A Trip to the Hucow Farm Pt. 01

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Jessika grasped the wheel of her car firmly, staring at her knuckles, trying to decide what she thought.

It had been a wild few weeks. For a few months, she’d noticed the women around her were filling out, filling up, rounding, curving, and softening; there were more “plus-sized” ladies in her supermarket lines, at the grocery store. One of the supervising managers at work had obviously gone up at least three dress sizes, and two of the girls were pregnant.

Jessika dismissed it at first. Winter was coming, it was baby season,whatever. She dismissed it, at first.

But that wasn’t it. She definitely noticed Margo from work, who had definitely plumped up. Margo … smelled better; she smelled like vanilla and citrus. She wore her glasses less. She smiled way more. Margo had plumped not just around her middle, but she had gone from a mild C to what was easily an overflowing DD cup. Margo’s skin was clearer, and her lips were fuller, for God’s sake; she barely looked like the same woman!

No, that wasn’t true – she definitely looked like Margo. But … a better version of her. Maybe a more sensual version. A more porn-star version, Jessika had thought to herself. And the men around Margo had noticed, too. Margo had started touching people – mostly men – more. She would set her hand on their shoulders, or biceps; she would lean over in front of them, exposing her new, heavy breasts. The men, in turn, were touching Margo’s forearm, or her bicep, if she was in a dress with shorter sleeves.

And then, Jessika had gotten together with her friend Emma for their monthly coffees. Jessika was surprised to see that Emma had changed, too, like the other women. Emma was barely recognizable as she entered the cafe. Emmy must have gained nearly fifty pounds, and it had distributed itself through her hips, waist, and chest. The black wiggle dress with white dots Emma had on put every last ounce of her new curves on display, and she now wore deep, rich burgundy lipstick, on full, pouting lips – something Jessika never thought she’d see.

Jessika had to come close to demanding to know what was going on before Emma revealed anything. Emma had spoken to her in hushed tones, whispering into Jessika’s ear, as if to keep from being overheard. Jessika found the warmth of Emma’s breath on her ear caused tingles across her body. In a soft, sensual voice, Emma gave directions to a farm, outside of town. Emma’s eyes twinkled, as she held her head close to Jessika; she smelled like vanilla and strawberries, as she added, “Oh, Jessika – don’t overthink it. Just get the ice cream.”

That was sixteen days ago. Jessika had spent a day overthinking it, and then, the next day, she’d come here, to the farm. Layla, the plump girl that ran the ice cream booth, had grinned when Jessika had ordered the pint, and given her a lascivious grin. “It’s best”, Layla had said, “if you take the whole thing in one sitting.”

Jessika went home, and, defying Layla’s suggestion, made herself a bowl of ice cream. With a serving of ice cream in her bowl, she stuck out her tongue to lick off the scoop …

… and the next fourteen days had happened. Daily trips back for another pint of ice cream. Feeling her body swell, and change shape; seeing her chest bulge out, then drop. Watching her stomach grow. Feeling her hips widen, and her ass get round. Eating so, so much food – she was up more than forty pounds! And … so much sex. She’d started missing work to eat and eat .. and fuck.

Jessika had woken up this morning, and rolled out of bed, somehow heavier and rounder than the night before. She could feel a trembling ache in her stomach, and she knew the only thing that would fill it was a huge bowl of sugary cereal … with a chaser of ice cream. She needed answers.

She’d arrived at the farm just after dawn. That was an hour ago. She’d seen at least three other women drive up and park, waiting for the farm to open. Jessika’s stomach ached from hunger; the three bowls of sugary cereal she had downed seemed to have barely made a difference.

Jessika grasped the wheel of her car firmly, staring at her knuckles. She struggled for another moment, trying to decide what she thought.

But it didn’t matter what she thought. She needed to understand about the ice cream.

Jessika got out of her car, and started towards the trailer that the young blonde, Layla, sold the ice cream from. She walked past a woman with her head down. The woman was lapping at her tub of ice cream on the way back to her car, digging it out with her fingers.

Jessika tried to promise herself she wouldn’t do the same.

“Heya!” Layla called cheerfully, leaning over the counter as Jessika approached. Her breasts were full and pendulous, and she pressed them forward, to rest them on the counter. Jessika’s eyes strayed down the scoop-cut of Layla’s shirt, and she was briefly taken by the woman’s generous curves. Layla ran her fingers along her cleavage, and her eyes seemed to shine; the blonde woman’s skin was practically canlı bahis glowing. Her stomach was round and curved under her breasts, and Jessika wondered what it would feel like to touch it.

“Let me guess – three pints?” , Layla asked, with a smirk. She set her finger in her mouth, and bit her soft lower lip, eyes watching Jessika waiting for her response.

Jessika nodded, eagerly, before she caught herself, and shook her head. “Listen, uhm … Layla?”, she said, trying to act like she didn’t have the sensual young woman’s name etched into her mind. “Layla, I’m … I have to know. I have to know. I’ve been eating this ice cream for, for two weeks. I … I can’t stop eating. I just eat and eat, and I’m always hungry. And the ice cream, I can’t … I can’t get enough. I caught myself the other night, eating it out of the tub with my fingers.” Layla wrapped her plump fingers around Jessika’s, and squeezed, and nodded, encouraging Jessika to keep going.

“And, and men! I’m always horny. Always. I see men I know, and I’m picturing them naked. Men I don’t know! I stayed home yesterday to masturbate. Please. Please, Layla. I need to know what’s happening. I … I don’t know that I want it to stop, but I … I feel like I have to know what’s happening!” Layla nodded, as Jessika fell silent, biting her lip, unable to think of any more to say. Layla bent her head, and pressed her lips on Jessika’s knuckle as she held her hand. Jessika felt a tingle that spread from her hand down her arm, and directly between her legs. Jessika groaned; her pussy ached to be touched.

“I can show you.” Layla murmured. Jessika nodded, as she continued, “Eat your ice cream first; let me call the office and have them send someone to man the desk. I’ll show you. Everything.”

Layla looked up at Jessika’s face, and licked her lips. Jessika’s tongue teased her lips in response, and she stared at Layla’s soft lips. Jessika felt her lower lip tremble, and she nodded, desperately. “Please,” Jessika pleaded.

Layla reached into the freezer, and began scooping a pint of ice cream. Half-done, she tucked a spoon into the ice cream, and passed the pint to Jessika.

Jessika began to devour the ice cream. She took a scoop on her spoon, and plunged it into her mouth; it melted into thick, flavorful cream almost right away, and Jessika gulped it down hungrily. Even as she swallowed, Jessika shovelled the second spoonful into her mouth, gulping and gobbling the half-pint down as quickly as possible. She moaned in pleasure, and distantly, she heard Layla murmur in response, obviously aroused herself by Jessika’s own excitement.

Jessika couldn’t eat the ice cream fast enough. She gulped down great huge mouthfuls as Layla shovelled it in out front of her, until eventually, Jessika used her finger to scoop up the last half-melted residue from the inside of the container. With the ice cream all gone, Jessika whimpered, and looked at Layla; Layla reached out with a finger, and cleaned up a trail of the ice cream from Jessika’s chin, offering it to the brunette on her finger. Jessika sucked the cream off the blonde’s finger, with a final, full-bodied moan. Jessika held the blonde woman’s finger in her mouth, and swirled her tongue around it.

Without removing her finger, Layla chuckled, and said, “Oh, that’s lovely.” Layla then slowly slid her finger from Jessika’s mouth. She touched Jessika’s nose, gently, before stroking Jessika’s cheek with her thumb. “I’ve called in; they’re sending someone out to the trailer. Give me just a moment.”

Jessika nodded, and leaned on the counter, purring, letting the lovely ice cream soak into her body, feeling it changing and shaping her; her nipples tingled, and her newly-enlarged areola tightened; she felt her slit pulse lightly, moist, as her juices trailed down her leg. She swayed, holding the counter to keep herself from falling. The sounds of Layla selling more pints of ice cream drifted through her mind, as she licked her lips and felt the extra pounds slip into place around her hips.

Layla set a hand at the small of Jessika’s back, and Jessika snapped back to reality. Layla, in her scooped necked shirt and a flowing skirt, nodded, and said, “Ready for the tour?”

Jessika nodded in response, and Layla took her hand, interlocking her fingers. They began to walk, towards a large bard at the side of the property. “So, we’ll start with the gathering process. We keep all the cows in here, at least while they’re producing. We try to get them in early in the day, so that they’re fresh; they’ve filled up all night, so one of our major production periods is just before dawn. Just as you arrived this morning, really.”

Jessika nodded, groggy. She was coming out of her ice cream stupor, and felt Layla’s chubby hand stroking her forearm. “Your skin is so soft”, the plump young girl said, smiling at Jessika. Jessica noticed that, now that she was outside of the trailer, Layla was about the same height as she was, but the blonde had about fifty pounds on on her, bahis siteleri widening her middle, hips, and breasts. It felt good to have Layla’s little soft fingers stroke Jessika’s arm.

Layla indicated the barn door. “You’ve been extremely successful on the ice cream. Have you been feeding the cravings?” she asked. Jessika hesitated.

“I … I’ve tried to resist, but … And sometimes, I don’t have more on hand, so … I delay going to get more.”

Layla made a friendly, teasing disapproving click with her nimble, pink tongue. “Well, if you head home, we’ll have to get you stocked up. I think you’re already past a pint a day, aren’t you?”

Jessika flushed, and held up two fingers. This time, Layla made an approving noise, and Jessika felt a rush as she met this curvy, plump little goddess figure’s approval. “Ooh, so quickly! And even with resistance. They’re gonna love you.” Layla smiled; it was sincere, but her eyes glittered. Jessika had the impression you get moments before a surprise party…

“Lounge to the left. We’ll start there.” Layla said. A large, extra wide steel door agreed with Layla, large letters announcing, “Lounge”. Jessika pulled the door open; it slid along the wall.

The lounge was a large room, with couches along all walls, and an island of couches in the middle. The walls were lined with TVs, playing pastoral scenes. Some women were sitting on the couches, watching the televisions in small groups. Their heads swiveled to watch Jessika and Layla enter.

Jessika felt her mind struggling with the last of the fog from the ice cream’s afterglow. She blinked to clear her head, and looked around the room one more time. Layla was talking, but Jessika’s mind was miles away.

About three-quarters of the screens showed pastoral scenes of rolling hills and green grass. The rest showed hard core porn; cocks aggressively pulsing in and out of plump pussies; creampies; women bound and large, muscled men spilling their seed on their lips. The women in the room weren’t sitting up; most were lying down, or at least half reclined. They were round and soft; full-bodied, with heavy breasts over round bellies, with wide hips holding plush buttocks, attached to generous thighs. They wore clothing that put all of their curves on display; belly tops, bras, and lingerie, all snug, in black and white prints. Jessika stared for a moment at all the flesh, finding a moment of appeal on each of the many curves, marvelling at all the clear skin, bright eyes, and full lips – and the comfort of these women.

She shook her head a little. “These, uhm, these women, what, milk the cows?” Jessika asked. She heard soft giggling from the room, heard soft, feminine voices speaking in quiet tones.

Layla gave Jessika a moment, letting her put it together herself.

Jessika felt her eyes widen. Whomever giggled a moment ago laughed. “They are the cows?!” Jessika asked, her mouth agape.

Layla’s eyes lit up, and she nodded eagerly, as she applauded. “Yes!! Yes, exactly. These ladies here are some of the ones lucky enough to be our cows. This is Sandra, and Lillian, and that’s Gina, and Ann…”

Jessika’s mind reeled for a moment, as the women – cows! – all waved, as Layla gave their names. Cows. Human cows. Jessika had eaten at least twenty points of the ice cream over the last two weeks. More than twenty.

“You make their milk into ice cream. Their milk, like, the milk from them?” Jessika said. One woman, whom Layla had named Lillian, slowly stood, to cross the room towards them. Cow print; her negligee is cow print, Jessika realized.

Layla paused, and slowly exhaled a long slow breath from between puckered, pouting lips. Jessika watched, and the moment lingered. Then, after a moment, Layla answered, a little bashful, “… Yes.”

Jessika blinked. “Well, uhm. I appreciate the … honesty.” She turned her head to Lillian.

“Hello.” Lillian said. “Lillian.” She extended her plump hand, and Jessika shook it. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. You look just wonderful. Have you been enjoying the ice cream? I hope you’ve been enjoying it.”

“Uhm, yeah.” Jessika stammered. “How could I not? It’s … delicious. Thank you. For, uh … making it. Donating to it. Uhm.” Jessika tried to stop talking, but failed, blurting, “So, you get milked for ice cream?” She immediately flushed red, and waved her hand, as if trying to catch the words in midair.

But Lillian seemed to take it in good spirits. “Yup,” she replied, with a smile. “I was one of the first girls, actually. You get so you enjoy it. More than enjoy it, really. Like the ice cream.” she explained, with a smirk from full, pouting lips. Jessika briefly wondered what it would be like to kiss them; Lillian’s lips looked so full and soft…

“Yeah, uhm,” Jessika stammered. “That makes sense. Uh. So, do you .. stay, uh, here?”

“Yes, of course,” Lillian answered. “All we cows stay here at the farm. They make us so comfortable! There’s fresh fruit, cookies and bahis şirketleri pies; there’s good company. It’s so easy to make friends, easy to be … honest, here.” Jessika nodded along as Lillian spoke.

“What did you do before you … uh, were … a cow?” Jessika asked. She was surprised how well she was adjusting to this weirdness. In the background, behind them, she could see Sandra and Gina, snuggling into each other, eating from a bowl of cookies, watching one of the pastoral screens. Layla smirked and bit her lip, as she watched Jessika and Lillian discuss this lifestyle.

“I used to be a business manager, at a bank.” Lillian said. “You know, small business loans, business savings accounts, cash flow.” Lillian smiled, and reached out to take Jessika’s hand. Jessika raised and eyebrow, but let Lillian take her hand. Lillian held Jessika’s hand in hers, and Jessika noted that her fingernails were polished, lacquered, and neatly trimmed; her hands were silky-smooth, and felt almost creamy under Jessika’s fingers.

Jessika blinked, watching as the other woman ran her fingers over Jessika’s palm, and along her fingers. “Yeah, uh …” Jessika said. She was mesmerized by the cow’s – by Lillian’s! – hands.

Lillian lifted Jessika’s hand to her mouth, and slowly slipped two of Jessika’s fingers into her mouth. Her at lips cradled Jessika’s fingers; her soft, wet warm tongue played with the pads of Jessika’s fingers.

Jessika felt herself tremble, and felt flush and warm. Lillian cooed around her fingers. Jessika couldn’t help but visualize her fingers slowly slipping into the other woman’s fertile …

“Woah, now”, Layla said. “Down, Lillian. Jessika is here on tour.” Layla pulled Jessika’s fingers from Lillian’s mouth, and the cow made an adorable pouting noise. Jessika’s jaw warbled, and she stared too long at Lillian’s mouth, as she licked her pink tongue along it.

“Okay, yeah.” Layla laughed, giving Jessika a little push towards the door. “Especially around milking time, the cows can definitely get a little… randy. Don’t mind her.”

“I didn’t…” Jessika moaned, then covered her mouth, embarrassed. Layla giggled.

“I know, honey, I know. When they’re fertile and producing …” Layla wiggled her eyebrows, and mock fanned herself. “Constant distraction. Let’s go to the production center, then Quality, then milking floor.”

Jessika wanted to say, ‘Let’s go back to the lounge.’ She kind of wanted to sit on those couches, and talk to Lillian more, and maybe some of the other cows – Ladies. Some of the other ladies.

Production was loud, and hot, with steel pipes running between big tubs. Drums labelled “SUGAR” were rolled into place by two shorter, curvy ladies, in what almost looked like medical scrubs. They were not as … generously soft, as the cows had been, having builds slightly less scrumptious than Layla. “After the milk is gathered, pasteurised, and mixed with sugar and vanilla to make the ice cream, here.” Layla gestured, indicating the vats and pipes. Jessika eyed the plump girls.

“Are they … cows, too?” Jessika asked. She then eyed Layla. “… Are you a cow?”

Layla smiled, modestly, and shook her head. “Not yet. Hopefully soon! These girls…” she made a sweeping motion, encompassing the two girls with the sugar drum, and several others monitoring status on valves through the room “…are milk maids, like me.”

Jessika nodded, but not in understanding. “Sorry, milk maids? What’s a milk maid? I mean …”

Layla nodded, and gestured for Jessika to follow her. “We take care of other work around the farm. Getting supplies from town, helping the cows with their milking and mating, sometimes prepping the bulls.”

Jessika immediately had so many questions, but before she had the chance to ask any of them, Layla had opened the door to another room.

Three girls were in this room. They bent over, half-kneeling; they were suspended by comfortable looking padded tethers. Their breasts, each of them full, wide, pendulous, hung out; all four girls were attached by their nipples to pumps. Pumping them for milk, Jessika realised. Jessika noticed that each woman wiggled a little in their straps, from time to time, and murmured, and moaned.

As Jessika and Layla watched, a fourth girl entered the room. Layla smiled, and waved, and the girl waved back; she stepped up to the only empty set of straps and pump in the room, and released her bathrobe, standing confident in the nude. Her breasts were full and round, pert despite their generous size, her body soft, full and round. Layla touched Jessika on the arm, and said, “Just a moment”, crossing the room to the newcomer; the cow loosened the straps, and nodded at Layla, murmuring something quietly, and motioning her head towards Jessika. Layla laughed back, smiling broadly, nodding, as they undid all the straps, working together. Layla helped the woman into her straps; Jessika thought the suspension system looked like an exotic combination of comfortable and awkward. The cow positioned herself, and Layla got the suspension snug around her, helping to make sure her full breasts hung through the straps. Jessika saw a few small beads of milk, already gathered on the tips of her nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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