of any kind with them, hence why he made her quit her teaching job. He was also not very fond of bringing me into his home, but saw an opportunity to look like a local hero and foster an abused youth, when I earned some media fame the night I nearly killed my abusive foster dad. All Melanie and I were to Robert were trophies to display so people could see what kind of woman he could get and how big his heart was and hopefully advance his career. In reality, he was a conniving, weak, bully of a man who took great joy in using his status and skills as a lawyer to ruin others because he lacked the personal canlı bahis fortitude and committment to achieve success on his own merit. Sure, it could be argued that he was successful based on his merit, but you don’t need to knock the other man down to get ahead, you just need to work harder. In any case, we needed to get their marriage ended and soon.

I decided that Mel and Audrey go back to New Mexico where they could get an apartment together. There, they would have an actual residence and could submit an uncontested divorce from Robert, giving him everything. We figured if we didn’t fight for anything, he might be more willing to sign it, if only to get his wife out of his life so he could avoid scandal. I chose New Mexico so he wouldn’t have any idea where we really lived and there would be no interstate complications. I didn’t want Melanie to go alone and I felt it would not help our case if Robert found out I was with her, but I was torn about who to send. I originally wanted to send Bonnie, because I felt that Mel and Bon could’ve used the time together to bond, but ultimately, the best choice had to be Audrey. She and Mel were already like sisters and Melanie didn’t need the added stress of having Bonnie around should they not get along. Furthermore, I figured I could help Bonnie in her submission if it were just her and I and because the house was in her name and her settlement was financing all of this, it was important she be available to answer any questions the bank might have. She also put Audrey on her account so Audrey could make payments while in New Mexico, leaving no paper trail back to Melanie that Robert might be able to exploit.

Provided that Robert would willingly sign the divorce papers, it could still take six weeks to a year for the divorce to be finalized. There would be no getting around Mel’s pregnancy in that time, but we were hoping for a quick resolution to this before she really started to show. It was expensive, but we were able to get Melanie a good divorce lawyer. I cannot believe how lucky we were to discover that she was the wife of an executive whose company was targeted by, not only Robert’s environmental law firm, but handled by Robert himself. He was able to take the company to the cleaners forcing them out of business and resulting in her husband taking his life.

Unfortunately, this was one of the few times Robert was in the right, as it turned out this company and more specifically, this executive, were up to their necks in violations and embezzlement. However, it was needless to say, this lawyer jumped at the opportunity to stick it to Robert, even inviting Melanie and Audrey to live with her during this period and encouraging her to fuck Robert over, guaranteeing she could drum up some bullshit abuse claim. Melanie accepted the offer to stay with the lawyer, saving us a small fortune in renting an apartment, but simply wanted to cause as little waves as possible, since the lawyer had no idea of our relationship. Content with how Melanie and Audrey were handling things and getting calls from them every night to exchange ‘I love you’s’ and updates, I was free to spend time with Bonnie.

I woke up that Saturday morning to the pleasure of Bonnie’s head lying on my stomach, my cock firmly seated down her throat, to the hilt. This had become a favorite pasttime for her, an opportunity to spend some quality alone time with her Owner. She would start by licking and drooling all over my cock, getting it nice a lubed before lying on her side. She would lower her head and lift my cock off of my belly just enough to get it into her mouth. She would then ease it down her throat, sliding her body a little bit each time to allow my length to slide further and further down. Once seated, she would lie her head down and rock back and forth lightly, giving me constant but gentle stimulation, while playing with my balls.

She was the only woman in the house who could take my cock so easily down her throat. She also managed to suppress her gag reflex and could hold her breath for minutes at a time. This routine became a sort of meditation for her, her ‘safe place’. It was used to bring me pleasure, but really only enough to keep me hard so that I would remain lodged inside her. She was like a child with a pacifier like this and could do it forever it would seem, only needing to pull back, once in a while, enough to draw air and swallow any saliva that hadn’t leaked out already before taking me down again. The longest we had gone like this before was about forty minutes, after which, I needed to throat fuck her so I could cum, but it was clear she was more than willing to stay like this for hours.

That’s what I came to love about Bonnie. Sure, she was rough around the edges, she wasn’t as bright or articulate as Audrey or Melanie, nor was she as deep or sentimental as the other two, but she loved me and she seized upon every opportunity she could to show me. Deep down, I believe she knew her limitations and preferred to show instead of tell, like now. Even if Mel and Aud were in the house or even in the room, when she was allowed to do this, we were the only people in the world to her.

Before, I likened her to a puppy brought home from a pound and I stick to that assessment for the most part, but she was also like an abused dog who finally found a good home. She was so desperate to be loved, so desperate to have a place, a purpose in life. For all her life, she was a submissive forced to live a life outside her comfort zone. She never got to be the submissive she was suppose to be and worse yet, she faced constant abandonment.

Now, she had me, she had her sister, she had her Family and she had the life she discovered she always wanted. This is why she was doing what she was doing. She liked having me stuffed down her throat, not for the sexual pleasure of it, though she did love it when I throat fucked her, but this was more about the connection. This was more about feeling safe and secure, about feeling me inside her, all around her, smelling everything about my masculinity and rubbing against it.

I reached down to stroke her cheek and head as she whiled away, causing her a start. “Good morning, Bonnie.”

Unable to speak, she wriggled her body slowly in acknowledgement as she started sucking more and playing with my balls in a more stimulating manner. Clearly, she was gearing up for a blowjob, but I had other plans.

“No, no. You just keep doing what you’re doing, my dear.” I patted her on the head gently, receiving a grateful wiggle as she ceased her efforts and returned to her meditations.

I continued to stroke her head for another thrity seconds before she began pulling up. I guess it was time for air.

“Good morning, Daddy.” She spoke with some difficulty, considering she hadn’t used her voice since yesterday and had been using her throat as a cocksleeve for who knows how long this morning.

Once I had all my girls pregnant, I told them to start addressing me as ‘Daddy’, as it was something Mel started doing. I was much more comfortable about discussing incest with Audrey and Bonnie than I had originally been with Mel, for obvious reasons. Now that Bonnie and her sister were deeply involved in an incestuous relationship, they were totally supportive of raising our children to be the same way. We had no idea what sexes our kids would be, but we all agreed that if any were girls, they would not be denied the joy of serving their Daddy. I told them that, while I would not shield the children from the dynamic of the lifestyle we lived, meaning they would understand that these three women were effectively my wives and were submissive to me, I would not include them in our activities, until they were of age. My girls understood my reasoning for such a decision, but wished we lived in a world where my children would be free to grow up experiencing such strong family bonds.

While there was no question daughters would be raised to serve, there was much debate about what to do about sons. Each of my women had different opinions on how we should handle that. Since we were not going to be keeping the dynamic of our relationship from the children, we were really only left with five options:

1: Raise the boys to be Alphas.

2: Raise the boys to be submissive.

3: Let them make their own choice.

4: Abort them.

5: Give them up for adoption.

Bonnie was the only one who thought any sons should be raised as Alphas. I think the idea of submitting to her son, especially if he looked like me, appealed to her a lot. I knew Melanie would’ve enjoyed such a relationship with my son as well, but like Audrey, she knew there was only room for one Alpha in the Family, so ultimately, she was against the idea. Strangely enough, all three women were warm to the idea that my sons be raised like my daughters. I guess to them, it didn’t really matter who I dominated, as long as I was the Top. None of the women thought letting them make their own decisions was a good idea. They figured I should demand my boys be one way or the other. Although I mentioned it as an option, all three were diametrically opposed to abortion, as they couldn’t imagining killing my offspring. That left adoption and while none of my women wanted to part with their Alpha’s gift to them, they all agreed that giving up any sons would not only remove the temptation of the women to submit, but would also remove any rival threat. So we agreed that should any of my women bear sons, they would be given up for adoption, unless I deemed otherwise.

As I lay there stroking Bonnie’s head while she comforted herself on my cock, it finally hit me.

“I WAS GIVEN UP FOR ADOPTION!” I shouted, sitting up quickly, scaring the ever loving shit out of Bonnie and forcing the ‘binky’ from her throat and mouth.

“Fuck, Daddy!” Bonnie gasped, as she coughed on inhaled saliva from being startled and annoyed by having her ‘happytime’ interrupted.

“Bonnie, don’t you get it? I was adopted!” I grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking her in excitement, scaring her more.

“Daddy?” She asked, wiping the spit from her face.

“Bonnie, remember when we discussed how we’d raise my children?” I asked.

“Sort of, Daddy.” She said, still playing ‘catch up’ with the conversation.

I rolled out of bed, sending the pool of saliva that had accumulated running down my groin, off my cock and balls to the floor in ropes and running down my thighs. I spun to face Bonnie who was trying to scramble off the bed to join me, not sure where I was going, but wanting to be at my side anyway.

“Remember how we were trying to figure out what to do if any of you had boys?” I stopped her, again with my hands on her shoulders as she crawled toward me.

“Yes?” She answered, uncertain.

“Look, I’m dominant, right?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She smiled, reaching for my bobbing cock less than two feet from her, “very dominant, Daddy.”

I slapped her hand away, annoyed, because I was trying to explain something, drawing a hurtful pout from Bonnie. “Listen, I’m a dominant and so was Uncle Bill.”

“Yeah?” Bonnie said, sitting back on her knees, rubbing her hand.

“I know this is a bit of a stretch, but what if it’s hereditary? What if male dominance runs in my family?” I posed to her.

“I guess, Daddy. I mean, Audrey and I are both submissive, so I guess it could be.” She answered, finally getting on the same page.

“Well, it seems pretty convenient that I just happen to be dominant, like my uncle, and two of my submissives happen to be sisters, don’t you think?”

“Sure, but I don’t see what that means? Does that mean we give up your sons for adoption, Daddy?”

“No, sweetie, it means that I’m pretty sure that my father is dominant and forced his brother-in-law, Bill, away and also why I was given up for adoption!”

“Okay, Daddy, but how does that help you find him?” She asked, puzzled.

She had a point there, what good did this revelation do? Even if it were true, it didn’t put me any closer to finding my birth parents. Dejected, I turned and sat back down on the edge of the bed next to Bonnie. Without a word, she slinked her head under my arm, her hands caressing my back and running down my front toward my wet cock and guided her binky back into her mouth. She wouldn’t be able to take me all the way down in this awkward position, but that didn’t matter. This was where she felt most comfortable and since she wasn’t exactly a wordsmith, this was the easiest way she could communicate her love for me. I understood her meaning and it was why I didn’t usually scold her for her greed.

I eased Bonnie off my cock again, this time being gentle. She moaned her disappointment, nevertheless, but followed my lead as I laid her back on the bed. I got up and stood at the edge, wrapping my arms under her knees, grabbing her at the tops of the thighs and pulled her ass to the edge before pushing her knees up toward her chest.

“Hold your legs up, sweetheart.” I said softly.

“Yes, Daddy.” Bonnie smiled, placing her hands on the back of her knees and pulling them to either side of her gorgeous, mammoth, G cups.

I leaned over Bonnie, stroking her cheek with my hand as I leaned down to kiss her forehead, “Daddy is going to fuck your butt now, okay, sweetie.” I told her.

“Thank you, Daddy.” She cooed, wiggling her hips in anticipation.

I reached down to my cock and pushed it between her thick cheeks, meeting no resistance as her crack was already well lubed from the constant production of juices her pussy had been generating for the last half hour or so. With a wet cock and wet ass, I plunged into her all the way to the hilt on the first shot. Bonnie arched her neck and moaned loudly as her rectum rapidly expanded to accomodate my girth and length.

“Shit, Daddy!” Bonnie gasped, taken aback by my sudden insertion.

“Did you like that, cunt?” I asked, running my hands up toward her jiggling mammaries.

“Oh, you make me feel so small when you take me in the ass, bahis siteleri Daddy.” She said, closing her eyes, letting Daddy do as he pleased.

“You’re a good little butt-bitch, Bonnie.” I praised her, since she was the only one of my girls I could do this to and immediately begin pumping her dumper roughly without fear of harming her.

“I’m your BEST butt-bitch, Daddy.” Bonnie replied, taking pride in her title.

Like I’ve said before, Bonnie was a bigger girl, overweight, but not obese. Melanie was by far the most fit and toned of my women and even when I could rail into her little body, about the only thing that would jiggle would be her tits, but even they seemed to move relatively little when she was getting slammed into. Audrey was much closer to Bonnie in body type and size than she was Melanie and she had plenty of jiggle when taking a pounding, but with her, I still had to dial it back at first when fucking her holes and even then she didn’t have the same attitude as her sister when getting used. No, Bonnie was an entirely different creature from the other two women. She once commented that I was built like a tank. Well, if I was built like a tank, she was built for a tank. She was big boned and strong, but with an ample amount of cellulite to insulate and pad her body. I didn’t have to worry about ramming too hard against bony features, like I might have with the others, I could just go at her mercilessly until I was satisfied.

Bonnie was also the most receptive to my aggressiveness. Every part about her seemed to yearn for and worship the cock that ruled her. Whether it be her mouth, ass, pussy, hands, tits or ass cheeks, all seemed designed for the sole purpose of extracting cum from my balls as quickly as possible. She had a natural control over her body that the other two didn’t, but it also didn’t require any extra focus or concentration on her part to perform. Even now, on her back, holding her knees up, she wasn’t in a position to ride me back or anything, but I could feel her rectum almost stroking my cock. The order her anal muscles would usually constrict when emptying her bowels felt reversed, as if pulling my cock deeper, milking it, worshipping it. Even when I pulled back, her juicy, bubble-shaped ass cheeks continued to embrace my member well outside her sphincter.

Curled up like this, her tummy had two thick rolls of excess weight that hid her belly button and her cartoonishly large breasts, slid, almost rolled, up and down the sides of her chest. Her extra weight was even apparent around her pussy as her mound was thicker and puffier than her sister subs, padding my pelvis as I hammered her dirty hole. I took a sloppy babyfeeder into each hand forcefully and pulled them back onto her chest, pushing them together. Bonnie pulled her knees closer to the sides of her chest, hoping to trap my toys in place so I could play.

Orgasm denial was not something I generally practiced on my girls, preferring to let them cum as they pleased. Hell, most of the time, it didn’t take much to get them there as they’d already be so worked up I’d often trigger one just by filling them up. After that, it was easy to string them along, one after another, until I was ready to cum myself. As receptive as Bonnie was, I wasn’t sure orgasm denial would even be possible. As I mentioned before, she was easily the best lover out of the three. She tried the hardest, she was the most pleasurable to be inside of, but she also came the quickest and the hardest of my girls. Right now, I was already feeling the effects my cock had on her as small spurts of liquid were ejecting from her urethra against me, while I slapped loudly against her ass, the dimpled flesh of her chunky ass and thighs rippling constantly with each thrust.

I had a number of theories as to why Bonnie was this way with me, but the one I felt most likely was dependence. Our relationship was more important to Bonnie than I believe it was with either Audrey or Melanie and that’s saying something. She knew what it was like to be abandoned, as I’m sure that’s how most of her relationships, not even counting her marriage, ended up. She gave everything she had to her man when it came to sex, but she was also very needy any other time. I’m sure most men kept her at arm’s length, calling her up when they needed a booty call, using her and then kicking her to curb afterward. She wasn’t the best conversationalist and I could see how her personality would rub many people the wrong way after a short while, which is why she was probably only wanted for sex. Bonnie, whether consciously or subconsciously, came to equate sex with value, that she was only desirable as long as she kept the cock happy. She decided, if she was only going to be good for one thing then she was going to be the best at it. However, it never worked out in her favor, as the old saying goes, ‘you can’t fuck someone into loving you’, but what else did she have? Her best years were behind her and while she was a superb cook, she really made for terrible girlfriend or wife material in a normal relationship.

Fortunately, we were not in a normal relationship. I was her Owner and I appreciated and valued her for her committment to serve. Most men couldn’t put up with her needy nature for very long and would avoid getting in too deep with her. They wouldn’t dare offend her and risk blowing any future hook-ups with her when they found themselves in a dry spell, so they let her be needy and just found excuses to distance themselves from her. I didn’t have that problem. When I felt Bonnie was being too needy or interferring with time I wanted to spend with her sisters, I’d just tell her to fuck off and go do something else. I wasn’t afraid of hurting her feelings, because I knew what kind of person she was. She didn’t like being told off, because psychologically, it reminded her that she was disposable, but I was never going to dispose of her, so I knew she had nothing to fear. In time, she would learn this lesson, but for now, I had nearly forty years of conditioning to break, it wasn’t going to be done in a couple weeks. Still though, I knew that she knew, she was safe, and would always have a place at my feet. She was just trying to spend the rest of her life trying to thank me the only way she knew how, with her body.

“My best, huh?” I questioned skeptically, as I rolled her doughy tits around her chest, like an angry baker.

“Yeah, the BEST.” She declared adamantly.

“Well, you’re pretty good, I’ll give you that.” I praised, through a series of grunts over the sound of my hips popping against her slabs of ass flesh, “But SHE might be better.” I added, staring down at her womb.

“Fuck, Daddy,” She groaned, “I can’t wait to see you break that bitch.” She added, as she fired a couple spurts of ejaculate against me in response, punctuating the effect such a thought had on her.

“Yeah? You want to be there when Daddy bleeds his little girl?” I hissed, as I really started to bear down on her now, gripping her tits tightly, using them like handles, as I neared the home stretch.

“Oh, Daddy!” She cried, “I want hold that bitch down while you claim her!”

“Fuck, cunt!” I growled, “You’re a dirty, whore, you know that?”

“I want to lay my head on her belly and feel you cum inside, breeding her, Daddy!” She begged, trying to buck her hips to meet my thrusts.

“JESUS, BITCH!” I roared, as I began spraying her bowels with my hot, sticky, cum.

“BREED HER, DADDY! BREED HER!” She screamed, releasing her knees and slamming her fists into the bed as she threw back her head, arching her back.

I couldn’t believe how much she was cumming on me. Normally, she’d just spurt when she came, but the thought of holding our daughter while I impregnated her took her to a whole new level. Like piss, she sprayed a continuous stream from her body as she writhed, my fertile stem reliquishing its essence inside her.

I collapsed on top of my busty fuckpig, her bountiful tits making wonderful pillows to rest against. I reached around her legs to keep them pinned against her chest, as I lay there. Bonnie shuddered and quaked under me, as our organs contiued to spasm, releasing anything left inside them.


I remember waking up still on top of Bonnie. She had brought her arms up from her sides and was gently stroking my hair, my limp cock still planted inside her ass, thanks to it having been fully seated when I started cumming. I looked up at the elder woman who stroked me, the look in her eyes clearly matched the images I had in my head. This was a tender moment, a moment where we both came at the shared image of bringing our daughter into the fold together, as a family. The normally needy and selfish Bonnie had an epiphany, an epiphany where it dawned on her just how special it was to see someone she loved being taken by me. Sure, she had a similar experience the night I first claimed her sister Audrey, but this was altogether different. In that brief instant, as she stood on the precipice of orgasm, she could relate to what Melanie and Audrey always felt when they saw me with another.

I would like to say that Bonnie was just like her sisters after this, but she wasn’t. She was changed, in a big way after that, but it was still going to take a long time to break her of her habits, if I even could. Part of the appeal of Bonnie was the fact she was greedy and always in ‘try hard’ mode and I didn’t want to change that about her. However, she did experience what she experienced and it would remain in the back of her mind, causing her to want to work on her relationship with Melanie.

“I love you, Daddy, did you have a nice nap?” She whispered, her soft strokes and tone giving her a motherly feel to the young man inside her.

“How long was I out?” I said, beginning to stir life back into my body.

“About twenty minutes, but it was the best twenty minutes.” She smiled.

My women know I do not kiss them after their whore mouths have been used, until they’ve been cleaned. They also know I do not go down on them, because that’s what whore mouths are for, but there are rare occasions where the mood and the moment are right for kissing, sharing love, regardless of where their mouths have been and this was one of those moments. In fact, there was only one other time I kissed one of my girls after using her mouth and that was with Melanie.

Placing my hands on the bed, I pressed myself up off of Bonnie enough to lean down, bringing my lips to hers. She immediately recognized the significance of this event and was unable to hide the emotion from welling up in her eyes as I pressed my mouth on hers. Her hands latched onto the sides and back of my head for all they were worth as she relished in a kiss she might not see again in a very long time. Her moans and whimpers of gratitude viberated in my mouth, as our tongues pressed and danced with one another.

As our kiss carried our souls to another realm, my cock began to find life again inside its new home. It wasn’t long before I was sliding myself back and forth along the hungry interior of Bonnie’s happy hole. I almost never made love to Bonnie as she’d generally get me too worked up and have me cumming too soon to really be tender and caring. This time was going to be different though. I wished I was in her pussy at a time like this, as the contrast of making love to her asshole seemed almost sacrilegious, but then again, this was Bonnie after all and the idea that her butthole was the only part about her worthy of making love to, seemed equally appropriate.

I made passionate love to my Bonnie, even sliding us both onto the bed entirely, to make it feel ‘right’. Like I knew she would, Bonnie appreciated this kind of connection with me more because it was a rarity, since she was mostly relegated to cumdumpster in most cases. Aside from getting me off too quickly to make love, I also used her in a cumdumpster capacity as a way to keep her in check, lest I feed her notion that she should be my Alpha sub. Perhaps I was just missing Melanie, but perhaps I really was in love with Bonnie, who knows, but I really wanted this moment.

Audrey and Bonnie didn’t have any expectations that I would immediately love them as I did Melanie or even as they did me, that’s not how this worked. They loved me, because I was everything they desired in a man and I brought the two of them together. Subs are like dogs. They love their Owner unquestioningly, but the Owner, despite what the dog means to him, could never match the love and devotion the dog feels for the Owner. Like I’ve said before, when we look at dogs, we see animals we can love and set to purpose, but when dogs look at us, they see God himself. Bonnie loved me, no question, but while she did not expect me to love her back, not like I loved Melanie, I did love her. And here, in this moment, thinking about our family and connecting with Bonnie on this level, I felt love and I wanted to make love.

It wasn’t long after that I was depositing a second load into Bonnie’s already packed rectum. She didn’t have the same orgasm as before, but neither did I. However, our orgasms were nonetheless meaningful and actually served to strengthen our bond with one another, even more so than the first one did. Again, I held her for a while in post-orgasmic bliss, as lovers do, before rolling off of her so she could perform her duties to clean me.

It was a toss up who liked cleaning me more, Melanie or Bonnie. Audrey would do it, but more so out of duty than desire, though she would never complain about doing it, it was obvious by her lack of enthusiasm she didn’t enjoy it like Bonnie and Mel did. I would say that Bonnie enjoyed cleaning herself off of me more than Melanie, but Melanie was much more enthusiastic cleaning others off of me than Bonnie. Just for hygene’s sake, I bought some enema bags that the girls were to use daily or in anticipation of anal sex, just so clean up would be less of a health risk, especially now that they were with child. Though I’m sure Mel and Bon appreciated the bahis şirketleri cleaner taste, they were no doubt disappointed by the fact that cleaning a filthy cock was a much more impressive display of their submission than a clean one. Regardless, it was what I wanted and what I wanted was all that mattered. Even though I wouldn’t kiss them, until after they’d showered and brushed their teeth thoroughly, I still did not like the idea of kissing my girls after they had just cleaned a cock and asshole that had just been used, enema or no enema.

When I rolled off, Bonnie knew that I was finished with her for now and quickly put herself to work sucking, slurping and licking our fluids from my flesh. We hadn’t anticipated anal sex and she hadn’t had the chance to enema yet this morning, so there was a day’s worth of filth in her ass that I churned up with my cock and cum. I could tell by her moaning that she was pretty delighted when she discovered that she was being allowed to clean a rusty nail once again. No doubt, she’d probably try and rub it in to Melanie that she got to clean my filthy cock when she and Audrey called tonight. Forty years old and she carried on a rivalry with Melanie like she was twelve.

After she was finished, we proceeded to the bathroom where she would perform her duties in washing me. Unlike Melanie, Bonnie and Audrey were tall enough to reach up and wash my entire body, so I let them. However, because they were so much bigger than Mel, they couldn’t kneel between my legs wash themselves, like Mel could. Unable to perform this particular ritual that Mel and I had, I saw no need to wait around for Bon or Aud to wash.

On a normal day, when Mel and Aud were still here, if it was Mel’s turn to wash me, we’d have our normal washing ritual, but then she’d dry me when we exited and dry herself after I’d left. If it was Bonnie’s or Audrey’s turn to wash me, one would wash me and the other would wait outside the shower to dry me when I finished, while her sister remained behind to wash herself.

I know, it’s pretty complicated, but this lifestyle isn’t always about sex, in fact, very little of it actually is. Sex is not a lifestyle and when dealing with submissives, they always need tasks to perform. The more subs you have the more creative you have to be to keep them all busy. Subs with too much time on their hands get bored and get into trouble, so keeping daily routines for each of them becomes paramount. Rotating their duties is important as well, in keeping your girls happy and interested. There was no question that Melanie was a good cook, but she was not as good as Audrey and no where near as good as Bonnie. Still though, I would have all three rotate cooking duties so each felt important, so each felt like she was responsible for keeping me well fed. Everyone knew Bonnie was the best cook and while they would admit it, I never would. These women poured there hearts and souls into pleasing me every minute of every day and I was not going to be the kind of person to make them feel inferior toward one another even if I had to lie to them.

Many would think that my life would be easy, having three willing sluts to do whatever depraved sexual task I wanted, eager to give me daughters I could breed, slaving away on me hand and foot, but they would be wrong. Sure, it was nice to have all these things, it’s part of living this kind of lifestyle, but there is a lot of work involved too, A LOT OF WORK. You have to pay close attetion to your girls and understand their wants and needs and know the difference between the two. Wants do not have to be met, but needs do and they vary between each girl. This is why precision and routine become vital, for without these expectations, you’d lose your mind keeping your girls busy and blind to changes in their behavior.

Subs do not often speak to the Owners about their feelings, especially when they are unhappy. Even when asked, they will tend to lie so as not to burden him with their problems, but also, he is expected to know most of their problems without being asked. He is the problem solver and the decision maker so it’s his problem to deal with issues that relate to his girls. I knew better than to spend more time with Melanie than the other girls and that was my mistake, a mistake I would come to correct, but it was only a mistake because I made it clear I wanted to treat my girls equally. Audrey had no issue accepting Melanie as her better and had I pressed the issue, Bonnie would quickly accept it as well, but then I would have a problem with Melanie. She didn’t want to be better than her sisters, she wanted to be equal to them so she had others who felt like she did. Of course, she would be the Alpha sub if that was what I wanted, but it was not her desired place. Conversely, Bonnie wanted to be the Alpha sub, but there was no way I’d give her that kind of authority over her sisters, certainly not until she’d been in my posession for a few years.

This was the kind of stuff I had to deal with on a daily basis and why Melanie felt so bad for me, because she knew I would have to experience all of this alone. I couldn’t bitch and moan about my problems governing my girls, to my girls. I couldn’t complain to one about the actions of another and I had no other person I could vent to either. To top it off, I also had to plan for our Family’s future and work and playtime and routines, etc. This would become a lot easier as the years progressed and everyone fell in line, but in the meantime, it was a lot for an eighteen year old man to adjust to. Still though, I wouldn’t call myself an Alpha and my girls wouldn’t follow me through the gates of Hell if I didn’t thrive on a challenge.


With the shower finished and food in my belly, I was ready to start the day. As it was a Saturday, I didn’t have work and keeping up the home and lawn was the women’s responsibility, I decided to see if I could find anything out about my past. I told Bonnie to go work on craft show items, but she begged to spend the day with me, being it was our first weekend alone together. Given we had shared a tender moment earlier and she was still riding the buzz of love, I decided to allow her to help me.

I had an idea that perhaps I was going about searching for my parents the wrong way. I had hit a dead end going back through my history so I thought I would change gears and start with my uncle’s history and work forward. Surely he had records from his birth or childhood before his sister, my mother, married my father and kicked Bill out of their lives. From Audrey’s recounting of events, Bill was able to drive out, get me and bring me back home in a day, meaning I was born less than half a day’s travel from here. I also discovered that they had only been married for a few of years before I came into their lives. Bill was already disowned before they met, but he still had their phone number and had to have been in contact with them for them to be able to reach him in Milton. That meant one of two things. Either they still lived in the same area that Bill used to live or there would be contact information somewhere amongst the boxes of his things Audrey kept after her move here. Bonnie was extremely happy to help in this endeavor, although she wasn’t sure what she was looking for, but at least she got be used as a urinal and go-fer while I searched.

Audrey kept Bill’s things in boxes up in the attic. While the rest of the house was clean and renovated, the attic smelled of musty old wood and dust. Furthermore, it was not connected to the AC system and cooked under the late June sun so we worked up here naked. Normally, Bonnie enjoyed when we were naked together, but it was just too dirty and sweaty up there to become aroused. I say that, but I was referring more to me, as I don’t think Bonnie ever turned off. As I sat there going through papers, Bonnie tried a number of times to go back to her ‘safe place’ of having my cock crammed down her throat, but I simply would not get hard enough. Still though, she took pleasure in licking the sweat from my balls and taint and even tried getting at my asshole a few times, but resigned herself to taking what she could get.

I struck paydirt when I finally found Bill’s birth certificate. I sent Bonnie to go get a road atlas and checked the location of Bill’s birth town and it turned out to be somewhere in mid-Wisconsin. Just by eyeballing the distance, I reasoned that if he left Milton around dawn, he could drive up to Wisconsin, to the area his hometown would be located, and be back by night, giving credibility to Audrey’s accounts. Bonnie was very excited, after I explained to her that there was a possibility that my parents and grand-parents lived close to one another. I explained that since he was born in that area and it was likely he had to drive back there to get me, both must live in the same area. Even if one had moved, it was unlikely the other did so there was a chance my search could end there or I’d at least get information on where they are now.

I told Bonnie to ready my shower as I needed to pack. It was still Saturday morning and I figured I could at least drive up there, take a poke around for a day and be back Sunday night for work on Monday morning. She raced off to receive me in the bathroom while I ran to the bedroom and pulled out a dufflebag to pack some clothes into. Bonnie was pleased to give me my second shower in just a few hours, but not only because of the shower, but because she thought she was coming with me to meet my parents. She was heartbroken when I told her I was going alone.

When asked why she couldn’t come, I told her she needed to stay here to let Mel and Aud know what I was doing and if I got delayed up there into the work week, she needed to be here to deal with the bank if that became a problem. Although she agreed to sign the house and everything over to me, I wanted to hold off on all of that until Melanie’s divorce was finalized. Everything was riding on her getting a clean break and I didn’t want to muddle things by possibly confusing the bank or drawing unwanted attention to myself by the checks to the lawyer having my name on them. Right now, the checks had Bonnie and Audrey’s on them, concerned friends, if you will, and completely unrelated.

Bonnie argued that I might need money, but I had that covered as well. I still had all the cash that Mel and I took from our accounts when we first fled New Mexico. I took about a couple grand and stashed some in my wallet and dufflebag, knowing I wouldn’t need remotely that much, but better safe than sorry. Bonnie still protested and demanded she be allowed to come. I could tell she was afraid by the tone of her voice. Afraid of being alone after all this time, all her lovers gone at the same time. She was afraid that I would never come back, though I never once gave her that impression, that was just who she was inside. Unlike her ex-husband and boyfriends, she was committed to me to the end and I was literally the last chance she had given herself to believe in hope and love. She really was pitiful when it came down to it, but I suppose that’s why I came to love her.

She bawled her eyes out as I was getting ready to leave. She watched, helplessly, as the only thing that mattered to her was currently throwing his bag into the back of a car and about to drive away. I started up the engine, put the shifter in reverse and looked over my shoulder, out the back window, but I couldn’t take my foot off the brake…

I looked back at the side of the house where Bonnie was on her knees, slouched against the side of the house with her head hung low, sobbing. I put the car back in park and killed the engine, alerting her. I got out of the car as Bonnie’s naked form crawled across the ground toward me, wrapping her arms around my legs, pressing her face into my groin, holding on to me for dear life. I couldn’t leave her like this. Hell, I couldn’t leave her at all.

“I’m sorry, Daddy.” She whispered through weeping breaths.

I knew what she was sorry for. She was sorry she couldn’t let go. She was sorry she was so dependent on me now. She was sorry for taking up my time and interfering with what I wanted to do, which was to be on the road right now, headed toward Wisconsin.

If we pay attention to life, to people, to everything, if we shut our own mouths for a moment and listen to the world around us, we learn things. Today, at this moment, I learned a lot about Bonnie. I learned that the loud-mouthed, hard drinking, party animal, selfish Bonnie was nothing more than a scared little girl. A scared little girl who had always lived inside Bonnie, but was only free to exist now, because I allowed her to. I wanted Bonnie to be her true self and here she was and I was about to abandon her to pursue my interests. I learned that I was an Alpha, but I was still young and impetuous in my own right. I couldn’t leave this little girl by herself, not after she had been so brave as to embrace her true self for me.

“Go get dress, my love, we have a lot to do before we can go.” I said softly, holding her head to me.

That was the first time used the word ‘love’ when addressing Bonnie and she knew it. As much as she wanted to kneel there, kissing me from cock to foot, she had her orders. She did kiss my groin a few times before smiling widely up at me and scrambling to her feet to go get ready. I brought the dufflebag back upstairs so she could add her change of clothes to it as well and we made a call out to New Mexico, hoping to get a hold of Mel or Audrey to let them know what was going on. Bonnie had to make the call, because I didn’t want the lawyer answering and hearing a male voice. As expected, the lawyer answered, but quickly handed the phone off to Audrey when Bonnie told her who she was. Bonnie explained, to the best of her ability, what we were doing and that we’d hope to be back Sunday night, but we’d call them when we got back or if we were held up. When Audrey told Bonnie that Mel was standing by and the coast was clear, she handed the phone off to me. I told each of them that I loved them and they quietly responded with, ‘I love you too, Daddy’ before hanging up.

It was time for us to go.

To be continued…

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