A Vacation Full of Surprises

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This story contains a character from a previous work, ‘Cassi Can’t Resist’. It isn’t necessary to read it to enjoy this one. I encourage you to vote and comment! As well as read my other stories, feedback is very helpful! ENJOY!!

We pulled into the driveway of an impressive 2 story desert style home. This Scottsdale neighborhood was both secluded and impressive. It was a Friday afternoon in late May, the weather out here was heating up, but hadn’t quite hit unbearable.

I had just finished my freshman year of college at the University of San Diego where we were from and turned 20 only the week before. My younger brother Jack, about to be a senior in high school, my Mom and I were in the area to look at Arizona State University. Jack was considering school there. It was just the three of us on the trip, my Dad missed out due to work.

We exited the car and my Mom quickly located the lock box. The house was owned by family friends, Jane and Perry, who recently moved from San Diego to the Phoenix area. We intended on staying out here for about a week and a half. The first few days our hosts were going to be out of town attending a company meeting in Dallas, they were both prominent lawyers in the organization.

Rather than make us reschedule, they had just given us the lock box code and run of the house until their return. We weren’t completely alone, supposedly their nephew was at the house as well. A beat-up car was in the driveway, I assumed it was his.

“Belle!” I heard my Mom call to me. I had been admiring the view the driveway offered. Just across the street was beautiful rocky terrain with what looked to be some impressive scenic overlooks. Our friends said they hiked almost every day and I couldn’t blame them.

I found my Mom and brother at the front door and we went inside. The interior of the house was just as nice as the exterior. The entryway led straight into a large living room area with a dining table and some couches. There was a large set of patio doors behind the table.

I set my bag down and walked to the patio doors, which opened to a backyard that was dominated by a pool. I could see someone in the water. I assumed it was our friend’s nephew.

My Mom had come up behind me and saw the same thing. “Oh good, that must be Pat. He will know where Jane and Perry want us to stay.”

I followed not far behind, as my Mom stepped outside and walked towards the water. The man swimming saw her and leisurely changed his direction to meet her at the pool’s edge. When he was closer my Mom spoke to him.

“Hi! You must be Patrick. I’m Jane and Perry’s friend Lucy Thompson.”

Patrick’s handsome, well-tanned face broke into a warm grin. He pushed his longer brown hair, wet from swimming, back from his brow and pulled himself out of the water and stood up next to her. My Mom is an inch or two shorter than my 5’5″ and Patrick stood almost a foot taller than her, the exposed parts of his skin matching the rich tan of his face.

“I’d offer a hug, but I don’t know think those are your swimming clothes.” He joked, his voice not as deep as I had anticipated but still pleasant to the ear. He extended a large hand for a greeting.

My Mom giggled and shook his hand. I’d have been happy to accept the hug from him, water or no water, and I’m sure Mom felt the same. Patrick’s physique was impressive.

He had large shoulders and arms; each muscle distinctly defined. His chest looked hard and powerful and his abs were all easily visible. His legs were built and well defined as well. He wore a pair of salmon swim trunks that came about halfway down his thigh and contrasted very nicely with his skin tone.

I couldn’t help but notice the impressive bulge in his crotch. His wet trunks clung to his muscular body and left only a little to the imagination. Based on what I could see he was packing a healthy sized penis down there!

He noticed me ogling him and stepped over, extending a hand. He winked one of his striking blue-green eyes at me and I blushed as his large right hand enveloped mine.

“I’m Patrick Christopher, nice to meet you.” He smiled at me through a face with just the right amount of stubble.

“I’m Belle Thompson,” I answered softly. I was embarrassed he had caught me, literally, sizing him up and struggled to meet his gaze. I looked past him to see my Mom drinking in what I assumed were his equally musclebound back and ass. At least I wasn’t the only one objectifying him.

He let go of my hand and waved us to follow him. He grabbed a towel from a pool chair as he passed, quickly drying himself. The muscles on his back flexing appealingly as he did. I felt a tingle in my stomach and had to shake myself to keep from staring.

“He’s cuuuute!” My Mom whispered in my ear causing me to roll the baby blue eyes I got from her.

She giggled at me and we followed Patrick inside. He led us to a wing of the house directly off of the living area we had initially entered. There were Escort Bayan two bedrooms back there, both with one bed.

My brother, Jack, had already made himself comfortable on one of the beds in the room at the end of the hallway and was scrolling on his phone.

“Jack! What are you doing? We don’t even know this is where you’re gonna stay yet” My Mom asked him with exasperation.

“I was just testing out the beds! I wanted to make sure they’d be comfortable!” My brother the goofball that he is, shared his reasoning.

Patrick chuckled, “You’re in luck, this room and then that one,” he pointed to the room the right of the one with Jack in it. “Those are the two bedrooms. Then, I’ll take the couch in here,” he gestured to the office, the room across from the other bedroom.

“Alright Belle, I guess this is us,” my Mom nodded to the open bedroom. “Let’s go get our bags. Thanks for the help Jack!” My Mom shouted sarcastically back at him.

“I love you Mom!” Jack shouted back at her impishly.

“Let me help you guys,” Patrick said as we got to our bags. He picked them both up with ease and again led the way. My Mom turned to me and made a fanning motion and winked. I couldn’t help but giggle and we followed Patrick to our room.

“I’m probably gonna shower and then I can cook us up some dinner if you guys would like? How do burgers sound? My Aunt and Uncle left us well stocked.”

“Sounds good to me!” My Mom said, answering for the both of us.

“If you guys wanted to check out the pool there are towels and what not out there,” he told us as he left the room.

“Dinner and a show!” My Mom said to me quietly, wiggling her eyebrows for effect.

“UGH! Mom you’re married,” I playfully reminded her.

“A little looking never hurt anybody!” she flipped her shoulder length straight brown hair, teasing me right back.

Laughing I closed to the door to get into my swimsuit. My Mom and I were pretty close and had no qualms being naked in front of each other. We changed into our bikinis and got ready to go out to the pool.

My Mom had just turned 45 and she still kept herself in really good shape. We had a gym membership back home and she was there almost every day, running, lifting or doing yoga and it showed. She had a very curvy, but toned figure with ample bosom and backside. I was proud of her, but could do without friends and classmates telling me my Mom was a ‘MILF’.

I would often, jokingly, ask her to give me a cup size from her boobs since mine were not near as big as hers. Her response was only if I would trade her my abs.

She kept her core in shape, but you could tell that age and good living was beginning to catch up a little bit. As I said, she was very fit, but there were ‘chub pockets’ as she liked to call them, that hadn’t always been there. She wasn’t immune to a few stretch marks, but she carried her weight very well. For a 45-year-old Mom of two, or even anyone, she was a stunner in a bikini.

She had chosen to bring a bright red bikini that was fairly modest all over. Her very large breasts, 34DD cup, were still impressive even with the red fabric covering them. Her large butt escaped the bottoms of her bikini tastefully.

I knew this was because she had been unable to find a bikini that offered full coverage in her waist size. Something that she complained about, but I’m sure no one who had seen her in the water shared her concerns.

I brought my black bikini. The bottoms were closer to the thong cut in style than my Mom’s, but they were still more modest than many you would see at the beach. I had curvy hips and a large backside, much like my mother. Mine was a little more muscular though, from lifting and playing volleyball. My youth didn’t hurt either.

My passion for sports in high school had extended to college where I had walked on to the volleyball team at San Diego. At 5’5″ I wasn’t the fearsome front-line hitter that much of our team was, but I hustled and had impressed enough at the tryout that they let me stick around as a back-line specialist.

The dedication to fitness required for me to hang with the top athletes who had been recruited, resulted in an impressively toned body. My ass was round and lifted from our weight room work and jumping every day. ‘You could bounce a quarter off it’, my Mom loved to joke.

My core was tight and toned with defined abs. My upper body was strong and somewhat defined, but not intimidatingly so, a fact that I didn’t hate.

I wore a matching black colored top, with one shoulder strap, to cover my 30B cup sized breasts. A perfectly average measurement that I wouldn’t have minded if I wasn’t reminded daily when I saw my Mother that I had missed out on the big boob gene.

I pulled my longer blonde hair into a bun on top of my head. I wanted my back and shoulders to get some sun as well. We applied sun screen to our already well tanned bodies and parked ourselves at the pool. Escort We lounged around enjoying the sun and seclusion the backyard pool offered.

Patrick came out to start preparing burgers on the grill. I noticed with internal satisfaction that he would steal glances over at my Mother and me, impressed enough with what he saw to keep looking.

Before long Patrick finished up the cooking and we all sat at the patio table to eat. We took the opportunity to find out a little bit more about him. He recently turned 25 and is a professional baseball player in the minor leagues. He had hurt his arm earlier that spring and was going through the process of returning to health at his team’s spring training facility in the Phoenix area.

Our family friends, his aunt and uncle, had been kind enough to let him stay at their house to help him save money while he was out there. He said his rehab process was almost done and he should get to head back out to play soon.

He did his best to find out more about us too. Quizzing my Mom about her job, learning about what Jack was looking for in school and talking to me about school and sports. I could feel myself starting to develop quite the little crush on him as he listened intently to me talking about volleyball. He was a great listener and absolutely gorgeous!

We all hung around the table outside, cracking jokes and chatting until the sun had set and it was time to head our separate ways to bed. My Mom helped Patrick clean up the dishes and Jack and I headed off to our rooms.

I took the chance to shower, all four of us were going to be sharing one bathroom and I wanted to get the first crack at the hot water. I kept it short. I contemplated attending to the problem between my legs that Patrick had unknowingly created, but I didn’t want to be accused of hogging all the water.

I dressed myself in an oversized t shirt and pajama shorts and curled up in the bed reading. A fair while later, my Mom came into the room looking a little flushed.

“How was flirting with Patrick?” I smiled to let her know it was mostly a joke.

“Oh stop, I was doing no such thing.” She defended herself, blushing like crazy. It looked like I wasn’t the only one developing a little crush on Patrick!

She changed into her pajama set, a flattering pair of black shorts and a matching buttoned sleep shirt and joined me in the bed reading. I decided to turn in not much later and put my book down and rolled off to sleep.

I wasn’t sure how much later, but I opened my eyes groggily to darkness. I wondered what had woke me when I heard muffled moaning from beside me. I felt the gentle shift of the covers as if someone was moving underneath them.

“Was my Mom masturbating?” I wondered to myself. I tried to listen closely without alerting her that I was awake. As my eyes became accustomed to the darkness, I realized I could kind of see our reflection in the mirror at the end of the bed.

My Mom was leaning back against the headboard, one hand covering her mouth and the other obviously between her legs. It seemed she was nearing her climax because her motions were picking up speed and her hand wasn’t entirely successful from keeping sound from escaping.

I watched with warped curiosity as my Mom pushed herself over the edge and I felt the tremors of her shaking legs and saw her sink down in satisfaction. She let her hand fall now and an audible sigh escaped her lips. She moved to find a more comfortable sleeping position and I realized the show was over.

I chuckled inwardly, thinking I’d been very close to doing the same thing in the shower. I drifted off to sleep again imagining Patrick between my legs, likely the same image that had been responsible for my Mom’s orgasm.

I woke up and this time I could see the desert sun coming through our window. I sat up and saw my Mom fast asleep next to me. I smiled inwardly, looks like her orgasm had tuckered her out. I got up to use the bathroom and start my day.

I was halfway down the hall when I saw the bathroom door open. The hallway was well lit by ambient light and I was very grateful for that as Patrick stepped out.

He was an absolute dream in front of me, wearing just a pair of sage colored boxer briefs. His shirtless chest and abs were enough to make me drool. His legs looked like they were about to rip the poor underwear at the seams. His bulge though, that was the real eye catcher.

I couldn’t help but stare at what looked to be a gigantic sized cock trapped beneath the fabric. The outline of its shaft was prominent as it strained against the material, it hung low and wrapped under what looked to be a well above average sized pair of testicles. The shaft was so long that I couldn’t see the head of it, it must have been beneath his balls. It was so big it was a marvel he didn’t hurt himself by sitting on it!

“Good morning” Patrick’s voice startled me and I realized he had caught me ogling him. I realized Bayan Escort my mouth was literally hanging open.

“Uhhh…yeah…morning,” I managed to stumble over such a simple sentence. “IDIOT” I mentally admonished myself.

“You doing okay?” He took a step towards me, a bemused smile on his face. I think he knew what he was doing to me. The last thing I needed was this Adonis any closer to me, I don’t know that my body could handle it. I backed up into the wall.

“Yeah, I’m good. You?” I asked trying my best to seem normal.

He chuckled. “I’m good. I’ve gotta head up to the facility this morning to workout. Have your Mom text me if you guys want me to bring anything back while I’m out. Don’t burn the house down,” he quipped as he walked back to his room.

I stayed leaning against the wall admiring his chiseled ass and back as he walked away. When he got to his door, he looked back at me, catching me staring again. He smiled and winked before exiting my view.

I managed to get myself into the bathroom and lock the door. My pussy was absolutely on fire. Ripping my shirt and panties off, I sat on the toilet. I began vigorously frigging my desperate clit.

I leaned back and with my left hand I clutched my boob, pinching at my nipple to heighten my stimulation. My right hand worked tirelessly over my clitoris and I felt an orgasm readying to rip itself through me. I bit down on my lip, trying to keep from crying out with pleasure.

Images of Patrick’s hunky body and that gargantuan cock danced in my head. I didn’t imagine him fucking me, even in my dreams I didn’t think I could handle that thing. In my mind’s eye he was between my legs, his back muscles flexing as that tanned face replaced my hand.

I remembered the image from only moments before, his underwear hopelessly trying to contain him as I crashed through the barrier. My orgasm flooded through me and I cried out silently, and doubled over with pleasure. Wave after wave flooded through my body and I slumped down with satisfaction.

I basked in the afterglow for a few minutes before going about my business. As I exited the bathroom, I about bumped into Patrick walking in the hallway. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, this time he was clothed in workout attire, a backpack slung across his wide back.

“Hey, sorry, didn’t mean to startle you earlier,” he smiled apologetically.

My orgasm had helped to ease my nerves around him and I had already embarrassed myself completely so I felt comfortable telling him, “Don’t apologize, you are GOOD.” I emphasized the last word by motioning at his body with my hands.

He laughed and turned to walk to the door.

“Startle me anytime,” I called after him helplessly and he just shook his head laughing as he left the house.

I put my face into my palm, “Startle me anytime? What the fuck is that? Shit” I muttered to myself and returned back to the room.

Back in the room, my Mom had woken up and was digging in her bag for clothes to wear. Her impressive breasts were hanging free and only a thong was covering her lower half.

“Put that away before you cause a car wreck,” I complimented her and she just laughed. I collapsed onto the bed not trying to hide my exasperation.

She paused from her search and looked at me with concern. “Everything okay honey?” she asked.

“No,” I said with defeat. “I just completely embarrassed myself in front of Patrick.” It shouldn’t have been a big deal, it’s not like I had any shot with the guy. But, embarrassing myself in front of seriously hot men was not my idea of a good time.

“Oh Belle, relax baby. I’m sure you’re not the first, and most certainly won’t be the last, girl to embarrass themselves in front of that man.” She lay on the bed and wrapped me in a hug. Her words were nice, but it didn’t completely wash away the sting.

I let her hold me for a second, her large breasts mashing themselves into my back and her motherly embrace comforting. I broke free from her hug and said, “Put some clothes on Mom,” in a teasing voice. Smiling at her to let her know I appreciated her effort.

“Maybe, I’ll just walk around like this today.” She got back to her feet and jiggled her boobs with her hands, causing us both to laugh.

“Yeah, I’m sure Jack and Dad would loooove that.”

“Oh, your Dad would for sure, I guess Jack wouldn’t though.” She said with fake thoughtfulness. We shared another laugh and both set about getting dressed. She went for a pair of jean shorts and a t shirt that didn’t hide much cleavage.

I went straight back to my black swimsuit from yesterday. I intended to take full advantage of the pool in the back and add to my already well-developed tan. The rest of my morning was spent in blissful laziness by the pool. I had brought a book with me and I enjoyed the sun’s warmth, dipping into the pool for a minute whenever it became too much.

My Mom and brother joined me as the morning turned to an especially warm afternoon. Jack was in pretty good shape himself and was fairly athletic. He would contort himself through all sorts of tricks as he sprung off the diving board. His commotion only acceptable because his antics made my Mom and me laugh.

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