A Question of History

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Jo had been at a loss to do on a Thursday night. Although, it was technically two days before the weekend, she had decided to take Friday off from work due to her having worked longer hours in previous weeks. This had meant a longer weekend for her and while the prospect had initially excited her it wore off after she realized that none of her friends were available until Friday evening and there was nothing to do until then except watch repeats on the television. She was resigned to going to bed early and at least having a sleep in on Friday; when the revelry started in the apartment below.

Jo knew that students inhabited it. They were Freshmen at the local College, who although friendly enough, did not seem to realize that while they could (in theory) party throughout the week, others, such as herself needed sleep so they could work nine to five next day. Secretly, she envied them; she remembered the things that she and her friends used to get up to at College only five years ago, the all night parties, the booze, the drugs, the boys. The price of adult responsibility had put paid to all those things she thought.

She put on a jacket and started to head downstairs to tell them to keep it down. As she stepped out into the corridor, she experienced the errant chilliness of the night. The building supervisor had obviously decided to cut electricity costs by switching off the central heating in the building’s passages, with the result that the building’s hallways were as cold as the winter evenings outside. Jo turned and went back inside, even though she was going down one flight, she wasn’t going to freeze. She grabbed a thicker jacket from the coat rack in her room as well as a scarf and jammed them on, before heading downstairs.

She ran down the flight of stairs and up to the apartment door. She then reached out her arm and banged as loudly as possible with her fist to be heard above the noise in the flat. There was the sound of muffled voices and someone scuffling in the hallway, then the sound of chains and locks being drawn back before a head of red hair and a pair of brown eyes appeared around the door.

“Michael!” Jo stated to the head, “You are making too much noise, can you please turn it down?” She said desperately.

“Oh sorry,” Michael looked apologetic even though Jo knew that he wasn’t. “It was our final exam today and me and Steve are celebrating.”

“Do you need to celebrate so loudly?” Jo asked. Then she reflected on his statement. “There are only the two of you here” she said incredulously, ” I thought that you were having a keg party with a group of people?”

“Umm…no,” Michael admitted quietly. “We decided to have a few drinks by ourselves and maybe head out later.” He gestured into the other room, “Steve,” he said with a shrug, “started celebrating a couple of hours ago and he gets deaf after a few beers and some bourbon.”

Jo looked in the direction, that Michael was indicating and saw Steve, his friend and flatmate guzzling down a beer while playing air guitar to the Rolling Stones, ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.’

She grinned, “Well, I suppose that it is excusable just this once,” she said. “Besides,” Jo laughed, “I’m not working tomorrow so I don’t really mind if you two keep me up a bit later.”

Michael looked relieved and then said, “How about you join us for a few? You’re not doing anything are you?”

Jo starred to beg off and then thought, why not. No one she knew was available tonight and it would be fun to relive some of her wild student days, if only for a couple of hours. Michael opened the door wider and she stepped inside. She ascertained very quickly, that the warmth in the apartment was just mildly better than it was in the corridor, so she decided to leave her scarf and jacket on. Michael hurried away ahead of her and threw some stuff off the couch in the living room and then turned on the portable Gas Heater. “It will heat the room up in a jiffy,” he promised.

Jo looked around the room. Not too shabby she decided, a bit messy with some exam notes and papers on the coffee table, some fresh washing on the two arm chairs and there were two half full glasses lying around, but there was no food or vomit on the floor; in fact, it looked reasonably clean for students. She suspected that Michael and Steven’s parents might have had a hand in the matter.

“What’s your poison?” Steve, Michael’s flatmate asked as Jo sat on the couch. He was dark haired and a bit smaller than Steve. Nice body though, Jo thought. “Ah…Beer,” she said and then hesitated, “No, I’ll have a Bourbon, if you have any.” She shook her head causing her ponytail to move around her neck.

“A bourbon for the Lady,” Steve said and retreated from the living room to get a bottle of bourbon and coke from the kitchen.

He and Michael returned from the other room bearing the drinks and they started to talk, mostly about college life and the various activities they had or were undertaking. It transpired that Michael was taking English as casino oyna his major, while Steve specialized in History. Jo grimaced, as history had been her major while at College and, after a few more bourbons, she relished the chance to tell the boys of her A+ average in the subject. A subject that she admitted that she had slowly begun to dislike during her College years. “But, I was so good at it, I just continued on,” she finished.

Steve chugged another bottle of beer down and smiled at her. “I love History, ” he said, “What is your favourite era?”

“Modern History,” she replied “1790 – 1945, particularly European. I would love to go to Europe,” she sighed and finished her bourbon. Michael, ever the Gentleman, passed her another, which she proceeded to drink.

“I like the Revolutionary period,” Steve said. “The 1780’s and 90’s and the 1840’s. The clash of ideas.” They both looked at each other and laughed.

Michael yawned. “You two are too enamored of that subject for anyone else,” he said. “Even though you claim to hate it Jo, you secretly love it. However, your passion fails to inspire me to undertake another history paper. All those dates!” he exclaimed.

“History is not about dates,” Jo said. “It’s about people and places and events…”

“…and dates,” Michael said. “I wonder who the biggest history buff is amongst the both of you?”

“We could find out,” Steve suggested. “Ask us both some questions and whoever answers correctly wins, while the loser would be forced to drink a shot of bourbon.”

Jo laughed and drank the bourbon she had in her bottle. “I’m game for the game, ” she quipped. “However, I suggest that rather than pour through heaps of books, you choose a simple book of history…with dates in it!” She giggled.

“I have got just the book,” Michael laughed. He went off to his room and returned several moments later with a history primer that both Steve and Jo recognized. It was a basic history book containing dates and facts with short answer and multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter. The answers were at the back of the book. Both Jo and Steve laughed, “Ok,” Steve said, “I think we can both live with that.”

Michael laughed and started reading out the questions. Both Jo and Steve answered the first questions easily. However, the toll of drinking most of the evening stared to take its toll, with Jo missing the third question and being forced to take a shot and then being forced to take two more, much to Steve’s delight. However, the tables turned with Steve missing the next question and taking his first shot for the evening. After twenty questions, Jo and Steve had answered six and missed fourteen, Jo missing ten and Steve missing four.

“I’m the greatest!!” Steve drunkenly chanted while rolling on the floor. Jo was drunkenly laughing beside him. “It’s not fair, ” she squealed, “the questions are too simple. I demand tougher questions.”

“Okay,” Steve said composing himself, ‘But, the penalty has to increase, instead of one shot of Bourbon you have to do two!”

“Agreed!” Jo said. Michael groaned and started to flip through a few more chapters until he came to the part that contained more senior questions. These proved more challenging for both Steve and Jo. As Michael read the questions both Jo and Steve stumbled over the answers. Jo was forced to drink six shots in ten minutes and, after she failed to correctly answer the final question was forced to drink another two shots. Drunkenly, both she and Steve wheeled around the room.

Michael stopped and closed the book. “No, more…more” both Jo and Steve chanted.

“I’m nearly at the point of beating him,” Jo giggled.

“You two can’t have any more to drink,” Michael said, ‘Otherwise, you won’t be able to speak let alone answer questions. Besides this is boring for me. I might as well go to bed”

‘Okay, pike then” Steve said, “but, we will continue to question each other until of us is the ultimate champ!’ he pumped his arms up like a bodybuilder. Grabbing the book, Jo and him sat down across from each other and pushed the coffee table with its bottle of bourbon, between them.

Michael stood up and not entirely soberly himself weaved down to his room shutting his door and collapsing onto his bed.

Steve held the book. “Right, ” he said “Same rules as last time. I will ask five and you will ask five. Agreed?”

Jo nodded and Steve began. She answered the first and second questions and then failed the next. Taking her shots, she then failed the next two as well. Six shots in all later, she slurred over the questions to Steve who had more success than her, only missing two questions.

“We can’t continue on like this,” Jo said drunkenly, “We will have to stop drinking doubles or bet something else.”

“Money??” Steve asked.

Jo shook her head; “My job doesn’t pay me enough. Plus, I never bet money.”

Steve looked at her and slurred, “You look hot in that heavy jacket” he noted. Jo looked down at her jacket. canlı casino In all the drunken revelry she had forgotten to remove it and the room was now quite warm, “How about I ask you a question and if you get it right, I’ll take it off?” she giggled.

“Alright,” Steve said. He tried to look serious as Jo leafed through the book finally she settled on a question and asked it. Steve drunkenly drummed his fingers on the table before settling on an answer.

‘St Petersburg,” he declared triumphantly.

Jo giggled and looked at him full in the face, “Is correct,” she said. Jo pulled down the left sleeve of the heavy jacket and slowly slid her arm out of it. She then freed her right arm and placed the jacket on the table. She was still quite bundled up. “Want to try for the scarf? Big Boy!” she lisped in her best harlot accent. Steve nodded. She went through the book again and asked another question. Steve though harder on this question but, again got the answer. Jo slid the scarf back and forth along her neck before sliding it off and placing it on the table on top of the jacket.

Jo grinned. “I’ve got an idea. How about we take turns asking each other questions and for each question one person gets right the other has to remove an item of clothing. If you get a question wrong then it is the other person’s turn to ask a question? Fair?” She then started giggling furiously.

“It sure beats shots!” Steve agreed.

Jo picked up the book and pursued the chapters, while Steve poured her and him another Bourbon. She came to a chapter that she liked and looked at him. “Right and now to prove my domination over you,” she said.

She asked the first question in the list. Steve thought hard. Even sober it was a difficult question. Finally after two minutes and Jo slurping at her Bourbon he decided. “1678,” he announced. Jo lowered her drink and placed it on the table. She reached up and started to undo the buttons of her second lighter jacket, slowly she undid them and then slowly she slipped her arms out of the sleeves, before depositing it on top of the scarf and the heavy jacket on the table.

“Your turn,” she passed the book to him. He turned to the next chapter and asked the first question which, Jo got wrong. She sculled a shot of Bourbon out of habit and he passed the book back.

Steve got the next question correct and Jo removed her shoes. She got a question right costing him his shoes. They were placed under the table.

Jo though long and hard about the next question before she asked Steve; it prompted another bout of deep thinking from him. He restrained from sampling more Bourbon as the drink interfered with his thought patterns as well as with his cock, which was now awakening in his pants. His correct answer meant the loss of her cardigan, which was added to the nice pile of her clothing on the table. She drank another Bourbon. Her black top emphasized a nice pair of tits hidden underneath he thought.

It was his turn. She answered correctly and Steve removed his socks and poked his tongue out at her. Jo giggled and blushed and he passed the book back.

Jo looked at the questions and groaned. Too simple, even in his state he could answer them. However, she asked and his answer cost her the black top. She peeled it off exposing a flat white stomach and a pale blue bra, which held a nice pair of very firm and ample breasts in place.

She managed to answer his question and Steve pulled off his jumper. When he failed to answer her next question, Jo felt a bit of relief, although she was getting quite worked up at the same time as more of his body was revealed. Another drink was what she wanted and so she poured herself one and guzzled away at the Bourbon. She missed his next question and he got hers.

She placed one leg on the couch and drew her skirt up her thighs stopping at the waist; she then did the same with the other leg. Her hands paused at the top of her waist around the hem of her pantyhose, before slipping them under the top of the hose. She started to slowly roll the hose down her legs, carefully navigating her panties, so as not to remove them. She rolled the hose past her knees, over her calves finally pulling them off at her feet. She draped the pantyhose over the pile in the center of the table.

Steve’s cock was now rock hard. He thought that any movement he made would result in him coming. He wanted to grab her and rip off the rest of her clothes. However, he steeled himself for the gradual removal of those remaining garments as well as the knowledge that he was the better of both of them in terms of history.

She answered his question correctly and watched as he slowly pulled off his top. Then realizing that Steve was concentrating on her body Jo gave him an eyeful of her cleavage during her question throwing him mentally and, she was sure, physically off balance. He asked the next question which she answered incorrectly and he passed her the book.

He answered her question correctly and she stood kaçak casino up. “Wow, you are very good!” Jo remarked as she unzipped the side of her black skirt. She slowly lowered the skirt over her waist and past her dark navy coloured panties. (She had not worn matching underwear, as she did not think that she would be stripping for anyone on a Thursday night). She released the skirt when it reached her knees and allowed it to fall to her feet. She stepped out of it and left it on the floor.

Steve felt very excited. He wanted, no needed to take his cock out for some air, but left it where it was. He was aware that she had the book and was asking him a question that he could not understand. He was allowing his hormones to blind him and it cost him his tee shirt. He pulled it off and felt Jo’s eyes roam over his hard chest.

Tearing her eyes away from Steve’s hard torso, Jo paused to have a look at the questions in her chapter. Even though she was still sampling the Bourbon, Steve guessed that the question would be designed to throw him and it did. He thought hard before he managed to dredge the answer from his alcohol soaked memory. Jo paused and lowered the book. She moved her hands around her back to undo her bra clasp. She pressed the bra to her chest while slipping a strap down one arm and then doing likewise with the other strap. Jo released the bra from her chest and allowed her tits to fall forward from their cotton refinement.

“Traa….daa…” she squealed, as her nipples and the pale pink aureole surrounding them came into view. She held a nipple and pinched it before dropped the bra onto the table with the rest of her clothes. If Jo was embarrassed, she did not appear to show it. She shook her tits at Steve and laughed, ‘Well, it’s do or die time isn’t it?”

Steve asked her a question and she managed to answer it, much to her delight. “The pants!” She squealed, “Take them off!” He stood up and undid his belt and slowly slid his pants down. His cock stood up and even through his loose boxes it was evident how hard he was, much to Jo’s delight. He dropped them beside her skirt and sat back down.

Jo took the book and Steve had to concentrate. He tried to ignore her nearly naked body and in particular, her very hard and erect nipples, which stood out on her firm breasts. She looked at him and asked a question and it was obscure, but yet he knew it. He actually forgot about her for a moment as he puzzled over the answer. How did he know it? Then it came to him it was part of his history exam! He had studied this. He looked her straight in the eye and answered, “Portugal.”

Jo slowly stood up and turned around. She placed both her hands on either side of her panties and pulled. She bent over and Steve saw her panties, slip over her white bum, he saw a puff of hair become visible between her legs as she pulled them away from her hips and toward her knees. Her panties reached her knees and she allowed them to drop to her feet. She lifted one leg and then another leg out of them and left them on the floor.

She turned around and lent against the couch. Her legs were slightly parted allowing Steve to see her pink cunt lips between tangles of darkish pubic hair. She ran her hands up and down her body from her breasts to her hips and back again. “Well,” Jo said, ” You beat me and therefore, know more history than I. You are my better and I am your trophy” She paused, ” God, I’m hot!” she said. ” I’m drunk, hot, horny and naked. Do you want to feel me up and give me a finger fucking before doing the real thing?”

Steve stepped toward her and shoved the table with the clothes on it out of the way. He kissed her furiously and shoved a finger into her tight cunt. Jo groaned and shoved her hands down the front of his boxers, and started to pull on his cock. Steve pulled his boxers off and she started to wank him faster. He traced his lips down her body and started kissing her breasts. He kissed and sucked a nipple and shoved two fingers into her cunt moving them to the same rhythm that she was pulling his cock.

She stopped and dropped to her knees and ran her tongue over his shaft. “Hmmm…nice…” she said. She tentatively started to lick the tip if his cock with her tongue, drawing it further and further into her month. Steve was enjoying every moment of the tongue lashing that she was giving him. She sucked the head and the shaft and worked her tongue around its gentle places. He couldn’t last much longer and pulled her off. She stopped and looked up at him with bewilderment before awareness came to her. She stood up and bent over the couch, legs spread and cunt open. Steve stood behind Jo and she reached her hand through her open legs and grabbed his cock and helped push it into her.

He slowly eased it in. She was tight, which was good and she was incredibly wet which was even better. He started to fuck her and she pushed her body back in time to his thrusts. He reached around and started to pull on her nipples as he was slamming into her, Steve was close to coming. As was Jo, this was a fantasy come true to her. Fucking a stranger in a strange living room after a game of strip history pursuit! Who would believe her? It more outrageous than anything she had done in campus.

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