A Neighborly Bet Ch. 02

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For the next week, Christi was insatiable.

We had sex in her bedroom, on every piece of furniture in her living room, her shower, and, after she told me that one of her fantasies was to fuck in a rain storm, I took her out behind her garage and we went at it during a downpour. (I will say this much for Joe, while he may have neglected his wife and kids, he DID have a nice, plush lawn!)

Finally, the night before Joe was due home from his fishing trip, Christi and I lay naked and sweaty in her bed, her head on my chest and a long leg draped across mine.

“Asshole is coming home tomorrow,” she sighed, her long hair draped across my stomach, and her fingers tracing along my inner thigh, close to my spent shaft.

“I know,” I told her. “When are you picking up the kids?”

“I’m not. He’s stopping at my parent’s house on the way home, so he can show my dad what he’s caught,” she replied. “I’m expecting them home late afternoon.”

“Ok,” I said.

“That means that we can wake up here together, and you can fuck me until I can’t walk before I have to back to being the ‘good mommy’,” she told me, cupping my balls and softly squeezing them.

“That sounds good to me,” I replied, turning my head to kiss the top of hers.

“And don’t you dare think that this is over!” she added, raising her head and looking at me. “I am in my sexual prime, and you woke up my body. You are NOT just going to leave me with HIM, and a set of batteries!”

“Ok. How do you propose that we continue?” I asked her.

“You know the old saying, ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way,’ and there is A LOT of will!”

“Besides,” she added, as she started to stroke my cock back alive while she slowly kissed her way down my stomach, “I’ve got a lot more fantasies I need to live out.”

“That sounds good to me,” I sighed.


I awoke the next day the very same way, with Christi’s head bobbing up and down on my shaft. We had a final marathon session, and she joked that she needed an ice pack for her swollen pussy as I kissed her good-bye.

After a long nap, I showered and decided to go out for a couple of beers so I wouldn’t be around when Joe and their kids got home. After everything that Christi had told me over the last week, I really didn’t want to deal with him.

As I was working on what I had decided was going to be my last beer of the day, at least until I had some dinner, Joe walked in the bar and sat next to me.

“I believe you owe me $100,” he said, smiling at me.

I turned to look at him with my best poker face, and wanted to smack the shit-eating grin off his mug.

“Don’t even try to deny it,” he smirked. “I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Christi this happy.”

“Besides, she didn’t bother to change the sheets on our bed before I got home. There’s cum stains all over the place! You two must have had one hell of a time.”

“Why, Joe?” I asked.

“Why what?” he asked, sipping his scotch.

“Why did you want me to sleep with your wife? I don’t get it. She said that you haven’t touched her in months. What the fuck is going on?”

Still smirking, he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and started paging through the menu. Finally, he turned the screen toward me.

“See that?” he asked, showing me a pic of a naked woman.

“SHE is the reason that I really went fishing this week,” he continued. “She’s on my crew at work, and she fucked me, my brother, and a work buddy of mine silly all week.”

I looked at the pic again, and shook my head. This woman had nothing on Christi. She was fat, acne-filled, and not at all attractive.

“So you would rather fuck this chick than your wife?” I asked. “Why? Explain this to me. How can you push Christi away, over HER?”

“Look,” he told me, “I know this chick’s a dog compared to my wife, but she’s willing to do things that Christi won’t even talk about. Christi won’t let me take any pictures of her, and this chick even let us video her fucking all three of us at once!”

“She’s like a younger version of everything that I wished Christi was!” he explained.

“Ok, have you even tried talking to Christi about what you want?” I asked, thinking that there wasn’t anything that she refused to do with me.

“I don’t need to,” he reasoned. “I know her well enough. Christi’s a Saturday-night, light’s-off, missionary-position, bedroom-only type of woman. This chick will do anything, anywhere, any time. That’s hard to turn down, bro!”

“Ok, first, stop with the ‘bro’,” I told him. “We’re not ‘bros.’ Second, that response tells me that you’ve never even tried to talk to your wife about doing some of those things.”

“What’s your point?” he asked, clearly getting frustrated that I didn’t share in his enthusiasm.

“My point is, you’ve got a beautiful, in-her-sexual-prime woman at home that you won’t even talk to, much less touch, and you’re fucking THAT instead? I don’t get it!”

“Hey!” he replied quickly, raising his voice. “Don’t call Karen ‘THAT’!”

We sat there in silence for a minute, until illegal bahis he turned back to me.

“I know that Christi’s a lot better looking that Karen,” he told me, “but it’s like that old saying, ‘Feed a man Filet Mignon every night, and eventually he’s going to want a hamburger once in a while.'”

‘Interesting choice of words,’ I thought to myself as I looked at him.

“Ok, even if that were true,” I replied, “the key words there are ‘once in a while.’ Not all the time! A sensible man (‘One with real taste’ I thought to myself) would still have the Filet on a regular basis!”

“Ehh,” he responded, waving his hand at me. “I’m telling you, this chick is something special. Christi, at this point, is the same-old-same-old.”

I turned slowly to look at Joe, trying my hardest not to hit him as he continued smirking.

“She really got to you, didn’t she?” he asked, laughing. “Good for you! Maybe now she’ll leave me alone!”

“Let me ask you something,” I said. “You said that this ‘Karen’ works for you?”

“Yeah, she’s on my work crew.”

“So, you’re her boss?”


“And you’re not worried that this may just come back to bite you in the ass at some point?” I asked.

“Not at all,” he replied. “That’s one of the reasons that I have everything on video tape. Even if she tried to claim harassment, she’s on the tape begging for it, and she’s also doing my brother!”

‘Amazing! This guy’s a bigger idiot than I ever gave him credit for!’ I thought to myself, as I finished my beer.

“I’ve got to go,” I told him. “Here’s your money.”

“You know what?” he said, just before finishing his drink. “Keep it. It’s worth it to me just having her off my back.”

Shaking my head, I dropped the hundred dollars on the bar and walked out. I then drove to a small Mexican restaurant down the street for dinner.


Over the next week I beat myself up mentally over the fact that I had slept with a married woman, but then tried to rationalize it with the fact that her husband not only wanted nothing to do with her physically, but also was having an affair of his own.

Part of the problem that I was having was admitting the fact that, deep down inside, I wanted to keep seeing Christi. She was a beautiful, highly sexual woman who deserved to be treated better that her husband was doing.

Finally, I broke down and started talking to some friends of mine, none of whom knew Christi and Joe.

One of my friends, actually an old girlfriend from my 20’s, now a Psychologist, said it best.

“While I can’t condone what you’re doing,” she told me, “he put himself in that situation, and you ALL wanted it to happen. The kids are the ones that you have to worry about here. Otherwise, I say go for it.”

It was hard to argue with logic like that, I told myself.

Over the next couple of weeks, I saw very little of Joe, but I did see Christi a few times, mostly when we were in our yards.

“I want to see you again,” she told me over the fence one day.

“I’d love that,” I replied.

“Are you going to Jackie’s party next week?” she asked, referring to a neighbor’s upcoming birthday.

“I was planning on it,” I told her.

“Good. I’ll see you then,” she smiled, and then turned and walked away.

As I watched her ass sway in her shorts, I wondered just what she had in mind.


Jackie’s party was in the back room of a local bar, and she had invited all of the neighbors as well as some family members. The party started early, for the benefit of her family, and was progressing pretty well as the night went on. Christi showed up with her oldest daughter Brittany just as I walked up to the bar for a refill.

As soon as I saw how she was dressed, in the same short skirt she wore when we went shopping, a sheer sleeveless blouse, and dressy sandals, I had a good idea of what she had in mind.

“Hi Kurt!” she said as she saw me. “Are you going to get a drink?”

“I am,” I told her. “Would you like something?”

“I would!” she replied, and told me what she wanted. Even though Brittany was always a bit of a stuck-up brat, and rarely even acknowledge my presence, I took her drink order, as well as a couple of others, and went up to the bar.

As soon as I brought the drinks around, Britt took hers and left to talk to some of her friends without so much as a ‘thank you.’ I sat down with Christi and talked with her for a while, trying very hard not to look to obvious.

A couple of people asked her where Joe was, and she said that he was working the overnight shift. “I would have been here earlier,” she said, “but I wanted to wait for my son to come home, so he could watch my little girl.”

I knew that all of that was for my benefit, as much as small talk for the others.

Just around midnight, the party started thinning out, and soon Christi and I were the only ones left at our table.

Britt came up to the table, giving me a strange look, and asked Christi if she could take the car to meet some friends at another bar.

“I illegal bahis siteleri suppose,” Christi told her. “I’m sure Kurt wouldn’t mind giving me a ride home.”

“Yeah, or you could walk home. It’s not like it’s THAT far,” Britt replied, rolling her eyes and refusing to look at me.

“Really?” I asked. “You’d want your mother to walk home alone, after she’s been drinking?”

“Whatever!” she exclaimed, reaching her hand out to her mother for the car keys. “Then you can drive her home!”

“Well, unfortunately, I didn’t drive here tonight,” I replied. “I have a policy of not drinking and driving. But I will make sure that your mother gets home safely.”

“Whatever,” she repeated, looking at her mother.

Christi didn’t say anything as she handed her daughter her keys, and Britt marched out of the room.

“I’m sorry,” Christi said softly. “I honestly don’t know what gets into her some times.”

“No worries,” I replied, biting my tongue. “She’s at that age.”

“I guess,” she said.

“Does anybody else know that you didn’t drive tonight?” she asked softly.

“I don’t think so,” I replied.

“Good. Work with me, then.”

“Well, how about that ride?” she asked loudly a couple of minutes later, as she finished off her drink. “I think that I’ve had too many to walk home.”

“Not a problem,” I told her.

“Good,” she replied.

“Just follow my lead,” she then told me, softly.

Christi pretended to stumble, falling lightly into me, as she stood up. As I caught her, she leaned on me, holding onto my arm.

“Oh, my!” she giggled, loud enough for those around us to hear. “I must have had one too many!”

“Will you help me to the bathroom before we go?” she asked.

“Umm, sure,” I replied, wondering what she was up to.

I led her down the hall to the bathrooms, and stood outside as she went in. As I waited for her, Jackie came up to me.

“Is she ok to drive?” she asked, concerned.

“I’m giving her a ride,” I replied. “Her daughter took her car to meet some friends.”

“That figures,” she said softly, rolling her eyes. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t too crazy about Brittany.

Jackie then walked into the bathroom, and a couple of seconds later, Christi walked out.

Holding onto my arm again, she told me, “Just don’t drive too fast. I don’t want to get carsick.”

As we walked, I felt her rub her breasts against the back of my arm. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve sworn that her nipple was poking my arm!

Just as we reached the end of the hallway, she stopped.

“Oh, wait,” she said, opening her purse. “I’ve got to make sure that I’ve got my house keys!”

As she opened up her bag, she made a soft coughing sound. I looked at her, and she motioned down.

There, sitting on top of her purse, was her bra and panties.

“Ok,” she exclaimed, giggling again. “I’m good!”

She held tightly to my arm as we walked out of the bar, and then started rubbing up against me as I started toward the house.

“Why don’t we take the bike path?” she suggested, as soon as we were out of sight of the bar.

The local county government had pulled up an old railroad line, and rebuilt it into a jogging and bike path that went through our town.

Because the path edged up against the back yards of quite a few houses, they also planted plenty of new trees in order to seclude the path. During the day it was pretty busy, but at night, it was basically empty.

As Christi hooked her hand into my arm, we walked down the dark, deserted path. With only a low light every hundred yards or so, it was very dimly lit.

“Just what do you have in mind, young lady?” I asked as we walked down the quiet path.

“Well. First, as far as you’re concerned, I’m no lady,” she responded. “To you, I’m a slut. I’m YOUR slut!”

“Second, we are going to fuck, right here in the open air.”

“Right where?” I asked, looking around.

“I think I know a place that will be safe for us,” she told me. “I jog here every day, and I recently started looking for a place to play. I think that I found the perfect place.”

“Ok,” I replied, knowing better than to argue.

A couple of minutes later, Christi led me off the path and toward a stand of trees.

As we got closer, we started walking around the back of the trees, until we were between the trees and someone’s backyard fence.

“This is it,” she said softly.

It was very dark back there, so I took my cell phone out of my pocket and opened it up for a little light.

What I saw was a shallow semi-circle grass clearing formed by the trees, about ten feet from the fence. Just as the cell phone light faded out, I noticed a tree growing on an angle out toward the path.

Christi took my hand and led me toward that tree.

“We don’t have a lot of time,” she whispered, as she unbuckled my pants, “so we can’t take the full tour.”

As soon as she had my pants around my ankles, Christi wrapped her fingers around my pole and squatted canlı bahis siteleri down in front of me, leaning back against the tree.

“I’m just going to get your nice, thick, hard cock real wet, and then I want you to fuck me good!”

“Ok,” I managed to moan as I felt her lips slide down the length of my shaft.

Christi sucked on my cock for all she was worth, taking me as deep as she could and coating me with her saliva.

After a couple of minutes, she released my rod to the cool night air and stood. Turning around, she bent over, lifted up her short skirt, placed her hands on the tree trunk, and wiggled her ass at me.

“Fuck me!” she growled softly at me, looking over her shoulder. “Fuck me good and hard!”

Wasting no time, I stepped forward, wrapped my fingers around my shaft, and started sliding it up and down her slit.

I was a bit surprised just how wet she was, considering the fact that I hadn’t even touched her yet, but when I lined the head of my cock up with her pussy, I slid just the head in, grabbed her hips, and slammed the length of my rod deep inside her.

“Ohhhshiiit!” she gasped, as my hips bounced off of her ass cheeks. “Yesss! Fuck me!”

“What’s that, slut?” I asked her.

“Ohhyeahhh!” she growled, pushing her ass back at me. “Fuck me! Make me your dirty slut!”

I stood there for a second, pressed up against her ass, and wiggled side to side while I held her hips tight to mine. Christi moaned softly, and I then started slowly sliding my cock in and out of her pussy.

“Yessss,’ she moaned, leaning forward and placing her head on her arms.

I soon started taking longer strokes, sliding the entire length of my shaft in and out, and slowly picked up a little speed.

“MMMmmmm!” she gasped, reaching a hand between her legs. I soon felt her fingers rubbing her clit and occasionally reaching down to slide across my balls.

I slammed my cock deep inside her again, and reached around to unbutton her shirt.

Reaching inside her blouse, I squeezed her tits, pinching her nipples, as I fucked her.

“Oooohhhhyeeahhh!” she growled into her arm.

Fortunately, I was trying to keep an eye on the path as we fucked in the trees, because I spotted a couple walking in our direction.

I leaned down, getting my mouth as close to her ear as I could.

“Shh,” I whispered. “We’ve got company.”

Christi gasped and looked up, trying to spot our visitors.

A few seconds later, the couple stopped and sat on the bench a few feet from us.

I moved one hand back around her and grabbed a hold of Christi’s skirt, pulling back on it while I slowly bumped my cock into her while we watched the tall, long-legged girl climb onto her boyfriend’s lap, and the couple started kissing.

Christi was having a hard time keeping quiet as I continued to buck up against her ass and pinch her nipples while we watched the couple getting hot and heavy.

A couple of minutes later, as we watched the girl wiggle around a little and hike her skirt up in the front a little, I leaned back and slid my cock out of Christi’s wet pussy.

I felt her reach her hand back, searching for my pole, and I slid my juice-coated shaft up and down between her ass cheeks, covering her tight rosebud.

Feeling the head of my cock up against her asshole, Christi gasped and moaned, shaking her head.

“Not here,” she whispered, turning her head. “Not now.”

She reached back and slid my cock back to her pussy, and I slammed my hips forward, plunging my shaft in deep.

Christi gasped, and I saw the couple’s heads straighten, and the girl looked directly toward our stand of trees. Her face was in the shadow of her boyfriend’s head, but she was clearly looking in our direction.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled Christi up as I leaned down to her.

“You’re my slut, remember?” I breathed in her ear. “I want your ass!”

“Ohhh godddd!” she moaned softly.

“I want you to take my ass, too! But not here! I promise you can have my ass next time!” she whispered.

“You’re going to owe me,” I whispered, “BIG time!”

“I promise!” she whimpered. “Just fuck me now!”

I leaned back and released her hair enough so she could bend over a little more, and I kept my other hand hooked onto her skirt.

As I bumped my hips off her ass, we heard the girl in front of us moan, followed shortly by her boyfriend.

I started slowly sliding my shaft in and out of her pussy again as we watched the girl climb off of her boyfriend. He then stood up, they joined hands, and they started walking down the path again, in the same direction we would soon be walking.

“Oh my god!” Christi gasped as soon as they were far enough away. “That was my niece!”

The idea of fucking with her niece only a few feet away must have turned her on, because she stretched out her arms and started pushing back at me very aggressively.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” she grunted, pushing her ass toward me.

I took a half-step back, giving me a little more room, and began slamming my hips against her thrusting ass, pulling on her hair and skirt.

I looked down and noticed that her skirt had slid far enough down that my hand was inches from her rosebud, still shiny with her nectar.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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