A Rainy Night in London

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All my thanks to RuzieD from the volunteer editor programme without your help I would have made so many terrible mistakes. This is my first submission, and I welcome constructive criticism. I hope you enjoy it


It was another rainy night in London town, and I was to be found in my usual corner of the bar. It looked much like so many other London bars; once you got past the glitz and glam of the tourist areas and the mega rich only wine bars. It was a little run down with yellowed walls, but was only dimly lit and they played good music; a blend of main stream along with heavy metal and even some old punk. I sat and watched others while they did the things they found fun. This seemed to mainly involve the fastest methods to get drunk, and go on the prowl for anyone who could give them a few hours of pleasure. I sat alone in the corner; the perfect viewpoint. I found the interactions between people fascinating, but never wanted to engage with them myself. Unfamiliar faces were a constant source of anxiety for me. I got too shy to ever respond, if anyone attempted to talk. Thankfully I found that being very goth helped to keep most people away. My long black skirts brushed the ground around my chair. My black velvet corset gave me the perfect hourglass figure I did not really possess, while pushing my ample bosom up to show maybe a little too much cleavage covered only by the scanty layer of the black lace blouse I wore. My raven black hair fell in a tumble of curls to my waist, and glistened with blue when it caught the light. My skin pale already from a life time habit of hiding from the sun was whitened further until I had the colour of the undead. In contrast my green eyes looked out on the world from their frame of smoky black shadow, elaborate eyeliner and false eyelashes. The only other colour was the deep blood red tint on my lips. My long nails were manicured with black varnish then left to chip to get that just crawled out of a grave look. No outfit would be complete without my studded leather collar. I tried to make up for being only 5’2 by wearing the highest heels I could possibly walk in, and these were no different: 6 inch heels with an inch of platform in a style I thought of as Victorian governess boots, but only if a Victorian governess had turned slutty.

As I sat there I noticed an older woman. She was rather attractive, and stocky with short hair which had greyed just enough to give that distinguished salt and pepper look. She wore a pair of blue jeans, a pale blue shirt unbuttoned at the collar with black work boots just visible at the end of the legs that were pushed out from under the table. With her was a very slim young woman. She had long blonde hair falling over her shoulders, and over the little pink low cut top she was wearing above what was obviously a very short mini skirt. From where I was sitting I could see the tops of her stockings. I looked away quickly when the younger woman tucked herself under the table.

I looked around for more people to watch when my whole attention was taken by the most amazing woman at the bar. She sat on one of the stools one elbow resting on the bar her long legs stretched out in front of her with a pint of lager in her hand. I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks. Ok, so I had had a couple of drinks but I had never seen her like before: 6’3 dressed all in black. She had no need to try and prove herself and wore a pair of jeans, plain trainers and a black t-shirt which pulled tight around her muscular frame in a seductive way. She was powerfully built with biceps that just made my mouth water, and the longest legs I had ever seen. She moved in a smooth, slow, self-assured manner as she scanned the room. Her hair was cut short in a fashionable spiked style, and was a wonderful wolf colour. It was her eyes that captivated me the most. They were deep amber coloured, and intense in their focus. Just at that moment I realized I had been caught. My stare had been noticed. I looked away quickly. My cheeks burned red with a surge of anxiety. I tried to hide my face in my hair as I looked down at my hands which nervously fumbled around the drink I had sat in front of me. The anxiety slowly receded enough for me to feel guilt and shame. How could I have let myself get caught. I tried to hide further behind my hair. I hoped that she would find something else to think about apart from the freak in the corner who stared at her. I stopped playing with my drink when I nearly tipped it over and looked around the room for anything to distract me from the mixed feelings of anxiety, shame, guilt, and desire that surged through me.

My eyes finally rested on a quiet mousy girl. She had long straight brown hair, and a sensible brown trouser suit. She looked like another watcher of the game. She was trying ever so hard to hide her eyes behind some book, but could not draw them away from all the people. She reminded me somewhat of a rabbit caught in the headlights her eyes wide open full of terror, as she tried to hide in the open. At least I knew I was not the only one intimidated by the huge crowd, and loud noise of a bar. The anxiety began to calm while I watched her bahis firmaları but the guilt still burned. I would never have been caught if I had not forgotten myself because I was so attracted to the butch at the bar. It was no good thinking of her though as I knew no one like her would ever even look at someone like me. Still my mind persisted in its torment about her, and the strange intensity in her eyes as she watched me. The thought of those few seconds of eye contact sent tingles up my spine.

I tried to read the title of the book the mousy girl was hiding behind when I heard a smooth low pitched female voice beside me. The sound of the voice sent electric pulses through my flesh, but I never turned to face its owner. I knew that no one with a voice like that could possibly want to talk to me.

“Hey beautiful, I asked can I sit down?” she queried in that smooth voice repeating for me the question I had heard the first time and not answered. Stunned that someone, anyone had talked to me I tried to respond, “Yeah sure, it’s a free country after all.” It did not sound like the joke it had in my head instead it came out a brooding grumble.

I turned to see who had sat next to me, and could feel the colour drain from my face. It was the butch from the bar too close for comfort those long legs stretched out in front of her. The sight of them made my stomach tighten with desire. I looked up to her face. She gave me an easy smile, as she asked another question, “So do you want a drink or do you want to nurse that one for another hour?”

I looked down at my glass had it been an hour or even longer? I do not really drink it was just there for effect. Some minor attempt to try and pass off as a normal person rather than the watcher I really am.

“So what are you drinking then beautiful?” she insisted, but I still could not answer. Just her presence so close to me fuddled my mind beyond all hope of making a coherent sentence. I just looked down at my nearly empty glass and tried to get enough courage to flee. I could not just sit here and chat to her. It was too cruel. I had to listen to that voice. I wanted her so badly, and a little small talk would only increase my need. She could melt me with that voice even if I did not look at her.

I noticed she waved to the barmaid who responded with a nod, so that just added to my paranoia. I bet this was just some kind of dare. It had to be. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard a glass placed in front of me.

“I took a guess: a snakebite. You don’t talk much do ya?” once again that fluid voice seemed to sweep over me in a wave of ecstasy. I looked up to see that easy smile as she spoke. I had to make some effort at communication so I just nodded and mumbled thanks, with my eyes fixed upon those legs. I did not dare to look up in case I made eye contact which would have just sent me into another attack of guilt.

I felt fingers as they caught hold of my hair which caused me to jump.

“Whoa there girl I was only admiring your curls, they’re pretty I wanted to know if they were as soft as they looked.” She told me as she worked her fingers further into my hair, “Hey I’m going out for a smoke wanna come?”

I nodded and took the offered hand, as she stood and pulled me to my feet. She waited while I nervously flicked my long skirts into order with my free hand before she led me towards the door through the crowds of hopeful women, who were in the process of getting drunk as they made eyes at each other. No one stood in her way they parted uniformly to allow us to pass, and I saw some envious looks thrown my way after a few took a rather long look at the one leading me.

Outside she flicked open a packet of cigarettes and took one out passed it to me and then flipped open a zippo lighter. She held the flame to the cigarette perched on my lips before she took one for herself and lit it. The fresh air felt so good on my face, as I closed my eyes and took a long drag on the cigarette. I opened my eyes, and exhaled a long stream of smoke coming up from my lungs to see her watch me with that same intensity. She seemed to be able to look through me into my deepest secret places into my hidden desires and dreams. She moved closer, and placed an arm between me and the door. She leaned her body against the arm that was on the wall. To go back in now I would have to go right the way around her. I felt so small as I looked up at her. She flicked the cigarette in her other hand out into the street and brought that arm to the other side of me. I was trapped now. My eyes fixed on hers, as she lowered her head and claimed my mouth with a slow steady pressure forcing her tongue between my parted lips. Closing my eyes I gave in. I could feel her arms wrap around me to hold me tight against her, her hand moved up to caress my hair. I could hardly breathe the kiss was like nothing I had ever felt before slow, yet insistent somehow gentle, yet with enough force to let me know there was no escape. Her tongue investigated my mouth while I slowly tried to reciprocate, so excited yet so nervous that anything I did might break this spell. It must be a spell or a dream there was no kaçak iddaa way it was real. This amazing woman could not be interested in me. My legs felt weak and my lace g-string felt damp between my legs. I forgot we were in the street, in front of the bar. I think I even forgot my name all I could think of was the desire building within me. She could have taken me there and then. I would have done nothing to stop her.

Slowly she drew away from me. I could have cried that the moment was over. I felt so weak and shaky all over. Thankfully she did not let me go, or I would have fallen at her feet.

“Baby you are so damn hot. Let’s go somewhere a bit more private. I only live round the corner I promise you will not have to talk if you do not want to.” She whispered softly in my ear. She laughed easily but her voice had grown husky with desire. Part of me wanted to run, to hide but I knew I was powerless against her, against the feelings she evoked in me.

So I just nodded in agreement and hoped I could keep my balance in my heels when she eased away from me. She brought me to her side placed a protective arm around my waist, and held me tight enough that I knew I would not fall. We walked along the road in silence she lit another couple of cigarettes and handed one to me. The nicotine felt good it eased my nerves some; it also gave my hands something to do.

We stopped at a large green front door and I waited as she found her keys and let us in. The hallway was long and plain, with a black and white tiled floor: a typical communal hallway. She took my hand and led me down to the end where her flat was. She unlocked the door and flicked the light switch as she led me through. I barely saw anything of the other rooms as she led me into the bedroom. The room was simply decorated with plain beige walls. There were blinds at the window shut against the night sky. A huge flatscreen tv took up nearly a whole wall with the various game consols and an extensive rack of games. The main focal point was definitely the superking sized bed, yet even that had plain bedding this time in blue. The whole room looked like it needed a female touch but it was clean and comfortable. She led me straight to the bed. I wanted to fight, to run, this was not me I did not even know her name. I never did this no way I had not even talked to her. This felt wrong. I looked round the room looking for a way out. I began to shiver and pull away from her as I tried to make for the door, but she caught hold of me around the waist and turned me to face her gently but with enough strength that I knew it would not be easy for me to escape.

“Hold on baby shhhhh, it’s ok I promise I will not harm you in any way. I will not do anything you do not want me to do. We can just sit and chat or watch tv if you like, its ok, you decide what is going to or not going to happen. Just trust me ok.”

She slowly stroked my hair as she moved her hand up to cradle my head, and gently pull me towards her. I gradually fitted myself against her. I began to relax and feel her warmth against me. She bent to kiss the top of my head. No one had ever taken the time to tell me I could trust them before. It melted the last of my resistance. I knew she could do anything to me, and I would let her.

Somehow, she made me feel so safe. I could feel her heart beat, and hear her breathe. I knew this was real. She lowered me onto the bed and left me sitting there on the edge while she went and flicked on the tv and a lamp, then turned off the main light. The subdued light soothed my soul. I watched her as she moved around. She left the room to come back a few minutes later with a glass of iced water which she handed to me. I took a sip she just stood there over me while she watched my every move. I handed back the glass which she put on the night stand. She went round the other side of the bed and sat back against the head board. She stretched out as she flicked through the channels on the tv with the remote control. I just sat on the edge not sure what to do until she patted the bed. I crawled up to lay beside her. My head on her shoulder her arm draped around me. She pulled me in close and just started to stroke my arm. Her touch was electric the shocks caused me to catch my breath. I looked up at her hoping she could understand I wanted her to kiss me. She lowered her head and I felt her lips brush against mine. I whimpered softly as her tongue entered my mouth I knew that all I wanted was her. There was no going back now. I could feel the heat rising between my legs sending more electric shocks up to my belly button, and the soft tingle of her touch across my skin radiated warmth to every part of me. She moved her caresses from my arm to my waist as she slowly slid her way up to cup my breast, and I moved closer into her. I tried to let her know I wanted this the only way I could. I pushed myself into her hand.

There was too much fabric in the way I wanted to feel her hands on me. I fumbled at the buttons to my lace blouse trying to remove the barrier but just could not get them undone.

“Are you sure you want this baby?” she asked with that same intense look into my eyes. I nodded. kaçak bahis I wanted so much to tell her I wanted her that I needed her, but the words just got stuck in my throat. All I could do was watch as she unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it from my shoulders. She slid her hand into the top of my corset her fingers found the nipple, and rubbed it until it felt hard before she moved over to the other one. The sensation caused me to gasp I could feel my body quiver, and the dampness between my legs started to drip onto my thighs. The whole time she watched me. Her amber eyes took in every detail. Her hand went to my waist, as she pulled down the zip to my skirts and then lowered them down my hips. I wriggled so she could get the skirts down and off of my legs. They bunched up on the end of the bed. All that stood between me and her hands now was my velvet corset and a lace g-string. She stroked the cool black velvet. She seemed to enjoy the feel of the soft material against her fingertips. Her hand got lower. I could feel my clit throbbing. I was desperate for her to touch me to give me some relief from this unendurable slow tease. She moved to the g-string. She pulled it down my legs, and I kicked it off to end up in the bundle of skirts on the bed.

Her hands moved back up my legs she stroked just inside my thighs but never reached the point I wanted her to be. She drove me crazy. I wriggled my hips in invitation but nothing. She still kept up the tease as she stroked the inside of my thighs while she watched her hand as it glided across the milky smooth skin. She got closer and closer but never quite found the source of my heat. She caused me to wriggle and squirm and I tried to squeeze my thighs together anything to bring me the climax my body screamed for. Finally I could not hold it in any longer and started to beg her, “Please oh please,” my barely coherent whisper hardly audible so I carried on a little louder, “please oh pleaaaaase .”

She moved her mouth by my ear I could feel her warm breath. She whispered softly, “Please what baby? Tell me what you want from me.”

I felt the blush come to my face. How was I going to say it? I wanted her to touch me to bring me to climax, to give me relief. In the end I could not focus. All that came out was, “Please oh please fuck me.”

With this she let that easy smile spread across her face and replied, “With pleasure beautiful.” She moved her hand to my slit which was so wet she easily slipped her fingers inside to find my clit. The touch sent my mind reeling. I could not think. All I could do was respond to her touch I tried to grind my hips against her hand. I still failed to get anything more from her than the lightest strokes around my clit, around and around, she repeatedly passed by the really sensitive hood as she would go just low enough to let me feel her fingertips only just enter me. How much longer could she keep this up for? I did not know. I only knew I really needed to cum and everything she did although it drove me to heights of pleasure I had never before known was just not enough. I felt her breath against my ear again as she whispered, “Baby do you need to cum? Do you need it real bad baby? Do you want me to eat you? What do you want baby?”

I could feel my heart thumping in my chest, and every pulse was racing with need as I screamed out “Please please I need to cum I need it so bad. Yes I want you to make me cum. I want your mouth on my clit I want your fingers inside me please, please I can’t stand this any longer.”

Again that easy smile “I knew you could talk baby.”

With that she climbed down between my legs. She opened my legs wide enough to accommodate her broad shoulders as she lowered herself into the gap between my thighs. Her mouth searched for my hidden button. The first touch of her tongue on my clit nearly sent me over the top. She started the circling of my clit again. Her tongue mimicking what her fingers had done before as she slowly worked up and down my slit. Each time she gently circled my clit on her way back down to where I could feel her tongue probing into me. Every time I lifted my hips to try and get her deeper inside me. Finally her lips found my clit as her tongue pushed back the hood, and I could feel her begin to suck ever so gently. This almost gave me the pressure I so badly needed to cum. Then I could feel her fingers as they played at my entrance she dipped them inside me slightly before she drew them back out. I so badly needed them I could not help myself from tilting my hips up each time to try to force them inside me. All the time she worked on my clit with her tongue and lips, she licked and sucked until the sensations seemed to overwhelm but never gave me the crash over I so badly wanted. Slowly I felt her fingers push inside me as she stretched me open to her probing, I was so wet there was no resistance as she pushed first one, then two, then three fingers deep into me. I could feel her fingers inside me as she searched her way around to my g-spot. She found it with ease and the touch sent pulses through me. She continued to use my clit with her mouth. She attacked the sensitive aroused tip with her tongue and sucked it as it pulsated. Her fingers fucked me, in and out, each time bending on withdrawal to hit that g spot. The tempo increased faster and harder, as my hips worked to grind my pussy against her mouth and fingers.

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