A Girl Called Sami Ch. 12

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Sami liked using the workout center of their apartment complex, she liked being able to run on the small oval running/walking track that surrounded the ‘machine room’. Sami still ran daily, getting up early to run before work, or after they returned from work, but she ran.

Sami had tried, unsuccessfully, to get Bonnie into running but that wasn’t going to happen, so Sami ran alone, lost in her thoughts as she did so…

Work had been going well, and even though they worked in different areas of the station’s infrastructure, they both had tales to tell over lunch or dinner. The thing was, though, that neither talked about ‘everything’ that happened at work.

Sami had become friendly with another worker-bee from the station’s art department, Ashley; friendly, but not ‘friends’, at least not yet. Ashley had asked Sami to go out for drinks, a couple of times, and when Sami finally admitted that she wasn’t old enough yet to drink legally, Ashley switched the invite to drinking with her at her home.

But Sami didn’t accept the invite yet, yet being the operative word; she was seriously considering it, though, Sami’s own ‘gaydar’ having picked up some vibes from Ashley along those lines.

But no, not yet; still, it was something to think about.

Having run her usual five miles, Sami cooled down slowly, drinking a ton of water in the process, and then she jogged to their apartment; entering, she could hear Bonnie’s shower running, so she chose the other bedroom’s shower to quickly clean up before they left for work.

The shower was finally waking her up, as she stood under the stream of hot water, and Bonnie let her mind wander…

Bonnie never mentioned the ‘hits’ that had been coming her way from some of the younger, and in one case, older, guys that worked at the station. She never mentioned that she was seriously considering accepting a date with a good-looking, ‘Breaking News’ reporter and of course, she never mentioned that she was even considering the pros and cons of letting the young reporter, or another guy, get into her pants.

Bonnie’s rationalization was as a gut check of her own sexuality; oh, she’d never stop loving women, but she wondered if there was room in her life for cock, as well. That married friend of Sami’s, Jena, enjoyed both men and women in the sack, and it seemed to work out okay for her.

Well, there was that cheating thing on her husband, but Bonnie was fairly certain that she would never do that, the cheating thing, that is. But still, if she did decide to fuck the reporter, she thought that it’d be better that she kept that to herself, and not tell Sami.


The Fourth of July holiday had come and gone, and the dog days of summer were upon them in Memphis, stifling heat being the norm now. Sami and Bonnie were eating lunch in the station’s break room when Bonnie’s uncle found them, his eyes clearly showing the remnants of having cried recently.

“Uncle Joe, what’s wrong, why have you been crying?” Bonnie said when she looked up from her sandwich and into the sad face of her uncle. Sami’s back was to the door and hadn’t seen him come in.

Joe Madison sat down with the girls and put a brave smile on his face, asking Sami if she could give him and Bonnie ‘a moment’.

“Of course, Uncle Joe, it’s time for me to punch back in anyway; Bonnie, if you need anything, let me know,” Sami said; he, Joe, had insisted that Sami call him ‘uncle’, so she did.

Sami returned to her current project, wondering what that was all about when she heard Bonnie call her name from the doorway. Turning, Bonnie’s tear-streaks on her face were fresh and very visible.

“Bonnie, what’s wrong?” Sami asked as she hurried to the doorway, hurried to her friend and lover.

“Grammy passed away, this morning, at the nursing home,” Bonnie said with sadness that Sami hadn’t seen to this point in Bonnie Sue.

Grammy was her paternal grandmother, and the only grandmother that Bonnie had ever known. She passed away in her sleep, at the significant age of ninety-six.

Hugging her to her body as any good friend would do under similar circumstances, she held Bonnie tight as Bonnie’s body heaved and shook in Sami’s arms with fresh cries of sadness wracking her body.

It wasn’t a good way to end the canlı bahis month of July.


Bonnie had flown back to Gulfport with her Uncle and his family on that Thursday and left Sami with the Civic to use while she’d be gone. They were expected back late Monday or Tuesday night; Bonnie would call when she knew for sure so that Sami could pick her up from the executive hangar.

Sami ran that night, and hit the bed early, a bit sad at Bonnie’s absence, if the truth be known. It wasn’t a restful night for Sami, for whatever reasons. Sleep deprivation? Sami didn’t know if that was the reason, but it was the one she used to assuage her conscious for her actions and what followed.

“Mornin’ Ashley, leave any coffee for the rest of us?” Sami joked; Ashley’s fondness for coffee was station legend material.

Blowing her hair out of her eyes, a regular habit for her, Ashley smiled sweetly and said, “Kiss my ass, Sami; the swill in the station’s vending machine isn’t worth my money.”

Then, breaking into a huge grin that betrayed her joking, she said further, “Starbucks in my thermos; help yourself, but you owe me.”

“Well, if I wasn’t such a young thing, I’d buy you a drink in repayment,” Sami remarked as she poured the strong, rich brew into her mug.

Stretching to pin the material to the set frame she was working on, Ashley said, over her shoulder, “Don’t give me that crap, Samuel, I’ve invited you over to my place to share some brews and you’ve turned me down every time, so I’ve quit asking; I figure that you just don’t like me, boo-hoo.”

Ashley was joking, Sami knew, she and Ashley busted each other’s chops that same way ever since Sami joined the department. They liked the teasing; they liked the irreverent nature in each other.

Biting her lip, Sami pondered some things as she sipped her coffee and readied a strip of material for Ashley to hang next.

Mostly she pondered how nice Ashley’s ass looked in those tight jeans.

Ashley was in her late thirties, short red hair, real, not dyed, and was muscular, a result of the weight training three times a week.

She was average in her looks and well above average in her intelligence. She was a private person, and except for her interaction with Sami, she didn’t really hang out with the station people. She came in, she did her job well, and she went about her business after work, whatever that might be.

There was nothing overtly sexual about Ashley, nothing that one could put a finger on, but there was ‘something’, nevertheless.

“Yes.” Sami said as she handed the next piece of material to Ashley to hang.

“No.” Ashley countered, then looking down to Sami, asked, “What am I saying no to?”

“Me accepting your offer to share some brews, and I was going to buy; well, you’d have to buy but I would’ve paid for it, but screw it, if you don’t want to, then, fine.” Sami proffered.

“Then, yes,” Ashley said, “Now get the next piece ready for me, will you?”

“Sami, how do you feel about red meat?” Ashley asked as they gathered their stuff to punch out for the day.

“I think it was meant to be eaten,” Sami replied, truthfully.

“How do you feel about motorcycles?”

“I own a Honda 250 cc scooter for use around campus.”

“What do you think of Country Music?”

“Not much.”

“Well, two out of three is better than most,” Ashley remarked but not explaining further.

“Want to go on a ride with me tomorrow?” Ashley offered.

“Do I get to ride ‘bitch’?” Sami asked with faked excitement and clapping her hands.

‘Only if you’re willing to flash your tits to truckers that we pass,” Ashley said, sounding earnest about it.

“I could do that,” Sami assured Ashley with a Cheshire-cat grin on her face.

They both laughed at that.

Giving Sami directions to her house, in an historic part of Memphis, Ashley suggested that Sami plan on spending the night.

“With the drinking I plan on us doing tonight, you probably shouldn’t drive anyway, but the main reason is that we’re meeting the other riders at 7 in the morning.” Ashley explained.

Made sense to them both.


Sami loved the older houses in the neighborhoods she drove through to reach Ashley’s bahis siteleri place. When she did find it, she fell in love with the turn of the century bungalow; not large but well-maintained and sitting on a lot with maples and oaks.

It appeared ‘comfortable’, to Sami, and that wasn’t a bad thing, she thought.

“Welcome, Samuel, to the homestead, humble though it may be,” Ashley said in greeting, then handing Sami an ice-cold bottle of Corona.

“Ashley, it’s gorgeous; I damned near creamed my pants admiring the neighborhood, it’s absolutely gorgeous,” Sami replied honestly, then thanking her for the beer.

“Okay, rule number one; away from work, I’d really prefer that you call me AJ.”

“Rule number two; away from work, my life is private, and I expect it to remain so.”

“And rule number three; enjoy yourself, when a guest in my house.”

Giving Sami a kiss on the cheek, she added, “And thank you for your compliments about my house, I love it as well,” smiling broadly as she led Sami into the kitchen with a friendly arm around Sami’s waist, more of a guide than a pass.

“Let’s sit on the back porch for a bit and lie to each other before we cook the steaks; sound good to you?” AJ suggested.

“Works for me, big time,” Sami agreed with a chuckle.

AJ didn’t much care about pasts; what was then, was beyond change, and what lay ahead wasn’t a fact, yet, so she preferred, mostly, to be in the here and now. In a nut shell, she told Sami, that was her life philosophy, and it had served her well.

Never married, though a couple of co-habitations with a couple of men when she was in the early twenties, made up a part of who she is now; she wasn’t much into labels and stereotypes as she was into the essence of the people she chose to have in her life.

“I guess you can say that I don’t give a rat’s ass about what other people think of someone; I take you as you present yourself to me,” AJ concluded.

Sami offered that she was a bit more like AJ than she had previously thought, and she thought that to be really cool. She had never expressed, aloud, how she felt about life, and people, in general to anyone; but hearing it from AJ’s mouth, she realized how much they thought the same.

Returning with a couple of fresh beers, AJ said, “Bike’s in the garage, check it out, if you’d like, while I throw the steaks on the grill; medium-rare, right?”

“How’d you know that?”

“I know things; don’t know how or why, but over the years, I’ve found out that I know things,” AJ answered, truthfully.

“Huh!” Sami simply said as she walked towards the garage.

AJ’s bike was a Honda Aspenglide, with full road package; it was in pristine condition, clearly the result of meticulous care by AJ. The ‘bitch’ seat was large and comfortable, built to make the ride a pleasure and not a torture to the body.

Sami was sitting in the driver’s seat, arms outstretched and hands on the grips, when AJ stepped in to call her for dinner.

“You look like you were born to ride,” AJ offered, and then telling Sami that food was on.

The steaks were great, the beer was cold, and the bakers were way too large for either of them to finish. Helping AJ with dishes and clearing the table, Sami and she chit-chatted about a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, enjoying each other’s company immensely.

Following AJ into the small living room, Sami admired all of the framed art on the walls, and noticed that they were all signed, ‘AJ’ in small letters, in the corner of the pieces.

“Your work is absolutely wonderful, so damned visually appealing it’s hard to look away,” Sami complimented AJ as she walked slowly, taking in all of the pieces.

“Thanks; it’s my release and for now, that’s enough; later? I might take advantage of the offers I’ve had to present my stuff at a show.”

“Can’t believe that you haven’t already, AJ, this stuff is really, really good,” Sami said incredulously.

“Enough of this crap about me,” AJ commanded, “I’d like a nice evening of good company, cold beer, and if the lady from Mississippi is agreeable, a bit of the herb?” AJ asked with her eyebrows arched, questioningly.

“It’d be a pleasure to share all of the above with you,” answered Sami-girl, settling onto the couch, kicking off her sandals, bahis şirketleri and curling her feet under her short-clad butt.

“Before we get too messed up to work this out,” AJ said as she free-rolled a joint from the cleaned herb, “sleeping arrangements have to be worked out, Samuel; option one, this couch rolls out to a sleeper-bed, and option two, my bed can sleep three, comfortably.”

“Option two seems like a lot less work would be involved,” Sami offered as an opinion; and a bit curious about her bed being able to sleep ‘three’.

“I agree,” AJ said, firing up the doobie immediately afterwards, and handing it to Sami, AJ found some Blues on her satellite radio tuner; AJ liked country mostly, but she knew that Sami liked Blues, so Blues it would be.

They talked about work, about art, about life and they listened; honestly listened to what the other person had to say, having meaningful dialogue with each other. That, it and of itself, was a turn-on for them both.

They had worked through a twelve-pack of Corona, and two joints; they weren’t quite cooked, but they were close.

“Want to head to bed while we can still walk?” AJ asked, her words ‘almost’ slurring but not quite.

“Want to brush my teeth and take off my makeup, first,” Sami said, her words ‘almost’ slurring but not quite.

“Me too,” AJ agreed, and then taking Sami by the hand, she pulled Sami up, both losing their balance as a result, and causing them to fall in a heap, back onto the couch.

“We’re a bit fucked up, Samuel,” AJ opined lying on top of Sami.

“Ya think?”

“Let’s try this again,” AJ suggested; they did, and stayed upright this time.

Walking down the hall to AJ’s bedroom and attached bath, Sami admired AJ’s ass in those tight shorts, the sight kick-starting her horny motor.

God, Sami thought, I’m such a slut, but smiling inwardly at the thought.

They took turns with the nightly ritual, but cutting it to the bare necessities. They stood across the bed from each other as they took off their clothes, stripping to their panties.

“Works for me,” AJ offered, her eyes taking in Sami’s tall, slim body and small breasts.

“I’m good,” Sami replied, her eyes taking in AJ’s muscled body, flat stomach, and firm breasts.

They climbed onto the bed at the same time, Sami lying down first, close to the middle of the bed.

Still on her knees, AJ looked down at Sami; she looked up and down this pretty blonde’s body, liking what she saw, liking it a lot.

“Feel like playing?” AJ asked as she reclined on her side, facing Sami’s body, which was also turned a bit to face AJ.

“I do,” Sami answered then moving her hand to softly cup and caress AJ’s full breasts.

Moving her hand and head in concert so that she could caress one of Sami’s breasts and suck on it, AJ looked up to Sami with her mouth hovering over Sami’s erect nipple.

“Do you remember what rule number two is?” AJ asked, her eyes on Sami’s face.

“I do,” Sami simply replied.

“Good,” and then AJ lowered her mouth onto Sami’s nipple, biting down on it which brought a contented moan from Sami’s lips.

Their panties didn’t say on for long as they explored each other’s bodies, their carnality driven by the beer and herb.

Sami absolutely loved running her hands and tongue over AJ’s muscled body, marveling at the absence of fat on it; AJ’s trimmed, flaming-red bush, betrayed her Irish ancestry, and provided more fuel for Sami’s cunnilingual assault of AJ’s pussy.

For her part, AJ couldn’t seem to keep her fingers out of Sami’s pussy as she dined on Sami’s smaller breasts.

And when AJ finally kissed her way down Sami’s body to her drenched snatch, her finger found another hole to play with as she slowly ate lunch at Sami’s diner.

And Sami liked it; she liked it too damned much, she briefly thought before throwing that thought out of the window of her mind; how could anyone like this ‘too much’.

Closing her eyes in ecstasy as AJ’s tongue and finger worked as a team to pleasure Sami-girl, Sami cooed her contentment, enjoying the climax that resulted from AJ’s finger in her ass and AJ’s tongue in her pussy.

Laying together, their bodies wet with sex sweat, and juices, they teased each other with touches and kisses.

“So how did you know I’d be so inclined?” Sami asked AJ, between licks of AJ’s very tasty snatch, her head resting against AJ’s thigh.

“I told you,” AJ said softly as she twirled Sami’s hair in her fingers, “I know things…”

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