A Son’s Temptation

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As a teenager my friends had always complimented me for having such a beautiful mom. I guess you could say they couldn’t help it because my mom was amazing. Listening to my friends talk about her made me realize that my thoughts of her had changed. I didn’t look at her as just my mom but an object of fantasy. My mother, Danielle, was young for my age because she had me when she was a teen. Her perfect complexion showed her youth and she had silky brown hair down to her shoulders with hazel eyes that would glisten through her eyeglasses she wore. Standing at about 5’7’‘ with 32 C Cups and only weighing a mere 118 pounds and the most round and firm ass gave her the most perfect body I could envision. She could have been mistaken for my older sister if you saw her. We lived together in a house in a peaceful suburb in Southern California. My mother’s occupation was a receptionist at a female doctors office.

I was a young man that stood 5’8’‘ with a muscular build and a same color hair and skin tone as my mother had. I had brown eyes though and weighed only 140 lbs. Working out and going for long runs keep my mind and energy away from my guilty thoughts. But I could only suppress those uncontrollable fantasies for a short time. I looked at naughty magazines but would realize that my mother look as good or sometimes even better then the models posing in the pictures. Always I would find myself in the shower masturbating to the nude images of my mother and situations that my imagination could provide. I loved being around her and sharing time together because she didn’t have a boyfriend even though she could most likely get any man she wanted, but she chose to stay single, nevertheless. I would wonder sometimes if she every thought of me in the same light as I thought of her. I knew that society says that my thoughts are wrong but I cannot stop the urges and didn’t care. I precluded that I was going to test the boundaries of right and wrong and see what I could do to further my aspirations for my mother.

Early one Saturday morning, I arose and went down for breakfast. I made my usual toast and orange juice as I watched the news. My mother came trudging down the stairs into the kitchen in a white tank top and gray pajama shorts. Her clothes were tightly bound to her and her beautiful breasts looked so firm and her legs so smooth. I began to notice my penis growing in my shorts as she bent over to get the milk out of the frig exposing the bottom of her cheeks. She started to pour herself a bowl of cereal and said, ‘‘Good morning! Do you have any plans today?’‘ I replied, ‘‘I might go out with some friends later.’‘ ‘‘Ok, but if you want we can go swimming and then rent some movies and order in,” she replied cheerfully. ‘‘Alright, I will see what I can do,’‘ I responded. Knowing full well that I was going to spend the day with her instead of friends. My boner only arose more thinking of how the day would go. I tried to adjust it in my shorts but it just bulged out. My mom came güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and sat right next to me. She looked so good that precum started to ooze from my scrotum. I could feel my wet head against my stomach concealed under my shirt but the bulge was noticeable. I waited until it was down and then told her that I would stay.

I did not want to swim so she went anyway and I watched from my bedroom window my mother in her pink two-piece bikini, wet and shimmering in the sun. I couldn’t help but pull out my cock and stroke it as she lay on her stomach with her ass facing me. I wanted to fuck my mom so bad. But first I wanted to see her naked.
After her swim she headed up to her room and into the shower. She left her door open and I slowly entered her room. My heart racing and legs became shaky as I walked past her bed on the left and stepped over her bikini that lay on the floor. I had a huge boner that protruded from my pants and I pulled out a mirror from my pocket so that I could stick it around the corner of the wall to get a glimpse of my mother’s nude body in the shower. I crouched down a placed a sliver of the mirror at the edge of the corner. My hands were sweaty and shaky and my eyes became entranced by my mothers round tits with light brown nipples letting the water drip off them. And then I look lower at her hairless vagina while her right hand let her fingers rub her pink lips. Her head went back and her eyes closed. She was masturbating and I wanted her at that moment. I took out my penis and jerked off as I watched her in the reflection of the mirror. I heard her soft moans and as she orgasmed, my cum spilled all over my hand and pants. I took one last look at her and she couldn’t see the mirror so I left to clean myself up.
I could not believe what I had just done and what I had just saw. My mom entered my room twenty minutes later dressed in tight blue jeans with faded patches of blue on the legs, and a tan top that exposed her mid section and had a low V cut that exposed the upper and inner part of her tits and the top had a fringe that covered the top of her shoulders.

‘‘Jace are you ready to go to blockbuster? Oh, I ordered Chilies and it will be here at 7 pm so we should go now to get the movies,’‘ Danielle asked. ‘‘Ok, just let me throw on my shoes,’‘ I replied.
We got home just in time to catch the delivery boy. We ate our dinner at the table and made small talk on my relationships that never went anywhere. ‘‘Have you¦.you know?’‘ she inquired. ‘‘Ah, not yet,’‘ I answered slowly. She continued, ‘‘You are a handsome young man and I know that you will do a very pretty girl.’‘ I interrupted with, ‘‘Mom!’‘ She smiled, ‘‘I see the way the girls look at you and I know that they would like to be with you. I know I would go after a guy like you.’‘ I didn’t know what to say so I sat there quiet and she stood up and cleared are plates. ‘‘Get the movie ready while I finish the dishes and go change into my pj’s.’‘ I complied güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and went to the DVD player and put in the movie and sat on the couch. My mom came over and lay on the longest section of the couch. I couldn’t keep myself from looking at her as the movie played. As the first movie ended I got up and put in the second one and she stretch. ‘‘Ouch,’‘ she let out. I asked, ‘‘Are you ok?’‘ ‘‘Oh, its just my back and legs are sore from swimming today, that’s all,’‘ she commented. I couldn’t help myself and said, ‘‘I can give you a massage. I am pretty good at it.’‘ She hesitated but shook it off and voiced her approval, ‘‘Ok.’‘ I went to her side and knelt down and began to rub my hands on her upper shoulders. I couldn’t help but look at her ass in those tight-short gray shorts. ‘‘Oh, I’ll be right back,’‘ I said. I came back with a bottle of lotion in my hand. I put some lotion in my hand and rub it together and rub down her neck and exposed upper back and shoulders. I got a little confident and started the massage under her shirt to get her lower back. She moaned, ‘‘Ahhhthat feels great you are good at this.’‘ My cock stirred to life and grew to full length. I moved down to her legs and started at the feet and moved up. I had been at work for a while and she had her eyes closed and her breathing became deeper. She was sleeping and my mom was a deep sleeper. I was massaging her thighs and felt my precum seeping out. I picked up my hand and look at her as I hovered my hand over her right ass cheek. The heat from my hand touched it and began to squeeze and rub it through her shorts. I got bold enough to expose her cheek a little more and I bent down and let my lips make contact will her smooth skin. She did not move at all and she continued to sleep. I took my forefinger and touched in between her legs. I could feel the heat through her shorts and I gently nuzzled my finger under her shorts and made contact with her wet-hot lips. I began to push my luck and started to literally push my digit into her pussy when my mom began to stir. I pulled back quickly and began to massage her lower back. She yawned and said, ‘‘What time is it?’‘ ‘‘It is 10pm,’‘ I replied in a sheepish voice. I pulled away and stood up and took her hand, ‘‘You should go to sleep up in your room.’‘ ‘‘Thank you for the massage it was great I will probably need one again soon, good night sweetie,’‘ she replied. ‘‘Good night.’‘ She walked up stairs and I noticed that my face was flushed and my pants were covered in precum.

That night was restless and at about 2 am I went into my mother’s room and watched the moonlight light up her room. I crept over to the side of her bed and I just wanted to touch her again before I could get some sleep. My hand slid under the sheet and went for her chest. I caressed her tit and noticed that her shirt was off. I wondered if she slept naked, so I gently moved my hand down to her waist and inspected. She had no underwear on and I let güvenilir bahis şirketleri my finger touch her bear lips again and caressed it. I didn’t want to push it any farther so I stopped and went to my room and masturbated and went to sleep.

I woke up and started to fondle myself and looked at a playboy I had. I didn’t know that I had prying eyes on me from the crack of my door. My mother saw my cock in my hand as I jerked it off. She wanted to leave but could only stare and watch her son stroke his large dick. She knew that it was wrong and then felt herself get wet in her
shorts. She drew herself away and the rest of the day could not get his cock off her mind.

My mother once again went to the pool and this time I joined her. ‘‘Honey, can you rub some sun tan lotion on my back?’‘ she asked. I walked over and put some lotion in my hands and started to caress her back with my hands, rubbing it in. She reached back and undid the strap off her bikini. ‘‘Get all of it will yah,’‘ she implied. ‘‘Does your back still hurt?’‘ I questioned. She replied, ‘‘Yeah a little bit.’‘ ‘‘Hear let me pop your back and then massage it, ok,’‘ I answered. She lay there on the lawn chair and I got on top of her and straddled her ass. Each time I pushed into her back my cock poked in between her ass. ‘‘I guess I should be flattered,’‘ she let out. I noticed my boner in her ass and said, ‘‘Sorry, It’s just that’‘ ‘‘Don’t worry about it, it is only natural,’‘ she finished. ‘‘Mom can I touch you,’‘ I asked almost passing out. Scared of how she would respond, but relieved when she said lovingly, ‘‘yes, my sweet.’‘ I grazed her back and then to her ass were I then began to explore between her legs. I started to pull on her bikini bottom and she lifted up for me to pull them off. I was gasping for air as I probed her cunt with my fingers. Her juices were all over my fingers as she moaned softly. She then rolled over and spread her legs wide, revealing her luscious pussy that I craved so bad. I began to lick her thighs with my tongue and then made contact with her tasty cunt. I licked up and down as her hips lunged for my mouth. She let out gasps of ecstasy as she climaxed allowing my tongue to lap up her juices. She pulled me up and switch positions removing my trunks and diving into my cock. She let her hand glide up and down the oozing 7-½ inches. Her lips teased my head and then engulfed it all. Her beautiful mouth sliding up and down my shaft was to much as I started to tense up and release my flood of semen in her mouth. My cum dripped everywhere as she licked up some on my cock. I was still hard and she wanted it bad.

‘‘I want you mom, please give it to me,’‘ I pleaded. Her sexy body rose up and she set her wet pussy over my cock and slowly descended. I wanted to explode again as she eased herself onto my penis. ‘‘Is this what you want,’‘ she moaned. ‘‘Oh yes mom don’t stop, please!’‘ I yelled. I embraced her as she rode my rock hard rod and kissed her hard. My cock began to convulse and so did my mom and we reached a magnificent orgasm. After that I think we passed out because I awoke later that night outside with my mother, naked still on my cock and asleep. It was the best thing that I had ever done and I would see to it that I took care of her forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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