A Touch of Fantasy

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Sometimes my boyfriend Josh gets really turned on and wants to fool around, but I’m just not in the mood to go all out with him. Times like these I prefer to get him off using my hand while I tell him a story. So today I’d like to share with you the erotic story I told to him while jerking him off last week.

If you have read any of my other stories, you know that Josh and I have been dating for five years and have a great sexual relationship with each other. One component of this is Josh’s love of the cum facial and his uncanny ability to produce enormous amounts of semen when he cums. It took some getting used to, but after years of him splashing my cute little face with his sperm I have really grown to like the feeling of his hot seed spurting from the swollen head of his penis and across my nose, cheeks, eyes, and forehead. So on nights like the one last week when I was more interested in getting him off than actually making love, I usually tell him a story about him giving me a nice, juicy facial cumbath.

I joined him in the bedroom, we laid down on the bed together and I immediately reached into the nightstand for the large container of Vaseline we keep there just for situations like this one. I opened the lid and dipped two of my slender fingers into the jar, scooping out a nice little bit of lube. Meanwhile Josh was undoing his belt and unzipping his pants, smiling in anticipation of the fun I was about to bring his way. He pulled his pants and boxer-briefs entirely off, leaving him lying half-naked in front of me. His thick cock was, as usual, already hard as a rock. With a smile, I reached over to him and began lightly rubbing the Vaseline onto his reddening penis.

“So honey,” I said with a grin, “what kind of story would you like for me to tell you so that we can get this big dick of yours to start spurting?”

“Hmmm, I don’t know,” he responded, obviously enjoying the stimulation my dainty fingers were bringing him. “Why don’t you surprise me?”

Normally my stories are about the two of us getting intimate together in a secluded spot, like on a private beach or even just in the bedroom. But judging from how excited Josh was getting due to my caresses, (and the fact that I had sipped down a couple of glasses of wine), I decided to spice things up just a touch and tell him a story that would really get him going.

“Okay I think I know exactly what’s going to make you cum in record time.” I cooed. “I know how much you enjoy spurting your load all over my pretty face.” I felt his dick jump in my hand in response. “Well now I want you to imagine that you and I are not the only ones in the room, but that there are also three other guys right there with us, all with the same intention that you have.” He looked at me with a surprised expression, but I could tell that this story would do just the trick in getting him to blow his wad.

You see, Josh has a serious facial fetish. He loves nothing better than hovering over me right as he is about to cum, stroking his slippery dick and anticipating bahis firmaları the waves of pleasure that are about to wash over him as he shoots his thick sperm directly at the center of my face. Over the years I have mastered the art of taking his cum. When we first started finishing our sex play with a facial, I wasn’t incredibly excited about getting a face full of warm semen, so I would try to aim his spurting dick at my chin, so that it would splash up against the lowest point of my face and drip down to the floor. But after several hundred (no joke!) cum splatterings by his fat cock, I am now at a point sexually where I want to make each facial just a little better than the last. I do different things each time; Sometimes I rub the palm of my hand through his pubic hair as he starts coating my upper lip in goo; sometimes I get down on my knees as he stands above me and lightly squeeze and tug his heavy testicles while aiming his spurting dick toward my forehead and long brunette hair. But I think his favorite is when I let him jerk off over me while I lay beneath him on my back, his knees straddling my head, my breasts squeezed under his cute butt, my arms pinned to my sides by his muscular calves. I think he likes the fact that in that position he has total control over where he is going to aim that monstrous cum-slinger of his. Usually he aims it right at the tip of my tiny little upturned nose and proceeds to dump spectacular amounts of semen onto my bright blue eyes and across my freckled cheeks. Many a night has passed that I fell asleep in his arms with the musky scent of his gooey testicle juice still lingering in my nostrils.

I started stroking Josh’s lubricated penis faster as I started to talk dirty to him. Pre-cum was already leaking out of the swollen head of his glands. “Okay baby, I want to make this short and sweet,” I said, a sultry glimmer in my eye. I could tell from the reddening of his face and neck that he was already starting to get really worked up. I started to set the scene in his mind.

“I am completely naked, kneeling on a soft pillow in front of you.” I narrated. “My eyelids are brushed with a thick layer of bronze eyeshadow, my lips are painted a deep maroon, and I am looking up at you and three other men, knowing full well what is to come.” The hand that I am not servicing him with reaches down and cups his sperm-stuffed balls. “The four of you are naked as well, each of you with your hard cocks in your hands, getting yourselves closer to painting my face with your gooey semen.” Josh starts rocking his hips, thrusting his turgid dick harder into my soft fist. “I angle my head back, my dark hair falling down over my shoulders, breasts and back. The four of you surround me, moving in very close, so that all I can see now is four throbbing dicks, each inching their way closer to a spectacular explosion of thick fluid.”

“Where am I in relation to the other guys?” Josh asks, now totally enraptured by my tale.

“Why right in front of me, of course!” I giggle. “You are pumping your fist kaçak iddaa up and down on your hard cock, as are the others, quickly approaching the point of no return.” I could feel his dick squirming in my hand and his heavy balls jumping up and down as he started getting close. I looked him right in the eyes as his face started turning redder and his lips started quivering.

“You look at the other three men, their fat dicks hanging inches above my face, and you start to feel yourself losing control. You know that as soon as one of you cums, the others will be unable to resist the urge to dump your heavy loads onto my lips, cheeks, eyes, and hair.” Then I gave Josh’s dick a quick squeeze and ordered him to stand up on the bed. He jumped up in a flash, and then moved up close to where I was sitting Indian style in the center of the bed.

“How are you feeling now, mister big dick?” I teased, know that he couldn’t wait to hear the end of the story so that he could cum all over my face.

“Tell me how it ends, baby,” he whimpered, trying his damnedest to resist covering me with his milky-white semen before he got the chance to hear me tell him how my imaginary cum-bath would conclude.

“I look up at you, and then the men to my left and my right, sensing that the time has come for you to finish what you started. My lips part ever so slightly as I tilt my head backwards, and a jolt of excitement shoots down my spine. Goosebumps pop up all over my naked body; my nipples stand on end; I cannot help the fact that my pussy is now involuntarily clenching as I anticipate the first spurt of jism slapping my perfectly made-up face.” Sensing Josh was rapidly approaching orgasm in real life, I started furiously pumping my fist over his quaking member.

“The sight before you is too much to bare, to sexy to take; the thought of you and these other men covering every square inch of my pretty little face with your pasty semen is sending you over the edge…The four of you move in right on top of me, each throbbing cock inches from the others, the pressure building beyond your control…

I deftly slipped my hand between Josh’s legs and flicked my Vaseline coated index finger between the cheeks of his butt, applying just a little pressure to his clenched sphincter. His eyes flashed wildly as the pleasure he felt started to overtake his senses. The base of his engorged cock started to spasm uncontrollably, his testicles leapt up towards his abdomen, and the round head of his member quickly turned a very angry shade of red. It was time to finish the story.

“Listen carefully Josh, because this is how the story ends.” He was frozen solid by his impending orgasm. “Just as you start to pass the point of no return, the man directly opposite you launches a thick, stringy web of sperm from the tip of his exploding cock. It seems as though time slows to a crawl as the blast arcs over my face and splashes messily right against the head of your dick. The sticky blast rolls down your fingers and drops with a splat right on my slightly kaçak bahis parted lips, the hot cum oozing between my teeth and onto my tongue. The sense of shock you feel is replaced instantly by the warm glow of orgasm now spreading from your hot dick across your entire body. You feel the cum in your overloaded testicles start to squirt into the depths of your bowels, where the pressure then builds to unbearable levels…

At this point, I knew that Josh couldn’t wait another second longer. And so I told him exactly what I knew he wanted to hear.

“Josh, all at once, the other two men’s dicks explode in a burst of sticky white liquid, joining the first one in their attempt to cover my entire face with a mask of sperm. The first man pours his balls out all over my forehead, the thick jizzum dripping down to mix with my mascara. The man to your right is spurting shot after shot of his cum across one cheek then the other, some shots actually flying over my face and splashing against the purple spurting cockhead of the man across from him. The sight of all of this cum arcing through the air or splurting down onto my face is what finally unleashes your own sticky load, right down onto the center of my waiting face. You send the first blast of semen across my entire face, splashing wildly into the pools of white slop now formed by the other men. Then, bursting from the head of your throbbing cock, a massive load of thick glue flops lazily through the air and plasters both of my nostrils closed.”

“Oh Fuck!” Josh yells as I am hit directly between the eyes by the first of 6 spurts of his cum. I close my eyes just in time to avoid being blinded by the next two shots, both of which splatter across my eyes and then hang lazily from their black lashes. I blindly pumped his tool, feeling blast after blast of warm spunk splash against the flushed skin of my face! I could feel his entire body shuddering from the force of his gooey expulsions.

And then as quickly as the wet spasms had begun, they stopped. I peeked my eyes open, and through the semen-induced blur I watched as the last stringy rope of his cum swing out from the spent tip of his penis and attach itself to the oatmeal thick paste flowing slowly down across my lips.

Such is life when your lover has a facial fetish. As usual, Josh had managed to hose down my face to the point that I could hardly recognize myself in the mirror. After spending a second just sitting in front of Josh’s shrinking penis, feeling the cum cool on my cheeks, I walked into the bathroom and checked myself out. My lips were completely invisible behind the translucent goo Josh had coated them with. From both sets of eyelashes hung curtains of thick white cum. My dark hair had tiny droplets of spunk dripping from it, my spunk-striped cheeks glistened in the light, and my cute upturned nose was completely clogged with Josh’s Jizz. I turned on the sink and began washing my fresh cum-mask down the drain.

When I returned to the bedroom, Josh was lying on his back with a look of pure bliss on his face. I snuggled up next to him, the taste and smell of my lover’s juices still lingering, and he hugged me tightly.

“You were amazing,” he said softly.

“I know.” I replied. “I’ve got it going on.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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