A Late Night Drink

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We had been camping for a week: 5 families with children. The days were hot and the nights so warm it was difficult to sleep until late in the evening. After putting the kids to bed the adults would sit around the fire at picnic tables, talking and laughing and playing cards. It was fun and the company was good, but after a week of it, as stories began to repeat, and personalities began to clash, I was ready to be home.

As the cards were dealt I helped myself to a rum and coke, and then a gin and tonic, followed by a cup of red wine, patiently nodding as another bullshit story was applauded with overweight laughter. The night wore on and I kept myself busy, keeping the fire going, tidying up around the site, engaging in the occasional round of cards, half listening, half enjoying the peaceful evening stars as they came out one by one–relaxing in the happy buzz of alcohol warming my shirtless chest from the inside.

Slowly the chatter of childbirth dramas and high school reminiscing gave way to droopy eyed moms and dads heading for their too warm RVs for the night. We tented, but it was way too humid to go to bed for me. Happy and flushed I leaned against an empty table. T brushed her teeth and affectionately patted me on the shoulder as she passed for the tent, “Don’t watch the stars too late,” she laughed. Knowing that I prefer quiet to company, she often knew what to say to let me know everything was okay between us, but that she was done for the night.

“I’ll catch up with you in a few,” I reassured her.

Soon soft snores rose from the site and I poured myself one last cup of wine, perhaps a little heavily.

Twenty minutes or a half-hour later I found myself beyond a comfortable buzz… I must have been dehydrated from beach bum mornings and salty afternoon tides. I finished my wine, rapidly following it up with 3 glasses of water, and slowly began sauntering to the washroom.

As I approached the lighted building I noticed my balance beginning to fail. I made it in to relieve myself but as I washed my hands I continued to feel the creeping effects of one-too-many drinks. Only two-dozen staggering paces from the bathroom I stopped to rest at a table in the dark. Closing my eyes and waiting for the uncomfortable spinning to stop, I drifted off to sleep.

Several minutes passed–I don’t know how long–until I heard the sound of a voice.

“Are you alright?”

“Mmmm. Mhmm, I’ve just had a little too much to drink. I’ll be fine in a few minutes, thanks.”

“And with all this heat! You poor thing, have you had some water?”

Unable to move quickly for fear of embarrassing myself I gingerly opened my eyes, noticing the deeply tanned sandaled feet of a small woman wearing white pants and a yoga tank top. The sharp contrast of her darkened skin against the light fabric caught my attention and my eyes slowly worked their way up a petite and fit middle aged figure. I noticed her long sun-bleached hair falling around her shoulders and her bright blue eyes fixed on mine. She studied me for a moment and I held her friendly gaze before looking down. I was mildly annoyed to appear awkwardly tipsy before this attractive stranger.

“You look like you need some time to cool off. Why don’t you come with me for a few minutes? My RV is air-conditioned; with some water and air, you’ll feel right again in no time.”

I was still too drunk to care much, but something about her attractive smile and caring words made me trust her. Alcohol makes me easy going, especially around attractive women. T always joked with me that she needed to get me home quickly if we were out late drinking with friends–like an affectionate puppy I’d eat out of anyone’s hand.

Without thinking more I grasped her extended palm and followed her up the lane. As we entered her site I noticed a large cooler outside. She opened güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri it and drew out two bottled waters. “Just head in through the main door there, I’ll be right behind you,” she said.

My head was swimming from the walk. I was sweating profusely from the heat and the effort of not falling over. The thought of cool air and cold hydrating water appealed immensely. I willed myself through the unlocked door into a clean, lowly lit RV with a clean, tastefully arranged interior and several thriving plants. I stumbled through the entrance, landing in a heap on the floor.

As the cool but very comfortable air enveloped me I remember wishing nothing more than to not vomit on her plush and pristine area rug. I stayed put, shifting my legs under me, leaning against the nearest object, a footrest, awaiting her entrance. After a couple minutes and a few deep breaths the dizziness began to fade and I was returning to a pleasant, but strongly buzzed, state.

She climbed up the steps with a water bottle pressed to her lips, gulping greedily on the clear, cool liquid. A strange smile played across her face as she noticed my predicament.

“Oh, you’ll do nicely,” she whispered to herself as she shut the doors, removed her sandals and crossed the floor to stand over me.

The tanned skin of her smooth round navel caught my attention. The way it rose above the white line of her waistband, and the way she slowly inserted her thumb into the fabric, edging it down over her sleek hips, revealing the string of a black silk thong. Not knowing what to do, I simply smiled and lifted my hand for the extra water bottle, hoping it would help me recover and get myself out of this situation before anything happened. “So, you camp here often?” I offered.

Ignoring my question, the woman smiled back, placing the unopened bottle on a nearby side table, “Oh, you’ll have plenty to drink tonight,” she said cryptically, “but not this.” Comfortably shifting her weight from side to side, she tilted her head back and tied up her hair with an elastic she had been keeping around her wrist. My eyes were drawn to the lean and strong shape of her arms and the graceful sweep of her perfect posture. My mind was still foggy, my legs felt like jello, but I was content for some reason to simply sit and smile up at her as she stood, feet shoulder width apart, pants drawn low over her hips, silently drinking water, staring down at me.

As if finally deciding something, she quickly finished her water and turned, placing the empty bottle on the table. With her back to me, she undid her waistband and leaned forward, sliding her pants down to her ankles. Her smooth, sun-kissed skin held a silky sheen as though recently moisturized. The faintest hint of vanilla accompanied her as she stepped free of her pants and returned to stand over me, her elegant hips mere inches from my face, her black silk thong stretched full, barely containing her growing lust.

She slowly brought her slender hands up on either side of my face, gently rolling my earlobes between her thumbs and forefingers before cupping the edges of my jaw with her fingertips. The sweet smell of her skin made my mouth water involuntarily and my lips parted as I swallowed.

“Mhmm.” She purred feeling my head give way to her gentle but persistent coaxing. “That’s it my pet. You’ll feel so much better after I’m through with you. Give me your head,” she said, laying her fingertips lightly on my naked shoulders. “This won’t hurt.” I closed my eyes, still unable to get away, slowly losing the desire to leave.

The steady gentle circling of her fingers over my skin drew me in to her spellbinding heat. I could feel the warmth of her body on my eyelids as she guided my mouth to the silken edge of her over-full thong. “Ohhh. Mmmm,” she sighed, her hands resuming their delicate güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri grip on my head as my lips made contact. I had a fleeting thought of T, back at our campsite a few hundred paces away, sleeping soundly, oblivious to my predicament.

I must have held my breath or become suddenly still, for the stranger pushed her hips back and tilted my head up. I opened my eyes in time to see her moistened finger just before she pressed it to my lips, her warm liquid preparing the way, my now lubricated lips parted without a fight, and her sweetly salty wetness lit a fire in my body. I inhaled through my nose and sucked her finger in, cradling it in my mouth, savouring her deeply. She lightly pressed my tongue and withdrew her finger, stepping back one final time to remove her thong.

“It’s time,” she said. “Time to give you that drink.” This time she approached from the side, running the fingers of one hand through my hair and lightly placing a foot against the swollen bulge in my shorts. Her other leg stepped behind, neatly straddling me between her thighs. She swivelled her hips, adjusting her feet. The pouting lips of her tidily trimmed sex glistening hungrily. Taking her time to enjoy the power of her position, she teased my body with her ankle, rubbing in slow circles, enjoying my involuntary swelling.

Once hard, my hips began undulating in small circles beneath her. Moving as her puppet, pulled by invisible strings, I leaned forward, placing a wet, open-mouth kiss on the inside of her upper thigh. My breathing became long and deep as I filled with lust, coaxed along by her teasing. This pleased her immensely, causing her swollen clitoris to lift through the wet folds of her engorging lips. I could smell her arousal and feel the damp brush of her hair against my cheek. Even in the cool we glowed with her devilish intentions.

“Now,” she breathed, “You’ll give me everything that I want, and when I’m finished, I’ll give you a drink like you’ve never had. Open wide and lick me well. Slip your tongue between my folds and lick deeply until I… Ohhhh! Mmmmm!” she inhaled sharply. Her fingers laced in my hair, gripping tightly as I swept a languid tongue, flat and soft, from her dripping lower folds, up into the center of her smooth hot hole.

After five or six broad dividing strokes up into her deepest part, her inner folds lay flushed and open, her nectar seeping out over my lips and chin, softening the week’s growth of beard, providing what T described as a ‘masculine’ texture against her sensitive flesh. The wetter I got the more I could feel her bearing down as I finished each sweep of my tongue with a firm and slow, penetrating thrust.

My hands naturally found their way onto her delicious body, one tracing the soft contours of the back of her knee, up to her inner thigh and down again. The other slowly working up to her vulva. Pressing her swollen mons, I could feel a pulse throbbing through her skin. I flexed my tongue forward into a narrow blade and teasingly worked over each side of her fully exposed inner world, leaving nothing unexplored.

Honey welled from within her and poured out in spurts as internal pressure built with her every contraction. I barely grazed her smooth and proud clitoris at each transition, only sometimes allowing the slightest contact with my lips. Her thighs shivered as they clamped down on my torso.

Gripping either side of her mound, I slowly stretched the skin upward, baring the full accumulation of her sacred center. The awesome beauty of her engorged body held me captive, overwhelming me with an intoxicating desire to pleasure her onto a higher plane. I released her mound and traced a sweaty trail north to a breast, heavy and swollen with electric anticipation.

I looked up and noticed her eyes were tightly closed and her tongue was güvenilir bahis şirketleri making circles over her lips. She was no longer aware of her hand in my hair and the other gripping my shoulder as I circled my tongue fully over her clit for the first time. Grasping her breast, and pressing it up, I placed an outstretched fingertip to her lips where it was met by eager attention.

Cum wasn’t just filling my mouth, however. With every swallow of her slick nectar, the pressure in my own body was mounting. A small dark circle formed at my tip where droplets were forced from me, preparing the way for an explosion I felt I might not survive. I strained against my shorts as each new wave stretched me skin unbearably taut, my full erection pinned tightly down one leg.

The salty taste of her sweat and urine blended with the creamy light sweetness of her flooded glory. Lightly, flicking her hood with the underside of my tongue, I alternated between broad flat low strokes and quick precise tantalizing darts. Her hips pressed down and I carried most of her petite frame as she began to buck while I rolled and teased her nipple in tandem with the lashings of my tongue.

The penetrating taste of her body and the mounting waves of pressure from her thighs awakened my inner beast. The effects of the alcohol were nearly gone and I felt my legs firm beneath me again. My head was clear, except for the fog of passion that had developed between us. I adjusted my position, sitting up onto my knees and gripping her cheeks. I pulled her powerfully towards me and enveloped her entire pussy in one deep kiss.

I sucked all of her into my mouth, tugging rhythmically at her skin, milking the honey from her layers. Her breathing increased coming rapidly and deeply. I switched my attentions to her straining clitoris, encircling it with my lips, applying gentle suction with rhythmic strokes of my tongue underneath, burying my face into her mound…

Sensing a loss of control, she pressed against my shoulders, hard, trying to free herself from my grasp, but I could feel her desire to yield to me, to be eaten by me, to be tongue-fucked into another atmosphere by me. Suddenly, her entire body became rigid, shuddering uncontrollably as she came. Grasped in my arms, she beat her hands against my broad shoulders, drawing ragged gasping breaths and long (but not deep) fingernail marks against me skin until finally, with a gutteral exhale, ceasing her struggle, she became limp, satisfied, fulfilled and still. I relaxed and embraced her, overcome with hunger, still ravenous for the salty rivulets running down her body, but in awe of the power of her raw sexuality.

“Enough!” she panted, stepping back and then pressing me to shift over so my back was against the door. Leaning over me, she reached down to my streaming face. Perspiration stood out all over both of us as she took one final step over me. She glanced down to see my erection fully proud in my shorts and as if in answer to a challenge she smiled a clever grin. “Now,” she said, “You’ll have what you’ve been waiting for.”

I gently stroked the arch of her bare foot with my thumb before clasping her ankle, rolling wet circles on her skin with my fingertips. “Oh, you…” she paused, “You’re a tricky one. And now you’ll have your reward. Open up.” Forcefully cupping my jaw in her hand and pressing the fullness of her sex onto my mouth she sighed, “And now, you’re mine.”

A stream of warm clear liquid flooded into my open body, rushing over my tongue, and filling me completely, spilling down my throat and over my chest. Without thinking, I swallowed the golden water as my mouth filled and eagerly opened for a second draught. The initial taste was strong but the warmer after-flow was divine and in my thirsty state I gulped it down enthusiastically. I was mildly disappointed when the pressure of her body and the pouring of her stream stopped and she slowly eased her grip and delicately collapsed over me. Straddling my hips, for the first time, she laid her full body against mine to recover. The two of us lay there for a minute, marinating in the sinfulness of what we’d just done.

To be continued…

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