A Fine Family

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All persons in this story are 18 years and older

Chapter 1

Linda Fine was running late that morning, hurrying to get showered and dressed in time to see her family off for the day. Her husband Steve was already downstairs eating breakfast, but her two kids were probably still asleep. Her oldest, Kevin, had graduated high school last year and thus far had not shown much motivation. He slept in everyday that he could. But her youngest, Kelly, was a senior in high school this year and Linda didn’t want her to be late for class. Throwing on her usual robe, a short see-thru piece that was barely more than nothing, she skipped the shower for now and hurried down the hallway to her son’s room.

The door was cracked open, and she peeked her head in before making any noise to wake him. He was snoring soundly still, the covers a mess underneath his naked body. Linda herself slept naked, so it was no surprise to her that her children did too. She crept quietly into Kevin’s room and sat on the edge of his bed. He was sawing logs on his back, thus giving his morning wood plenty of air to sprout free. Linda took a long moment to admire her growing boy, whose cock had already matched his father’s in size and girth. Thinking about Steve’s throbbing manhood plunging her depths gave her a pleasant shiver, and she licked her lips as she stared at her son’s penis. Kevin started to wake up, and smiled when he saw his barely-clothed mother on his bed.

“Morning,” he yawned.

“Are you going to sleep all day again, my dear?” Linda asked, but it was hard to keep her eyes off of his package.

Kevin wasn’t even aware that he was fully exposed, but he probably wouldn’t have cared much. “Maybe.”

Linda leaned forward and kissed his forehead, giving him a nice view of her ample cleavage. For a woman nearing forty, his mom had a killer body including a set of the most perfect tits he had ever seen. When she leaned forward to kiss him, she accidentally straddled his legs, making his penis bump softly against her ass. It made his cock twitch.

“Nice to see you still enjoy affection from your mother,” Linda smiled. “I’ve been meaning to talk to you Kevin, and I don’t have much time right now so don’t interrupt me, ok?”

Kevin nodded. “Um, just let me adjust myself, sorry.”

He pretended to adjust his erection, but Kevin was secretly positioning his cock so that it was practically touching her pussy, which he could clearly see when he looked down. That robe did not leave much to the imagination, and his mother wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair was tickling at his cock head.

“I think you should get a job,” Linda continued, seemingly unaware of her son’s aching erection touching her most private part.

“Mom…” Kevin complained. His dad had already tried to have this talk with him.

“I’m serious. I don’t think it’s right for a boy your age to be doing nothing at all with his free time.” Linda put her hand on his chest, shifting her weight so she was more comfortable.

Kevin looked down again to see his cock pointing right at her vagina. They were so close right now, if he only thrust up a bit…

“And I know that you’re alone in your room almost all day,” Linda continued, relaxing a bit and letting herself settle onto him. They both gasped quietly when her pussy mashed against his cock. His shaft nestled wonderfully between her soft lips, but the connection was not acknowledged. Linda didn’t want her speech to be interrupted. “And don’t think I don’t know what you do up here alone, on the computer all the time. You should be out with girls, not in here with pictures of girls.”

“Mom!” Kevin tried to object, but his mother reaffirmed her seriousness by settling more weight onto him. It might have been more effective if her pussy wasn’t getting wet, making his cock slide between her lips.

She was surprised at herself for getting so turned on, but she didn’t want to let on that she was. She had to keep the conversation going.

“Just promise me, Kevin, that you’ll at least look for a job today.”

Kevin’s erection was literally throbbing by now, with his mother’s vagina clasped firmly around his cock. It was the next best thing to being inside of her, he was sure. He couldn’t stop flexing his cock from the arousal, and that only served to be creating wet friction between them.

“Ok mom, I promise,” he said through gritted teeth, hoping she wouldn’t move until he had calmed down.

“Thanks, sweetie.” Linda leaned forward, keeping her hips firmly planted on top of his lap, and kissed him more affectionately that before.

When Kevin felt his mother’s warm breath on his ear, his nut busted and he started firing sharp bursts of semen up his stomach and chest. Linda’s face flushed when she felt, and then saw, what had happened. She didn’t want to embarrass the poor boy, but she was very flattered at what had happened. And it had felt so good when his cock tensed like that!

“See you downstairs, son.”

Linda withdrew herself canlı bahis from his lap and without saying anything about what just happened, left his room. Kevin watched his mother go, and enjoyed seeing her naked ass through the flimsy robe as she walked away. He stretched, feeling very relaxed and satisfied, until he realized how bad he now had to pee. He painfully ran to the bathroom, still naked and his cock dripping.

His sister, Kelly, was already in the bathroom, seated on the toilet.

“Sorry, Kev. You have to wait,” she said.

If he hadn’t had to pee so bad, he wouldn’t have minded. His sister was a total babe, a knockout that would make any guy’s mouth water. Her long reddish hair and pouty lips, and tight body with all the right curves, and those tits! My god, those tits! They were amazing, just like their mother’s. Kevin had forgotten about being naked, but hadn’t neglected to notice that Kelly was.

“Maybe you should’ve closed the door then,” he said, literally holding his penis to keep from leaking.

“Why?” she responded as she wiped her pussy and flushed the toilet. “I never close the door.”

That was true, she always kept the bathroom door open, even when she showered. Kevin thoroughly enjoyed walking by and seeing her towel off her glistening body.

“What’s with you?” she asked, reaching for a towel and drying her wet hair, not bothering to cover herself up. She must’ve just showered before he came in.

“I just have to go really bad.” Kevin practically ran to the toilet after his sister had stood up, and sighed in relief as he began urinating, in full view of his sister.

“Oh, I see,” she giggled, eyeing his glistening penis, not knowing it was her mother’s vaginal fluids she was seeing. “You were having some morning fun, huh? Or was it a nice dream?”

“Stop teasing me,” Kevin dismissed her. “It was an accident, if you must know.”

Kelly started rubbing lotion all over her body, like she always did after a shower. It was a good thing Kevin had finished peeing, since his cock grew rock hard again when he saw her.

“Don’t forget to wash the cum off your stomach then,” Kelly laughed.

Kevin turned red, having totally forgot that he had jizzed all over himself. He grabbed some tissues and wiped himself clean. But his cock was still rock hard staring at his younger sister rub cream all over her big tits. God, they were perfect!

“I heard mom giving you the job talk,” Kelly said, pretending to ignore her brother’s obvious erection. “Sucks for you.”

“Yeah, I know.” He didn’t bother to cover himself as he just stood there while they talked.

“What are you gonna do?” Kelly lingered at her tits for her brother’s benefit.

Kevin sat on the toilet and absently stroked his boner. He wasn’t even really thinking about what he was doing.

“I don’t know. Maybe ask dad if he has something at his office.”

Finally, Kelly stopped pawing at her awesome tits and fetched her panties. Kevin was disappointed as she winked at him and left the bathroom. His cock had trails of his mom’s cunt juice on it still. Wow, that really turned him on! He started jerking off now that his sister was gone, though he hadn’t bothered to shut the door. Thinking about his mom’s pussy rubbing up and down his shaft got his balls churning, and right as he started to cum for the second time that morning, Kelly walked past the bathroom door now fully dressed. She glanced at her brother as she passed, and gasped as she saw his rock hard cock pistoning in and out of his fist. Kevin heard her and looked up in shock as sperm shot out the tip, splattering onto the tile. They just stared at each other as he finished cumming all over the floor. Without saying another word, Kelly kept walking.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Steve had his shirt and tie on and was nearly ready to leave for work. As he sipped his coffee, his wife Linda entered the kitchen in his favorite sheer robe.

“Hey baby,” he said, eyeing her magnificent figure. “You’re looking nice this morning.”

Linda just dismissed his usual horniness. “I doubt it, I haven’t even showered. But I did have a talk with Kevin about getting a job.”

“Good. I’m sure he’ll ask to come work for me as soon as he gets a chance.”

“Yes, probably.” Linda opened a cabinet and reached for something high up, making her robe ride up above her ass.

“Linda, honey,” Steve chided as he approached her. “What will the kids think if they see their mom naked in the kitchen?”

She ignored her nudity. “I somehow think they won’t really care. I see them naked practically everyday.”

Steve smirked, thinking about how true that was. Their daughter, in particular, never closed the bathroom door. And he would be lying if he said he never caught a peek of her sexy body while she showered. Getting right behind his wife, Steve pressed his hips into Linda’s ass, letting his growing cock jab her between the ass cheeks.

“Oh! Steve, you’re being naughty.” Linda couldn’t keep herself from blushing.

“Don’t worry, bahis siteleri I’m sure the kids won’t mind.” His hands slid across her glorious ass and found its way between her thighs, firmly poking at her pussy lips and asshole.

“Steve…” Linda’s voice broke into a raspy whisper as her husband played with her genitals.

“Oh my god, not again,” Kelly’s voice interrupted as she bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Are you two having sex or something?”

Steve smiled sheepishly at his daughter, but Linda had enjoyed his fingers too much and had to compose herself.

“K-Kelly!” she choked. “It’s rude to interrupt your parents no matter what they’re doing.”

Steve smacked her naked ass and sucked on his finger. “Sorry, hon, I gotta go.”

Linda gave him a kiss and he was out the door.

“Mom!” Kelly’s voice was even more shrill now.

Linda gave her daughter a look, but realized that her robe was completely open and her tits and pussy were fully exposed. She quickly closed her see-thru robe in a futile effort to hide herself.

“Sorry, dear,” Linda said, resuming her rummaging through the cabinets. “But your father likes it when I wear this in the morning.”

“It’s fine.” Kelly just shrugged it off. “You’re hot, you ought to be showing your body off.”

“Thank you, dear,” Linda said. “I must say though, I was not nearly as hot as you at your age.”

Kelly blushed. She knew she was pretty, and that all the boys probably jacked off every night thinking about her, but she tried to keep a humble attitude. Sometimes she felt like her mother, wanting to flaunt her body and show everyone just how hot she really was. Just thinking about being naked in front of her friends and classmates made her pussy tingle. She quickly pretended to adjust her pants but really gave her mound a squeeze.

“Is your brother up yet?” Linda asked, remembering how it felt to have her son’s cock pulsing between her pussy lips and shooting all of that cum…

“Yeah, you could say that. He was sure ‘up’ when I saw him.”

“Kelly!” Linda scolded. “You shouldn’t tease him like that. You know every healthy man normally has an erection first thing in the morning.”

“Really?” Kelly asked, though she already knew.

“Your brother had an especially…solid one today and he probably feels self-conscious about it.”

“I saw him jacking off in the bathroom just now,” Kelly admitted.

Linda was taken aback, not at the thought of her son masturbating, but at the fact that he would be doing that so soon after she had “helped” him earlier.

“Are you sure?” she asked, sounding concerned.

Kelly nodded. “It was kind of my fault though. I was teasing him a little.”

Linda gave her daughter a look. “That’s not very nice of you. You know how sexy you are, especially your rather ample chest. You should be careful around him, or at least if you’re going to tease him like that, have the manners to help him out after.”

“Mom!” Kelly pretended to be shocked at the thought, but actually she had seen her brother’s cock many times and had often thought about what it would be like to touch and suck on one that big.

“Don’t be such a prude, Kelly.” Linda had followed her own advice inadvertently earlier, when she practically dry humped her son to orgasm. Maybe she should go apologize to Kevin.

Kelly watched her mom leave, wondering if she could get away with wearing a robe like that. It would be fun to get a reaction out of her dad, like she had with Kevin. She had caught him masturbating, for god’s sake. Probably thinking about her! Why did that make her insides all warm?…

Chapter 2

Kevin stepped out of the shower to see his mom standing in the bathroom.

“Mom?” He stepped out of the shower, letting her see him fully naked.

Linda had to fight to keep her eyes above his waist, but it was a losing battle when the cock dangling before her looked so mouth-watering.

“Kevin, I just wanted to apologize about earlier.”

“It’s ok, mom. I’ll find a job, don’t worry.”

“No, not about that,” Linda shook her head. “About what happened between us, literally.”

Kevin stopped toweling himself off and just looked at her. “Oh.”

Linda stepped closer to her son and helped him dry himself while she talked. “I was just talking to your sister and I gave her some advice that I should’ve followed. I told her to be more careful around you when she’s being…well, sexy.”

Kevin’s cock jumped a bit, slowly inflating. Good thing for him Kelly never listened to their parents. Linda noticed her son’s reaction, and smiled.

“You’re a difficult one, aren’t you?” she said.

“Sorry.” Kevin seemed embarrassed.

“It’s ok, Kevin. Don’t worry about it. Kelly told me she saw you masturbating. And it’s no use pretending you didn’t enjoy yourself earlier too. It seems lately you’ve been getting aroused a lot. I know what you look at on your computer while you’re alone all day.”

“Oh god…” Kevin was horrified bahis şirketleri that his mother knew he was looking at porn, which he did a lot. Actually most of the day when he was alone.

“What’s making you so horny?” Linda’s voice was so soothing and concerned, it was easy for Kevin to talk to her.

“I guess it’s just…seeing you and Kelly all the time. You’re both really sexy, and I don’t exactly have a girlfriend to let off steam with.”

Linda eyed her son carefully. “I don’t like the idea of you screwing some girl you just met. I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Then what am I supposed to do?” Kevin looked at her helplessly, his erection at full mast and twitching between his legs.

Linda bit her lower lip, still turned on by what her husband had started and not finished. She had especially enjoyed when he stuck his finger in her ass, but she was too shy to admit she enjoyed something so naughty. Still, the naughtiness was what made her pussy shiver.

“If I let you do something…special, will you promise not to tell anyone?” Linda asked her son.

Kevin didn’t know what she meant. “Huh?”

“You have to promise that you’ll never say anything to anyone, ok Kevin?”

“Um, ok.” He was confused.

Linda glanced behind them, to make sure no one was watching since the bathroom door was wide open, and in a bold move she untied her robe and let it hang open. Kevin’s eyes were as wide as they could be, and his mouth dropped. Linda enjoyed his reaction to seeing her completely naked, nothing hidden.

“I’m following my own advice, because I know how hard it is for young men to deal with their horniness. So if you feel like you need some relief, I’ll let you see me naked, ok sweetie?”

Kevin couldn’t believe his ears, or his eyes. “Mom, you look awesome. But this isn’t exactly giving me relief.”

Linda just smiled. “Well, silly, that part is up to you. But I’m always here for extra stimulation when your computer isn’t enough, ok?”

With that, Linda closed her robe and left her son standing there with a raging boner. Kevin was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to do, so he just stood there and wondered how this would play out.

Chapter 3

Steve had pussy on his mind the entire commute to his office, but then again he usually had a nice boner after he said goodbye to his wife. He was so lucky to have such a sexy wife. He had often shown family pictures around the office, and knew that all the guys envied him. For a moment, Steve thought about pulling over and relieving himself before getting to work. He didn’t want to walk into the office that he managed with a huge erection in his pants. He glanced at his watch and wondered if he could bust a nut quick enough.

He pulled the car over near the park that was between his house and the high school, and picked a nice shady spot to rub one out. How many guys could honestly say that they masturbate thinking about their wives? Steve truthfully could. Sometimes he would have to get up in the middle of the night and fuck Linda, or if she was fast asleep he would just jack off while pawing at her tits and ass. The only time she would let him do any kind of anal play was when she was asleep, usually. This morning had been a fun change of pace, when he had entered her tight little pucker with his finger and she hadn’t objected. Normally her pussy was more than he could handle anyway, being so incredibly tight even after two kids. And her blowjobs were absolute heaven! So he had nothing to complain about. But he was definitely an ass man. He loved a nice round ass and a tight little rosebud to stick things in. He hadn’t had the guts to ask his wife for anal sex, so that was his masturbatory fantasy usually. It was the one thing they had never tried, and they had done a lot together!

Steve was really getting himself off when someone surprised him by tapping on his window. He jumped and unsuccessfully tried to cover himself up. He looked up in embarrassment to see a pretty young face smiling at him.

He quickly rolled down his window. “Wendy!”

“Hi, Mr. Fine,” she said in a cheery voice.

Wendy was a neighbor and friend of the family. Her parents had been having some marital trouble lately, and she had been friends with Kelly since elementary school, being a senior in high school now. So Steve and Linda had taken her in as an adopted daughter of sorts. She was really sweet and caring and got along good with everyone.

“You on your way to school?” Steve asked, forgetting about his penis hanging out of his slacks for a moment.

“Yeah, but I have study hall first period so I’m not in a big rush. Aren’t you going to be late for work?”

Steve shrugged. “I just needed to…clear my head for a moment.”

Wendy’s eyes darted down to see Steve’s rather large penis, and she felt her face and neck flush. She had always had a big crush on Mr. Fine and had fantasized about having sex with him. Actually it was her deepest secret that she was a closet bisexual, and Mrs. Fine was just as much a fantasy for her as Mr. Fine. So she loved spending time with their family. Her friend Kelly was just as sexy as Mrs. Fine, and Kelly’s brother seemed nice enough. But something about Mr. Fine made her legs weak.

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