A Sinful Family Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: The long awaited sequel! I know a lot of you wanted the first chapter to contain more sex scenes but I needed to set the stage for future chapters in that one. I had a lot of characters to introduce and did so in chapter one. This chapter however contains three different sex scenes involving six different characters and three different POV characters.

I think there’s something for everyone who’s into incest in these stories but perhaps not all will appeal to you. Maybe one of these sex scenes explores fetishes you’re not interested in and that’s perfectly alright, you can skip ahead to the next scene if that’s the case without missing important plot details in the process.

The first scene features a straight male and his very feminine trans cousin, the second scene features a straight male and his bbw big sister, the third scene features a straight female and her dominant twin brother.

I wish you a pleasant reading and hope you find enjoyment in the perversions below.


Chapter Two: A Lustful Night


Following his surprised witnessing of Aunt Candace’s extra martial threesome Jaime spent quite a while just laying in bed trying to process it all. Worries of Candy and her sisters showing up eventually drove him out of the comforts of his bed however and he went downstairs to look for his cousin Michael.

But he soon realized it was pointless to try to find someone at random in an 180,000 square foot mansion so he pulled up his phone and called him; hoping he would answer. To his relief Michael did, he told him he had found a gaming room and was playing video games on the third floor. Jaime rushed to join him, he had wished there was some place designed for gaming in the mansion and was thrilled to find out that there was.

He hadn’t been optimistic that there would be such a room since Grandpa Henry was an old man who almost certainly had never played a video game in his life, but apparently the old man knew his grandchildren would appreciate it.

After rushing up to the third floor Jaime opened the door to the gaming room and his jaw dropped soon afterwards. He had seriously underestimated his grandpa’s awareness of what his grandchildren wanted as the room was basically heaven to him. Rows after rows of high end stationary computers were lined up at one end of the room and at the other end stood two gigantic TV screens; both equipped with all the latest video game consoles. Jaime saw his tall, red-haired cousin Michael’s head sticking out of a black sofa, he was playing a first person shooter game and Jaime went to join him.

They played against each other for quite a while with Michael getting the better of him most of the time. Jaime did not give up however and diligently tried to even the score with his cousin. Time flew by as they were having fun and when he looked down at his phone he saw that it was closing in on midnight.

“Whoa, is it that late already?” Jaime said and drew Michael’s attention to his phone.

“Ugh…” Michael said and groaned, “That means it’s time for bed.” he said and put down his controller.

“Grandpa has a house rule, after midnight everybody has to go to bed.” he added and looked at Jaime.

“Why? It’s not like we’re bothering anybody who’s sleeping by playing games.” Jaime said defiantly, though he knew there was nothing Michael could do about it.

“I know. It’s stupid right? The house is so damn large we could probably have a house party in here without anybody noticing.” Michael said and chuckled.

Jaime laughed as well, “We probably could.” he concurred.

“I’m not sure I want to test staying up past midnight though. I mean we could probably get away with it, but what if we do get caught? I imagine there wouldn’t be a rule like that if you can’t get punished for breaking it.” Michael said and looked worried for a moment.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. I’m getting a bit tired anyway.” Jaime said and yawned as he stood up.

They shut off the game and turned off all the lights in the room and went their separate ways but not before promising to return there together tomorrow.

Shortly after Jaime said goodbye to Michael he felt a knot form in his stomach, he was now on his own and had to make his way up to the bedroom he shared with his trans cousin Candy. He wasn’t really worried she would climb onto his side of their shared double bed and wanting to cuddle with him, though that was what he had told Michael, as Candy was quite shy, harmless even. He didn’t see her as the type of person who’d be sexually aggressive.

He was more worried about how his own body would react to being so close to her. It was getting impossible for him to ignore that whenever he laid eyes on her for more than a second his cock started growing in his pants.

He had wondered why it was and as uncomfortable as it made him feel he had to conclude that he was sexually attracted to her. He had never klasbahis güvenilirmi been attracted to trans girls before but the ease with which she aroused him made it impossible for him to deny that he liked her. He heard his brother James mocking words from earlier in the day echo in his head, ‘First cousins are considered incest too you know.’

James had said it as a joke but Jaime felt sick when it dawned on him that he was actually attracted to his own cousin, and not just his cousin, his trans cousin. He felt like slapping himself but refrained from doing so, ‘How can I be so fucking sick?’ he thought self-degradingly.

He made his way to their shared bedroom and knocked very carefully on the door to see if she was awake. He had faint hope that she may have fallen asleep but to his dismay he heard Candy’s sweet voice reply to his knock.

“Come in.” she said.

Jaime opened the door slowly and saw Candy sitting upright in bed, she wore a tight yellow push up bra and nothing else that he could see. Her curly shoulder long blonde hair fell gracefully over her shoulders and her beautiful light blue eyes were accentuated by the light. There truly was nothing about her appearance that gave away that she was trans and Jaime’s heterosexual body was completely fooled yet again as his cock began to grow in his pants.

“Uh…hi!” he said awkwardly and shut the door behind him.

“Hi.” she replied sweetly and looked at him curiously.

Jaime tried his best not to look at her massive rack that she had barely covered up in that little yellow push up bra, he looked up at her face instead but couldn’t look at that either for too long without feeling his cock enlargen. He ended up averting his eyes downwards at the covers instead. ‘Why did she have to be so damn hot?’ he thought as he struggled to find words to say.

“I was wondering when you were going to come.” she said when he didn’t say anything, “I didn’t want to be rude and fall asleep before you got here.” she added and chuckled adorably.

He looked up at her and saw a pair of cute little dimples in the corners of her mouth form as she smiled; his cock grew happily at the sight. It was now semi-hard and Jaime feared it might soon be visible through his pants.

“Sorry if I kept you up.” he said shortly and went to his side of the bed with quick determined steps.

Candy placed a hand over her mouth and looked terrified, “I-I didn’t mean to imply that you were late…I’m sorry, my words doesn’t come out right when I’m nervous.” she said and looked miserably down at the bed.

Jaime waived with his hands and felt as terrified as she looked.

“Oh no no, I wasn’t implying that you were saying I was late or anything!” he clarified emphatically.

Candy raised her eyes from the covers and looked up at him submissively, he felt his cock stiffen in his pants even more as he unwisely held eye contact with her for a moment.

“Oh, sorry…my bad I thought…” Candy said and looked embarrassed as she shook her head side to side.

Her blonde curly locks tossed back and forth over her shoulders when she shook her head and he could see a slight reddening of her cheeks. ‘God, could she be anymore adorable?’ he wondered as he subconsciously bit his lower lip.

“I thought you thought I was being mean.” she said and smiled awkwardly as she kept shaking her head.

“A misunderstanding then.” Jaime said shortly, sounding far less sympathetic than he wanted to.

“Yeah…I guess that’s what it was.” Candy said in a sad tone of voice and laid her golden head down on the pillow.

Jaime fought off the urge to punch himself and sat down on his side of the bed, ‘Why was he so damn unsmooth?’ he wondered as he began undressing. He took off his shirt first, throwing it carelessly at his clothing bag before pulling his jeans down, his cock was now almost fully erect and he felt relieved he wasn’t still standing up. He crawled into bed and made sure the sheet covered his groin before he turned to an angle where Candy could’ve seen the bulge. The cold pillow felt wonderful against the back of his head and he sighed feeling relieved.

“Jaime.” he heard Candy say.

He turned his head to see he what she wanted.

“Yeah?” Jaime asked and made eye contact with her, his cock reacted in his underwear and stiffened even more as he laid eyes on his beautiful trans cousin. He was more okay with it now as she wouldn’t be able to see his rock hard cock.

“Would you mind getting the light?” she asked friendlily and pointed at the ceiling light.

Jaime felt temporarily paralyzed, “D-do you mean…” he stuttered in response.

Candy looked surprised at him, “Well, we can’t really sleep with the ceiling light on and I’m a bit cold so if it’s not any trouble maybe you could…” she said and nodded her head sideways towards the switch at the other side of the room.

Jaime swallowed but didn’t see a way he could refuse without coming across klasbahis yeni giriş as a dick.

“O-okay…” he said reluctantly and slowly rolled himself out of bed.

His erection was still fully intact as he made the walk over to the light switch, he hoped for dear life she wouldn’t be able to see his erect cock from behind.

He switched off the light and turned around, unfortunately the light he had switched off was not the only light in the room. His own and Candy’s table lamps were still on and it was nowhere near dark enough in the room for his comfort. He fought off the desire to cover the stiff bulge in his briefs with his hands and walked quickly towards his side of the bed.

“Jaime I…” Candy said and paused mid sentence.

Jaime instinctively turned to face her and saw that she was not looking up at him but down at his crotch.

Jaime immediately covered the bulge in his pants with one hand as he switched off the light on his table lamp. ‘She had seen it!’ he realized feeling mortified.

“I…I’m sorry for looking I just…” Candy began excusingly and looked up at him with her mouth half-opened.

“Don’t worry about it!” Jaime said louder than he intended to and quickly crept down under the covers.

He turned his now rapidly reddening face away from her and clenched his fists tightly under the covers. ‘How could I be such an idiot?’ he asked himself, ‘Why did I have to get hard like that? She must think I’m a complete imbecile!’

A brief moment of silence ensued and Jaime hoped it would last until whenever he could manage to fall asleep but it wasn’t long until he heard Candy’s sweet voice from the other side of the bed.

“It’s okay…from my point of view at least.” she said, sounding a bit out of breath.

Jaime felt extremely uncomfortable but his now semi-hard cock jumped in his briefs at her words. He didn’t say anything in return and hoped that would be all she would say but she soon took to words again.

“Actually…I’m a bit flattered.” she said.

Jaime could hear she held her breath at the end of the sentence and he almost involuntarily turned in the bed to have a look at her.

He saw that he was not the only one who was red-faced, Candy had still not turned her light off and he could see her blushing cheeks in the dim light.

“What do you…what do you mean?” he asked as he avoided eye contact.

“I mean that if you could see my panties right now…” she said and let the conclusion be unsaid.

Jaime looked up into her eyes and saw that she was looking at him coyly while biting her lower lip.

His cock stiffened to its max in his pants, he was now instantly throbbing hard. He moisturized his lips automatically and maintained eye contact with her for a second.

“Y-you mean…” he said and glanced down at the place of her covers where he figured her groin would be.

To his complete and utter shock she lifted her covers up and what he saw made his jaw drop.

Out of her small yellow panties a monstrously large cock not just bulged, but bursted. Her panties couldn’t contain the sheer size of her cock as it reached past her bellybutton in length and was thicker than Jaime’s own wrists. Speechless, he marveled at her enormous erect cock.

“Do you…like it?” Candy asked unsurely as she pulled her covers up a bit more, giving him an even better look.

He could now see that her cock was uncircumcised and that it had a strong left bend.

“I uh…I-I…like it.” he stuttered in response with his eyes still fixated on her massive cock.

He wasn’t sure what he was feeling but it certainly wasn’t disgust as his own cock was still rock hard.

“Do you want to…show me yours?” she asked seductively.

Jaime tore his eyes from her cock and looked up into her horny light blue eyes.

“Show you mine?” he repeated without understanding the words he was saying.

“Yeah…you know…show me your thingy.” she said shyly and looked like she was ready to pull her covers back down.

“Okay okay, I’ll show you.” Jaime said quickly, finding himself strongly preferring that she wouldn’t pull her covers down.

He peeled his cover to the side and pulled down his briefs quickly; his long erect cock jumped out happily.

“Mmh…nice and long.” Candy said hornily and moved her hand down to her own cock.

“Not as long as yours.” Jaime said longingly with his mouth still hanging wide open as he observed Candy touching her humongous cock with her hand.

“Do you…like that mine is so big?” she asked, looking a bit unsure as she began stroking her cock carefully.

Jaime didn’t know why but he felt like he had never been asked an easier question in his life.

“Yeah…I do.” he mouthed breathlessly without taking his eyes off her massive rod.

‘How can I be so aroused by the sight of her penis when I’m not gay?’ he found himself thinking. He had never been interested in any man klasbahis giriş and yet here he was, turned on not just by Candy’s feminine voice and her feminine appearance and slim physique but by her cock as well. Her long, thick, uncircumcised cock.

Maybe it was because she was completely hairless downstairs but he didn’t even slightly feel like he was looking at a man’s penis. It was a sexy girl cock as far as his subconscious was concerned and the sight of it made his mouth water, he found himself instinctively wanting to put it in his mouth.

Jaime grabbed his own cock and began stroking it just like she was doing.

Candy moaned as she looked at him stroking his cock, she moved her cover completely away and Jaime did the same; they now laid completely exposed next to one another. Candy shifted in bed and pulled her panties down to her knees which caused her testicles to plop out. As Jaime looked at her testies his jaw dropped yet again. They were absolutely massive, just like her cock had dwarfed his cock her balls dwarfed his balls, who he figured were average sized. Just one of her testicles looked like it was the size of both of his. Her testies were hairless and looked smooth, the skin over them was not saggy but tight and wrapped tightly around her big, bulging balls.

As shocked as he was by her big balls he was not put off by them, for some reason he found himself wanting to suck on them and he ended up licking his lips.

“Do you want to…touch swords?” Candy asked and giggled unsurely.

“T-touch swords?” Jaime repeated breathlessly.

“Please…” she said and stopped stroking her cock and looked at him beggingly.

I’d love to have them…meet…if you know what I mean.” she said shyly.

Jaime’s cock couldn’t get any harder than it already was but he felt himself getting more excited nonetheless. She wanted to rub her cock against his, she didn’t just want to look at his cock she wanted to play with it. His heart started beating as fast as if he was running.

“O-okay.” he stuttered, “How do we?…” he asked and moved a bit closer to her.

She scooped closer to him as well and they soon laid almost face to face in the bed. He looked up into her beautiful feminine face and saw a slight smirk on her blushing face.

“Like this of course.” she said sweetly, grabbing her massive cock and flicking Jaime’s cock with it.

Her monster cock smacking against his own made him feel things he’d never felt before, it felt so good on an instinctual level but also so dirty, if anybody knew what he and Candy was doing…

“Do you like it?” Candy asked unsurely.

“Mhm…” Jaime mouthed hornily, he flicked his own cock against Candy’s and enjoyed feeling their cocks collide again.

She scooped even closer and placed her cock right next to his, the size differential was now even more obvious. Jaime’s cock was seven and a half inches long but her cock was at least three inches longer, the difference in girth was even more striking however. Jaime had measured his own girth to be about five inches if he was generous, Candy’s cock must’ve been almost four inches thicker. He felt like he had a little baby cock compared to hers.

She pressed her enormous cock up against his own and placed her slim, slender fingers around the tip of both their cocks, pushing them together. Jaime felt like he was about to cum just from that, their cock fit perfectly together as Jaime’s had a right bend and Candy’s had a left bend. The fact didn’t seem to go unnoticed by Candy who licked her lips.

“Mmh, look at them…they look so happy together.” she said playfully and moved her cock up and down alongst Jaime’s dick.

He placed his own hand on the base of Candy’s cock and pressed it towards his own scrotum and felt her purr.

“Yeah, they look like…friends.” Jaime said and looked deep into her beautiful light blue eyes.

She met his gaze and moved her head closer to him, “I think we…” she said but couldn’t finish her sentence before Jaime kissed her.

She moved her hand away from their cocks and placed it behind his head, pulling his mouth closer to him and he did the same with his hand.

Candy tasted amazingly, he’d been unsure whether she wouldn’t taste like a girl because she was trans but her lips was like a sugar factory. He was unsure of which type of berry they reminded him off but he sucked them eagerly into his mouth and rolled himself ontop of her.

Candy definitely didn’t mind being pressed down into the bed by him as she moaned enjoyably and placed her slim hands on his butt.

He broke off from the kiss and looked hornily into her eyes, her pupils were extremely large and she looked like she wanted more. Now that he was so close to her he could smell her and her scent was so feminine it drove him mad. He kissed her again and she responded by sucking his lips into his mouth. He stuck his tongue into her mouth and she met his tongue with her own.

As they twirled their tongues against one other Jaime felt himself getting worked into a frenzy. Her smell, her taste, her look, the horny sounds she made as they kissed, it was almost too much for him to bare. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her up towards him, she responded by squeezing his butt with her hands.

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