A Night at the Club

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Big Tits

It was Friday night and me and a couple of my friends decided to check out this new club. My girlfriend and I had broke up two weeks ago after two years. My boys decided it was time for me to get back on the scene.

The club was okay but I really didn’t see any woman that grabbed my attention. My homies, on the other hand were busy on the dance floor or at the bar. I was about to lose all hope until I saw her. A fine ass yellow bone that almost gave a brotha a heart attack. (Now for those who don’t know what yellow bone means I will explain. A yellow bone is a light skin black woman.) She was wearing a black tight shirt that made her breast look delicious. Then there was her ass. Oh my god, her ass was similar to the women in a Ludacris or Lil Wayne video. I was wondering how did she even get into her jeans?

I knew I had to make my move quick. It wouldn’t be long before she had every man in the club all over her. As I walked over to her I made sure my breath was okay. (Nothing will turn a woman off faster than a man with bad breath.)

She was sitting at the bar sipping on a drink. “How you doing my name is Marcus” I said to her with my hand out.

“I’m find tonight and my name is Keisha” was her response.

We made small talk for a while. “Marcus, do you want to fuck me?” she asked.

I was so shocked by the question I couldn’t respond.

She look me in my eyes and told me “Look Marcus, I just found out my boyfriend of five years has been cheating on me with my best friend. I need something or better yet someone to make me forget about him for one night.”

No longer dumbfounded I grab her by the hand and told her when I was done with her she would have amnesia.

We started to head for the exit escort kurtköy bayan I didn’t even want to waste time letting my boys know I was leaving. I figure I would text them while I was driving the situation. I was driving us back to my place, Keisha began to rub on groin.

“I want to see what your working with, daddy” is what she said as she unzipped my pants. She pulled out what my boxers were keeping concealed. I could tell by the look of awe in her face that she liked what she saw. See I was what the chicks dubbed as “packin” . I had a dick that was 12 inches long and a thick mushroom head.

Keisha, licked the palm of her and started jerk me off slowly at first. I was trying to keep my eyes on the road but she made it very hard. She made my concentration on the road even harder when she wrap those sexy lips my dick. She went slow at first, moving her head up and down while continuing to pump my dick with her fist. I finally made it to my apartment but I didn’t want her stop. She notice that the car stop and picked her head up.

“We here?” she asked as she continue to jack my dick off. I couldn’t even answer all I did was nod yes. She took one last long lick on my dick and placed it back in my pants.

We made it inside of my apartment and before I could offer her a drink she kissed me. The lip gloss she wore had her tasting like strawberries. My hands ran across her body as we continue to kiss.

“Daddy, I want to taste you.” She said as she got on her knees. Keisha pulled my boxers and jeans down to free set free my dick. At this moment my dick was rock hard and point straight toward her face. She then gave the tip of my penis a couple quick kisses. Then Keisha’s mouth escort kurtköy bayanlar goes to work on my love rod. She moves up an down on my piece while squeezing my balls. All I could do was run my hands through her hair. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and licked me from balls to shaft. I know their is a myth that black women do not enjoy to give head. Keisha put that myth to rest. She then did what no woman has ever accomplish with me. Keisha deep throated me. It took her a couple tries but she did it. I looked in her eyes as she made my dick vanish in her warm mouth.

“Mami, you are going to make me explode.” I warn her. She continues to suck faster. I grab her head and start to fuck her warm mouth. It wasn’t long until I erupted in her mouth. Keisha looks up at me and open her mouth to show me what I released. She then swallows my seed with one gulp.

“That was delicious, daddy.” Keisha said as she stroke me.

I had enough I needed to taste this woman. I picked her up off her knees and carried her to my bed. I then laid her on her back and pulled off her jeans. She was wearing black boyshorts panties. I nearly ripped of her panties. I couldn’t believe she was shaved. There is nothing more sexier than a shaved vagina. I decided that admire her long enough and buried my face between her legs. The tip of my tongue teased her clit as I slide two fingers inside of her. Keisha let out a loud moan as my thumb rubbed circles on her clit. I took this moment to give Keisha a good tongue fucking. Her hands were rubbing on my head as my tongue slip in and out.

“I want that dick, Marcus. Please feed that big dick to my pussy.” Keisha begged.

I rose from between her legs gebze escort and we kiss. I still had her wet juices on lips and she still had traces of my cum on hers. I broke away from our kiss and begin to rub my cock against her wet slit. I slapped my dick across her pussy a couple times just to tease her. Keisha must of had enough of the teasing because she grabbed my dick and guided me inside of her. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I fucked her missionary. She moaned for me to go faster and deeper. I answer her request by putting her legs on my shoulder as I fucked her harder. This position allows my dick to go even deeper. I wonder could Keisha handle me fucking her this hard and deep. She answer my question by spreading her legs even wider.

While she laid on her back legs in the air I sucked her toes as I fucked her. When I did that this drove her wild. Keisha started to shake as I pounded her pussy while licking and sucking her toes. I could feel her pussy get wetter and wetter as my dick continue to slide in and out. I pulled out of Keisha and turn her on her stomach. Keisha knew what was up when lay head down and ass up. I couldn’t believe that Keisha’s boyfriend would cheat on her. What man would walk away from an ass like that? I wonder. I placed my hands on her hips and began to fuck her from the back. The only sounds were Keisha’s moans and her ass smacking against me while I fucked her.

“Fuck me Marcus, Fuck me harder” she screamed. As my dick continue to punish her pussy.

“Who pussy is this?” I asked her as I leaned over to kiss her neck. My hands fondle her breast as I fucked.

“I’m cumming!” Keisha screamed. I was near climax also. Keisha broke out in to spasms when she reached her climax. I continued to fuck Keisha until I empty my seed in her warm wet womb.

We were exhausted and Keisha laid in my arms. I held her tight till she fell asleep. I couldn’t help but wonder what would come from this. I kiss her on her lips and hoped I helped her forget the pain she was experiencing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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