A New Awakening

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The year was 1953. The war in Korea was winding down. I was in the Navy, but not for long. My enlistment was due to expire in ten days. We had been at sea for more than two months and the crew was thirsty for booze and horny for women. As the ship passed under the Golden Gate Bridge, entering San Francisco Bay, we lined the rails, happy to see the United States again.

Liberty was granted that night and my buddy Pete and I were dressed in our best Dress Blues, shoes shined and pay in our pockets. There was some scuttlebutt about a bar in Tracy, California, a town about 60 miles inland, that was hot and filled with horny young women. Some guys took a bus, but Pete and I wanted to save our bucks for beer. We hitch-hiked. Being in uniform we had no trouble getting rides to Tracy. When we got there we were all disappointed. The place was quiet and the few women that were there were the Kennel Club Grandmas. All the other guys left for better pastures, but by that time Pete and I were on our second beer and there was no stopping us now.

“Hey Ted,” Pete said. “The beer is cold; the drinks are cheap, I’m happy to have my feet on dry ground. Let’s stay here and see if we can drink this guy out of all his Budweiser,” aiming his thumb at the bartender. “Two more over here pal,” Pete yelled, “and keep ’em coming.”

We played the juke box, listening to all the songs we missed, and drank beer after beer. About midnight the bartender called last call.

“Shit Pete,” I said, “we gotta go.”

Pete turned a bleary eye at me and said, “That skinny broad is beginning to look good to me.”

“You’re out of your mind,” I said, “she’s just as ugly as she was when we came in (I seemed to be holding my beers better than Pete), let’s head back to the ship.”

Leaning on each other, we headed for the road, singing some old song as we weaved our way to the highway. A big rig took us to the outskirts of San Francisco and the trucker wished us luck as he turned onto another route. We walked (stumbled) along with our thumbs held high, hoping to catch another ride.

It started to rain, lightly, kind of a mist. “Shitaroony Teddy, we’re gonna get soaked,” Pete said as he looked at me with crossed eyes.

As luck would have it, a big Buick pulled up and a guy rolled down the window and, hollered, “Get in you guys, before you get those nice uniforms all wet.”

Without hesitation we went for the rear door. I opened it and Pete fell in, plop! I helped him get in and seated and I jumped in behind him.

“You headed for the Navy Yard?” The driver asked.

“Yup I said. Can you get us near there?”

“Do better than that,” the guy said, “We’ll take you right to your ship. You guys are off the carrier that just pulled in today, right?”

“Yeah, thanks,” I said.

Pete canlı bahis was soon snoring with his white hat down over his eyes.

After we were rolling toward the ship, one of the guys asked where we had been.

“We heard that Bar in Tracy was a hot spot, but it sucked,” I said. Peter continued to snore.

“So,” the driver said, “you didn’t get your rocks off?”

“Nah,” I told him. “No luck tonight.”

“Would you like to?” He asked.

Now, you have to understand, I was young and naïve (maybe a little slow too) and full of beer. In my drunken mind I presumed he meant he knew of an after hours joint where we might get laid. I said, “sure, where?”

He pulled the car off to the side of the road and said, “Right here.” The road was in total darkness.

Like I said, I was slow on the uptake. Before I knew it the guy in the front passenger side opened his door, came around to the back and wormed his way into the back seat next to me. Wasting no time, he began unbuttoning those thirteen buttons that opened the flap in my blue bell-bottoms. He got those buttons undone in seconds and he reached in and drew my soft cock out of its warm home. Having been at sea for so long, (there wasn’t much opportunity to jack off on the ship), and always horny anyway, my cock sprang to attention as soon as I felt his hand around the shaft. In no time it was hard and rigid and his hand felt good on it.

At about that time, the clouds broke and a full moon covered everything in a blue light. The guy looked up at me and smiled. He wasn’t a bad looking guy, about 35 maybe. Then he went right down on my hard prick and took it all in, going down until his nose was into my pubic hairs.

I had never had any homosexual encounters up to now. It never entered my mind. I had never even been curious about it, but this guys’ mouth was like a hot cunt, only better. He stayed down and wiggled his nose into my crotch and then began slowly raising his head while his tongue was doing miraculous thing to my cock shaft. Damn it felt good!

With half closed eyes I looked over at Pete, still snoring away. “Fuck, this is so good,” I thought, then sat back and relaxed while this guy’s marvelous mouth did things to my cock that no woman had ever done. The guy in the driver’s seat was watching. I think he was jerking off. He asked, “How do you like it?”

I just moaned. He then asked, “Could I try it for a while?” I moaned again.

The guy on my cock mumbled something, but his mouth was full of my 7 inch, fat cock, so nobody understood. I think he was trying to say, “No way! Leave me alone.”

I felt my cum rumbling up from my balls. That wonderful sensation that builds and builds until you erupt and experience the unique pleasantness of release, hot and wonderful release. bahis siteleri He knew I was almost there. My cock swelled and pulsed in his hot, wet mouth. He began humming on it, “Mmmmmm” it was an exquisite feeling. Just as my cum was working its way up through the shaft of my cock and that feeling was getting really intense, I felt a movement against my shoulder. I opened my eyes and turned and I was looking Pete right in the eyes. His eyes widened as I began to shoot an immense, saved-up load of cum into the guy’s throat. I looked down at him. His throat was expanding and contracting as he swallowed spurt after spurt, gulping with each load and moaning with pleasure. He kept sucking and swallowing until my balls were empty and then he pursed his lips over the little slot where all that cream spurted out and sucked every drop of my cum into his mouth.. After releasing my spent cock, he rolled the juice around in his mouth and savored the taste. While looking me straight in the eye, he swallowed every last drop. He then smiled, and whispered, “thank you.”

I savored the feeling for a few moments and then began to realize what I had just experienced. Was I queer? I knew it felt damn good. If that meant I was queer, then I must be! Then I got a sinking feeling in my gut. What is Pete thinking? How am I going to face him now? I could be court marshaled for this. Would he report me? I was wishing I could disappear. There was nine days before my discharge. What was going to happen in those nine days?

Without me realizing it, the guy had cleaned me off and buttoned my thirteen buttons.

It was time to face Pete. I sat up and looked at him. His face had no expression. He was just staring at me. “Oh shit,” I thought. “I’m doomed.

Finally, Pete looked me in the eyes. “That was the hottest thing I ever saw,” he said. “I’m hard as a rock watching you guys. Do you suppose he will do me too?”

With a big sigh of release, I said, “I think the driver wants to do you.”

The guy that sucked me got in the front and the driver came in the back and got close to Pete. The ritual began again. Thirteen buttons and Pete’s dick was up and throbbing. The guy licked it from his balls to the head. Pete is a little bigger than me I think, but the guy took him all the way to his balls. I watched Pete lay his head back and close his eyes as he was being sucked. It wasn’t long before Pete’s ass was heaving up off the seat. The guy held on to Pete’s hips and rode him like a bronco. Pete shouted as he erupted into the guy’s mouth, “Ahhhhh, ohhh, this is amaziiiing” he bellowed.

While the guy was cleaning Pete off and licking any cum he hadn’t swallowed, the guy in the front seat reached over and felt my crotch. “Ah,” he said, “just as I thought, hard again.”

My cock was rigid bahis şirketleri again. It rose while I was watching Pete get sucked off. It was making a tent in my Navy Blues. He reached both hands over the seat and began unbuttoning me again. I didn’t stop him. “What the hell,” I thought, “it felt so good the first time.”

He came back around and got in the back seat again. It was big Buick so there was plenty of room for the four of us. After he had my hard cock out again, he reached under and cupped my balls in his hand. Then, he started making love to my cock. He licked it up and down and around, sucked a little on the bulbous head and let his tongue travel down to my balls and licked those all over and sucked each on in his mouth. He kept going, “Mmmmm” showing how much he was enjoying it. I knew I wouldn’t cum so easily this time, so I just let him take his time while I relaxed and enjoyed the wonderful feeling. With half-closed eyes, I glanced over at Pete and saw that he was receiving his second blow job also.

Pete leaned over and asked me, “Have you ever done this before?”

I said, “No, never even thought about it.”

“I have,” Pete said. “Been curious about it for a long time. Remember that time we shared a hotel room over in Japan? While you were asleep I rubbed my hard cock against you ass. I almost came off on you. I didn’t dare try anything with you. I thought you might report me.”

“Wow! Really” I said. “Think of all the fun we could have had.” I laughed.

The guy on my dick began to get serious about his sucking. He was going down all the way and, on the way up, he would push my cock up against the roof of his mouth and put the pressure on. He knew when to make me cum. “I’m gonna shoot, Pete,” I moaned.

“Me too Ted.” These guys a terrific. “Here you go guy, here’s the load of cum you’ve been after. Whoooo,yeah.”

The guy on me was kneading my balls while my cum erupted into his mouth. Again, he sucked every drop of cum out of my dick and seemed to enjoy it immensely. He looked up and thanked me again.

“We’d better get you two back to your ship so you won’t be AWOL,” one of them said. With that, both of them returned to the front seat and we were off to the Navy Yard.

“What about you guys,” Pete asked. “I know you gotta have hardons.”

The driver answered, “Oh, we’ll go home and enjoy each other and reminisce about your two wonderful cocks.” The other guy wrote their phone number on a piece of paper and handed it to me.

“I’m sure you liked our mouths on your cocks. If you’d like to have some more, give us a call,” he said.

Pete and I were dropped off at the pier and made our way aboard. As we descended the ladder to our division sleeping quarters, Pete whispered to me,” hey, Ted, you gonna call those guys?”

“You want me too?” I asked.

“Well, yeah I guess, but we could rent a hotel room and take care of ourselves.”

“Now, that sounds like a good idea.”

If I get enough reaction, I’ll continue this story.

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